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Friday, 16 September 2016


Hi All,

Many of you were wondering whether I was going to have a look at the trends regarding the battle between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump in respect of the American Presidency. 

I remember writing for Obama way back when he was sworn in and felt very positive about him being re-elected to Office.  There will ALWAYS be things about a President or a candidate that is not supported by the people. We know that people do not always agree!  At the time that Obama took the re election and stayed in the Whitehouse it really was the right choice at the time. Many people have negative thoughts about him but and I say this ONLY from looking at some of the news facts, that, he has in fact done a lot more good for America then has been reported. That is not a show of support, it is simply re gurgitating what the overall synopsis of his time in Office produced. Tarot LIKED Obama . I remember feeling very clearly that Tarot put forward a lot of very positive cards in regard to him. 

I did not feel that he liked War. At the same time I saw the Mars War Hat on his head. It rather seemed to me that he and any OTHER President of the US does not take on that job lightly because there is a huge deal of responsibility attached to being able to converse with the public in the right way.   Presidents dont always agree themselves about what the public have to be told. HOWEVER it is their duty to convey news whether its going to be received well or not.  

I have no personal opinion except what I see in Tarot and I did feel Obama was going to be the one at his re-election.

Now before I even turn a card on these two, ie Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump I can tell you categorically that I felt Obama should have stayed in Office and I really do not understand why that is/was.  That is the feeling I was getting on an intuitive bent.  When I see Hilary and Donald I am wondering what EITHER of them are doing in the running so I am not sure what happened to the 'path' that was supposed to have been taken.   Ok I dont want to lose you there...but I just feel all wrong about the candidates on an intuitive basis.    On the one hand, Hilary Clinton has tried hard to become the First Woman President. She has her appeal. Some might even suggest she has more history to support her cause. On the other hand, Donald Trump has been in the media for business rather than on what has been a political standpoint, at least if Im wrong please correct me. 

Out of the two I automatically feel that Donald Trump with all his quite loud and gesticulating ways has garnered quite a lot of public support. He tends to 'dare' to break the barriers of 'what people are thinking' and spit it straight out.  On the other hand Hilary might find dignified ways of delivering information if it were at all similar. Their delivery is somewhat different. More reserved cheery staccato statements from Hilary and almost brutal hard thoughts laid down unmercifully from Donald. 

The problem is why are they there?   this is really the WRONG PEOPLE somehow and that is not me saying that but the impression I get on a metaphysical level.   Neither Donald or Hilary should be ending up in the Whitehouse sitting on that vibration in the air so WHY those two?  I felt like it was supposed to be someone else and for that reason I have been non judgemental in any way, but yet still a little bit puzzled by what is going on. 

I feel as if there is/was SOMEONE ELSE......I am simply conveying the feeling of displacement here somehow.     I will be looking at a quick synopsis of possibilities with both, but meanwhile I do set down those very odd thoughts that came to mind.   Why do I feel we are not looking at the RIGHTFUL President? because it was supposed to be Obama or that elusive someone else.   

Hilary Clinton

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I am not going to decide with Tarot who is going to take this Presidency but instead offer what Tarot gives. You decide!

Hilary has been given the Wheel of Fortune reversed. It does show that there is currently a negative trip in Karma and good luck. There appears to be some kind of link to the past which has caught up with her. The Wheel is not spinning forward and therefore luck at the moment has deserted her. One thing to remember is that the Wheel is a Wheel!  They are generally designed for forward and backward motion, also incorporating that what goes up also comes down. It could be just a period of negative elements affecting Hilary. It has been reported that her health is of some concern. We are looking on a general level rather than honing in on any one aspect.  In this card we are linked somehow to a 'man in the family' and I think Tarot is telling us that the Clinton presidency already 'was' with Bill Clinton. Im not sure if that is Tarot's way of saying...we already had a Clinton and not recognising another one. Who knows?   BUT, at this moment in time Hilarys chances are on the wane.  Does not mean it cannot change but for it to change SOMEONE has to stop sticking their head in the sand. I keep feeling that there is something to come up about Bill Clintons time in Office. Not sure yet what the connection is or why we are being pointed at that.

Hilary's supporters will be concerned right now if she can 'take the trip' she is actually on a 50/50 situation right now. All I have that is positive is the fact that the wheel turns and though it is very low on energy and momentum /positive results, it is a wheel. I have had a bit problem with both the candidates this year and not felt things were quite right but we shall have to see.  Hopefully if there are health matters with Hilary she will sort them out but right now she is going to need a lot of luck to get that wheel turning forward.  Right now I feel Hilary needs a break or holiday to recoup. Being President is seriously not all that it is cracked up to be. I wonder as Hilary has risen in the ranks that she also sees that.  Its a devil to stay on top...apparently. Hilary has setbacks and unpleasant surprises, it is up to her to get over them. If she does, and if that wheel starts to spin forward again it could be more helpful for her. But ..we shall see then...

Image result for donald trump
Donald Trump

As for Donald Trump? Well he has got a bigger photograph! remember...Tarot is not deciding the is just giving me some thoughts about each person.

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I would ask this..Does Donald REALLY want to be President? because this is like the wish you always wished for and when you get that wish becoming a reality or getting nearer to it, its like...humm. This card is all about a vanity, desire, getting everything you wanted but still falls short doesnt it? you can just get nice and fat on this card and you know yourselves when you 'eat too much' dont feel good. In fact you just feel bloated and sick.

Donald Trump is sticking with it because he has invested such a lot of 'all he has'. He could have walked away...apparently..but so far he has not.  But reversed cups? hardly joyous is it?  I will come back to write some more. I need to think about this myself.  I did say originally, something really a bit odd about these two people, it sort of doesnt feel right. Not sure why. Donald might find the presidency battle eventually divides everybody, friends, family etc and there will be many elements that will attempt to derail him. It is not a time to be smug or have any conceit about becoming President either from himself or from any other supporter. Times are pretty weird now. 



Well Im wondering if this is what Tarot was seeing regarding Bill Clintons time in Office coming up? !

Trump Apologizes: "Bill Clinton Has Actually Abused Women," "Will ...

RealClearPolitics-7 Oct 2016
"I've said and done things I regret," Trump said in a video statement ... This is nothing more than a distraction from the important issues we're facing today. ... Bill Clinton has actually abused women, and Hillary has bullied, ...

Live: Alleged Sexual Abuse by Bill Clinton is Donald's Trump Card?

The Quint-4 minutes ago
The second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is held ... Donald Trump clashed with Hillary Clinton during the first ...

Image result for trump is president


Of course the clue was in the Tarot..."and when you get that wish becoming a reality or getting nearer to it, its like...humm. ".but the mood was negative about both Candidates. The choice between two people who created concern and worries.  Many opinions everywhere and I have to say Tarot itself was feeling very pulled and gave reversed cards for both. But Trump received cups an upside down card of a WISH. A water card ' drain the swamp' perfect card for him clearly being as that is the catchphrase out there. He is not inaugurated until 20th January 2017. I will be writing more.


 Please note: My disclaimers always apply to Tarot on this site. Tarot is not considered 100 per cent accurate BY LAW. What is seen is glimpses of situations. They cannot be guaranteed unless there is something concrete to verify.
Image result for donald trump


DONALD TRUMP (President Elect) Please check under Miscellaneous Tarot  in the right hand Margin.


  1. I don't know were you are from Empathy. Well anyway, the lady takes all. When I saw picture, that is what I thought. Have a great day, Empathy. I appreciated all good work you do here. SS. I do look at the pictures, you never know.

    1. As you know the lady did not and Tarot didnt really think so either. x

  2. Would the other person be Gary Johnson? He is the Libertarian running for President as well. I will be voting for Hillary, but a lot of people I know personally will be voting Johnson.


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