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Sunday, 12 August 2018



Hello All

I hope to find you all well! Today Im going to be talking about THE MOON - which is card 18 in the Major Arcana.  Below is the link for all the other cards that I have been discussing so far.


When we get to this card we have to really sit and think about 'what it really means'.  What DOES it mean?  We have a few things going on here - but does it make sense?  in some ways perhaps thats part of the answer.  The Moon card is a card of 'illusions'. The Moon is out so we get the general idea that this might be a 'night' card. Visibility at night throws a different aspect on our surroundings than the daytime. Nothing looks quite the same does it? when its really dark we get a lot of 'shapes' - we need streetlamps to light the way on motorways for vehicles and streets otherwise we would be groping around wondering where the heck we were!   Though it can pass as night time in this card we are to try and consider the representation in other ways. We should try to understand that 'things at night are not necessarily how they look in the day' - therefore - we should consider that we might not be seeing things correctly - a road might look like another road, or grass might look like a mud path, its fair to say our vision might not always be on spec.  We therefore have to consider that this card can bring up 'illusions' of some kind.  The night time tells us that.  The two animals there, visibly howling or looking up to the moon are trying to tell us that 'something is not right' and note there is a crayfish in the water and that there is water in this card.  To be precise, two water signs are connected, firstly Cancer and secondly Pisces though some people call this a Pisces card.  I generally pick Cancer but there you see we have different or personal preference of interpretation.

On this card too you will see what looks like two stone pillars. some land there that might go beyond them and there is even a face in the Moon. This card can be known as the MOTHER card and in some other thoughts it can be classed as 'passing' or passing over, even PASSOVER.  That is what the Moon does. When you look at the card it is just a really odd gathering of pictorial bits and pieces but the entire idea is for you to feel slightly confused because you MIGHT BE if you get this card in a read.  The Moon tells you that matters cannot be clarified that there might be something 'there' that you cant see yourself. After all , how do we know what the dog and the wolf are seeing to be howling up at the moon? why bother? the Moon is silent after all! But they are seen doing that.  We know that clarity is needed when we see this card. We know that we are not getting 'the whole story' and we know that this card is telling you that 'anything' could be afoot here.

When someone has 'lost their mind' or just cannot get things in order in their head, whether they are drunk, or have been taking drugs or are just disorientated, this card will spell that out. It is telling you YOU DONT GET IT and IM NOT TELLING YOU EITHER - its not clear thats why.

When you add together 18 which is the number of this card you arrive at 9. Think about number 9 which is the Hermit card. 9 is the 'end of a cycle'. It could be that its a full moon , maybe its going to be an eclipse, maybe its a solar eclipse, perhaps its just a period or cycle of Full Moons? what do they say when you see a full moon? generally its that it brings fresh new beginnings, it ends the old. 9's do that.  The Hermit itself is also in the dark. Go back to the Hermit card and read the information there. It is a card that shows an old man with a lantern. He needs the light to see and in this card we have the same kind of eerie light. We can see SOME THINGS but we cant see all things clearly and neither can the Hermit. He can only see as far as his lantern will shine its light.

So the Moon is warning you that some things are HIDDEN. The Hermit also comes up with HIDDEN things too because the Hermit is trying to shine his light to figure out what they are or to uncover them or indeed to 'see further in the dark' .  The cards do mirror each other.  They all do in one way or another.

The Moon may bring up Hidden matters and perhaps you are not to jump to conclusions with this card when it arrives. In a reading it will depend how it falls in the spread, in what position does it fall and what does it sit next to. We have to see to be able to discern what matter it is highlighting.  Its not a terrible card but it is a puzzling one and it is going to tell us that we might not be thinking straight too.

Yes perhaps you do have to 'beware the Moon card' because this card can be harbouring hidden enemies, things you never knew . You might have thought something about a situation and then this card is not going to really show you exactly what.  The water in this card can represent the drugs element/alcohol and it can also represent  dreamy ethreal qualities too. In some ways it allows you to to fool yourself into naivety or even lures you there.  You do have to be fully smart to deal with the Moon.

Our last card was the Star Card where we talked about healing, hope and inspiration also looking to the future with that kind of injection of faith and we do this in our lives. When things have gone belly up or sour in the Tower Card whatever the situation was, we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and once more try to have some kind of faith that things will work out. Its a bit mean to have the Moon card next - talk about a come down! but the card tells you - hey ok its alright to have faith in the future, go ahead, BUT DONT BE FOOLISH OR NAIVE - keep your eyes OPEN - watch where your going - nothing is JUST GONNA BE FAILSAFE - you DONT know whats around the next corner - so LEARN your lessons, be AWARE of what has occurred, DONT make the same mistakes - be WATCHFUL - because you cannot just relax wholly - you still have input in life as well you know! you are still responsible for what you do, what you say, what you think and how you do all those things.  The Moon is not unkind - its just telling you to keep your eyes peeled and dont ACCEPT everything for what it appears to be. Be warned - how about forearmed and forewarned? thats a great old adage.  Ah, am I forgetting those pillars, no  - they can be whatever you like, a bridge, two tower blocks, a gateway - the Moon allows you to think what you like - after all this card is an illusion so its your call.  What about the crayfish - ? well maybe he doesnt know what hes doing either, but he has a very tough shell and a soft center.  Perhaps in this card you need to have a 'hard skin' and not let all the illusions in life get to your sensitive side.

Hopefully , though this is very brief and there is much more to say - it will give you an idea of how to think about this card and how it might fit into your own Journey in Life.

Please join me next time for the SUN card and meanwhile if you would like to read back on the cards that I have already published, please click the link below.


Speak to you all soon.

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