Jessica Pulizzi, the only accused of the kidnapping, said he had learned that his half-sister Denise Pipitone is only in the police station, after the disappearance of the little girl on September 1st 2004 in Mazara del Vallo. He said today in his interrogation before the Court of Marsala.
"I learned from my mother to the police that he had a daughter Piera Maggio," said Jessica, and added: "My father, on the same day in the police station, told me that he had a child with May, in the presence of a 'social worker. Earlier he had told me that when I was big I would explain a few things. Then I thought he was referring to the separation. "
Jessica has placed temporally these conversations to September 11, 2004, a few days after the disappearance of Denise. Responding in the courtroom, the defendant confirmed that he wash the tires of the car of Piera Maggio in the Easter of 2004, a few months before the seizure of picola.
"I was angry with my father-said because I had heard from a dealer who had bought clothes in Piera Maggio. So I cut the wheels of his car, a white Fiat Punto which remembered the license plate, with a boxcutter on a keychain. With me were Gaspare Ghaleb and my sister Alice. "
After the damage, Jessica sent a text message to his father: "I wrote to him - reported - and for others the money you have them, not me." The half-sister Denise also confirmed in May to consider a "family apart," but denied that he had told another ex-boyfriend Fabrizio Foggia, heard in a previous hearing that he wanted to "get back at Piera Maggio."


Denise Pipitone, am asking for 15 years to Jessica Pulizzi. "Kidnapping for revenge"

Indictment the prosecutors in the trial for the disappearance of the girl, that you do not have some news for nine years. For the magistrates in charge is the half-sister, who would act to "punish" the mother

It was the first of September, 2004. Mazara del Vallo, via La Bruna, extreme outskirts of the city, just a few meters from the cemetery and the expressway that leads to the highway to Palermo. A narrow street, hence there is hardly anyone except when on days when the market is held in a pair of parallel neighbors. And that day was market. On the sidewalk of Via La Bruna plays with cousins ​​Denise Pipitone, 4 years old to be performed in October. The parents are at work, the grandmother, Francesca Randazzo, keeping a watchful eye. But in a moment the child disappears. Not to be found. Is no longer for 9 years. Seized by the sister Jessica Pulizzi, according to the prosecutor, who did not know that the end would do.
Today in Marsala, in court, the prosecutor Sabrina Carmazzi and Francesca Rago exposed the indictment in the process where Jessica is recognized, the conclusion was the request for a sentence of 15 years. Kidnapping for revenge. "The attitude of Jessica Pulizzi was similar to that of a jealous wife rather than a daughter." A little girl who harbored "hatred" towards Piera Maggio for the relationship he had with his father, Piero Pulizzi. Piera Maggio was considered by Jessica responsible for the end of the marriage of his parents, to the point that Jessica admits to having said "that Piera Maggio had to suffer as she had suffered."

Jessica Pulizzi, who is now 26 years old, he listened impassively the request of the prosecution, was with her mother Anna Corona, investigated in a second line of inquiry which the request for dismissal advanced by the prosecution is waiting for the decision of the investigating judge after the opposition made ​​by Piera Maggio through his defender of civil Giacomo Frazzitta. He deserted the classroom today instead of the other defendant, the former boyfriend of Jessica, Gaspare Ghaleb, only accused of making false statements to prosecutor. For him, the prosecution asked for a sentence of 5 years.

A survey went on through thick and thin, possible sightings of the little girl, unfounded results, the appearance on the scene of repentance results liars, tragic implications were only told, Denise died during the seizure and thrown into the sea, scoop full of doubt as to a deaf-mute September 1 would have seen the little girl in the arms of his nephew - he is remembered only in March last year - but the court chose not to answer. Months and months in which Piera Maggio has often accused the prosecutor of Marsala of inertia. Today Carmazzi pm and Rago (magistrates last in order of time to happen to others who had dealt with the survey) have defended the survey, "conducted in confidentiality of investigations, often mistaken for inaction." But they are not missed moments investigative questions, such as when the prosecutor of the time, Silvio Anthony Sciuto ordered even taking the testimony of a seer.