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Friday, 28 July 2017


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Hello All!

Here we are again with a New card to discuss in the Journey of Life series that I have been taking time to write.

 You can catch up on the other cards here.

I have been talking about each card with a philosophical view showing how each Major Arcana card takes us through our lifes journey. Yes there are many details to each card and not all are yet covered in my series but I am first giving an outline of their meaning to me personally and how I view them in connection with our life from birth.   The finer detail is the topping but it is the underlying feeling that I get that I have been discussing in this series. Each card will have other regular meanings attached once I have completed the Major cards. 

Our last card was the High Priestess and now we move on to the EMPRESS. The beautiful Mother figure. Here she sits looking very confident, secure, capable and nature is all around her. She has the symbol of Venus the planet of Love. Wait! dont they also say that Venus is 'Lucifer' the planet of light? Have you thought about the symbol in that way?   Mothers, they give birth to us she is theoretically our Queen, she holds her sceptre so she is ruling. She has the answers. We have been figuring things out as a very young person and Mother or the person in our lives that is our 'nurturer' is the one we go to for the answers, in most cases.   This card is the third card in the Journey of Life in my series. My perceptions and my own view of how this card fits into our growth and evolvement. First she is the number 3. She is often thought of as being covered with Roses on her gown or pomegranates. Raider Waite Deck is the image of this and can be seen above. She is all about gestation nurturing, love, beauty, home making. She is the hearth of the home. The solid heart.  The planet of Venus also thought of as Lucifer the Planet of Light. We become enlightened over nurturing it is all beautiful but sometimes it isnt. Either way light is shed on our emotions, our empathy or the lack of it and we are shaped from this.

But if she is the Mother how does she become us in our journey?  I see this card as the nurturing that we learn. How we are nurtured of course is what helps to shape us.  The Empress instills in us our first love for she/whoever represents the Empress, is our feeder of comfortas however large or small they are. She teaches us about our emotions, our needs and from her we receive the fruits of what she gives.  She sits on her chair with all the elements around her all under control. She makes you feel that it is that she has it all sussed out and she knows how everything works and comes together. You of course dont have that at this point in life BUT you are learning and you learn from the nurturer and this is impressed within you and your psyche.

We ourselves are young, confused, learning and not always in control of our emotions. The Empress in us is the link to the feminine principle to care and to give and to nurture.  It is being instilled in us how we react to others by what we have received.  It is a point in our lives where we also copy and give out to others what we have received too.  It is appreciating what is around us more, the landscape and the nature around us. It is a time when we start to see that it is not only us that receives nurture but a glimpse of understanding that everyone has some form of nurturer and we follow the instincts of that as we have been shown. I do make a point there of ' what we have been shown'.  If we find our 'mother figure' is not so giving we are aware that something there would be missing particularly if this card were reversed but on the Journey of Life we have the Mother figure whether Male or Female or biological or non biological there is always someone who is taking that role whether big or small in our lives.  From them and at this point we learn about what we receive from that nurturer and how it evolves in ourselves. 

We see this card almost as a safety point or a knowing point. The figure in the card is someone who we may emanate within ourselves, we see their deeds and we listen to their advice whatever that would be and we also are in receipt of their actions.  We are attached to the nurturer and the nurturer will evolve in our own psyche as to what we have been taught by them.   We know in a regular mother in normal conditions that she gestates. She gives birth, that we came from her. In other circumstances we simply accept that this person is the one that provides the emotions. She is theoretically the card of LOVE. How we are given love, how we receive love and how we go on to express love. 

She The Empress will have a good input on shaping our emotions. The attachment / recognition generally always is to the principle nurturer. This is our emotions. We discover emotions that make us love. Everybody loves in some shape or some form. They have different ways of expressing it, but nonetheless they show Love or understand something about this emotion however inexperienced that is.
Love is a word. It has much depth and it has much meaning but to us at the stage of the Empress it is not fully rounded. However we are nurtured is likely how we measure love. 

This is perhaps how we get taught about Love? or feel Love. It is the stirring of the emotions, the empathy within us or the lack of it. This is where we begin to really feel and Love in the form we received it has an impression on us.   We might recognise protection or feel protected these feelings are stirred in us with this card.  It is a giving and nurturing card. From this we ourselves evolve from what we receive or perceive. 

We copy the nurturer. The number three is 'the all encompassing' the nurturer is everything.

I will talk much more about the Empress as we continue with our series but now we will move to the next card the Emperor. Please join me.

 You can catch up on the other cards here.


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