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Monday, 5 March 2018


Hello Everyone,

I am now going to look at the next card in my 'philosophical' JOURNEY OF LIFE with Tarot. If you have read about the other cards you will see initially my introduction on this subject and why I was writing it. I may have an entirely different viewpoint to other psychics, then again, we might share the same thoughts but I feel Tarot is a Journey and it takes you right through your life as well as being used to focus and pinpoint matters in personal readings and particular precise matters.

You can catch up on the other cards here.


This card is the 5th Card.  Now I know I could write all the text ideas about this card and likely will automatically mention some of them in my idea of how this card fits with life.  But, first of all when I see this card I see someone who is holding up a map. Not all decks show that but the meanings are the same despite pictorial depiction.   That map does not really explain itself at all only that it is being shown to us.  You will notice a couple of people there and in some decks, additionally, what appear to be two crossed keys. ( I have included three pictures of the Hierophant showing each of the symbols I refer to).   Quite a bit of symbolism there. Im going to combine all the symbols on the various decks that stand out to me.

 Image result for THE HIEROPHANT  with the crossed keys

We want to look at this card  as the next part of the Journey from the Emperor. If you read about the Emperor you will remember that we went to the Rules Regulations stage of our lives and talked about authority. Moving to the Hierophant its another stage in our lives. It is a card of convention and tradition but more than that it is a card of WISE COUNSEL. We get all our associations here too with Schools and business and religious groups , any group that people are gathered together. Marriage is always linked to this card which does not have to mean traditionally marriage but a marriage of people or groups of people who come together perhaps to learn  or still need teaching or some kind of support, a kind word or ear or someone to set them straight. Teaching really does come to mind more. 

Imagine then that we have got to this point of our life Yes we could be getting married or thinking about that, or maybe we have joined others now and are practicing our skills socially or otherwise in a conventional way. The Hierophant is the part of life where we know that others have got our back - that there is someone to turn to when the chips are down. We often get certain beliefs at this point, maybe even religious feelings, maybe its just a time of our 'conscience' working.  We remember what we have been taught and learn from our mistakes and learn more about how to practice our skills in life.   The Month of May can often be associated with this card too. Its the card of Taurus the Bull.   We might be pretty stubborn at this stage of life too. Maybe we had too much authority? maybe too much learning and we want to do things our own way but know that there are still some conventional ways of doing that which by following them would offer a lot more wisdom in our actions. 

If we are at a difficult moment in our life the Hierophant is there to tell you what is the best road, or remind you or get you to recall what you have been taught by re pointing out to you the best solution maybe.   But you know, the Hierophant has a map.  Now though the Hierophant is there as a teacher can show you the routes or the wisdom to what might puzzle you or confound you, that map is still something you need to figure out.   After all, when you are at school or at work or getting married you KNOW roughly perhaps the subject matter but it does not mean that there is any GREAT ROUTE to learning. It depends on how YOU learn, what YOU take in and if you can figure it out with the advice given the keys are going to give you - keys of the door to solutions. You do have to work hard yourself with the Hierophant too and take on board advice. If it sounds good then obviously those keys are the key to the problem.  The two people to me still represent choice. There is never one way to look at something is there. There will be what YOU think and then what someone else will suggest. In this card its almost like 'keeping your fingers crossed' that you are doing the right thing.

In Marriage, did anyone ever tell you the right or wrong way to go about being married? No, its something you have to work with and learn how to be two people how to compliment each other. There may be all kinds of advice for that - even books on the subject but the reality is that you have to somehow learn as you go and seek counsel if you need it.  

The Hierophant to me is trying to keep the traditional aspects of life to keep you on the 'up road'. There are no fast answers with life with this card BUT it shows that there are people you can talk to or go to for suggestions, that there are things perhaps you can still learn and that if you are stubborn , you consider that perhaps someone else might have a good suggestion. It might over ride strong personal thoughts and feelings that need to relax a little to let other kinds of information/advice flow in.

I should also pick out the two PILLARS in some of the decks. If you recall looking at the HIGH PRIESTESS she also has those Pillars. Almost like two signs of a coin. Negation and Beginning. I think of that as between a 'rock and a hard place' in a manner. Severe in one aspect but a kind of beginning of understanding. The High Priestess does after all deal with 'the veil'. You will see the Pillars also on Justice too in some decks. That is almost like choice between being hungry and having a stale bread roll, eating a stale bread roll because it will keep you alive. Austerity? or just picking the best thing to do? the best you CAN do? the wisest choice. Eat it or die? the principle to me is taking the advice or learning or only open advantage because at least you can gain something from it. It wont solve ALL your problems but it will at least give you something to 'chew on' no pun intended in respect of stale bread rolls here! Notice also in one of the cards there are two candles one is with the moon the other the sun. Kind of illuminating things. Throwing light on the problem in the darkness of the moon and in the sun making things a lot more apparent.  Still a kind of choice there though even if you are not looking for one. Almost showing you both but, hey decide. Nice one from the Hierophant there..and dont forget the map with all the squiggles on that tell you precisely plenty and nothing. Its down to you. The light is cast are you going to see ??

There are so many things to discuss with this card. Its a great card. It makes you feel very safe. Its a feeling of never being alone really. Knowing that your not. Even in darkest moments or days of wondering or despair there is someone there to go and ask. Even if you are saying a prayer at home. Its a kindly card.  Yes it can just represent all the things I have mentioned but they will all have their place depending on how the card comes out in a reading and what has been asked BUT in the Journey of LIFE..this card tells me that you are never alone, that being stubborn is not necessarily the right way to go (why refuse a stale bread roll if your starving? something better than nothing right? )and that advice and counsel or wise move should be something that you still take on board. It will get you thinking and you will always be learning or gaining something of some kind with this card. It does teach you to understand that there are ways to go about things too and you can share your thoughts and others will and can join you to assist.   The Higher learning card is very much what I see here. Whatever you think you know - there is always something else to learn because you are going to be educated with this card! and enlightened because someone will always know a little bit more than you do. The world is a very big place! you might actually even have thoughts ideas or actions that you are looking for consent. Ideally, wisdom and understanding here are very strong.

The map does not TELL you the answers in fact it raises questions. Who knows the answers to EVERYTHING? NOBODY does. You will always have questions and there will be much advice. What advice you decide to take up on is down to you. You learn by that. We cannot know everything exactly because things can change, but we can take advice and hope that what we learn will show us the right way.Take the counsel and see how it works in your life. Work through your problems, problem solve with others. Know the universe is a BIG place...we learn and we continue to learn by our actions.

Marriage as aforementioned may be very much on your mind. Pairing up, coupling, having a partner or someone close, sealing a declaration of love even. At this point of your life it is very possible you could be doing just that. Sometimes people really need a lot of advice and you know you will receive this with this card because with it you become well informed and you will then know what to do.

I hope this is helpful and next time I will be talking about the LOVERS and how that would fit into this series. I will put more information about each card as time goes along but I wish to run through all the cards from philosophical value first.

Join me next time with THE LOVERS Tarot Card the sixth Major Arcana.




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