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Monday, 5 March 2018


Hello All, 

When I come into the site I always check and administrate the comments.  Comments are very important when cases of Missing People have news in your locale.  Some of us do not always see your local news so it is great to know that readers put the latest information to check off against the Tarot or share their opinion. That is what having a site that allows comments for. 

HOWEVER you do know that comments are not automatically published because they will only show up once I have administrated them. The problem is that whilst you are encouraged to write in against cases, sometimes, things are said that perhaps MIGHT offend or hurt others. I remind you that I am NOT responsible for the comments - and try not to act as Comment Traffic Police because that would ruin the nature of this site. But, I do ask you that when you write a comment you should not really be naming people or suggesting names because that is really a form of slander especially if a person is innocent and somebody is calling them out.   I dont really like to see those kind of comments because it is not really what I set out to do here.   My purpose is to try and help and that does not mean tracking down the guilty or the criminal activity in each case if there are some. This site is about Tarot and is a metaphysical experiment in respect of events and Location.

Tarot will describe events and situations. Nothing is 100 per cent we all know that. We have to filter out what is white noise and then compare the elements that came to surface once the case is over or solved. I do not feel its a good idea to point a finger and name people even if you think you have the right idea yourselves. If you put something down here, you have to 'own it'. It is your responsibility what you say and I ask you to be very mindful and very thoughtful.   This is not an investigation bureau here nor is it the LPD so nobody is really enlightening the authorities on this site though I do know that its possible anyone can read here.  We are here to HELP the missing we are not here particularly to sit as judge and jury on the criminal aspect if there is any involvement there. You must understand the basis and purpose of this site is to use Tarot to learn how to use it for location. 

Not everybody is the victim of a criminal. People go missing for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes voluntarily and we have a couple of cases like that here.  Some people just cant deal with their life anymore and they find a quiet place and give themselves up to God.  Some other people are distressed in their lives and want to disappear.  You see its not all about crime. Remember this. Families do read here as well.  They live everyday with the pain and the fear and sometimes have to go through horrible nightmares or bouts of imagination that totally upset and destroy their lives . So what YOU SAY is important. You have to CARE about them because believe me, their lives have been shattered and their hopes with it sometimes too.   Try to be careful please.  

Lastly if there are ANY comments here that upset or offend anybody please email me and I WILL REMOVE THEM. I care about doing the RIGHT THING.   I do not like to have people upset with comments. Lets make the comments USEFUL and helpful and try not to name people. If you think you have a tip that involves a person you must really take that or send that to the Police Departments dealing with the case or the P.I who heads the case.  Please try not to get too carried away with names and finger pointing. Lets stick to the nature of the site. Bringing news in, keeping news going, comparing notes of Tarot and news. Informing via comments what is going on with the case and what the local news is in your area if a case has occurred there.   Just be responsible and thoughtful. 

On that note, I want to thank you all for sharing and commenting and I just want you to know that all the input keeps missing people high profile in the public and that is what they need.  I do actually want to add on the end here that MANY cases are written that do not get published here at all. Some are private to families who do not want every thought out there. I do what the families want. If the families ask for Tarot not to be published IT DOES NOT GET PUBLISHED.  It is not here for anyones entertainment it is here to assist but families may and can request it be taken down and it is. I do what the families want. That is non negotiable. If you do not see Tarot for certain people that might have been here at some point there may be a note on it. Helping people is doing what is right for them and if families are involved they have a right themselves to say what they want. We must serve the families in the right way. Please also remember this when writing comments.

Very many thanks for reading

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Below are 'resolved' Missing Persons cases detailing news events after the person was found. Sadly some did not survive. On many, Tarot has described accurately either events, landscape or named Locations or suggested when the person would be found. The details of the validations differ on each case. This section will help assess Tarot's ability to assist in its ongoing experiment.






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