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Thursday, 7 January 2010


UFO Phenomena - a real mystery. Does this tarot destroy credibility of any 'reader' - that depends on personal belief - that depends on what you feel is 'acceptable' in your mind. I cannot ever say tarot is 100 % accurate but this is an experiment with Tarot and turned out very interesting. I certainly cant dismiss all of this tarot but some of it even I find rather hard to take on board and who knows if its correct?

Here are the posts. Keep an open mind.


11th December Tarot discusses UFOS.

Are UFOS tripping the light fantastic or is this something we seriously have to consider. We all have our philosophies and viewpoints - I know I certainly have mine,but it is important not to allow those to leak into the tarot.

So with an open mind I have asked honest questions and I have received what I feel are surprises in the answers. Now whether those surprises are because deep down it agrees with what I have been thinking or whether its because tarot has really answered confirming things I dont really know but I do know that my head felt like a magnetic puzzle. Something like a science fiction game all clunking into place.

Im going to give you the questions so far and the answers so far and as much as I am dying to personally expand on it with what I personally think I shall save that for a discussion which perhaps you may be interested to participate in.

Firstly, lets look at the tarot that I have come up with.

Please take these answers and questions as I have put them and note how I try to expand upon them.



This was my first question and tarot will take that as I have asked it and reply taking into account past present and future events.

This card is THE LOVERS which generally represents choice, Love, union, bonds, alignment, relationships. That is a basic measure of this card but actually can mean so much more depending on the application.

This card that you see in the picture came out REVERSED.

I immediately realise with this card that is given that when this card is reversed that by doing so the lovers are turned on their heads - the genitals are exposed to the sky - choice has been taken away - and there is no alignment here.

Now if I were to interpret this I would say that all the qualities of the lovers card comes into deep question. The love the bonds of family and unity, are broken.

The 6 number in the lover represents balance - but reversed it becomes a 9 and therefore can suggest a kind of completion involved here.

So we have to understand that in terms of the question and how to interpret that.

For me it suggests that the purpose of UFOS is to 'realign' family bonds and readdress the balance of humans and there is no choice in this because the issue has become out of balance and in order to restore the balance one must look to a completion out of necessity in order to do this.

Having the genitals facing the sky and realising that this card when upright is linked to the sense of 'SMELL' it occurred to me that the purpose of UFOS is to 'restore intelligence to human bullshit' AND I laughed out loud.

Its obvious when you see it.

This card can be profane Love - and more interestingly its the card of the STALKER - as when reversed the lovers can represent love that is obsessive or not wanted. Therefore translate that through and we get the Stalker and this tells us that the UFOS are in fact STALKING our planet. On this card is dangerous liasons and interference as well as star crossed Lovers.

The Lovers card is mainly about that - L.0.V.E. - if this card is reversed then surely it is to restore LOVE , BALANCE and HARMONY as clearly there is,nt any with this card reversed its all out materialism and a kind of love without intention which kind of describes what is going on in the world today. It is a pretend love an infatuation and it makes me feel that as a restoration is required here - i.e. an alighnment there is a clear indication that there is that purpose behind UFOS.

UFOs want the best for both worlds - their world and ours - that is their purpose. This card signifies a desire for close bonds and indeed seems to tell us about a severe break in relationships.

Obviously to uncover things I need to do further tarot and I have.

But we see already that there is a relationship problem that fuels the purpose of UFOS - there is strong opposition to relationships in this card and interference in this card. As it is a card for star crossed lovers, it could indicate an interference from people on earth to areas outside earth and perhaps that is strongly opposed. Opposed because of the negative feeling of people on earth and how they conduct their life in materiality?

This card tells me there is a wrong choice here. So when we ask the purpose of UFOS perhaps that is the wrong question to ask - because perhaps we should view it from a different angle.

The Lovers card is connected to the BULL which in turn is connected to Taurus which is conected to VENUS. VENUS is the planet of love and the card I received is upside down with great emphasis on seperation of family bonds. If we look at the interference remark differently, we could consider that the purpose is to realign all these things by having to interfere to bring us all back to some sobriety. However there is a WRONG CHOICE here and therefore whether their purpose is to realign us and do all these things, it seems that choice though being part of the purpose has not been decided yet, but instead they are STALKING the planet. So it gives me reason to feel that they are in contemplation at the moment as to what they see and understand is going on with Earth.

When the card is upright it is a card of Man between vice and virtue and the 'winged genius' threatens man with his dart.

Well that to me sounds like missiles for one thing. But again it is reversed so therefore I dont think it is necessary to feel threatened because the threat is removed when the card is invert. However, there must be a desire to get man to recognise his vice by reverting him to LOVE.

Again there is no movement in this card reversed but what appears to be a desire to simply realign things to reflect LOVE BONDING AND CARING.

It seems that there are unwise plans and a failure to put things to the test regarding the purpose of UFOS. So it seems to me another confirmation that there is no sign of attack here adn therefore Im not considering that the purpose is to attack mankind.

The Lovers talks about mankind and the perfection of Man - again the card is reversed so therefore the purpose may be to perfect = UNPERFECT man but there is no movement on this yet though there must be a purpose leaning towards this.

This card also tells us about the 'unknown future' when it is upright, again when we reverse this card it allows the future to be revealed. Therefore if we apply the PURPOSE of UFOS it is indeed meant to reveal to us the future of what is to come.
Perhaps then, it is to allow ultimate knowledge or to prove that they exist?

The UFOS purpose takes us back to the adam and eve in the card when it is upright and the fall of man, therefore when it is reversed it must be that their purpose is to prevent the FURTHER fall of man.

There is also another consideration to this card. In this card when it is upright we have perseus flying in the air - then we must consider the earlier result of the threatened dart between vice and virtue and this seems to tell me that we have 'things flying in the air' that perhaps should not be doing so, and perhaps there is something going on with airspace that we are not aware of because these ships wish to prevent that - and to stop the threatening DARTS - which to me can only aspire to missiles or man made weapons. Perhaps it is their purpose to prevent THEMSELVES from being attacked to STOP the darts?

I could be completely wrong but you will see from the following tarot how this all unfolds into quite a surprising element. It depends if I have interpreted it correctly or not obviously I hope that I have.

The purpose in this card inverted is passive - there is no motive action or power that can be applied to it - therefore even though there is a purpose, again that purpose is staid when asking the question. So there does not seem to be implied ACTIONS.

In Kaballah, this card shows us when it is upright - It is usually considered to mean Proof or Trial or wise disposition. However if we apply THAT to the purpose of the UFO and take into account the inverted card, we are shown that we have NO PROOF nor do we have wisdom about what their TRUE PURPOSE IS.

This is not unveiled and because of this I feel it is telling us that we are clearly to be enlightened and that enlightenment is likely to be the purpose.

When the Lovers is in an upright position we get this.

# Equilibrium of Will and Intelligence BEAUTY
# Equilibrium of Power and Authority LOVE
# Equilibrium of the Universal Soul and the Universal Life THE UNIVERSAL ATTRACTION or UNIVERSAL LOVE


clearly, there must be a lack of this? - are we then to be enlightened about this? and is this therefore the purpose of the UFOS?

Well, I really know I have to continue with this line of questioning and now I will go to the next card and still double back on this card too to show you how the meanings are expanding into some intelligence for us to understand.

Now, heres something else. What happens when a man and a woman get together? I will tell you - they become ONE.

This card has come out reversed - this card tells me that WE ARE ALL ONE and we are not recognising this and perhaps the UFO purpose is to MAKE us all one because we are NOT all one.

Intriguing eh?

But there is more and you shall see that.

The purpose is to take the two people in the Lovers card which is a card of DUALITY and to make that DUALITY - ONE.

So thats slightly a scary context. Because to me it is actually suggesting an alignment required BETWEEN the UFOS and humanity to join up as one in order to create a perfect relationship which has somehow been interfered with along the way because the way things stand there is no UNION going on.

Sometimes when we put the Lovers into a relationship context it shows when it is reversed about people quarrelling. And it seems that the purpose may be linked to the fact that people QUARREL - well to me I would interpret that as people are at ODDS with each other.

There is a strong opposition to LOVE in this card that has to be re-aligned.

The enormity of the purpose is quite hair raising because when the Lovers is upright it talks about Man not being able to know how to how to direct the magnetic currents of the Astral Light; he is therefore plunged in the antagonism of the different ideas which he cannot master.

Now unless MAN knows how to work with the astral lights he cannot be considered an 'initiate' and again with this card reversed it seems to show us that the purpose of the UFOS once again falls on ENLIGHTENMENT OF MANKIND to be able to understand those concepts.

Perhaps it is not the physical intention of UFOS to correct VICE in mankind because of the passivity of this inverted card, but to allow us to UNDERSTAND that we must correct it OURSELVES.

I could talk forever on this card but I will now move on to the next card and allow you to see what Tarot has said to us.

Please note the pyramid in the picture.

So my interpretation of the Lovers reversed and the purpose for the UFOS is perhaps for re-alignment of unity, because with the reversed Lovers card suggests that for earthy practical reasons without unity there cannot be a bond of the 'whole' without Love there is nothing. So it must be some indication of purpose to bring people together because this is not happening?

But there is also this STALKING element and I wanted to know more about that so I decided to ask.

And one thing I am going to say at the very end of this tarot is totally NEGATIVE - because I am looking at this tarot with a good heart and I am seeing the good in this but - the Lovers are duality - and there is another side which I will leave until later.



For this question I received the reversed three of Pentacles.

I have printed the card for you to see in its UPRIGHT condition but remember I received it reversed in this reading/question.

Now when you look at this card its a building and the three of pentacles talks about using our skills for building things of renown and for putting our names to them.

I am also going to show you this card which is ALSO the three of pentacles and what do you see?


Its quite clear what you see is,nt it. First the PYRAMID in the Lovers and then a PYRAMID in this three of pentacles.
However, we have received the three of pentacles reversed in the tarot despite the upright pictures here. Here we have got to then consider the PYRAMID on its head in the three.

What does that suggest to you? It suggests a lot to me and I will show you what I have seen as the tarot continues this story.

Meanwhile why are the UFOS stalking us? its because we are lazy, we are bored, we prefer material rewards rather than putting in the work -we are a society of underachievement and overqualification at least we think we are. But what it is showing is that we do not 'sow' OR 'build' with our hands anymore, everything is mechanical, machines and many tasks are done for us - cars, planes, electrical devices, we have everything to our palate and we have forgotten our own imagination, skills and abilities. We have forgotten how to really 'build' and use our proper skills in favour of having things on a plate.

So we are overqualified in what we have got materially, but we are undernourished in our skills.

Again this can tell us something quite bizarre. When we look at this it could suggest UFOS are actually stalking mankind to see that they are getting brighter with intelligence but like the first card suggests, we cannot become initiates because though intelligence is there, we dont have the practical ability to piece things together.

What are we to piece together though, well I did not ask that question but will see what else we can talk of first with this three of pentacles.

The upright three talks about the understanding of the material world. Clearly then there is something wrong about that.

So does that mean that the UFO stalks us because they have no comprehension of our overuse of materiality and finance in the society of the world.

I think it does show that we have a predominance for materiality and that this is likely being monitored. When that EYE on the pyramid is inverted - it cant see anything, therefore perhaps the UFOS cannot see why we are so interested in the materiality of life. So perhaps the skills we are not using are our ENLIGHTENMENT skills, our THIRD EYE which is clearly buried if the pyramid of the three of pentacles is inverted.

They are stalking us because mankind has a preoccupation with money at the expense of good works.

We are disembling, we are falling apart and this is the reason we are being stalked too. We have no patience for details - we are lazy and not interested in looking at the bigger picture or studying to learn the things that we should because materiality is blocking our third eye and our abilities.

I also note from this three - that Pyramid. I have a feeling very deep inside that we were not meant to let them fall apart.
The Pyramids of Giza need to be completed. They were due to have their gold caps put back on and it has not happened though it was promised by ZAWI HAWASS - who controls the artefacts of Egypt. I think for some reason that pyramid inverted has a very special significance. I need to talk to you seperately about this as however crazy it sounds, I think there is something here that is quite profound.

Moving on though, the three is telling us that a group of people should have been 'working' at something very important and for some reason they have stopped at materiality.

It could be that the pyramids were supposed to be finnished as a promise in return for technical ability. Perhaps that technical ability was given and man has used it for their own profit and not completed the promised job. This could get very deep here as I either think this has something to do with the pyramids not getting completed or the Hadron Cylinder.

Clearly the UFOS are stalking mankind because they have misrepresented themselves. We could be talking about government here and not the ordinary masses. Indeed it could also be watching how Mankind attempts to go forward with their intelligence and failing because they get carried away by the greed of projects instead of using them for the right reason.

We could be talking about weaponry here too. Getting information and then applying it for debased purposes when the technology could be used for something far more enlightening.

But clearly mankind are not working for the right achievements in life perhaps we could call this three inverted - an abuse of skills?

In card one, the Lovers, when the card is inverted -the angel on the card becomes grounded - he hits the ground disallowing himself the unity of the astral qualities in life, and in this three, he refuses to understand and acknowledge the skills by burying the head of the pyramid and the all seeing eye. Mankind has blotted out enlightenment against the ability to learn these skills.

Mankind is getting bogged down with tiny details and unable to see the big picture. Unless man decides to see the bigger picture then there is no progress and this is the reason why the UFOS are stalking the Earth.


One more thing about the three of pentacles and the pyramid card.
I did say that the card came out reversed. Now if you look at that card again you see an AERIAL view of the Pyramid and this is what the UFOS see NOT US!!

They are watching them therefore there has to be some interest in the pyramids and the 'stalking' element. If this pyramid is upside down then there must be something fundamentally wrong and they must be waiting for us to do SOMETHING WITH the pyramids, because they are the buildings of RENOWN, the oldest buildings on earth.

Secondly I want to speak about FREEMASONRY.

Why? the reason why is because of all the illuminati conspiracy theories. The Masons go up to the 33rd Degree dont they?

They pyramid is the symbol on the American Dollar bill and it is a pyramid with an eye on the top.

The UFOS are looking at a pyramid from an aerial view but we received it upside down right?

Does this tell you something? It tells me something.

When you consider 33 levels of freemasonry you see the pyramid upright to signify or relate to this.

That gives us an impression of pyramid building where many men at the bottom give to the upper level and then it all comes to the top which is the elect group - ie., the one.

Dont you think that when the pyramid is reversed it actually shows that the pyramid is build from a SMALL GROUP and then grows into a LARGER group.

And THAT is what is happening in respect to the tarot question.

The group of people who were to build things into renown who were there to build our world are clearly now turned to matters of MATERIALISM - and this has been noted. Therefore the pyramid of Freemasonry has been turned on its head to show us that it is being revealed that there is an elect group at the BOTTOM of the MATERIALITY in the world whose skills are not being used for the right reasons and indeed we should be enlightened to this. and that the stalking is because the pyramid should be the RIGHT WAY UP but it is,nt because we received it reversed. Looks like UFOS want the upright version!!

Lets move on to the next question.

Leaving the last post and talking about the three of pentacles which incidentally is the third eye buried as the card was upside down. Shows me categorically that there are hidden elements underground regarding this card that for some reason are hidden to promote materiality.

The next question was necessary of course but might actually freak people out though I cannot guarantee my 100 per cent accuracy therefore it is up to the individual whether my interpretation feels correct or not. Im not sure what proof we will get of it thats for sure!!



All the cards I have received are REVERSED so far in the tarot and though I have printed the Queen of Pentacles upright, I in fact received it reversed too

The Queen of Pentacles is a beautiful card, it shows a woman sitting on a stone chair surrounded by abundance and flowers and really does,nt look like she has a care in the world. She has plenty to give and is generous with it. The card is a secure and stable card and there is security attached to that.

Now the bad news.

The UFOS in the question about another planet - show me there is a big problem with this question. It is very unstable.

Therefore the UFOS home is not abundant, it is dying or it is not evolving properly - they need supplies to make it secure and to work again. Therefore on first glance I would say that they have no planet because their planet has stopped growing or it is not able to support them. They are not getting any sustanance or help from their planet so I did wonder what planet they came from.

Well clearly they do come from somewhere - and where they came from it was a beautiful garden rich in soil and everything came from the ground and grew - but it has been tarnished in some aspect and their is a lack of materials there in order to restore the previous glory of it and my overall feeling was that they were 'shut outside of their home'.

I was ok up until this point until I realised where home might actually be.

So I looked for expansion on whether or not the UFOS come from another planet and have to now consider the Queen of Pentacles.

I notice that the Queen of Pentacles is actually THE QUEEN OF THE THRONE OF EARTH and this is reversed so it does seem to suggest that the UFOS are shut out or away from ........EARTH!

I seem to feel from this card that in fact the UFOS do not come from ANOTHER planet, they appear to have come from Earth. What that means is that they originated here. I have checked that as I shall show you with the next card.

It seems to me that they are 'isolated' when this card is in reverse. The elemental attribution of the Queen of Pentacles is also Earth and this is the planet they are 'away from'.

What is intriguing about this card is that when it is upright it is about abundance and when it is reversed it can be considered as GOLD DIGGING.

History will tell you about a race of people that came from the 'sky' and dug gold on earth. It is in the Epic of Gilgamesh and recorded in many theories. Crazy though this may sound I believe the UFOS are in fact - the ANNANUKI. I have read all about them and of course wondered about the actual truth - but I feel these people are connected to EGYPT in the first card and the second card and in fact Earth is very likely their true home. I shall go on to show you more and why I have felt this as I have been writing the tarot.

However, the next question has to be whether Ufos are real or not or whether they are all a figment of our imagination? and this next card is what made me realise that indeed the UFOS do originate from this planet and not another one.



And you see I have received the FOUR OF SWORDS. BUT this four of swords came out reversed.

Now to me - I know I am walking a real tightrope now because I can see the story forming here.

This four of Swords is about 'Knights that go on a mission who leave their tombs all intact and dont know when they are coming back' therefore they appear to be at repose. So first of all this suggests to me that UFOS must be real because when they are REVERSED it suggests RENEWED ACTIVITY.

That is why we look at the upright card. Renewed activity to what? Well, they went off on a quest and now they are coming back its as simple as that. Those tombs - well there were three buildings of renown in EGYPT and in the three of pentacles I talked of buildings of renown that were reversed and the reason that the UFOS were stalking the earth.

What I see now is the four of swords representing TOMBS therefore the renewed activity might relate to the three pyramids of Giza which I feel sure that it does.

I also feel that UFOS are real - and yes I do think that the renewed activity means they are coming back so thats an affirmative for that.

The four of swords can also mean months reverse that and you can look at the last four months in particular. Someone must know they are real and certainly the last four months has been reported as a very active time for UFO Reports.

The tombs were meant to be prepared for when they returned and they are NOT. That is what is wrong in the other post about the three of pentacles or at least part of it. I think it is anyway but will modify where I have an afterthought.

I did ask of course WHERE the UFOS have come from as well as DO they come from ANOTHER planet.

I thought perhaps I would get an answer here and I did.

But before I show the results of that question what I see with the UFOS and whether they are real or not is that when you turn that four of swords upside down - they come OUT OF HIDING and then people will be no question about whether they are real or not.

According to the four of swords they renew activity from the WEST even though the card initially suggests on the question of them being real that they are connected to the EAST.

So renewed activity is connected to the WEST and the opposite of springtime is AUTUMN which was about four months ago.

The four of swords is also telling us that there is peace after war and with this card reversed it seems to show a renewed activity because peace is ending - so this is odd when OBAMA has decided to send a lot of troops to IRAQ. I just mention that coincidence but shouldnt really say that as it was just something that popped into my head.

Further I decided to then ask



I received the upright Hanged man for this.

The Planet that is associated to this card is in fact NEPTUNE.

Neptune is a planet of course, but unfortunately it is linked to the word ILLUSION and it is known to be a planet of water.

So is it an illusion that they come from another planet at all ? Yes thats possible and they are associated with WATER ? -

It seems to me that UFOS come from out of the WATER?

What planet do you know in history was linked to Water - noahs ark maybe?

I think they come from this planet before the Flood.

It seems they are in 'spiritual limbo' and in a suspended waiting area. So that does,nt seem to suggest another planet at all but an area between planets which of course could be space - therefore my feeling is that they have been out in space for a very long time isolated from their correct home which is likely the earth which if you have read all this tarot story makes a whole deal of sense.

This is the figure 12 on the hanged man. - I know you are wondering now about 2012 with this number incorporated in there.

This card can talk about the mystery of death, the great awakening and the resurrection in this card.

The only people in history that come to mind who might have been connected to the East are the pharoahs - and I am reminded about their desire for immortality - I am then taken in mind to Enoch and the 'might men of renown' - and this is where I think OMG I wonder if what Im thinking is for real. Well I dont want to get carried away, but I have often wondered whether there is going to be a rise from OSIRIS - read your history guys. ( but NOT in 2012 I hasten to add - or is this just something we are supposed to think at some time? as this does not seem to be supported in the tarot of 21/12/2012)

UFOS dont come from another planet, they come from Earth.
That is what I seem to have from these cards and they are in suspension and a waiting period before they 'ressurrect' the only planet that I can attribute that to is Earth and the Egyptian Kings.

So we might be looking at something totally outrageous here - the resurrection of the Kings of Egypt - is that too much to contemplate?

Is there a great wake up call is in the process here?

Enoch spoke of five planets. They were sighted in those days - the oldest buildings in the world are the pyramids - the oldest skills in the world is spirituality/third eye - When you look at the Hanged man his foot/leg is crossed over in a four.

The fourth card of the MAJOR ARCANA is in fact the EMPEROR.

The Emperors are lawgivers and KINGS/ZEUS - therefore the UFOS come from THE VALLEY OF THE KINGS.


This is all very well - but it also makes me wonder about the pyramid upside down - are their secrets that should have been revealed to us and wer,nt? Were there really alchemical formulas such as that known as the PHILOSOPHERS STONE - what has really been plundered from history to stop us seeing the truth?

Whatever it was it seems to me that somewhere along the line there is a 'war' but not in the physical sense, but one that is determined to uncover the real truth and those UFOS are NOT going to go away.


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  1. So, why did they let things get out of control?


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