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Friday, 2 April 2010



Claudia Elizabeth Lawrence, 35, has been missing from her home in York since March 18th 2009. The last confirmed sighting of her that day was at about 3 pm.

PLEASE NOTE - Tarot picks up past present and future 'vibrations'. Referring to a person is simply their vibration through intuition and not alluding to mediumistic qualities.


2nd April 2010 Claudia Lawrence.

Asking once more where Claudia is and concentrating on her picture I receive

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This card to me is an unexpected message -perhaps something to come? I have sea birds and a boat and water in this picture and I have felt recently some kind of draw to the River Foss. I hate to put out ideas of location because they can be misleading. NOBODY ever wants to mislead the Police or the worried family. I therefore will place the 'thought' of what I have and can only do that and hope for the best.

I see with this picture an 'unexpected fish' - one could even think about 'fishermen' in this picture where they may have an unexpected fish on their line. That to anyone would sound ominous, but it may be something that is fished in - all possibilities.

Regarding the message it seems to come from an unexpected source - so therefore perhaps there may be another 'clue' that comes in to help out with the investigation?

The message or information may come from a 'fair' haired youngish man.
Or maybe this man knows more? I also have this man as connected to business and at a stretch one could maybe wonder if it is someone from Claudias working environment. I have seen this before and hopefully am not just repeating it. However, it is repeated surely it must mean something.

This card is very 'wet' its a wet card suggesting water - it can suggest spirituality but we are asking about a location. It tells us that perhaps this man described can give that location.

At the very outset this card can bring to us a CHILD - I have seen this very early on in the tarot and still do not know what it is about. I am very sorry I cannot seem to determine it without making suggestions that could be wrong. Best to read back really.

I am feeling a lot of peace with Claudia. I also have a link to Tulips no idea what that is for but I leave this and always hope in every case that news will be good news. But finding someone regardless to me - is exactly that.

One other mention is that the Page of Cups has the number 11 attached to it.
Having numbers can be a headache, we dont always know what they mean.
It could be a number of a house/building/ year/ timing and I am none the wiser. What I can offer here though is the suggestion of the JUSTICE card.

Justice is number 11 in the Tarot journey. So justice is being sought and recognised in this card. However, it is number 12 the Hanged Man who is the real character that links to the Page of Cups. The hanged man shows situations in suspension. The hanged man is linked to the Ygadrasil Tree which is the tree of life and was often linked to a Bridge/archway or something of that description a bit like Traitors Gate in London.

I will just mention the 'pictorial view' of number 11 is two upright structures and a gap between. Again reminds me of a bridge or two buildings that go up each side.

The previous card to Page of CUPS is 10 of Cups which is often a persons home town. So it does make you wonder if in fact she is still in the locality?

I have been given a Gate before which I believe I linked to Gate Helmsley.
This information is all from tarot - it is not evidence/tangible/actual or a reality unless of course it does produce a direction for where to find Claudia. I therefore just have to leave thoughts and hope they unravel themselves. I feel sure someone/something connected to water/river/boats where some information is forthcoming.


Again asking where is the Location of Claudias Rucksack and her Phone I am given the card above. The card above does give quite a lot of description and all I can offer is that.

We have to remember the Aces are beginnings - and the hand in the cloud is a manifestation. It is,nt actual at the time of asking though - so we know they have not been found.

In this picture, we think instantly of gardens, leafy places and open spaces too. Because it is a pentacles card we have to consider that it can be linked to a business or business places or anything physical like a business park - or a park where there are business nearby or somewhere that might be connected to WORK .

Some descriptions of this card have included, gyms/colleges/schools/museums and the outdoors. Interesting that also on this card is a GATEWAY - there it is, the arch which I seem to have been seeing. So once again I give it.

Always trying to make sure that what I see is right I make sure that there are not other descriptions that I miss. I am given a ROCK - which supposedly is afforded to 'steady ground' - perhaps it is that these items are hidden then or as before said - at a GATE with a pathway that leads to it?

It could even be NEW business therefore a NEW building that has been constructed or linked in some way. The Ace is the FOUNDATION card - so if anything was being built perhaps these items are in the foundations whilst the building was under construction. All things to think about.

The actual question was where the rucksack and telephone was and this is what I have received - it may also link to other circumstances to Claudia however and it might be a message trying to get through to take us back to that. If it were to do with a new building or foundation of such, the Ace of Pentacles shows us a period of ONE year. Pentacles are thought of as years and Aces are thought of as NUMBER ONE - therefore would it be something that had been constructed in the past year?
Its just a thought and I will write it down just in case.

I leave these thoughts for speculation.

I wondered what TULIPS in York could mean.

I found that there was a company called GOLDEN TULIP who had a contract 2 years ago to construct in York UK.

I notice that the ACE OF PENTACLES mentions PARK. I may be wrong because I dont know much about the building but there is a PARK HOTEL - in York maybe ?? built by this company mentioning TULIP -

I see it is on the River Ouse - I dont know what connection it may bring but I am leaving it just in case. It is near the Railways station which I also have had messages about. It makes you wonder if Claudia met someone by a hotel? but remember that this tarot was relating to her Rucksack and Cellphone as the original question but whether it means something else I am not sure.

Golden Tulip UK signs £40m deal on three new build hotels - 30/04 ...30 Apr 2007 ... Golden Tulip UK has signed a £40m development deal for three new hotels ... while Golden Tulip York will be the company's third property in ...

There have also been certain works carried out at the college - I would have thought it was an obvious location to find leads regarding Claudia so I imagine this would have been taken into account already by Police and would have been likely their first searches, however I leave it as it may play a part in the overall picture that tarot is trying to tell us.

Heslington East Campus Development

The 2009/10 academic year is a particularly exciting time for Goodricke College, the first buildings on the University of York's campus expansion.

Our buildings and facilities will be fully functioning from October 2009 but a number of others nearby will still be under construction. These include the York Law School and the Department of Theatre, Film and Television.

We are confident that residents of Goodricke College will not be disrupted by the ongoing construction work. You can keep up to date with progress by checking the Campus Development web pages.


I have mentioned in tarot some time before about VENUS - LOVE - I do notice there is a LOVES LANE Fulford. Again perhaps all part of the scenery in the tarot. Loves Lane is near the River/Boats - I think all the areas mentioned are somehow connected.

The Page of Cups might refer to Fishergate.

Im not sure but I mention this it could be all part of a route.

The Page of Cups could refer to Fishergate - I cant be sure of that but mention it anyway as perhaps part of a route?



  1. Hi Empathy, Im missing your tarot updates. Up to now there's nothing in May. Lizy

  2. Hello Lizy. I have been working on other cases 'off forum'. Unfortunately I cannot print all my work as I am sometimes asked not to on those cases so it may seem I have been absent.

    I will see if there is anything further in tarot regarding Claudia very soon. Thanks for reading and visiting Lizy xx

  3. Hi Empathy, I keep checking to see if there are any recent updates on this. Ive not noticed any new tarot readings since April.

  4. PS. Claudias update is in the right hand Margin LINKS section.


  5. Hi Empathy, i have some infomation regarding Claudia but i dont want to say much on here, wouldn't want to hurt anyone or confuse emotions. i have no-one else to turn to. Like yourself i have visits from the spiritual world... and have done for a long time. I've helped a young boy in the passed to sort thinks out. will explain more with you later. i've tryed telling the police to contact me but yet no response, i do have others also trying to get through but don't know how to control nor understand much about connecting, but it's growing stronger each day.Please help... i just hope i'm right. you can contact me on my email


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