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Saturday, 2 July 2016


Hello All!

As my readers are from all corners of the globe, all will be aware of the UK making a decision to leave the EU.  Not everyone is normally interested in politics but this seems to have been a situation that has filled most news stations internationally which rather implies that it is a situation that has not gone ignored.

It is true that I could have made predictions in advance regarding the UK referendum to leave the EU would happen. I did but I deliberately did not publish my findings because I felt that those who were involved and voting in this issue had to do so from their own heart. Sometimes, there is a time NOT to complicate the issue . 

Being psychically motivated and working by intuition as well as Tarot I had an idea of what the situation would be but did not want to influence that by writing it down here.  Now that all are aware that the UK voted to leave there is still the question of Article 50 and whether they will invoke it.  Is that going to be a subject for Tarot to discern.  No it isnt. 

However, I could look at the economics on stay and leave and make suggestions either side of that and I also may look at a separate issue of the leadership of the UK and what surrounds then next Prime Minister.

Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues. All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.

Please always read the following





This card the two of Pentacles seems to tell me that Tarot has understood the question. The question being ' how would the poor people of Britain have fared economically had the country stayed in the EU'

Remember firstly that this is a TAROT synopsis. This is not a FACT, it is a suggestion only and advice that Tarot feels coins the situation.

Going back then to the Two of Pentacles it would seem to suggest that people would still have felt they had to juggle their finances. Though the card is indicating CHANGE note that this card is reversed. In a reversed card it rather gives the indication that there is very little change in the current situation to be had should they have stayed in the EU.  Finances would not have improved for them, some might still if they were lucky have to have two jobs to make ends meet but even so note that there is no balance in this card, it is still not possible to balance anything in order to make life economically better in regard to the poor.   Having two jobs is really more like a 'suggestive necessity' rather than an actual element. The focus is that there would be not enough work and in fact people would be going two steps backwards for every promise of one step forward or at least feel that way.

The poor in this card see debts, they see money being taken away from them despite the fact that even if there were work opportunities, they would not feel they physically gained from that. The outlook is that the poor in this card feel that whatever money comes in goes straight back out and that they would not be able to juggle their daily expenditures or have anything to do that with. 

The actual chaos on this card and disharmony would take a good deal of time to write for you. Ultimately the poor would have felt that the 'businessmen were idle' and did not pay them for their labours.  Health matters and poverty are very much in the picture and most people would have felt 'all at sea'. The feeling in this card shows that the majority of poor feel that no matter WHAT they do it is always ends up with negligible results. For every one genuinely poor person who hoped for change there are two that sense there would not be any. Of course this is just touching the tip of the broad range of thoughts and feelings this card might permeate but the suggestion is that if poor people had stayed in the EU there would be a big problem as to whether they could co-exist with the changing priorities that the EU might represent as there is a distinct lack of balance here, in social, health, monetary,working and general day to day living issues. 

It shows that the poor people who are our subject of this Tarot have TRIED to cope with fluctuating finance and previous mentioned issues but just would not be able to sustain that. It seems that the fortune of the people can just vanish.

Looking at the opposite situation and asking how the genuinely poor people of the UK would prosper economically by leaving the EU (bear in mind that is the current situation whilst writing) we look once again at Tarot's thoughts.
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We are given the Queen of Pentacles. Note both cards are pentacles in our questions. It would indicate to me that one is still slightly insecure, one might still be suspicious and one might still be wondering what is out there to prevent them from being able to survive economically.  Now I see something quite interesting about the first card and this card.   For one thing, this card is not about 'getting' this card is about being circumspect, it is about HOME, FAMILY, HOMESTEAD. It is a card that actually asks people to see the wealth in their own yard and home AS IT does seem to be there if only it can be identified and not mistrusted.  In this card one may have to live simply in order for growth to occur. It encompasses all the problems of the two of pentacles but appears to be further on which indicates a very slow feeling in the poor. But because of the insecurity the poor may feel that things are not as bad as they thought but at the same time are still wanting to see finances get better for them along with all the issues mentioned in the two. 

For poor people in the EU  the synopsis here would appear to be that there is a general feeling of LACK which had the two been upright shows people having to balance their incomes and other situations and wondering how to make things stretch and still failing to do that.  As we had the card reversed it shows that its more or less the same way for poor people and how they might fare economically.    In respect of poor people outside of the EU we have the Queen is there any change there? yes there is.  The Queen always does her best for the KINGDOM and puts money into peoples laps...they have the wealth in their own homeland, but as we see that this card is upside down we have to bear in mind that people need to SEE the opportunity in their homeland and they have to live simply in order to work towards bringing those opportunities forward.   So for poor people outside of the EU they are being told to make the most of what they HAVE ALREADY ie the resources in the UK and create business opportunities from what is already available to them or make everything they have be something of importance.   Poor people will always be poor if there are no opportunities for them to advance but this card is saying that they can create their own wealth from their own country if they walk the pentacle journey and work together. Poor people of the UK will be happy if they voted out once they see this. 

However, this reversed Queen would not suit any poor person who wishes for more without putting in any effort in order to receive so it rather feels that some cuts that were made may not be reinstated but the people collectively will themselves help to work out a road to progress and it seems to indicate to me that more community spirit might spring up. 

But ultimately what is the prospect for the UK now?

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This is a delightful card. This card shows a family with a rainbow over their head. Though it may rain a rainbow is beautiful to see which almost seems to suggest that after the storm is a thing of beauty? 

This card ultimately appears to be suggesting joy and peace.  It shows being UNITED with those around us and bear in mind that this card is water and therefore the sea would come into this. It shows that we will have peace with our surrounding neighbours across the sea. Note that we are on terrafirma in or HOMELAND on this card. Being united on the HOMELAND. 

Positive achievement and emotional stability can be gained.  Ones head can keep itself above water in other words the UK will not sink in turmoil and tears.  On the contrary, the youth of the country will do an unexpected thing. Many will support the UK and see the advantages of doing so and this certainly would be incredibly unexpected as they too will see the homeland as a place that can give them good luck.

Unexpectedly fishing may appear once again where they do not need to be mature but one is sensitive to the smallest. The UK will line up 9 or 10 cups on their table. Each cup is full and the country is fulfilled but they are asked not to get too smug about that!  one can never sit comfortably when there is a country to run.  Females are very pre dominant and use their intuition and sensitivity and become very capable of creating and producing beautiful things and also will have the right to be in their home and take care of the home should they wish to do so.   Families will be a small size 2 or 3.  People will want to keep abundance and not waste and therefore will be more considerate of bringing children into being.  The UK will be the leader of arts and music and produce these things but with greater sensitivity also.

The UK will produce 'vessels' and one feels perhaps this could relate to ships or ship building. The UK is linked to the sea and will prosper from the sea whether by voyage or food as well as the land.

Home Ownership is for every family. I think that is a HUGE leap and wonder how that would be achieved but it seems that the family home is ownership and given to all.

The UK is represented by a Garland. This garland represents the Homeland. The UK will be prosperous and goes forward with luck and destiny to become the 'dancer' in the world.

They will mend their bridges with their neighbours. Part of my thinking was whether this card indicated a rejoining of the EU. At the moment, the problem I would have with that is that the UK is represented as the HOMELAND and Home is not overseas but surrounded by them and hence I would need to consider that issue separately as a separate question.   I see the UK as having those 10 cups as full cups meaning that they have a lot to offer to any who are thirsty.   Their goods are on their table and the country is proud to show them off though a little less smugness would do them a favour on that. Being humble is much better!

I see them still as an Island by itself. An Island with a family tree who will reject or accept what suits them best.    A King to preside over them who epitomises all that reflects peace and home, ruling with kindness and incorporating and implementing the importance of family values.

He follows the Queen.

There is a new beginning with many invitations but the UK must choose always what is duty over what they love. This means to do what is right and forego pleasure in order to achieve what is good for all.

The UK will restore and create emotional bonds and harmony and show others how to rise above petty emotions. Disagreements over money work and politics will be put aside. The country will do much better than expected.

Ultimately it is possible that the UK will stay contained.

The UK represents a sense of TRUST and know how to give and receive.
A sense of community will be implemented in every town and village. There is a need for concience and consequence and the country must learn to LOVE and have a willingness to BELIEVE.

As the sign for this card is PISCES it is felt that it will remain a Christian Country or that will seem to be the very source of how this country believes itself to be.

These are only indications and not FACTS however the idea of Pisces shows 'equality' to all and it is a feeling that this is the will of the people of the land.  The UK enjoys good things but spirituality and digging deep will seem to bring out the fact that the people of the UK are a passive people who do not like to upset others. They will not wish to be manipulated and believe in abundance for all. Mars is in Pisces with this card and though there is that passivity here, there is also a very strong surge to defend ones rights and beliefs.  This will be done in  a way that softens the view in order to bring forward the phrase ''' you do not need to crack a nut with a hammer'.

They have much ancestral wealth and will want to keep it.

The UK appears to come forward in this card as LIBERAL.

The people of the UK will show themselves as magnanimous, faithful, bashful, aspiring in an honourable way at high matters, absolutely favouring fair dealing, desiring to benefit all men, doing glorious things, honourable and religious at heart. They show themselves as great relievers to the poor, full of charity and goodness and find sordid actions untenable. They believe in Justice and will become wise and prudent. They will consider that virtuosity is part of their dignity and they will qualify for that long term as being a well dignified nation who will show reverence to the old.

I have left thoughts and of course may add to them. Naturally, none of what I see here can be guaranteed but it seems to show the 'feeling' or the outpouring of what could be but in order for that to be the case the UK must lose idleness and try to work for the common good.



NB. One thing that I would point out is that the number on the card of the UK future is number 10  Downing Street is also No 10 and indeed there is to be a new Prime Minister which could be either male or female. Numerically a 10 breaks down to a 1 and in doing so, we then bring the MAGICIAN into play. Not only do we do that but all Four Aces of the Tarot all of which will be in an upright position.

The Magician has many skills. We must tie this in to the UK and its future and the 10 of cups that I last selected for this Tarot.  The UK does have skills, it has an ARRAY of skills. Magicians are very clever and always have more then one trick up their sleeves and Im sure we can agree on that description. But this card shows us that Science figures well, as do universities, vehicles, handymen, men with skills, caretakers of all kinds and things that are mechanical.  In this card, we also have the salesman. All these things are good for the UK as it shows signs of having the ability for great commerce. Magicians always amaze their audience and keep them surprised and the UK may also be able to do that and it rather seems that as the value is number 1 - we bring in those Aces and therefore suggest there are 4 Aces up the sleeve of the UK.

One are invitations, offers of friendship. This card has an M or W on it but it is peace that is being put into the cup by the white dove. The host of the cup is PEACE.  Finding Common Values, Friendship, holding fast to the family tree, letting go that which is disappointing and staying on one side of the water, accepting what has gone wrong and expressing forgiveness. Looking back to nostalgic times when one gave to the other. One passed down the wealth to the other. Many choices some not good and others very worth and therefore suggests being careful with choices for the Kingdom. Realising that when one has invested in much it is always time to move on in order to make wishes come true and bring in contentment, youthful fresh new ideas, with sensitivity and with emotional compassion and with security in mind.  Note this card would represent NEW BEGINNINGS.

We then consider the UK with offers of work, work contracts, working with the borders and international borders and countries. Finding a balance of priorities, using teamwork to bring together all skills and build a country of good renown which will involve the young and the old with the experience of the elders to lead that. Banks holding very tightly to wealth STILL but at the same time the country keeping its ancestral wealth and therefore appearing to show that financially it may keep its ground in the financial institutions. The Market is there but I see that there is a possibility of the wealthier being more presaged over then the poorer but may indicate more in the picture of a whole country getting more interest then other countries that ARE poorer as this card is linked in to the synopsis of the 10 cups for future of the UK and does not particularly refer to individuals but as a whole.

Then we have to then consider that the country would need to access it finances carefully and decide carefully how that would be used. Whether it is used for the long term or the short term and that is where the big decisions must come through wisely.   Teaching, schooling, education are all here on this spectrum. The idea is to promote education and particularly in a way that the country achieves and still keeps its traditional values strong. This all leads to promotion of the youth, photography is high here and science etc as before said as is property which will not lose ultimately and money sits in the lap where one can count their gain.   Ultimately big business is still very much on the cards as are very large black expensive cars/vehicles. Business will flourish and be identified by opportunities that are spotted and capitalised on.

Industry will be promoted with utmost vigour with a very large global influence in mind. The sea and ships comes to mind here and the extra additions seem to tie in very much with what is seen. Many have homes and plans and competitiveness is still very much on the card to seal deals for the long term future. Victory comes to the towns which will have their own ticker tape parades which makes me feel that communities will pull together to celebrate their creativity and work effort. There may be times when there is defensiveness or a feeling one has to defend oneself but this is imaginary and one should try to feel better about the journey the country must take. There are some headaches involved and one has to draw a line in the sand on occasion when there are pressure elements.  Trade does seem to come into all this category and there are elements pertaining to transport, visas and going from one place to another. Not all is cut and dried but much has to be worked out.  There may be some new beginnings or something connected to Egypt or a hot country, but the UK will not be hiding under a bushel and will pull out all the stops.   There is something also about holidays and the coming and going of people.


Ultimately the dark side is the Swords which simply show that one has to CUT THROUGH matters and implement a plan. Remember I am talking about the future of the UK and cards linking to it as possibilities of events. There may still of course be some disagreements and indeed there could even be some form of deceptions that must be overcome or difficult matters that need mental clarity. Perhaps this is dealing with foreign affairs where one has to put together a plan for the best but be aware that not all suggestions are taken well and therefore a steady hand and careful speech and negotiation should be implemented.  Swords are very difficult but then nothing is ever cut and dried into a sweet nutshell. There are perils that one must work with speech and clear mind to be able to avoid negativity. There may be an apology that has to be made to a foreign element of some kind whereby a deception was uncovered and this apology has to be made and may involve two or three persona.  This may represent something that is a year of concern but one has to hope that 'what is written down' has fingers crossed on it. It could be a difficult scenario but if the truth is given it can protect the country and Justice and righteousness can be preserved.

However, once again this is a NEW BEGINNING.

So there are four points of BEGINNING for the UK and their main attitude should be DIPLOMACY, CAREFUL SPEECH WITHOUT CUNNING OR DECEPTION. Exposing deception is the honest thing to do. This would look better for the country as a whole. One cannot preach fairness unless one practices it.

So there we have a synopsis of various elements all rolled in to the 10 of cups and of course I could write a great deal more however, I will look at different aspects and write separate Tarot.

Meanwhile, once again, Tarot is not FACT. It is advice that looks at the greater good and tries to promote positive energy. One can only wait and see whether the interpretation is what Tarot has tried to inform us of.


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  1. Good synopsis so far considering the UK has been offered a lot of Trade deals and many countries are showing interest in trading already! The PM is female, Theresa May the 'M'? as Leadsom dropped out and latest is putting Industry as priority. Steve.

  2. Something to do with visas etc with a hot country may be australia as they are implementing an Australian points system for immigration and making it easier for Australians!


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