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Monday, 13 October 2014



Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues. All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.

Please always read the following


which is a useful article in respect of all the Tarot printed for Missing people/children.




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....and so, the mystery of Madeleine still intrigues many as the most unusual disappearance and no real clue as to where she might be.  I have written more Tarot for Madeleine then any other case in my entire time of reading and I still come back to something very similar so I could have saved myself a lot of readings.  It all just sounds familiar to me and yet who knows if it is completely wrong, it could be. 
Madeleine in this card is linked to clubs, religious elements, schools, associations, teachers. The number 5 is here and you will quickly note that number 5 is the fifth month which is May. Madeleine disappeared in May 2007.  It is now 7 years on. The other little things to offer with this card is the feeling of two very knowledgeable people who consult a priest or bishop. Whether that has anything to do with actual events or whether it is just telling us that two people do know is by the by.   There is just a feeling of a mentor or a guru here.  The Heirophant can bring up keys, a K name or even quay as in waterside or the word Lock.

The feeling with this card is spiritual or religious in some ways.  I have always had this in the cards and a teacher has popped up a few times too.  If we take it into the next card it goes directly to the garden of eden in the family card - the Lovers.   There we have the garden element and often the word EDEN really does come up.  Its a peculiar situation with Madeleine  This is a very earthy card too and belongs with Taurus which we get Bull/Spain from.  Of course we know/knew over the time that Madeleine was linked to Cadiz in Spain.  In fact there are no end of stories about 'where she is' and its certainly been a fair few places already hasnt it?   I certainly cannot name locations but I did have a link to America long before we were told about Kevin Halligen who was eventually imprisoned for draining the funds unlawfully.

Whether my American link referred to that or not remains to be seen but it was certainly there from early on and a link was most definitely found connecting it.   When I think of Madeleine and again I have to go right back to the beginning I have never felt we were talking about a singular person but a duality.  I couldnt explain that but I tried to and got the word Identity crisis or imposter.  Im afraid it has eluded me on that one.   But I also have the word 'mouth' here. How can someone be two people particularly a little girl or maybe somewhere I have crossed lines.  I see two roads that meet and I do see some kind of religious angle whether an actual church or some other kind of element. Again these are past thoughts too.

Snake and Dove are often words associated with certain elements deep within this Tarot card there is also an element of decay too. One could wonder about the health of Madeleine and I will say that when I read for her I did not see her as being deceased but I have always had that 'duality' element on the cards which I have not quite understood.  I even asked stupid questions of myself such as , was there another Madeleine or one who took her place, so even as a reader it is easy to ask many questions about the answers Tarot gives ourselves or even be left wondering why it seems to vague when other times everything is so clear.

This situation with Madeleine is as clear as 'mud'.  Quite honestly Tarot is not 'recognising her' when I ask about her - it is telling me I am not seeing something else about 'Madeleine'.  So that is intriguing isnt it? but nothing new to me as I have seen it over and again.

Schools have often come up too with this card but an authority figure also whoever that might be but perhaps someone unconventional even.   Often this card can refer to working for a large organisation too.   Some inner letters connected could even be a W.
There is also lots of artistic links to this card from music to reading writing, the arts themselves and pottery flowers etc.

Now in the present element it does suggest that there may be some news to come - perhaps another suggestion of where Madeleine might be, so watch for that one. Maybe another false lead but perhaps something will come up again.  The letter 'o' can be associated with this card as well as the 'mouth' which I have mentioned before.    But it is signalling a link to 'home' too yet a feeling of seperation is here.  It can represent the joining of a property or an inherited property.  Family grouped or ancestral lands also come up on this card.   I have always felt that Madeleine was connected to the family whether by an outside link or close friend or someone close to the family or who were near them in an accepted way. Doesnt help much Im afraid as I keep tooting the same horn and the years do pass.

However, I have said before that 10 years a shadow will hang over this family and whether we will get to know any truths after that remains to be seen except for a dream I had that was written down.  In that dream Madeleine came to me and I felt like she would be seen again as a teenager. Of course that could indeed be wishful thinking.  However, even a reader such as myself has to just write things down and let faith have its own path.

Of course 'home' in this card could mean home turf  but what would be home turf to Madeleine. Would it be through her fathers line or mothers? Where are her ancestral links? perhaps that is what those elements mean, again I have had these thoughts a long time ago only to resurface again today. It is largely a good reason why I just felt that location guide for Madeleine was a little pointless after a few readings as similar elements cropped up.
Basements and cellars can show up too.

My card can also refer to a situation that occurred in March before Madeleine disappeared or allegedly went on holiday.  I do not see Madeleine in a tourist spot, so for some reason I do not link her with the Ocean Apartments at the time of pulling this card. Whether right or wrong. Yet, at the same time a feeling of movement has been around her.   I have the East and the South East but that is not helpful as such when pulling up a map as one has to know the starting point. It may be thought of as the Ocean Club but its very hard to really put that on this card at the moment and wonder if we are more into the now and future perhaps.

I seem to have seen something about construction and buildings and that could also come up though again how linked I am uncertain only that it does appear.

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I ask  Tarot when Madeleine will be found and I am given the Star card. It is a wonderful card of inspiration, healing and revelation suggesting that we have to HOPE she will be and that there IS HOPE she will be found.   The card is a number 17 however that is going to relate whether in age, distance, or road number or date/year.    We can also add that to 8 and we are going straight into that strength card which shows us exactly what I have said earlier in this new update.  There is something ORAL here.  Dentist?  or the word MOUTH comes up, as would a house on a hill and rural land with a stream running through it.  There is a brown mountain in the card whether or not that is in a name or just some kind of name of a place I cannot be sure at all but it is there. We also have the name ROSE here and what seems like animals or a zoo or a Lion symbol.  The colour WHITE is very strong too.   So how any of that comes up yet I am not sure.

Garlands/roses flowers.  I feel Madeleine is concealed. She is hidden not accidently so, but deliberately so therefore I dont feel Madeleine went out of anywhere and met an accident and cant be found for that reason such as falling in a ditch etc. No I just dont see that.  I think she has BEEN hidden by someone for whatever reason.  I see a school too. I think really its a bit vague all round but farming also can come up. 

I also see some kind of 'pool' or the word pool here. Perhaps SWIMMING POOL but which one?

I feel a strong connection of 'mother' too. Perhaps natural birth mother and I have also said this before.   I feel if/when Madeleine will be found it could be in the early parts of a year or it could represent Christmas but maybe around that time is where the inspiration comes as this card is contradictory on timing.  It could happen via a bizarre kind of encounter.  Someone might actually have a physical or mental illness or somehow that comes up relating to someone.

I do not wish to embark on Madeleines current health because I do think that Madeleine was a sickly girl in some respects in the past are the elements I am given.  Im also told its hard to judge the situation too.  We are told not to jump to conclusions about her or her present well being or even lack of it. My card is asking that the past must be accepted as 'being over'.  If Madeleine were with us today perhaps that is how it is for her - to accept that what is done is done.

Im not sure really whether this has helped matters at all if I were honest but I can always come back review it.  Of course like anyone I hope for Madeleine to be found as does everyone else and I think patience is a waiting game but there is very little choice at the moment except to say that there may be news to come that gives some new inspiration. We shall see.



Yes, it's time we stopped looking for Madeleine McCann: DAVID ...

Daily Mail-23 Mar 2015

I see that today we have the report above suggesting that searching for Madeleine should be called off.
Well personally I still feel we have to go to the 10 year mark being as I saw her as a 'teenager' in some of my readings. Many of the readings I have done were very repetative almost like, I was unable to get any further with the issue. What had been seen was simply what it was and there seemed to be no other stretch on that.

Looking at Iching today just as a random glance I had the following given. I have to say I do not use Iching in the most extensive way nor have I fully mastered it either.  It is not something I would use as a guide but more as a kind of confirmation to other Tarot I might have done.  The result I had today I will just print and let you decide!

27TH MARCH 2015

My question was more to ask if I could be shown a picture of where Madeleine might be. I know what I think but see the reply below.

Through the use of danger and discipline, conformity is established. [The 'base' methodology of control]

Favourable but testing times. [ Through the introduction of law, one can guide]
An emphasis on detail and over exaggerated conduct is sometimes required by those in positions of influence to help maintain traditional perspectives. This emphasis helps to maintain the 'ideal' in the eyes of the people. However, these behaviours can be used to hide a weak individual in that they work as a facade and can be used as an excuse for delays in decision making..


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues. All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.

Please always read the following


which is a useful article in respect of all the Tarot printed for Missing people/children.


28TH MARCH 2015

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What I am given with this card is 'father figure' or God Father. It is thought of as someone that would go to any lengths or protect. Not that I would pick this card as a 'Judge' but if can be considered a Judge if there is to be a fair bias as this is a kindly card that has to look out for the well being and the right of another.  If for any reason there is any grief being given to another, be it a child or whoever, this card can step in and try to sort things out.  This can also be thought of as a surrogate father and other understandings of the King Of Cups can suggest that this person would always bail out a child in difficult situations meaning that they would cover for them and manipulate emotions to get what he wanted if it kept that person/persons close to him.

It is a water card so it is likely there would be water names or water elements, but strangely it does link into the 10 of cups and that distinctly just shows me 'home' - there are two children and a couple on that card and 'one missing'.  Perhaps Tarot is saying ' why not ask him' ?  The Card is West but also we have North East on here.  Number 14 which could also give us the number 5 which then would show that two people could give us advice as to where Madeleine is because they know where.   The next card is linked to family.  The other element of this card is the 'minister' side of it which is often thought of as a priest or a batchelor or someone linked to the Church but we also do have  Legal Counselor, Teacher, Negotiator, Cook, Homemaker, Family Man, Could Be Client Or Client’s Father, Good Friend, even the possibility of Judge, or Law here.

In the King of Cups its always difficult to be able to say what we are looking at . No Man sits on a chair in water does he?  sometimes it can be thought of as a boat, or raised stone or kind of Altar.
Im not going to elaborate on this card because to me I start seeing that it raises more questions then answers.Do note the previous reading was a 5 which also relates to the Heirophant. I note also with the Star card being 17 and my feeling of another two years - perhaps 2017?  who knows?



Madeleine McCann: Reports from Italy on sighting



I thought I would post this news below

Madeleine McCann: Suspect Christian B rented allotment ...

1 day ago - Madeleine was three years old when she went missing while on holiday with her family in Portugal 13 years ago. The British girl disappeared ...


  1. Hello Empathy!

    I've often seen the Star as a period of time circa 1-3 months. But the Star as last card could only indicate the hope :/ and a long time before we become the realization.. and during this time, there will be often "dark times" because after the Star comes the Moon (Dark times) and than the Sun :)

    The Hierophant is perfect in a bad situation because he can find a solution and everything will be ok. He shows us the way to follow. In this case I think the card will tell us to have faith.

    I really hope she will be found!




  3. Please enter a new reading for Madie.

  4. Dearest Empathy,
    Secret American Lady Marian still hangin' in here. Your latest readings tell me plenty, though like yourself, at times there's just no telling til it happens. The number 17 may relate to I-17 here in AZ, and add 8 which makes 25 may relate to I-25 which I am also very familiar with. "Home" relates big time, and I'll leave it at that. And so on... I well know it's difficult for others to believe or even beyond their beliefs period, that such a person as myself can be the American connection. It's beyond me what it takes to gain authorities attention enough to get them to listen & allow me to show them all that I have in my journals, maps, etc. Maps could be a word some might begin to take an interest in. At times I've been known as the lady with the big maps. My legal counselor is a trial lawyer & very good at what he does. That's a good thang!
    The biggest obstacle to good teamwork is ego. When others get past their ego, which has begun, then there can be more acceptance. I stopped writing in my journals to prevent others from taking out from underneath me what is mine. It's happened more than once, by authorities no less. Just because they help themselves to information I have does not mean they fully understand it all. And as I stated, I've not written about the final information, nor do my maps indicate the actual location. I've kept it that way for good reason. Some police seem to think they can help themselves to the information that others have without consent. Even when there is willingness to assist them. So what they may end up with is limited info.
    Thank you so much for the updates. I can validate the heck out of your readings on Maddie, even have the photo of the man with a wall of trophies.
    He was a master-marksman & well earned and deserved every one of those trophies, medals & honors.
    Light, Love & Peace to you & yours,
    Secret American Lady M

    1. I agree with home too 😎

    2. What is it with "home" you agree with? Please elaborate a bit.
      Thank you,
      Secret Lady M

    3. LT, Glad she made it home, How did she get to her earthly home Private Plane or Car? hat do you reckon?,

      Secret Lady M Home to an Empath or Sensitive is where the Soul goes when our Body does not need it any more, there are 7 levels.
      Can I also point out the American Connection is with Pat Brown & the Oprah Winfrey show where something was said that has tripped someone up which an ex Cop heard & noted down concerning The Pink Blanket

  5. Dear Dear Empathy,
    Forgot to mention; looks like someone from The Guardian (UK) may be helping me a bit with some info & such in other important matters. Interesting stuff from "Whisper to Me" for sure.
    Thanks again!
    Secret American English Lady Marian
    P.S. Are there really that many Marians & that can validate the heck out of your readings on Miss Maddie & also claims to have seen her standing right next to them? As much as the Feds and down from there are usually keeping tabs on me and/or surveillance, you'd think they'd eventually get around to at least getting curious!

  6. Dearest Empathy, JNL, etc.!
    Me again, Secret American English Lady some aka Sacajawea, American Girl, Medicine Woman, Miss America, dang near like Mother Nature herself, along with Honor's English and as best of a graceful lady as I can...most of the time, here with a bit more validation for your readings on Miss Maddie.

    The "Teacher, Teachers & School", definitely & by all means was/is an English teacher from Georgia, attended "La Grange." Do ya think that's anything that maybe relates to "Operation La Grange?" There was also a neighbor to the teacher I became friends with, a retired teacher of 37 yrs. May she rest her soul. "The School", at least is the school the English teacher was employed at for just one school year, (did him a dirty pull as a private school) he now has since returned to Georgia.
    And as for "Doctor", got that well covered & validated all to heck too & just getting started, as the "concerns about her health" is validated with a painful cyst in an extremely sensitive area up-top is in need of the retired foot & ankle doctor I recently became friends with & whom has been a tremendous help and I thank so very much.
    Today's "doctor" visit did not quite pan out like it was scheduled, however, at the least there's another "doctor" visit scheduled for me on Monday at another location that's willing to truly be "Moms for Moms-MomDoc" and help this unemployed mom with some doctoring!
    Thus far am using very helpful herbal/spice remedies, like turmeric. Wow!

    Enough validating for now. I just gotta' put my 2 cents worth in here & there, and it's here this public community center/Scottsdale police substation. What the heck!

    Light, Love & Peace to you Empathy,
    Secret (way more than I wanna be) American Lady M
    There's plenty of em that well know my name, my identity has long been well verified.

  7. Hello dear Empathy,
    Secret American English Lady Marian here again.
    Want to let you know I further validate your blog posts & insights on Miss Maddie and my connection to her. I AM the American connection you mention in your blog posts over the years, I assure you & anyone else interested in the slightest. As to whether you or anyone else chooses to listen and/or believe me, is a personal choice.
    I well understand your comments about still having "the Garden, the Rose, the issue of identity crisis, the hospital, and concerns about her health. The concerns about health relate to mine, and the cancer in my breast I'm kicking ass on! Hospital is the hospital I walk past on the way to the surgeon's & oncologist's offices, also likely the hospital where surgery may take place.
    Not gonna' go into the identity crisis thing here, but well understand it. There's actually more than one identity crisis, so I've been referring to it as identity crises, plural.
    The garden, relates to either the desert botanical gardens, or tomato garden, maybe both.
    The rose, I saw in an awesome vision a most beautiful rose presented to me, pulled from the center of the man's heart, with love.
    And thus far, I'm in agreement with you in that it could be 2017 when we finally begin to see some good things come about, in many ways. Truths will be revealed, information brought forth, etc.
    Heck JNL, I've been so "secret/patient", that now I've become a patient! Weird, but okay, and I accept all that has come with my connection to beautiful Madeleine. I am truly blessed for having such a role in my connection to her.
    Things are improving for myself, finally. It's been a long road. Whew!
    Thank you so much for all the very insightful messages you've provided.
    There are even other tarot card readers, at least here in Arizona, that are aware of my connection to Miss Maddie, as well as you & your blogs on her.

    Light, Love & Peace,
    Secret American Lady M

  8. I feel recovery is in progress *

  9. dear empathy

    a muitos anos eu venho pesquisado e investigado o caso de madeleine mccann, sou um brasileiro que tenho uma especialidade de encontrar crianças e pessoas desaparecidas em todo o mundo.
    o caso de madeleine mccann pode ser resolvido com a ajuda de luiz carlos.
    para isso basta Scotland Yard levar luiz carlos para Londres, mostrar suas provas
    eu tenho uma fotografia de madeleine mccan do ano de 2.014, como prova, alem de muitos documentos, filmes, e videos

    o ano de 2.016 pode ser o ano do resgate de madeleine mccann, eu estou pronto, para ajudar a policia de inglaterra, e a familia mccans

  10. Hi, please see this news


  12. Another time I will read these blogs & study what you have written then I will point out to you some things I have read on this subject. I would just quickly mention that Dads sister is a teacher by profession. I am of the impression she has gained her wings from a song I received of which some of the verses relate to parts of this case. The parents went to America to appear on Oprah Winfrey show something was said on that night that could eventually incriminate someone & the Portuguese Police were on too it. if you google this episode listen for the story of a pink blanket that was Maddie comforter of which was photographed on the bed by Police the morning after her demise. Are you aware of the EVR Cadaver dogs finding? I would also like you to look at this picture of a shrine to Maddie on a shelf in her HOME!.I would be interested what you pick up on it I wonder why pot is there that resembles an Urn ?, but it is in fact some kind of money box I have been informed. photo on link.

  13. anymore tarot reading on madeleine mccann?

  14. May I thank you for printing all of my comment's, I dont hate the McCanns or would call them names as some others do.
    I am intrigued as many others, on the day the news broke Madeleine went missing I was in The Czech Republic, I heard the news on the only English speaking channel CNN, I was at the time getting ready to go to a clinic to have my daughter Willow now age 8 put into my womb as a 5 day old embryo. My gut said something was not right with the story, but left it there.
    It was Oct 2013 that my ears pricked to a TV Add for Crime Watch & took to Google to find out had any Pychic or Mediums had been involved or made any claims of which I never found much (found lots since) While on Google I found FB groups on Maddie, it was here I caught up & the reason no Sensitive would dare say anything as fear of being sued.
    I contacted one the groups owners an Atheist & non believer in any thing Occult / Spiritual. I told him something big would happen at .the end of September as a nursery rhyme had popped into my head while reading on this subject (the big ship sailed on ally ally oh also about Liverpool). This was late spring 2014. On the 4th Oct a lady a few days or so before was outed by press as a troll & killed herself, but Her death had the opposite affect of what it was meant of what it was meant to do, of scaring people to stop having an opinion of the opposite of the official story. Instead it sent the public in their millions to seek out information & this is when the 99% of the public world wide turned on the McCanns. People are full of hate because of this Lady's death & who caused it, but I can see she sacrificed her life for the truth to be told, it was in her life plan & her death was not in vain.
    My next song I received was again after I had been reading on the MM subject, What did Della wear boy, if you look are the lyrics you can see it is asking ? In each verse like a police investigation & goes on to tel you of a death & the cause, it aso mentions a key ( church keys) a phone callasking why they called a person ( a call was made to a Dr friend whose OH was a Pathologist at 7/ 8 am from Portugal) It mentions the a witness who seen yah who gave the efits for Crime Watch who is the image of Gerry, but it also mentions another witness???. Has someone cracked? Someone to get her out of a charge of Perfect, hence the man with many disruptions Inc Robert Murray has mysteriously turned up after 5/6 yrs to say it was him carrying his child, well I ask who did not smell a sea breeze warfting. I can see all this in your above reading.
    I do dabble but have no claims of having the gift, I sat in circle but to no avail & was given many things in songs by other Mediums for me, I also know hen I am being given an omen by Angels or Spirit , how I ended up in CZ for IVF after getting no help from a Pychic I had just paid £40 a car drove past me with the compulsory EU country of origin badge of which only 2 IVF cycles gave me 2 daughter & a son, the twins born at 26 wks with no ongoing problems or no Scary calls while in NICU. Love & light & thank you once again. Care.ran

  15. White House - John Podesta?

  16. In recent developments, police sketchings of kidnappers resemble John & Tony Podesta. Your 2017 prediction may be true... at 13 years old, a teenager.

  17. Duality: Famous brothers John and Tony Podesta from America?
    Their faces match Efit sketches of suspects.
    John Podesta has a distinctive shaped mouth.

  18. Convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein is friends with global elite including President Clinton. He owns an island in St. James, Virgin Islands, known as "orgy island". Property has a temple with symbol of an owl. Could this be water element? Google search for images.

    1. The Police ID sketches that were drawn up by a private detective agency & subsequently used by OP Grange NSY 5yrs after they were gathered up, are in fact of only one man given by 2 people of the same family.
      The reason why they were hidden for a few years & the PD agency threatened by their employers with being sued if spoken of was, is because they pointed the finger in a certain direction.
      There was no abduction as no time for one in 3 mins, but for some reason this scenario is being constantly pushed out by the Media in UK to brain wash the public from the time when the family flew home from Portugal with an MI5 escort. There is a Media blackout for any other scenario to be printed as Katie Hopkins found out while employed by the Sun newspaper, but put out a very good article which could easily be read between the lines of the truth.

  19. Speculation of a pedophilia ring trending on social media. Articles with disturbing images and comments related to infants and children. Comet Ping Pong pizza restaurant first noted in WikiLeaks Podesta files.

  20. Late Sir Clement Freud of GB owned villa in Portugal near resort. Although not present at villa when Madeleine went missing he befriended Madeleine's parents. In June 2016 news reports surfaced politician Clement Freud a pedophile.

  21. I mean no disrespect to the family or investigators of this case, only to bring a different perspective. In many high profile cases there is often false witness events and the intuition of investigators can not be overlooked. What if Madeline was taken out of grief? Did investigators research any local deaths of three year old girls on rural farms? Has she been taken to replace another young daughter who died in tragic circumstances? How was she taken and who abducted her? I hope this helps.

  22. Highly unlikely in this day off IVF & Surrogacy​ both not out reach of the pockets of the less wealthy if you go abroad. I had a sng & twins from donor eggs to help fix a hole in my heart after Miscarriages. Cost £5000 for 2 treatments.

    Also there were 2yr old twins who most likely could not speak fluently & tell everyone their names age & mum's name.This little one died in the holiday apartment as those CSI dogs detected. Her father fits into a Sociopath her mother's is racked with guilt broken but IMO she is a lacky to him & is being lead by his maliplative & conniving nature also I expect spending the £ 4.2 million pounds donated in the official books, helps a bit to take your mind off your grief

  23. I pray that the truth is finally uncovered this year and Madeleine is found. Thank you Empathy for your unwavering love and commitment. Good will always triumph over evil. Let's hope many missing people that you have spent time on will be resolved and bring the healing that their loved one so deserve.


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