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Thursday, 31 August 2017


Hello All!

As you know, when I can I like to address issues that come up in the media community and provide a little 'Miscellaneous' Tarot which you can find in the right hand margin when you scroll all the way down!

This subject above is all over Youtube. There are those who have done many calculations and the doom spreaders are running amok once again.  I often wonder about all these prophecies as  according to the people who post them,  they say they come from the Bible and attempt to calculate situations on that basis.

Now it seems there is something regarding Revelation 12 and there are many people suggesting there is going to be a rapture, or, the world is going to end and the list goes on. 

People do use the Bible or religious sources to predict but also in the Bible (if that is your religious choice of read) is the following.

MARK 13.32

31Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away. 32But as for that day or hour, no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. 33Be on your guard and stay alert! For you do not know when the appointed time will come.…

ACTS 1.7

Jesus replied, "It is not for you to know times or seasons that the Father has fixed by His own authority.

Now, its strange that people will quote the Bible for anything that MIGHT predict something they want to affix to an event or situation and claim to know the Bible but, why then are these two passages which are completely contradictory ignored?  Obviously posting doom and gloom without foundation of fact, are people just  busy wasting their energy?  But lets look at Tarot and see what that tells us in respect of any advice regarding this date.


I should mention that I cast the question twice simply because I asked about the date firstly and secondly I asked again with respect to Revelation 12. 

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This is a beautiful card and theoretically being a NINE it will point out to us that it is an end of a cycle. It should bring to a close all the prophecy of that date because once we are in September 23rd we are inside the day and it should squelch this question. For one thing this card is about misunderstandings and you can see this man who has predicted these things has lined everything up (just as the planets line up) and is sitting there smugly satisfied about all of this. Perhaps thats not a good idea?  just because the planets are lined up does not mean that whatever this man has predicted as a line up is something to get clever about. Cups are often religious /spiritually inclined.  He is sitting there happily/smugly content that the rapture will occur? he has offered this statement to all and he has convinced people to have a common mind with him and found many kindred spirits.  He has them dancing around hoping to celebrate this 'rapture'. Not everyone is buying it though. 

He is telling people that it is a prophecy handed down from the past and it is a huge imagination for him and he may have invested a lot of time and energy into believing, thinking and preaching this too.  He ends up sitting there looking back very sure of himself.

But on the other hand, the next card is about rising ABOVE MISUNDERSTANDING!  when you think about this question you have to think about the people that project these beliefs. Why do they want destruction on others? isnt that what this would all entail, why should they place their wish on other people because it is something religious they wish to experience. 

Remember I am just writing Tarot's advice and not personal opinion, but that is what I am seeing here. This man wants an ENDING and because he has things lined up behind him on the table he sits there quietly expecting this .   He is WISHING for it and expects to get his wish too. We look at this card and we look to the Hermit who is a man alone with a light and he is peering into the darkness.  He cant see anything and he is lighting up the landscape to see exactly if he CAN see anything.  In the previous card we have a ghostly figure in white who is telling people to be BRAVE  and there is an infinity symbol on that card.  That kind of promotes that if your brave and you believe/wish for this rapture event you will have infinity?  but then we have the 10 and thats strange because in that card families are still standing there looking at the sky, they are looking at a Ray of Light but they are still standing there.  They have not disappeared. 

Equally if we look to our Major Arcana we see the Wheel of Fortune which is still actually going round. If we consider that is a wheel and its still turning it rather suggests that the world might be as well. 

Tarot is advising about what it sees and often will pick up all the thoughts. There are many thoughts about this date clearly.   I do not quite see this as a destruction card however.  I see it as a spiritual religious wish that is perpetrated into this date. At least that is what it appears.

However, lets go on to the FULL question  which also carried the extra element of Revelation 12.

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What do I get about 'what will happen....' I get the Six of Pentacles reversed. Is somebody feeding all of this for profit? this is someone who gives to one and not to the other so it rather makes me feel that it is an investment in a cause. Getting people on your side, showing charitable thoughts  which pick out only some people and not all people.   But it is reversed. 

What I get from this is NOTHING WILL HAPPEN AT ALL. Sorry about that. Except the Rich get Richer and the Poor get Poorer. Nothing changes there.  It is not a marketable event and even if we were to look back and notice the Reversed Empress who 'gives Birth' ie Jupiter drops down from constellation Virgo we still see that it slides on into wrong advice when we get to the Heirophant. We also see that there is a blockage with the Empress who could show destruction but that is the foundation of the question that comes from the Six of Pentacles  So my view is nothing will happen at all but you are wise to stop looking at these prophecies and start looking at the world because there is a bigger picture going on there. 

It is an unbalanced prophecy, not the situation to put energy into but the world at large has its problems and that is what people should be concerned with.    It is very important to respect all religions in the world simply because every generation of those religions have grown up to believe what they have been taught. Some religions are taught slightly different things then others but from the two passages that are quoted above it seems that perhaps they should not be overlooked in this question of what will happen on this particular date? 

There is a possibility that the magnetic field can have problems in the future and who knows maybe in September and there could be some big issue about Finance. It might rain and it might snow but I do see the question is blocked/frozen.  What these cards do tell me is that there should be more understanding about peoples points of view in the entire world and that maybe eventually if one thing does occur maybe it should be to show people that everyone really is equal?  There seems to be a non physical element on the date. So it rather makes me feel  that Tarot advises that it is a deceiving message being perpetrated in Youtubes.

Of course this is Tarot and it is not a guaranteed source of FACTS but an overview of a question that has been pandered around the Youtube community.   We have to remember there are already many bad deeds on Earth because if you are a religious person you are aware that it is thought that the 'devil' lives amongst us  having been thrown down from the Garden of Eden but  that was already done and though there is an Angel that looks after the Garden of Eden no one has seen God.  Because no one has seen God they cannot 'interpret' or insist on an image for him - God  is what God is - and has been shown physically to no one.   Should this date be pushed around the internet I would remind people of the two passages above.    According to Tarot there is no REVEAL - and Youtube is a get rich quick scheme.

To all of you who are many, who live all over the world I send you love and peace in your life.



What might be considered in the second card is its point to the 5 and it being a year symbol. Revelation 12 which comes up more in the second question could be referring to something in that era.

I might point out that  Thuban was the Pole Star some 5,000 years ago, when the Egyptians were building the pyramids.


I rest my case!

World does NOT end on Saturday despite doomsday prophet's prediction... and even he tried to change his mind at the last minute!
David Meade is a conspiracy theorist who alleged that the world would end on September 23, though he has now clarified that the apocalypse...

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