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Saturday, 3 April 2010


Amber DuBois Family Split on if She Was Killed by Chelsea King's ..

It appears there are reservations about whether John Gardner killed Amber.
You will note that the initial J did come up. Tarot will produce anything that does regardless of circumstances - and can pick up people who may be thought of as linked.

The person involved with Amber appears to stand out in the King of Swords in her tarot. The family believe it is someone she knows. I also do not think it was really someone who is a stranger because reading all my notes I felt that she also knew the person involved. Time may give us the answers. I shall look to see what other notes I have made and post them.

I note also that it is suggested that Amber could have been alive in AUGUST and tarot also did not see her deceased within the first few readings. All points to note I feel.

TAROT for Amber can be found in the left hand links section.
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HERE ARE SOME OF MY EMAILS TO A 'DETECTIVE' I will not mention his name. I have 'screened' my thoughts on these emails and names/people.



to L

show details 10/19/09

I have seen something else. Unexpectedly I have turned up the knight of cups. It could indicate a car because the knight is a traveller.
I think Amber was intercepted by someone who offered to take her somewhere - but the card points to travel to the sea/water/lake - she could well have been seen by the hospital but there is a lot of water in this card and she would have emotionally decided to go with that person.
I also think there is something about living with someone. ************** - is he plump and fair? - OR Amber was deciding to live with someone.
Im not quite sure but I am wondering if she was given that cheque at all - or whether someone came after her to give her the cheque after all - maybe even said they would go to the bank with her?
I just feel there is something about the money - was it given? or was it not? Did she fall out with someone at home that they said your not having it and she was disappointed then when she got nearer to school the person turned up ?
I seem to see three people - and Amber joined someone and went in the direction of a lake at some point or some body of water.

I could be wrong. I just think it is someone who Amber knew - deep karmic ties if you like - and they had opposed her at one point. Thats what makes me think she was not given the money initially and then the person went after her to give it after all - she went with them and is the reason the cheque is not cashed?
Was there a bank near the hospital? I can still see sticks in mud - like a fence or something - I called it a palisade.
I will work some more on this.because I see that knight of cups came along with a proposal and invited her to join THEM.
Was there a white vehicle? A motorbike even? This is someone who is close to Amber. There is water a stream and maybe some kind of cliffs or something like that in this card. This person went AFTER Amber to 'help her out' so I think she did not get that cheque.***************** It is someone Amber knows I think I really think the person arrived and then approached amber with a proposition or they came to give her that cheque but somehow she went with them - I think it was a trick to get her to go with them because there is something swindling about this card. I think the person is fair haired. It could be a young person but all I can say is it is someone Amber knew.
I think it could have been a motorbike? becaue the knight wears a helmet, you only wear those on bikes or motorbikes. And this person is connected to the water or the sea.
I will try a bit harder for you and give you other thoughts as I get them.

Please be reminded that what I see are 'things' I cannot always place to whom - but this is part of the story I feel sure of it.

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I see Amber connected to lake/water at some point between 8 and 11 am.
Sent: Tuesday, October 13, 2009 12:08 PM
Subject: Re: more thoughts

I dont want to send confusing information - but I mention the animal hospital because it came up on the map near to VINEYARD and I do have the thought about hospital which is the reason I mentioned the animal hospital also because of the number 13 - but linked also is palamor possibilities - walls and fences can also mean construction.
Sent: Tuesday, October 13, 2009 11:44 AM
Subject: more thoughts

(UPDATE APRIL 3RD 2010 - AMBER WAS FOUND ON THE PALA INDIAN RESERVATION ON GROUND WITH HILLS TREES ALSO PALISADE SOUNDED MUCH LIKE PALA - PALAS - AID which had I thought about it asking about location it could have been the word PALIS - AID which I would pronounce palAsade.)

I will look at that area as that is on the way to the wildlife park and a link to the word VINEYARD.
Meanwhile I have just mentioned to you hospital - near the area called VINEYARD there is an animal hospital - are there big fences or wall that are needing repair there?
Animal medical hospital
130 N Hale Ave, Escondido, CA, United States‎ -
Its just a thought but this one above is near the area Vineyard.It also has a number 13 in the address which links with The Queen of Pentacles.

hide details 10/19/09

The knight of cups is travel to a lake/water/boats or connected.
Thought I would mention that - there are three lakes around Escondido. Perhaps this person is connected to water?
A bike/hiking or motorcycle?
dateMon, Oct 19, 2009 at 6:02 PM
subjectRe: more thoughts

hide details 10/19/09

A 10 of cups reversed shows us children arguing against a parent. Amber may have had an argument with this man . He could have been 'infatuated' with her and she was having none of it.
may need to speak to this person again because its not over yet. There is something more he has to tell.
I am seeing water again -need to talk to a man again.

Something is hidden here. Some information I think and 'this mans' relationship feelings for amber that I think has not owned up to. ****** an addiction alchohol or anything like that?
there would be damage inside the home - did anyone look inside the home after Amber vanished.

Hills and trees and water is there anything like that not far from where they live? This man was involved in a very serious quarrel. Someone could see the family falling apart **** was trying to hang onto everything but could,nt knew it was over. I see someplace just outside the town. I dont think the relationship was good between the ********* and amber at all.

I did mention the VINEYARDS winery/distillery.
I know all these cards are telling us what we need to know but they are not clear cut for you or me and I see her outside the town with a fence/sticks/ some kind of fence up and I feel that is where she is. I wish I could make it clearer.
Check places where there is alchohol VINEYARDS that place nearby thats called VINEYARD - and areas with water hills/trees. just on the border of the town they live. There is violent quarrel in this card. - Town village country just outside is where you might find this girl.
dateMon, Oct 19, 2009 at 6:06 PM
subjectRe: more thoughts

hide details 10/19/09

I dont want to accuse anybody - but when I received a card for **** - it was death card reversed - its like a mockery of death - or someone even fascinated by it - but that might just mean likes horror films thats how sensitive the tarot can be. But in this card is literally falling onto dead bodies so must know where she is in my opinion.


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