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Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Below is a direct link to other postings regarding Madeleine Mccann.

Looking back on 'old' Tarot that I wrote for Madeleine I thought this particular tarot was interesting and decided to print it here for you from the Missing Childrens forum.

Please note that when I say ' speaking' with Madeleine - it is the meditational 'impressions' that I have been given from Tarot covering the past present and the future. I make 'guesses' about who tarot is 'talking' about when I mention someone it could be a FEMALE and not a MALE and may NOT REFER to the parents but someone connected to them- so I hope you can just take this tarot as MESSAGES - I do think its quite informative. I do not claim to be 100 per cent accurate however, there have been many proof points in tarot to date for many cases

14 april speaking to Madeleine
« Thread Started on Apr 14, 2008, 3:44 »

Have asked Madeleine if she is safe and well and she gave me the reversed fool...lots of apathy in a way, and a hard card to explain to you...she said theres some discipline being metered out...Im not sure she quite likes it, but she said something about an indiscretion going on and an unwise action. Theres some inattention to detail happening and it could lead to a spot of trouble. I dont know who for yet, I will just write as I find.

I have just asked if she is with someone and I have a thumbs up on that...what she has given me is the five of cups reversed and this describes an exciting new alliance being formed, theres a bit of excitement because she said theres an old friend with her least someone she must know...she tells me theres a new alliance which is going to bring hopeful expectations....

shes been disappointed and had to accept a loss in a way, broken relationships and knowing she has to get on with her life.

I just asked her will the public get to know if she is alive and well...and she has told me this....He’s a stupid and corrupt man who profits from bribery and he’s given to gambling in other vices, dangerous when crossed. Hes an old man, and she said its a waste of time getting involved with him...Im wondering if this man is preventing it then?

She said hes cold and uncaring...

I asked her if she is coming home soon, she said she is trying to help and shes trying to tell me - she said there might be some news...shes just told me about a baby or a child being born birth of a girl with brown hair or blue/hazel eyes...I dont know what she means here...I have asked Madeleine if she is going to see her parents soon. She seems to show me the tower which I hasten to say is reversed...


..the problem with my question and her answer is where it relates - past or to come because shes showing me the catastrophe of her homelife, talking about it being a disaster - also showing me the break up of a relatinship which could be a marriage, but could also be the seperation she has suffered. But she also shows me from this that theres a new lifestyle there and it seems positive. She said she might get to see her mum and dad again but at 'great cost' because there is a lot of unpleasantness , hardships and difficulties to be able to achieve that. She seems to know she is faced with real oppression to this goal.

I have the feeling that Madeleine has accepted a 'clean break'. She seems to be telling me that her parents/relatives may be waiting for the results of a court action and the waiting of what the results of that would be.
She said the lies may not not be revealed and those that told the lies are maybe going to get away with it she said they will probably just tell more lies which will overlay the truth - she said that she sees some kind of 'crown' that protects them.

and trying to get the truth will be just so hard. Maddie said she has been trying to reveal this big 'scam' but the lies are too powerful - and that it is a scandal all round. She said they will be believed, protected and supported .
She said the person/people that appear 'framed' are not the ones that have done anything. Im not sure if she means her parents here, but we were talking about them.

Hold your breath here. Madeleine said that someone will say she was sick and died and if that is not the case that is certainly what is being said and thought so she knows this and this seems to be a 'trapped decision'. S he tells me that someone does know a secret and its possible that secret may come out that she was left alone - she said someone may badmouth towards someone but its like somehow its not the time to reveal the truth, or that someone will decide best not to for the common good of all.

I have said will we ever know what has happened to you Madeleine and she bounces back with the six of cups. She said its because of the past, its to do with people in the past that has brought this situation around.
She said it was someone who 'visited' from the past who brought with them a romantic possibility for someone. Thats what I think I understand anyway and another 'someone' just had not 'forgotten' them.

It seems to me that this 'relationship' has every intention of working itself into the future and it all then blends. Like they came from the past and linked up with someone and they intend to be together in the the only way that could happen is for all these other things to happen first.
Maddie said that she was moved to new surroundings and it is a kind of preparation for the future....I dont know if it includes her, but it serves someone elses purpose, but the main thing is/was that two people re-met each other.

She is giving me something I cant interpret for worry of expressing it wrongly. She said she has handed over to Amelie now the 'big girl' duties..she said Amelie is the oldest girl now and that she, Maddie had to move forward. She said that was the 'norm' in other words, it seems this was always how it was going to be that she leaves as was always planned to be the case and that she can come back when she wants to...I have a small house here with stairs that seem to go upwards to get out the front door to the town. This may be symbolic but I give what I have with the card.

She said it was all decided for her, she did not decide for herself and she had to follow the 'guard' who was taking her to a new life.
Maddie said that someone had re-appeared from the past and it wsa an unexpected surprise.

I just asked her if anything bad happened to her and she said she did,nt want to 'choose sides' that there were harsh words, but she did,nt want to have to choose what to the choice was taken from her really, someone else decided for her. Shes talking about 'peoples ideas and their influences' but she did,nt understand the details...she does,nt really know how to talk about it, she did,nt want to feel hurt about it, she was being asked to do something, but she did,nt want to choose to say anything so she had no choices. There was some conflict here apparently.She did,nt want to listen.

I asked Maddie where she was taken, and she has given me the four of coins. The four of coins is about money and someone who wants money or would use a situation for money. I am trying to find out where she was taken, but she is telling me that there is financial negotiation. This card deals with issues of ownership as well, so Im wondering if the person that has her is 'rightfully theirs'...and they were opposed about taking Madeleine - I see the jealousy here creeping this stage...this is where the jealous feelings have come in... but in respect of where she went, she said she went on the ocean.

She said she is in a house with a dog and the house has a gate and fence that blocks people from going in. This is the perfect picture of where she is...she is heavily protected and guarded and thats where she is. The house is yellow in the picture, but I dont know if that is the case of course.


Madeleine said she is a protected 'investment'.
I have asked Madeleine if she can 'get out' of this house, but she tells me that she cannot get out because ultimately she is the 'contribution' to the 'success of a project'. The project is money she said. The rewards financial and otherwise would be 'shared by many' so she has to be protected and is not likely to be able to get away freely. She said about a profitable business meeting between people and she is the main 'catch' so obviously they will make sure she is not able to go free. Shes told me it is deception. She said it is about helping someone else or being helped, we are taking part in an exchange that benefits both parties.

All sides benefit apparently.


I asked Madeleine if she could tell me something nobody knows at present...and she gave me the death card. She said that the situation comes to an end in failure and disappointment probably but out of that end there is a new beginning...
she said something about learning from experience because apparently she said there is another chance...???

She said there is an end of a relationship and nobody knows that yet.
She told me someone has been circumcised. She said it is a religious practice. She mentions the U.S.A and stallions I was pointed to something there but I am not sure, she mentions a farm though. She said a sick or older relative will die connected to her. She said the death of this person will bring something up, a huge change, a big transition. Maybe this is in connection to Madeleine, in that when someone passes on, it releases either more information or even may release her..but I CANNOT be sure so please take that very figuratively.

I said Madeleine when are you going to be set free, and she said only if someone can get to the truth of the matter.... She said it depends on someones concience but she said there are arguments and power struggles.
She gives me five of wands, wands are within FIVE WEEKS we shall here something more.

(Numbers can be days weeks or years or simply symbolic to a period of
time )


I cannot promise I can only give you what she tells me....I dont think this is an easy task with the tarot, so difficult to know if it is accurate... but she said someone is troubled by their concience so perhaps it may bring things to a head. She said RELENTLESS hard work can set her free and there is a whole heap of trouble before that. A lot of obstacles and problems and struggles ahead she said but they CAN be can see all the fighting on the card above, its some battle. And, she said someone is going to get their fingers well and truly burned.. but she said in five weeks in the 'noon' something will be heard....

Symbolically Saturn is in Leo with this card and it means - it is a time to let go...she said it is a happy ending then.

I dont know whether a big DRAMA unfolds at that time or not but it seems that something will be on the table then.

I will hope to leave this on a fairly positive note. Bear in mind the death card also represents a death of a child...Madeleine does not seem to say it is here, but that it relates to a massive transition occurring to a child where there is a brighter future after some very very dark days.
I asked her one last question and said was there anything she wanted to tell me... she said she felt very let down and disappointed...and that she felt there has been very unfair treatment from others.

I asked if she had a message for Kate and Gerry she said that they have not done enough.

(CURRENT EDIT HERE - because the question was asked about the PARENTS these remarks may be attributed to Gerry - however, it must be borne in mind that it could very well mean SOMEONE ELSE - PLEASE take note of that - tarot cannot be 100 per cent accurate about the people involved!ONLY the possible circumstance)

She said they have been unwilling to make the necessary effort she said it was a useless sacrifice and mentions egotism... she said they should avoid selfishness blindly following the thoughtless crowd with its self-serving opinions Try to understand another's feelings. Preoccupation with themselves just leads to wasted efforts.

She said they have to re-order and re-evaluate their priorities. She said they will not get over the dishonour. She still has emotion for them but I think she is emotionally confused about Kate and Gerry - really sad.. she has experienced loss, but she said all is NOT lost and there is hope for the future with her feelings.

(CURRENT EDIT HERE - because the question was asked about the PARENTS these remarks may be attributed to Gerry - however, it must be borne in mind that it could very well mean SOMEONE ELSE - PLEASE take note of that - tarot cannot be 100 per cent accurate about the people involved!ONLY the possible circumstance)

Will anyone be able to GET to the truth of the matter Madeleine?

She gives me the 10 of wands reversed and tells me that that intrigues, lawsuits and difficulties will take up a lot of energy but be on guard for a possible loss or separation. She said a reversal of facts is damaging not only to the person that gives them but to other people as well. Im sorry to say but Maddie has pointed out her dad as being the one who knows things.

She said he has 'left a mess for other people to clear up' she said he was the one that made all the promises, but was always too busy to do anything about them, and that basically, he put the load on someone elses back. (WITHOUT PREJUDICE comments here)....

Maddie said he is nearing the end of the completion of a project..something about careers here, She sees a loss on him because she said he has to stand up and rise to the situation but she feels he is now a bit overburdened. She told me that Gerry had been promoted and that this is part of things...though Im not sure what she means by this.

But we are talking about whether we can get to the truth of the matter...and careers and inspiration and creativity have meant a lot to Gerry...Im sure there are some questions only he can answer.. She said that Gerry is capable of great jealousy and she said that he could very well have told lies to upset other people. He has inability to delegate in jobs when he is under stress...I think I had better leave this at the moment as its getting personal.

However, Gerry should be able to provide some answers...he has a very strong assertive and aggressive business streak...and only he knows what he wanted the future to hold.All we can do is hope





at 15:36 »


The first excerpt represents the past or something you must release, and is drawn from Aeroplanes and Dirigibles of War by Frederick A. Talbot:

reduced to indistinguishable scrap.

Despite catastrophe the inventor wrestled gamely with his project. The lessons taught by one disaster were taken to heart, and arrangements to prevent the recurrence thereof incorporated in the succeeding craft. Unfortunately, however, as soon as one defect was remedied another asserted itself. It was this persistent revelation of the unexpected which caused another period of indifference towards his invention. Probably nothing more would have been heard of the Zeppelin after this last accident had it not been for the intervention of the Prussian Government at the direct instigation of the Kaiser, who had now

The second excerpt represents the present or the deciding factor of the moment, and is drawn from Mistress Wilding by Rafael Sabatini:

that had so grievously moved her at their last meeting. Better, then, to wait; better for both their sakes. If he came safely through his ordeal it would be time enough to bear her news of his preservation.

In deepest mourning, very white, with dark stains beneath her eyes to tell the tale of anguished vigils, she received Sir Rowland in the withdrawing-room, her brother at her side. To his expressions of deep penitence he found them cold; so he passed on to show them what disastrous results might ensue upon a stubborn maintaining of this attitude of theirs towards him.

"I have come," he said, his eyes downcast, his face long-drawn, for he could play the sorrowful with any hypocrite in England, "to do something
The third excerpt represents the future or something you must embrace, and is drawn from Catriona by Robert Louis Stevenson:

my false friend, but one or two of Mr. Campbell's when he was in town at the Assembly, and to make a complete roll of all that ever was written to me, Catriona's little word, and the two I had received from Miss Grant, one when I was on the Bass and one on board that ship. But of these last I had no particular mind at the moment.

I was in that state of subjection to the thought of my friend that it mattered not what I did, nor scarce whether I was in her presence or out of it; I had caught her like some kind of a noble fever that lived continually in my bosom, by night and by day, and whether I was waking or asleep. So it befell that after I was come into the fore-part of the ship where the broad bows splashed into the billows, I was in no

NEWS UPDATE 11/01/2012

Madeleine McCann hunt has cost £2.5million so far
Exclusive by Martin Fricker, Daily Mirror 11/01/2012

Read more:


    UK News :: Madeleine McCann file kept secret - Breaking news from around the UK.

Whilst looking for news for Madeleine, I also spotted this news below. From the very outset of my Tarot I was given America and how odd that this gentleman is saying similar!

Burnley psychic in hunt for missing Madeleine McCann - Strange ... › NewsStrange But True
10 Jun 2012 – A BURNLEY psychic medium who helped the FBI catch a serial killer has spoken out about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.


New Report Finds Madeleine McCann Could Be Alive—And Living as Someone Else’s Daughter

A report by a former British police detective finds McCann, the four-year-old who went missing in 2007 during a family holiday in Portugal, is likely being raised by another family as their own.


  1. Madeleine McCann mum becomes ambassador for missing people

    The Sun‎ - 2 days ago
    MOTHER of a 3-year-old girl who vanished in Portugal in 2007, is beginning a new role as official ambassador for the UK charity Missing ...


Madeleine McCann 2012 reported sightings « McCann Exposure ...
17 Jul 2012 – Madeleine #McCann spotted in Harvest Foods, Grand Coulee Dam, WA... in May of 2007 and now she has been seen in Grand Coulee Dam, WA on July 11 2012 ... A witness announced itself at the British police and indicated shortly after this disappearance to have seen a similar blond girl in Spain – in ...

Steven Johnson - McCann Exposure: Exposing myth, distortion ...
17 Jul 2012 – Madeleine #McCann spotted in Harvest Foods, Grand Coulee Dam, WA... Cops took my girl's clothes to see if they were Maddie's ... In the badly-written note, he said: “If the police have any proof, it's been falsified. ... McLeod, 45, from Stornoway, Lewis, was sentenced to 15 years, while Terence McGurk, ...


Bode was so convinced the girl on his Lufthansa flight was Maddie, who disappeared from Portugal in 2007, he immediately contacted the British police.
“The woman at the hotline said it is on file, but that’s all she said.
“I’m mainly interested in the family getting the photo, but it’s difficult to find a channel through which to contact them.”
When the Olive Press contacted British police about Bode’s report, they said: “At this time we cannot find any record of his information.”

Madeleine McCann probe may be wound down

Met Police Commissioner indicates investigation into disappearance of Madeleine McCann may be stopped.

24 Aug 2012



Belfast Telegraph
  1. Kate McCann's fresh hope that Portuguese police will reopen case into missing Madeleine ‎- 1 day ago
    She told how she and husband Gerry were doing their best to create.
  1. Daily Mail‎ - 15 Dec 2012



     Updates: 24TH OCTOBER 2013

    Plenty of news regarding Madeline lately. I have posted various news links that have come in.

    Missing Girl 'Spotted In America'

    Madeleine McCann: 150 Calls After Dutch Appeal

    Sky News-17 Oct 2013
    She's pretty sure this could be Madeleine McCann. Finn Abrahamsen Former Norwegian police superintendent, Finn Abrahamsen. "It is a huge ...

    This is the LATEST NEWS BELOW

    Madeleine McCann: Portugal Cops Reopen Case

    Sky News-21 minutes ago
    Police in Portugal have reopened the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann - five years after the original probe was ...

    and a slightly older report this month.

    Madeleine McCann sighting: Witness claims to have spotted Maddie ...
    6 Oct 2013 - A BARRISTER has come forward with shocking new evidence that Madeleine McCann is still alive. (Latest News,madeleine,mccann,maddie,portugal,kate,gerry ... Madeleine McCann sighting: Witness claims to have spotted Maddie alive just ... “If I hadn't said anything I couldn't have lived with myself”.


    Madeline McCann: Breakthrough as police hunt three 'gypsies' seen ... hours ago
    Police are hunting three men said to be gypsies seen lurking near Madeleine McCann's holiday apartment before her disappearance, the ...

    Madeleine clues hidden for 5 years
    The Sunday Times-4 hours ago

    30TH OCTOBER 2013

    Madeleine McCann 'kidnapper' was 'hotel worker who snatched her ... hour ago
    Madeleine McCann 'kidnapper' was 'hotel worker who snatched her after being sacked then DIED in tractor accident'. 30 Oct 2013 11:25.


    NOTE :Please also see the other post link for Madeleine for other news.


    EXCLUSIVE: Nato spy plane is the clue to Madeleine McCann mystery Dec 2013
    A SPY plane on a Nato exercise may have captured an aerial image of the person who abducted Madeleine McCann, it was claimed last night.


    I have two pages here on the blog for Madeleine, sorry its a bit confusing but there was so much information to put up for her.   I have the latest newsdate up on this page. Looks like they are now going to make arrests...AT LEAST ..that is what they are saying.

    Madeleine McCann Police 'To Make Arrests'

    Sky News - ‎18 minutes ago‎
    British detectives reportedly fly out to Portugal to interview three burglars who were in the area when Madeleine went missing. 1:11pm UK, Monday 13 January 2014.


    Madeleine McCann police dig scrubland near holiday apartment in Praia da Luz


    Madeleine McCann search: Police focus on two new areas



    Madeleine McCann search to move to water treatment pl


    Please check Madeleine Mccann News part 4 for current news. I apologise that these reports are slightly spread over the readings and I will keep the updates on Part 4 for easy negotiation.



  2. is there anymore readings for maddie mccann being sighted with the german family

  3. I just can't believe that some of your readings are so accurate! U are very talented and also u do a lot of work! Thank you for all the readings. I have became ur biggest fan now! :) michelle

  4. This is very interesting !

    Blanche (France)

  5. Dear Empathy,
    Again I will be the first to attest to the incredible accuracy of your tarot readings, particularly on Miss Maddie. I AM the American connection; the American Lady, the American English Lady, Secret Lady M, American Girl...waiting ever so patiently. Yes, we two that re-met well know about ships.
    And there's a good chance it just may be THIS Easter, or very near that time-frame.
    Thank you so very much Empathy!
    Secret Lady M
    (To the love of my life; this is your girl, reaching out!)

    1. Just WHAT?! Are you a hoaxer/troll? If you know something of use for Madeleine, go to the Police or something, don't write anonymous rubbish on the internet! :/

    2. If you were paying attention to all that I've posted, you'd see there is nothing anonymous about me. YOU, on the otherhand, are the anonymous one.
      Lady M

  6. The children's old nanny, i get it now oh and how about the truth then?

  7. yes was the nanny having an affair with Gerry

  8. any more information/reading about maddie at the moment?

  9. I have a strong feeling of a middle eastern scene. Make up and a headscarf would be a sure fire way of maddie being cleverly disguised. Dont know what anyone else thinks. The tarot readings are amazing by the way.


  10. gerry mccann is now a professor in his profession, i think he was made professor sometime back in 2016, this could be the validation to where you say gerry will be promoted


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