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Thursday, 2 August 2018


Hello All!

Some of you have been following my new Series which has been on going for some while. I have mentioned a few times that it is a 'work in progress' simply because it is done in my 'spare time' that seems almost amusing to say considering I very rarely have any! I think it is important though to try to find it to do this series and to write Miscellaneous Tarot from time to time simply to break up the work that I do here.  Much of the site is dedicated to Missing Persons but I like to share Tarot views as well.   This series is up to Temperance which is card number 14 in the Major Arcana. We still have to continue this journey up until the World Card so we have a few more to go for this particular project. You can check the cards that have been discussed  on this link below and please keep checking back so that you get to read the entire series.

The last Card that I published here was the Death Card at number 13.   Today I am looking at Temperance.    I am not particularly dyslexic with words but I always stumble on the spelling of Temperance !!  No idea why but it comes out as temperamance and such like!  however TEMPERANCE as you can see is a beautiful card. I love it. It also immediately gives me the idea of FORTNIGHT.   Its a kind of TWO WEEK card for me!  It depicts an angel with one foot on the land and another on water. You can see the angel holds a couple of vessels which it appears to be pouring something from one to the other and on its chest there is a little golden triangle.   In fact in all the cards there are wonderful little details which if you take time to examine you will begin to notice.  Often some details do go amiss but actually help to create meaning and allow you to ponder and consider intuitive thoughts.   All decks are different to work with. This particular deck is Raider Waite which I find is ideal for me as I prefer things to be pretty to the point which I think this deck offers.   I may start another series eventually and talk about the various decks you can get. I have one or two VERY interesting decks which I think may interest some as they may not have come across them before. So, plenty always to talk about with Tarot. 

Meanwhile though, lets go back to Temperance my lovely FORTNIGHT angel.   This card if you add together 14 you will get 5 which links then to the Heirophant. WISE MAN CARD/WISDOM also thought of as a marriage card.   Temperance is an ALCHEMY card.  That really is a very important fact to remember.   In Temperance we are BLENDING ingredients. Its quite clear that is what is happening and I liken this card personally to LIBRA because I feel that the card is about BALANCE and Centering things.  So basically, it is getting the balance right in my view.  If you balance the ingredients to anything then you are going to arrive at the better outcome.    This is what I see here. When you think of 'MARRIAGE' it rather makes sense that one would see how Temperance might figure in that!

Interestingly if you tried to balance something you have to have a certain kind of control.   Think about it!    concentration is a form of control because you would need to be concise or precise.  Temperance talks about Control, having control, using control, being STEADY.  When you see an Angel in the cards you think about goodness and/or purity, but also you think of CALM and TRANQUILITY.   This card is about KEEPING YOURSELF UNDER CONTROL - KEEPING COOL in your endeavours.    Perhaps keeping calm or cool in SITUATIONS.   Its not really a card of JUDGEMENT - I dont see it as that kind of balance - I see it as getting things 'just right' in order to get to the best of something.     Thinking, doing, saying, being - getting the ingredients right MAKES things go right.    If you have a calm temperament you can deal with things in a cool balanced way. The angel is both of land and water and is able to balance well and do that as well as mix those ingredients staying perfectly able, so there is a lot of control being shown and it is a card that when it comes up in a read will add these kind of elements to whatever question came up for Tarots answer. 
There are some great pinpoints of light on the Temperance card. In the background and of course the lovely golden triangle on the Angel's chest.   I find there is a lovely sense of optimism and a sense also that there are positive elements in the card too.   Every card can be reversed which can bring up opposition to the positivity but I am not dealing with reversals in this series at the moment simply the effects that I sense when i look at each of these cards and my own view. 

Temperance follows the Death card which if you read that probably might see how its natural for Temperance to come next.  Once the changes have been made in the Death card it might be natural to assume that there would be different ingredients to mix up. IE DIFFERENT WAYS of balancing up the fallout after a Death card.  Perhaps if we referred back to the story I told in the Death card about a village being changed and new houses being built how traditional villagers might have felt to see those kind of changes.   Well if we brought in Temperance after all that, it offers a kind and fairly balanced view to those who might be feeling shocked or surprised.   Temperance will try to take all the 'fallout' perhaps the good and the bad if you like and mix it up to find a BALANCED VIEW or a Balanced aspect that might act as a kind balm and takes away negative thoughts perhaps doesnt overload with positive thoughts but finds a nice angle between them both that is PALATABLE.  It is a kind card I feel.    Its gentle too.  It brings a kind of reasoning but without saying a word - its more of an action that is unspoken and its done in a nice way that is measured and somehow reasonable. 

Also in the background of the card you can see a little river and a nice little bit of scenery there that is pretty and pleasant - it just seems to me that Temperance offers a sensible element to it and shows you nice things that can come from a bit of calm.  Calm is offered in this card. Maybe it is telling us to  chill out even....when things are tough and we cant figure stuff out at times. Temperance is trying to show us that we can figure things out fine, we just have to jiggle this bit and juggle that bit and its all just ALCHEMY mixing things just right and then we get the perfection and you can see that in the card the lovely place in the background which tells us that NOT EVERYTHING is going to be tricky here, that we can achieve getting to that place of mind where we can just relax perhaps and not get het up.    It tells us that if we keep centered which is also a form of balance and mixing those ingredients right, that we can see the brighter side of things and I just love the beauty in this card and the promise that it gives/shows. It is down to us to just take the time to measure things carefully and calmly. 

This card talks about having patience.  Its all about HARMONY - co operation , consideration. The angel wings offer protection. See how big they are and how much room they take up in the card. They protect quite an area wouldnt you agree? and there is a lot of care and compassion in this card and a need to offer a reconciliation factor ...its all about two sides and bringing them together in the center.   We want to make something smooth and we want to make something work.  To do this we have to have not just patience but also SELF DISCIPLINE.   It takes that to balance things well to make things work to the best way possible either for a situation or a person. It can be applied so many ways.   This beautiful card will try very hard to moderate matters, to even things out, to find the goodness and the quality in everything.  

It doesnt judge as I mentioned before, but if there were two warring factors for example, it would look to pull out the best thoughts the best elements to blend to gain the ultimate solution for GOOD.  
This card I liken to STEEL.   Steel is strong and when we balance things or we try to get things right - we try to make something that is strong and lasts.....something like a strong foundation perhaps even...this card is a wonderful card to get when bringing together elements to create something effective. 

How Temperance applies in a reading depends always on what the basis of the reading is about. On its own, its just a fabulous card to make you think about your way of doing things...and how much more effective it is when you show patience and use your energy to the good. Thinking about this card in relation to the Journey of Life...when we face big changes in our existence in whatever form they show up -  whether they are huge family changes, job changes, location changes, we have to learn to deal with things with TEMPERANCE...we have to arrive at that 'place' at some point so that we know we have reached that point of patience and ability to control our emotions in order to cope and arrive at the best solutions.

I will come back to write more about Temperance as time evaporates as there are many more things that can be projected here but join me next for the DEVIL card and do please check out the basics of the other Major Arcana written about to date. 

Good wishes

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