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Tuesday, 5 January 2010


News Florida Girl 'Snatched' From Home

11:52am UK, Thursday February 12, 2009

A kidnap investigation has been launched after a five-year-old girl was snatched from her home in Florida.

Police believe Haleigh Cummings was kidnapped

Haleigh Cummings was reported missing in the early hours of Tuesday morning - she was being looked after by the 17-year-old girlfriend of her father, Ronald.

Misty Croslin, who was also looking after Haleigh's little brother, called police at around 3am after waking up and discovering the child was gone.

"There's no longer any reason to believe that the child simply wandered outside," said Mayor Gary Bowling of the county sheriff's office in Putnam.


I have quite a few tarots about Haleigh and I will put some of my findings here and back up news reports that I stored that seem to support some of the readings.
I have no idea whether tarot will be right about locations but I have written what I received. I cannot claim 100 per cent accuracy and ask that you bear in mind that tarot covers 'vibrations' of past present and future and I am not sure which events fall into these brackets.

I will be looking again for Haleigh but meanwhile leave the tarot 'jounal' of events and information that tarot has given to me over the

 time with relevant dates.Photobucket

« Thread Started on Feb 13, 2009, 15:54

Whatever is going on - this situation is going to fall apart VERY QUICKLY INDEED. The reason I say this is because NOT ENOUGH ATTENTION TO DETAIL has been applied.

If that is the case then should we view this disappearance as suspicous?..possibly - because this card is mastery and building something up into a renown, well if there's anything naughty going on regarding this child it will be found out before long.

I think someone has not looked at things properly but because of that this might all just fall apart.
Someone around this girl lost some finances in recent times or lost their pay. There is lost finances here for some reason or other - bear that in mind.

( It came to notice after this tarot that one of the grandmothers lost her job and needed finances - note also that tarot felt at the start that something had been overlooked)
Three people or two and a child involved . May all have seen her? seen her laying down?


possibly respiratory problem here, injection/cutting some kind of surgery? something physical happening to the child.

Doctor might be required.

So either child ill or could have died. Definitely removal from home here as can suggest a repose/holiday - so we know she has been taken away.

Child laying down at the current time. This may be an unfortunate situation.

Landmark, possibly near church/or quiet building.

Somewhere in the open - see card child in open air - body of child resting/at rest - lying down somewhere.

Child either ill and needing healing or has left life.

This card is also success AGAINST the enemy. Whoever is responsible will be caught within 4 months of this date.(Note; Likely someone who has been interviewed in this time period will later be found to be responsible - we will have to wait to discover if this is the case)

So a not good card for the whereabouts of this child, possibly has died but if not really in need of a doctor. Has possibly cut herself badly?


South is indicated here but East and Spring could suggest that she is found before then and in EAST either in word or direction. May have started out to the south but ended in the East. Sorry but thats what Im given.

Yellow in this card, could have yellow connected to her.

14:42 » 14 February 2009


This child must have been ill/sick this card shows a recovery from illness or sickness, so perhaps this child is still alive but is needing some treatment.

Thats the current take on this case.

Tarot wont confirm yes or no on child's fatality giving me a bandage or injury to this child's head. Fences and barriers also signify in this card as they did with Caylee. Im wondering if she is still alive - if they get to her in time ?
please bear in mind tarot gives past present what Im getting is part and parcel of EVERYTHING to do with this girl

She was in a car/cart - taken away then out of the car and on foot. There were/are dangerous tools around her..

Looking at I Ching describes a fire flaring up suddenly then dying out - it may be representing this situation that there is a flurry of everyone crossing each others footsteps but it all comes to a halt very soon....

First impressions appear to be very IMPORTANT in this case because its where the BEGINNING is that the answer lies.

Something BRIGHT it stands out even in winter, this is where she is...possibly in conservation area...bright flowers? Stream..I think they need to go back and look again in the area they were looking, the conservation area...don't know if there's been a little fire there, but they should look there.
When I picture this girl see her in navy shorts and yellow t shirt. May not be the clothes she was wearing but I see them.

The searchers have missed the cue, they have to go back missed the detail, missed her. Go back to the start...

I can see net or netting something like that, caught in net?


snippets -

Man opened the door? Wooing/influence wanted to get to know someone better...can see axe with long handle...??

Something skeletal - something without the bare bones of something not built yet...

The boyfriend is protective of the girlfriend.

Looking on Map am looking at the word BYRD. East of Palaitka.

15 the Devil - mother of family shows up.

Thinking of fire and Berns Lane Byrd. Dont know if there any link here or not.

This address seems to connect to the abandoning of a relationship?
In relation to the Devil Card and the sense of Fire - I had thought of Byrd area and Berns Lane - however I have been advised that there is a Burns St 6 miles NE of where Haleigh lives and Right next to Burns St is Devils Elbow Rd.

These cards where in relation to asking about location. EDIT: in main thread something about under the mobile home? No idea what that means or what it might suggest?


Under the mobile home -? how long for?

I cannot guarantee my insights are 100% on location or context of the matter but I give only what I am given.
Exploring who might have taken Haleigh. The cards give me an Ace of WANDS.


This card is full of energy and action and indicates the birth or the beginning of something, but it is also about the origin of something too. One might then suggest that someone from Haleighs own family has something to do with her disappearance.

This card heralds new beginnings so it feels that perhaps this person thought she would be better off with them.

I am wondering as I write this whether there is any indication of a child with the young girlfriend, has she mentioned getting pregnant or anything of that kind. Its an off thought from this tarot, but I believe someone in the family could be responsible for taking this little girl.

I can see TOOLS involved which is really odd but its the second time I have seen this.

Money fortune and/or inheritance may have something to do with this 'lift' of this child, because by having her or by her in some way it may give a little more money.

I also how Premium Mobile with this card so do not know what that means. If it should relate to a mobile home, then the colour of it is WHITE.

I have the colour RED with this card because wands represent this colour and also I have South Summer and Noon - I don't see what significance that has about Summer and Noon but I do feel that the first direction was South AND she should according to tarot be found in the EAST.

As the card is the source/origin, then look to the family.

As the Ace of wands stands for interstate and America, it is obvious that the person is American ( We have had this card for Madeleine Mccann insidently hence why I have given american connections in the past for her).

This child was taken undertaken so that they build a solid and secure future for them and their family, or was taken so that someone at least, could be able to do that for themselves.

There is an indication to get the child away quite a distance from where she was taken too, as the person had some inclination of moving to a new state. So that is worth checking out.
Tools are mentioned here in a report after this tarot.

February 17, 2009
Florida Police Receive New Leads in Abduction of Haleigh Cummings


This card shows a sexy exciting adventurous type of person can be a male or a female - there's a bit of cruel indifference here but this person might be wanting to make a move - they do not want to be with the child and stuck in a place for too long.

This person is very anxious about the child and the knowledge of this child and they are very hot tempered by nature let alone a bit of a drama queen. They are also overconfident in their actions and foolish in their decisions.

They will be found out because of a false move.

Again change of job or residence is in this card, it should be a clue. They might live on or near a crossroads.

I have to add that this card is showing some important documents for some reason or other. Some MAY have renewed their passport I link that to documents and with travel but I could be wrong. Might be worth checking passport office to see if there has been any recent applications.

Some rival here, jealous lover, some problem with work - some pushy man here involved - this person very superficial.

Asking Tarot about Misty Croslin. Misty Crosslin is hoping that certain situations might not be speculated on
It appears from this card that she has told the police that the back door is locked - but as you see she has quite a 'headache' from saying this, which actually may mean that IT IS,NT TRUE that she locked the back door. Misty Crosslin knows something here and has not told the police. She is preparing herself for the fact that this factor may come out - because actually what she has said is not exactly correct. She is being advised by this card not to let her immaturity get in the way, but I have a feeling that she is worried to change her story on this factor.

She needs re-questioning to ascertain the truth on this matter. She is currently steeling her will in the hope that this matter is going to blow over, but it is,nt.



Asking whether Ronald Cummings knows where his daughter is, I have someone who is afraid. Sticks their head in the sand. But also on this see there is a lantern here with no light. One could assume that he does not know. But this card is a HERMIT which shows that a person is alone, when that card is reversed it shows the person may NOT be alone, so this may indicate that more than one person does know where Haleigh is.

This little girl DID NOT like the DARK.

There is a part of me that feels she was taken somewhere and LEFT there to make her own way home in the dark. Would that have been a punishment , through anger? I don't know. Tarot did pick up that she was in the open air when it first gave its messages.

Tarot gives it does shows that someone not happy in the working situation there is immaturity NOT just with the young girlfriend but with the boyfriend as well.

However the child is connected to the SOURCE - which means family - and the REAL family members could be at the base of things whoever THAT might be or be the REASON behind this girls disappearance. In other words NO STRANGERS INVOLVED with the actual taking of her that I can see.


I have tried to determine when this child will be found and received Pentacles -generally pentacles represents years - but as you see there is a reversed card here - and also this card represents child of scholastic age. So child of school.
Therefore when we reversed this card, we see a prodigal child who is of school age.

(She will have left school or be found in school holidays or near school Hayleighs school is South of East Palaitka)
« Reply #15 on Mar 9, 2009, 1:27 »

This card shows me open country and it shows me Haleigh on a CROSSROADS whether that is literally I'm not sure but I feel it might be. This card also seems to show good food and shelter too.

Someone is traveling with money in their hand...they are going to give some kind of message....they are not exactly being very quick about it because this is a steady reliable PLOD...but it seems to be on its way.

Virgo is in this card and with all virgo matters I always think of bear that in is a health matter in this card...

It is also a MANIFESTATION card - dated around LEO astrology.

a spur of the moment decision, change of residence is in this card. Safe port in a storm does not show her demise...only the reverse of this card could suggest she must be out there and alive still at this point. The living quarters are on a crossroads and also it might be a BUSINESS as well....whoever knows where that might be.

Stress and difficulty to find her walking hiking to get to the place? BUT eventual success perhaps in locating this child.

Theres also a 'useful man' here who will make some useful discoveries this is to come I feel.

There is a young fair man that I can see he is a stranger but he arrived.

Theres someone here who has been trusted with something.
this could be a man of the previous description might be someone here known to the family...? Father and mother?

Theres a vehicle at this place and its open land...I think this bloke looks after the land?....Its a business place?


Someone here worried sick she will be found because they are living in fear of it...this someone wont let go of the past and they resist any knowledge to Haleigh because it will incriminate them.

Card here links to number 13
There may be some news in the week coming up of something or othersomeone hanging on to a relationship or marriage here
Somewhere that SHINES that's where she is.

She will be found when they locate a stolen car...? Also given number 7.
The word QUAY or Key. Might be useful for location?[image]

Against overwhelming odds this child could still be alive. The Chariot tell us this. It is an armored vehicle and stands for cant break through armor it protects its possible that this is the case.

Have a definite connection to a car..and want to say there will be some news by word of mouth. Again number 7 in this card.

Something to come from Ronald CUMMINGS...

The 'law' will have a relisation very shortly. obstacles to be overcome.

Twin vehicles?...

Tarot pointed out 13th and News coming - Ronald had married Misty.,2933,509101,00.html

Friday, March 13, 2009

The father of missing Florida girl Haleigh Cummings claimed he doesn't want the media to focus on his personal life — a day after getting married and flying to New York to appear on national TV.

« Reply #21 on Mar 16, 2009, 14:42


As I asked the whereabouts of Haleigh I am given the following. VENUS 3 - disassociated from mother.

Venus, CA 92310
Sponsored Links
Venus, CA 92310
Did you mean:
Venus, Clarion, PA 16364, USA
Venus, Knox, NE 68764, USA
Venus, Harrison, KY 41031, USA
Venus, Highlands, FL 33960, USA
Venus, Madison, AR 72776, USA
Venus, TX, USA
Venus, Klamath, OR 97627, USA
Venus, Johnson, TX 76084, USA

I had no idea whether there is a place called venus but these are the details. I asked the question with today's date on it.
The places mentioned may be linked to persons or situations around the issue.

Venus is in Pennsylvania USA.

« Reply #22 on Mar 28, 2009, 1:40 »


With regard to Haleigh I am promised by this card that she will be found. This card is giving me a money tree.
There is someone here possibly a woman who is working with a 'hood' .I have always generally seen this card as one of security and security measures - and some benefit attached to that - and I feel we can be secure that Haleigh will be found. I do think at the same time something will be uncovered about someone who has tried to take flight - the falcon is often in another representation of this card - so I am going to mention this -

Patience and determination will find Haleigh. I had hoped it would be before now - but that must be me BEING impatient about it.

Theres a connection to this card about 9 years - that connection could come in any form, just bear the number in mind.

The one thing that is ultimately important about the search of Haleigh more than in some other cases, is discernment and discretion have to be applied, because one slip could lead to disaster. Remember this card offers security so if the guideline of discretion is taken seriously, then all will be well. This may be in relation to Haleigh's health - so its worth remembering. There is someone though that puts material goods in mind to the expense of Haleigh's life so we may be dealing with someone like that somewhere along the line.

Haleigh has been cut off for a while now and there is a strange looking gate and what appears to be thorn bushes or some kind of barbed wire or something sharp at the entrance to that making it difficult to pass through. One might need to consider the difficulty of getting past.

Hayleigh seems to be behind that blockage -

Overall there seems to be a woman and two men , one person dressed in black ( this already mentioned ) and first time I have seen it with this card - as I generally play in with the Queen of Swords for that - but on deeper interpretation this is what I am given one of the people wears a lot of colorful clothes. The woman might have been married because she still wears a ring.

One person is definitely HIGH meaning drug connection I do feel money has been made with narcotics and as I write more money is promised. Haleigh is in the place of the money tree, where it all happens.? A GRASSY but high type of hill where drugs may be dealt out - child would have watched this at some time as she stands nearby.

The nine of pentacles is COMPLETION - that could suggest that Haleigh is found or it is known where she is, but there may be a reason for security reasons why this may not be released or because it is a security blanket for those in the ring.

I would just say that this card allows me to say that whom we are seeking will indeed be found. Oddly and for some unknown reason I am told to mention a bed and breakfast and I also think there is money in exchange - perhaps for information on Haleigh and I dont mean a reward.

Police: Misty Cummings robbed while trying to buy drugs

Sentinel Staff Writer
The teenager who was caring for 5-year-old Haleigh Cummings the night she disappeared from her Satsuma mobile home was robbed this week while trying to buy drugs in Palatka, police reported Tuesday. Misty Cummings, 17, of Satsuma, suffered minor injuries...

28 April Haleigh Tarot Update
« Thread Started on Apr 28, 2009, 16:51
I was lead to a place called OCALA
which is some way south west of East Palaitka which came up before. I dont know if this place Ocala is important or not. I did feel that perhaps it has something to do with Haleigh so I wanted to offer that.

The Ocala National Forest is nearby - and I do feel that a conservation area needed looking at as I wrote before in earlier tarots with this child.

I see CHAIR - as a prime word that is what led me to Ocala and the seat of the horse reversed.

Death is the 13 card - number 13 -

when this card is reversed it seems to show some kind of mockery in some respect. I don't know why there would be a mockery about where Haleigh may be. But, I did kind of feel before that some things might not be told for one reason or another or at least not for the moment.

The symbolism on the death card is a figure in armor and to me that is METAL and metal reversed makes me feel metal recycled or re-used in some way. Perhaps not even re-made as cars but as something else? there seems to be a dead man in the card who has lost his crown and a woman and child watching as the rider passes by. On the reverse of this card they would be looking down on the metal rider and not up. So Im thinking there is a connection to broken transport. Perhaps a metal yard or some reference to vehicle that perhaps can be found. Or we should pay attention to this area in some way?

In the distance of this card is water and a boat on the sea, this card when reversed puts the boat below the water - so vessels or vessel under water - water perhaps connected.
The logo to the 'place' tarot is trying to form a connection may be something similar to the Black Flag. I would probably consider the colour to be similar white on Black perhaps.

The card shows a death scything or harvesting bodies - and this is another reason why I think about recycling of metal or vehicles.
The upright card shows us this is happening in a field, reverse this and the field is up high therefore, it may be some kind of quarry or some place where it is in a slight dip.

Death upright gives us three mothers - reversed it gives me three women and there may be a connection to a male who is known to one of three women who may have been mother figures in Haleighs life. I think this card tells me that the relationship however is over. I also remember that there was a story of a car crash/accident with one of the women not that long ago. I cannot remember who. However, this may link to someone she knows or where her vehicle went depending on whether or not it was scrapped. This would be a very thin hope but I give it anyway as I could be off the mark reading this in.

I have felt that Misty Cummings has not told us the truth and still see that has not changed. But anyway I leave these thoughts today and do not know if they are relevant or not only give what tarot has mentioned.

It may have nothing to do with a location but be telling us about breakdowns in relationships which mock each other in a terrible way. However, the truth will all come out in the end, despite delays this will happen.
Re: 28 April Haleigh Tarot Update
« Reply #1 on Apr 28, 2009, 17:20 »[image]

Im also getting that finances led to prudent action in the case of Haleigh. So it looks to me that money may have been owed or money is part of this case. I did see something about this before and I think it has also something to do with why Haleigh went missing.
Any physical threats seem to be dealt with in a calm way. To me that might suggest that someone owed money and there were physical threats, but those threats were not taken seriously by the person/s they were aimed at.

So there is a possibility this could be at the base of the matter and reasons why Haleigh disappeared.
17 June 2009 Haleigh Cummings
« Thread Started on Jun 17, 2009, 12:56 »

In previous tarot I had a reference to VENUS with Hayleigh and promptly wrote down some addresses that might link Venus. I have no knowledge of the USA so I have to take clues from tarot.

In todays brief look at Haleigh, Venus does appear to come up again connected to her via the six of pentacles. The six of pentacles is a very earthy card - but its a practical card in its own way.

The six of pentacles can speak of a charity or charitable matters other references to it are gifts, inheritances, insurance payouts just basically giving and receiving. I often think of it as a charity card though and sometimes not always a card that is kind because there are various forms of charity. Someone can give something because they WANT something in return. So its not just a give give card. Its like an exchange in a manner of speaking.

The basics of this card show that link to Venus again though.

I have also seen that the word KEY is attached to this. That seems to make me look at Florida - Florida Quay. I know I have mentioned this before and Venus Pennsylvania came up. However Venus is attached to quite a few places in the USA.

For example

Venus St
Twentynine Palms, CA 92277, USA
Venus St
Twentynine Palms, CA 92277, USA
Did you mean:
Venus, Trinity, Trinity, TX 75862, USA
Venus, San Bernardino, CA 92285, USA
Venus, Winter Haven, Polk, FL 33884, USA
Venus, Temple, Bell, TX 76502, USA
Venus, Troy, Oakland, MI 48085, USA
Venus, Huntsville, Walker, TX 77320, USA
Venus, Malakoff, Henderson, TX 75148, USA
Venus, San Bernardino, CA 92310, USA
Venus, Gary, McDowell, WV 24801, USA

Looking at the Map on Google if you enter Venus USA you do get a lot of results for Venus, but there is a man with a KEY in this card draws me to Florida as a link to Haleigh.

In the six of Pentacles it is suggested it is connected to the winter season.

I do see there is a WINTER HAVEN - Venus.

Winter Haven, FL 33884, USA

The card is about physicality health and well being, but it also warns us that as it is a six it is something that cannot always be relied on. However, we know from reports that Hay
leigh did have a condition with her health.

It may also suggest that this is a link to locality or a connection in some way to Haleigh rather than where she may be at present, but I did ask about locality.

Tarot picked up VENUS on 16 March 2009

and today it relinks there so I will just have to leave this option as it is what I am given regarding Haleigh.

Just want to add that OCALA was seen in the tarot previously also and between that vicinity and the Florida Venus connection seems to be linking with Haleigh.

I have linked a website for the Keys and also a place called VENUS Charters out of the Florida .

There is also a town in Florida called Venus.


News regarding Haleigh.

Police: Misty Cummings robbed while trying to buy drugs

Haleigh Cummings' father doubts Misty has revealed everything, attorney says

Search for missing Haleigh Cummings to get help from attorney Mark NeJame, EquuSearch

Haleigh Cummings' grandma: 'We just want somebody to look for her'

VIDEO: Haleigh Cummings' Stepmom Fails Lie-Detector Test

Haleigh Cummings

Photos: The search for Haleigh Cummings

Photos: The search for Haleigh Cummings

Thousands of leads in Haleigh Cummings case

Missing 5-year-old Florida girl likely was abducted, police say

UPDATE 10 September 2010.

I came across this report which is by Art Harris, no date but seems like it was posted about a year ago. (See dates of the comments) Tarot for Haleigh began 19 months ago and seems to incorporate some of the suggestions that are in this article.

Particularly the mentions of the family members moving out to Abington Mass.

So I was pleased to see this. That is also East which is the direction I saw Haleigh in.

I will have another look at Haleigh's case before long.


Ronald Cummings moved to Brevard County Jail
June 25, 2012 | First Coast News -
Cummings is the father of Haleigh Cummings, who went missing when she was five years old in February 2009. ...
Haleigh Cummings 3 Year Anniversary Tomorrow
February 09, 2012 | First Coast News -
PUTNAM COUNTY, Fla. -- Friday, February 10th, 2012 marks the three year anniversary of the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings ... Putnam County Sheriff Jeff Hardy said there have been 168 CrimeStopper tips regarding the Haleigh Cummings ...
Haleigh Cummings' 8th Birthday Today, Mother to Release Balloons
August 17, 2011 | First Coast News -
Instead, Sheffield will be on Reid Street in Palatka for a balloon release in honor of Haleigh Cummings, her daughter who... Haleigh Cummings went to bed in her home as her father...
Haleigh Cummings 3 Year Anniversary Today
February 09, 2012 | Local News
PUTNAM COUNTY, Fla. -- Today marks the three year anniversary of the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings. ...
Haleigh Cummings 3 Year Anniversary Tomorrow
February 09, 2012 | Local News
PUTNAM COUNTY, Fla. -- Friday, February 10th, 2012, marks the three year anniversary of the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings. ...
Haleigh Cummings' 8th Birthday Today, Mother to Release Balloons
August 17, 2011 | Local News
PUTNAM COUNTY, Fla. -- Eight years after Haleigh Cummings' birth, her mother plans a balloon release. ...
Inside the FBI: Ops Room Center of Every Case, Including Haleigh's
July 26, 2011 | First Coast News -
He said one of those puzzling unsolved cases is the disappearance of 5-year-old Haleigh Cummings in 2009.'' We have no reason to believe that Haleigh was taken out of state,''...

Apr 15, 2010 | Orlando Sentinel

Haleigh Cummings: Haleigh Cummings is most likely dead, and persons of interest have been identified

The TV Guy» Orlando Sentinel – The TV Guy
Haleigh Cummings is most likely dead, and persons of interest in the case have been identified, Putnam County Sheriff Jeff Hardy said this afternoon. WESH-Channel 2 carried Hardy's new conference this afternoon, and anchor Jim Payne rightly described...


Four years later: Haleigh Cummings still missing |
Feb 12, 2013 – The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children has released a new age-progressed photo of what Haleigh Cummings might look like at ...

Haleigh Cummings remembered 4 years after disappearance ...
Feb 10, 2013 – Authorities release an image of what Haleigh Cummings may look like four years after her ... Tony Kanaan 2013 Indy 500 winner milk ...

Rumors not true: Haleigh Cummings' remains not found, says Putnam sheriff 

The Sheriff's Office checked an area Thursday as part of the investigation, but nothing more.


I am sorry that this page of posts for Haleigh is a little untidy due to the graphics screwing up. However, I have popped in to post a link to an interesting blog with pictures and lots of background information that I stumbled on today.   Meanwhile, I am feeling I should try to sort out this page and also read through this Tarot as I think that it was written with my 'old methods' and I might be able to 're-suss' the situation at least in the areas of perhaps trying to get a map put together.  A lot of the older cases do not have maps and not as much detailed information as I have posted in the last couple of years or so. In Haleighs case, she was an 'older' Tarot reading where I had not developed more locational 'ideas'.  I will try to do something about it.  I had posted up a few ideas on location but Im thinking I need to go back over all of this and look a lot more carefully. I will get on to this.


Haleigh Cummings, Five years Later, Still Missing ...
9 Feb 2014 -


  1. thank you for posting on haleigh cummings.

  2. Can you do another reading for Haleigh, based on the new prison interview of Misty Croslin?
    thank you

  3. This is the link for Misty's new interview
    Thanks again for all you do!!!

  4. could you do another reading on haleigh cummings please

  5. Anything new on Haleigh? We've just passed the 4th anniversary of her disappearance and everybody wonders what has happened to this poor baby.

  6. Hi Empathy, i looked into you earlier posts and found out that there's a car salvage in Venus, Florida. This is the location: Ole south auto salvage, 480 US-27,Venus, FL 33960,USA. When i watch the surroundings of this auto salvage i noticed a fence and barb wire. Things you have mentioned before. I don't know but i find all of this very odd. Also in the back is a road that leads to what seems to be a little hut or house i don't know. Maybe you should do a reading again on Haleigh. I sense something from this place and it's not good.


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