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Thursday, 20 May 2010


Police gravely concerned for missing woman


The case of Suzanne Pilley was printed on my forum on May 12th 2010. A forumer posted the above link. It seems Suzanne was on her way to work and then just disappeared. I had a very brief look at tarot regarding Suzanne and just write below the impressions I was given on 14th May 2010.

Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues.
All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.

Please always read the following


which is a useful article in respect of all the Tarot printed for Missing people/children.



May 14, 2010, 14:47 »


This card said that Suzanne was worried about finances.

If she is the book keeper - has she 'done something' silly? such as cook the books or anything? I just see that she is or was really stressed about a financial concern and she wanted to seek a bit of help with it or was looking for a way out of a problem with finances.

It seems to me also that she might have worried about unemployment so was she worrying about something she had done that would end her employment or affect her employment with the company?

This card when it is reversed suggests a 'thawing out' so she does seem like she wanted to sort something out with an organisation or wanted to or needed to get some help in some way. This woman was really rather lonely.

It seems that she has used a bit of skill to sort out a stressful financial complication. Either this is personal or it is literally that she was concerned about a problem to do with work.

I can see the 'AUTHORITY' in the Ace of Spades and a communication which will bring some clarity as to where Suzanne is so Im feeling that this matter is going to come to a head and be resolved before long. In this card we do have an East Direction and a 'crown' - I feel like she might have wanted to negotiate some 'legal matters'.

If there were any injuries it would be to the head. Im not sure about that yet though - I feel my first thoughts are likely more the issue I think the Police will have some answers very soon.

The only thing Im getting here for location is mountainous barren landscape and the suggestion is she could still be in Scotland but to the East. There is water near the location.

I think it would be right to say she will be found as I see a communication to the police. I have any number between 1 and 8 as to when Suzanne will be found. It seems that I wont be needed on this case as it looks like mistakes have been considered and they will be put right.

If she is involved with anyone relationship wise, she has 'troubles in love'. She should not put her trust in the wrong people as it can affect her health.

This is just a brief synopsis, I cant guarantee 100 per cent accuracy on this.


« Reply #4 on May 15, 2010, 10:48 »
Police hunt cops say missing Suzanne Pilley was involved in love triangle
May 15 2010 Lynn Davidson

DETECTIVES are probing claims missing Suzanne Pilley was involved in a love triangle.
Police appear to have further information and are considering a murder probe.

Missing Edinburgh woman Suzanne Pilley may have been murdered by a colleague, sources have told STV News.

Police believe the 38-year-old, who disappeared on May 4, was murdered on the day she disappeared and her body dumped in a remote area of Argyll.



« Thread Started Today at 3:18 8 JUNE 2010
I received 'fishing' and 'Bass' - thought I would mention this.



Former lover charged with Suzanne Pilley murder | UK news | The .


« Thread Started Today at 5:53 »13 August 2010

I have had a request to look at Suzanne Pilley's case again.

Generally I take a brief synopsis and post that simply because tarot is not an accepted form of information. Secondly because I cannot be 100 per cent accurate and therefore it could lead Police and Investigators astray. Having said that, I have had some success with the tarot with some details in various cases.

Looking at Suzannes case and doing a full spread I am seeing a situation of someone who is an out and out Liar here. There seems to be evidence that is tampered with and it seems also that witness accounts whoever is giving them may not be accurate or at least those who have been interviewed may not be giving accurate accounts.

It appears to me that there is definately something about Finances here. I recall mentioning something about 'cooking the books' and I do feel somehow that there is something about accounts or some kind of insurance/financial issues perhaps to benefit someone else? Perhaps there was even a disagreement here. I see the broken romance one more time here also. The cards record events which may already have been brought up, but I see that Suzanne seems to be in a peaceful place.

It seems to be described by nature, but by the same token I keep seeing a house/building - part of me looks at the four of wands reversed and feels that she is in fact in a lower room of a house. The other very odd thing I noticed about this particular card is that I get the word ASHES. When I looked on Google I linked Ashes to a festival and the Merchant Hall in Hannover Street. The Four of Wands can suggest festivals - its also a fire card and it was reversed . I also noted that the Merchant Hall was the same name as a Golf Course in the area of where Suzanne lived which I believe was in Stenford?

Of course tarot might be ignoring my pleas of location, but is telling me where she comes from or where she has lived. I did note that the Merchant Hall in Hannover street has an exact doorway that represents the four of wands with the four collumns and the four staves on the card. However, wands can be sticks and they can also often be attached to Golf courses.

For some reason this area has come up and I also have SOUTH - so I dont know why I have been given this.

I also have a family here. I am not sure if its Suzannes family or that of her relationship that she had. However, I have a family home and its very strong in the cards. I just am not quite sure if that is where she is or whether she is in the open connected to a place that may have been considered to be a holiday home which is also very possible.

I feel somehow that she could have been surprised, she could have been asked to meet up with someone and possibly unexpectedly.

I feel she may have been asked to go somewhere spur of the moment. I feel the tarot has told me that the crime has been overlooked in so much that vital clues have been simply gazed at or right 'there' and somehow it just did,nt click. I see the seperation in the cards and the 'threesome' situation where one person had to 'go'.

I also see that the two of wands reversed shows me that someone wanted to cash in somewhere and this might have been through dubious means. But it is the end card the four of wands reversed that is attempting to tell me where Suzanne is.

I do have the Seven of Cups. This is a very psychic card showing my choices and I know the ingredients are there but they are mixed up. It is also possible that I have seen an axe. Someone with an Axe.

But if we are to go back to LOCATION - this Four of wands reversed should be the answer. If I were investigating this case, I would be looking for clues at the basement of either where Suzanne worked, or the Gilroy home, or the parents home, or the home where Suzanne actually lived herself. The four of wands reversed can represent a basement and foundations - it can represent unstable foundations therefore, we could be looking at a home which is NOT permanent, ie, a holiday home or somewhere she stayed briefly.

We also have to take into account concrete that is not set, or sand mounds which of course can bring us away from buildings to somewhere there is sand.


That is where we might even consider the Golf course. We may also consider names that have STONE or SAND in them? - it is all worth writing down just in case.

I am not 100 per cent with regard to locations, although on direction I can often get this right. I have been given SOUTH or some connection to that direction - now SOUTH must be important for a reason.
It must link somewhere. The two of wands reversed that I have seen is someone who has lost control of their dominion. Therefore I am seeing domination by someone else on this woman. That sun card which I have seen is travel - therefore I feel she was asked to go somewhere.

There are several choices here and I realise that, but I have to give what I have been given and it may form a pattern of sorts. I do think that someone who held a responsibility is 'bent' and they were prepared to hide behind authority even if it was their own authority. A professional boss, perhaps or someone with some kind of authority is involved here regarding Suzanne.

Whether that is someone 'over her' or to do with her work Im not sure. But, I did see a TEACHER and this was reversed.

So therefore Im feeling that it is not a teacher but someone who was connected to a school. We already know this, but Im stating that I have seen it in this full spread. The other possibility here is that advice regarding a teacher or teacher environment is not quite accurate?

I do hope this all helps but I am concerned about the lies and false witness accounts or tampering of evidence that seems to have have arrived here in this spread.

I see a couple who did not live together here, someone truly frowned on that.

Second sitting.

The seven of cups can show a disembodiment. I have the Ace of Swords which cuts through a crown and this card is reversed. If anything has happened to Suzanne it is possible that it could be unpleasant but for some reason it seems to suggest she has been the Master of her own Destiny.

It seems that hopeless
love is almost a victimisation whether or not that is self induced or inflicted upon her I still cannot say. I do see that this card tells us that clarity on matters would definately be delayed for the moment. Often the swords suggest a month if it is an Ace. It could suggest that more was known after a month of Suzannes disappearence the has been reported, or indeed it could suggest that clarity may be forthcoming within a month.

I just see this woman as wanting to do the right thing but really making wrong choices. I do think that her 'relationship' is the foundation of why she disappeared however that may have occurred.

I do believe that Suzanne will be found as I have the Ace of Wands and there is no mistake about this as this card is full of activity and full of forward movement.

Sometimes it can represent weeks so I do feel hopeful about this. We also have SOUTH with this card and its also linked to the card of Judgement therefore I do see that Suzanne will surface somewhere. The card when you look at it can represent land and estates.

It can also represent a Tool with a Handle. In this card we see a castle in the distance and land around in the foreground. This Castle could be Edinburgh Castle but what I will say that it gives us a thumbs up for Suzanne being found and I am always glad when we find people whether adults or children who disappear. Its a relief for friends and family REGARDLESS of what the human condition is when found and I know you will all understand me on this. We always have to bring our children home to us no matter what.

I still am not sure why the family come up so strongly in Suzannes cards but having said that whatever has occurred will all come out in the wash I am sure.

I wish Suzannes Family, relatives and friends good wishes and I also ask that it be borne in mind that tarot cannot be 100 per cent accurate and it is always wise to simply consider what has appeared with the cards and ponder but not to consider it as factual evidence as I cannot guarantee this.

I do wish to mention that as the location card was the four of wands reversed we need to consider the number FOUR. Suzanne disappeared on 4th of May - this is reversed as I have said and this can also be linked to Four the Emperor and the Four on the hanged man. (leg formation)

It can suggest a willing sacrifice to a male figure and it can also show someone being relieved of finances. All these things appear to tie in and are worth bringing to attention. The Four of wands can also show a holiday that was postponed or 'did,nt come off' - or somewhere that was pre visited.

There is also an indication that perhaps someone may have wished to invest in a building?

I am marking this reading WITHOUT PREJUDICE and suggest it is read in CONJUNCTION with the first reading. I realise that some events are already 'past' and we have to consider this in light of the IMPORTANT NOTICE I place at the front of each tarot.

Regarding Suzanne possibly being in the lower room of a building - it has to be considered that it could be a PAST tense and not a current tense. Please try to understand how the readings cover past present and future.

One other important thing to mention is three days search in water that may have occurred and a further three days to search in water. This comes from Iching and to 'cross to the far shore'. I leave it with you and we shall have to see what transpires. A can 0 worms comes out with this Iching I still think of fishing?


Suzanne Pilley murder trial: Dog trained to look for bodies found ...
23 Feb 2012 – A DOG trained to look for human bodies found areas of "specific interest" in the building where missing bookkeeper Suzanne Pilley worked, ...

Thursday 15 March 2012

Suzanne Pilley murder: David Gilroy found guilty of killing former girlfriend

Jury finds 49-year-old Gilroy guilty of killing Edinburgh bookkeeper, who went missing in May 2010
A man has been found guilty of killing his ex-girlfriend in a rare case in which detectives were unable to find a body or any forensic evidence proving he committed the murder.

David Gilroy, 49, was found guilty on Thursday of murdering Suzanne Pilley, a bookkeeper, after a high court jury in Edinburgh deliberated for eight hours, weighing up a mass of circumstantial evidence which finally convinced them of his guilt.

As the jury read out its verdict, Gilroy, described in court as "controlling and possessive", stared stonily ahead while Pilley's mother began crying in court.

In a statement after his conviction, Pilley's parents, Sylvia and Rob Pilley, said: "This day has been a long time coming but finally Suzanne has received the justice she deserved. As a family we continue to struggle to come to terms with losing her: we have lost our daughter but her memory lives on in everyone who knew her.

"Suzanne was a devoted daughter, a supportive friend and an exemplary colleague at work. [Although] the trial has ended, our ordeal goes on, and we hope that one day we can lay our daughter to rest."

Pilley, 38, disappeared on 4 May 2010, only yards from the Infrastructure Managers offices in central Edinburgh where she and Gilroy worked, sparking a huge search and then, after no trace of her could be found, a full-fledged murder inquiry.

Detectives carried out a series of inconclusive searches across hundreds of square miles of remote mountains around the Rest and Be Thankful and Hell's Glen areas in the south-western Highlands of Argyll, west of Loch Lomond, after Gilroy's car was traced to the area.

Her body has not yet been found. Six times since then, the police have investigated discoveries of other human remains in the region, none of which were Pilley's.

Gilroy, from Silverknowes, Edinburgh, was convicted after police were able to establish that he behaved extremely oddly in the hours after her disappearance, inventing stories to account for his activities while being unable to account properly for long periods of time and 124 miles driven in his car.

The police and prosecution believe that Gilroy, then extremely jealous about a new boyfriend, met Pilley as she arrived at work and then enticed or coerced her into their office's underground car park.

After a row, he killed her, depositing her body in an alcove before heading home to pick up his car. The police established that he bought air fresheners. They allege he then put her body in the car and drove to Argyll on the pretext of making a business trip to Lochgilphead on Loch Fyne.

Gilroy has repeatedly denied killing her. After eliminating theories that Pilley had not gone into work or had met someone else, the police were able to reconstruct Gilroy's movements using CCTV cameras, his car's mileage and fuel usage, and his own admissions.

A team of 20 officers scoured CCTV footage from 250 cameras and uncovered a missing two-hour period in his journey that Gilroy failed to explain. His car also had damage suggesting he had driven it on rough tracks or off-road. During questioning, the police found he had disguised cuts and bruises on his hands using makeup.

The court heard that Gilroy, who was originally charged with offences of violence towards his wife and children, only for those charges to be dropped during the trial, had had an intense relationship with Pilley marked by bouts of violent, bullying and possessive behaviour on his part.

In the month after she ended their affair and met another man, Gilroy bombarded her with 400 text and voicemail messages. They stopped immediately when she disappeared. Her phone, on which she had texted her father just before arriving at work, has not been recovered.

Work colleagues described Gilroy, known for being extremely self-controlled, as looking "agitated", "shaking" and "in shock" on the morning she disappeared.

The police ruled out the possibility she had eloped or run away after establishing that no belongings were missing from her home: she had left money, medication and her passport at home; had made no arrangements to care for her cat and pet fish; and had used none of her credit cards or her bank account. She had failed to tell her colleagues she would be late, her usual practice, and has made no contact since with any family members or friends.

The Crown Office, which put three prosecutors on the case full-time, admitted it was a very rare case, which relied entirely on reconstructing events using circumstantial evidence.

Stephen McGowan, the district procurator fiscal for Edinburgh, said: "The sheer combination of these physical pieces of evidence have a particular significance, and in this case we were able to demonstrate to the jury that David Gilroy was in a jealous and possessive state of mind. All his actions before she disappeared and his actions after her disappearance shows she was murdered by him."

He added: "David Gilroy was a deceitful and controlling individual who pestered Suzanne with hundreds of messages, and then killed her when she told him their affair was over. The calculated steps he took in the minutes, hours and days after her death to cover up his crime and maintain a front of normality reveals a cold and calculating personality."

    15 Mar 2012 – Suzanne Pilley story. ... When Gilroy's wife Andrea found out, he moved in with Ms Pilley for "a short time". He claimed to police he had stopped ..

Police release map of where they believe Suzanne Pilley's body has ...
Apr 18, 2012 – Police release map of where they believe Suzanne Pilley's body has been ... despite the fact the 38-year-old's body has never been found.


Read more at link below

David Gilroy jailed for 18 years over Suzanne Pilley murder as sentencing filmed

Metro -
David Gilroy has been jailed for a minimum of 18 years for the murder of his former lover and colleague Suzanne Pilley, whose body has never been found, two years after she disappeared.
The day court TV came to a British murder trial... but wasn't allowed to show the killer
Days from death: The CCTV image shows Suzanne Pilley shopping with murderer David Gilroy in 2010. Within 48 hours she had died at his hand

Days from death: The CCTV image shows Suzanne Pilley shopping with murderer David Gilroy in 2010. Within 48 hours she had died at his hand was the first time that cameras had recorded the sentencing of a killer in a British court. But the cameraman was not permitted to film murderer David Gilroy himself (pictured)

Disappearance of Suzanne Pilley prompted one of Scotland's most ...
18 Apr 2012 – Jealous and controlling, Gilroy killed the popular office bookkeeper in a fit of rage in the basement of the workplace they shared in Edinburgh in ...

Tarot has seen other things that have not come up as yet but might have been incidental. David Gilroy has been sentenced in APRIL the fourth month and four was chosen for Suzanne being found. Attached to the Emperor (partner) it makes sense that David Gilroy has been found guilty in the April month but I did feel that Suzanne would be found and clearly she has not been found todate. There could be a very 'macabre' reason why not but I think it is long accepted that David Gilroy is not going to give the details as to where she is. He does know.

Sad for the family, but Suzannes case has to remain active until she is found. I hope that she is.







Stichomancy offers this extract with respect to Suzannes disappearance.

Confidence by Henry James:

to impregnate the sweet morning air and to flutter in the light, fresh breeze that came through his open window from the sea. He saw a great patch of the sea between a couple of red-tiled roofs; it was bluer than any sea had ever been before. He had not slept long-- only three or four hours; but he had quite slept off his dread. The shadow had dropped away and nothing was left but the beauty of his love, which seemed to shine in the freshness of the early day. He felt absurdly happy--as if he had discovered El Dorado; quite apart from consequences--he was not thinking of consequences, which of course were another affair--the feeling was intrinsically the finest one he had ever had, and--as a mere feeling--he had not done with it yet.

Stichomancy offers this extract with respect to finding Suzanne

Anthem by Ayn Rand:

and their night was not without hope. For the battle they lost can never be lost. For that which they died to save can never perish. Through all the darkness, through all the shame of which men are capable, the spirit of man will remain alive on this earth. It may sleep, but it will awaken. It may wear chains, but it will break through. And man will go on. Man, not men.
Here on this mountain, I and my sons and my chosen friends shall build our new 




Suzanne Pilley case: Judge allows additional ground of appeal from ...

Scotsman-5 Oct 2012
DAVID Gilroy, the man jailed for life for murdering missing Edinburgh book-keeper Suzanne Pilley, has been given a boost in advance of an ...

Suzanne's killer set to appeal conviction
Edinburgh Evening News-6 Oct 2012
THE MAN convicted of murdering tragic divorcee Suzanne Pilley is to ... former lover Suzanne, 38, in Edinburgh City Centre in May 2010.


Corstorphine body not Suzanne Pilley, police say - Scotland ... › The ScotsmanScotland
11 Jun 2013 - HUMAN remains found at a nature reserve are those of a woman but not those of murder victim Suzanne Pilley, police said. A body was found ...


  1. Interesting, I am Suzannes' friend and obviously still very concerned for her, any more information you could supply on any thoughts regarding her location, I know you have mentioned Fishing, Bass, Water, highlands in Scotland, this is all probably quite accurate.

    Can you help anymore please?

  2. I will have another look at Suzannes case very shortly x


  3. Thank you very much!

  4. i am a sensitive medium with information and this seems like safest place to post it, can you verify any of what i sense >

    glen croe bothy, wood pile in back , narrow doorway , one window poss cracked or smashed and significance to cat carving. poss like you say very close to fishing waters , loch

    i'm very reluctant medium and private person so is it possible to relay to others who may sense similar as i don't want to be known for this, just doing for her heartbroken family

    1. There is a bike route called Cat Craig Loop near Glen Croe. There is a bothy there used by fishermen near the loch.

  5. I did actually see FISHING a couple of times in the tarot if this helps.


    Read more at link below
    David Gilroy jailed for 18 years over Suzanne Pilley murder as sentencing filmed

  7. The day court TV came to a British murder trial... but wasn't allowed to show the killer

    Read more: dee hitt

  8. Hello, i am very interested in what you say here. A little further south of Lochgilphead is a place called "Ashens" through there runs a little burn down through the Stonefield Castle Hotel estate and into Loch Fyne. It is also very close to Tarbert golf course.

    1. Thank you for posting this information, its very interesting.


  9. Hi is there any update on this as nothing would give me more pleasure to see her body found and Gilroy nailed , I would go and search if I had an idea


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