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Saturday, 19 April 2014


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues. All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.

Please always read the following

which is a useful article in respect of all the Tarot printed for Missing people/children.


This reading was created 16th April 2014.

This reading was NOT going to be published but due to several requests I have printed it. 

I have been asked about Peaches Geldof and how she passed away. Most of you should know by now that I am not about to discuss that. It is not my place and I am very uncomfortable talking about these matters. You will note that I seldom mention anything of this nature in my readings.

What I could offer about Peaches is first my own sympathies that such a beautiful girl has been declared as deceased. She was young and clearly had a lot to offer in intelligence and very spiritual elements.

All I can really see is that there is a lot of insecurity in Peaches around the time of her 'passing'. This card would automatically suggest insecurity with health so it might be that Peaches did have a few concerns about health but might have kept some to herself as she is not seen promoting any problems here. There is some kind of indication that there are or may have been some feelings of being unable to do things or that she could not get things to work for her. Whether that is in a working situation or outside of it. It just appears that she might not have actually been able to cope alone but that is only a suggestion from Tarot. Here we see the lady in the 9 of pentacles who feels as though she is losing her security and her possessions or feeling insecure about how to keep things going.

It also could suggest that Peaches had money worries or there was something possibly in that vein that was a problem because finances and health do come up here and they are in a reversed mode. I am also seeing some kind of 'work contract' but I have some form of negativity on it though I cant put my finger as to what it might have been but it might have concerned her as to how to weigh up working and family life. Certainly I feel like there should have been a 'team' around her but Im just feeling that this card could be saying that there were some lack of skills involved. Tarot cannot tell me the exact situation only give me glimpses of various things. Of course I do not know or even think it is relevant to be discussing Peaches but I have been asked and feel I could just touch a couple of possible issues but without disrespectful references to her passing.

If Peaches had any symptoms she was concerned over healthwise the advice here was that she should have seen a doctor and that is why I thought perhaps there might have been something underlying with her. Insecurity is really strong. Burglars can come up in this card or someone that gives us a fright though Im not really leaning towards that at this moment to be honest with you, but more to risk taking and particularly finances so this is very hard to start picking at and I really dont want to do that. Having that health card reversed shows that we are not able to learn new tasks and skills well.

Whether Peaches is a beautiful intelligent girl or not, at the time of her demise there seems to have been something that is hovering around her that makes her feel she 'cannot do it' whatever the 'it' is. It should be noted that when our 9 is reversed like that it takes us straight into the family card. I really feel that Peaches wanted to do everything right but sometimes felt she lacked the skills to do it when it came down to it. I dont think that is a terrible thing. She was a young woman with two babies and all babies are demanding. Even if you have help with babies, give me a mother who doesnt say sometimes --- I CANT DO THIS - because it does wear you out.

It is possible that Peaches had some secrets. This card can reveal debts of some description or simply that she sometimes might not have been able to balance finances or situations well and wanted to escape. I am seeing an animal whether its a cat or some other creature here - animals are pretty strong?? Did she have any allergies towards animals at all? I also have something about a lack of teaching or learning again I wondered if it was parental skills just getting the better of her here. I am also seeing a family home with a basement or that a family home is turned on its head. Again seeing animals?? so I have no idea what that is about Im afraid.

The card that I am linking in is Strength reversed and Peaches might have had dental or even problems with her bones at some point and I just get a respiration problem with her or just not being able to breathe properly.

I dont think this is a suicide BUT there would have been many temptations in her life and one has to conquer all of that and more and clearly she was on her way up so it is particularly sad to find this failing of personal sense of security within herself. I think theres dishonesty around her but Im not sure how that can be interpreted I just see some kind of lack of discipline and erosion has taken place. I dont think Peaches could ever feel 'mediocre' and sometimes if there is a very busy life and one changes down in any respect whatever part of life that touches, it can affect the person.

Again it could be that she felt like giving up with things sometimes if something was a bit difficult to master. Who knows, perhaps family life meant a great deal to her and she just felt she could not do everything. Happens to a lot of people. However I seem to pick up a dark haired person and some kind of compromised feeling over finance?? Of course Tarot could be totally wrong and not be seeing the picture correctly, but business is definitely down and work is down and learning and skills are also out the window, there are no promotions here and no raises and nobody to work things out.

This particular card can bring up anomalies of spleen, stomach, intestines and bowels problems as well as diet. Meloncholy hypochondria, lethargy and depression can come up. It might not be seen by others but it could still be there. Infertility is strong too but to me that could be a suggestion of just not feeling ones best to cope at the time perhaps because there are some heightened anxieties or worries mentioned here and it would be assumed that it is difficult to pin any one thing down as it could relate to a series of problems. Even constipation and bowel functions are and can be difficult, even cholic symptoms can show up here. The hypochondria element can make a person feel that there is something wrong with them when sometimes those fears could have been dispersed with the right help. Its possible Peaches was aware of something and just didnt say or at least the world wasnt going to hear anything if that was the case. The world reversed would show a fear of going out and a possible element of feeling 'shut in'. It could have been all in the mind or just that the world had shut down a little but it could be just the persons feeings or thoughts.

There are non biological factors here too. One might recall that Peaches mother was the daughter of Hughie Green and this was not revealed until a later stage. Maybe something linked in there somewhere was an issue to Peaches unbeknown to others? or perhaps looking at non biological issues a feeling of insecurity of another. Obviously if her house was secure and no sign of break ins then one can rule out the risk of someone giving her a scare. One has to think of the Leonine element which rules the heart and one can get palpitations if there is an element of shock or even surprise. There is also a feeling of someone who is male possiby and is a bit shifty who might not be trusted with children.

When the cards are upside down there is also something here about inheritances and the classic element that could come up with this cards journey is not being able to have an inheritance to pass down to children. So I just cannot suggest whether thats a state of mind or some actual situation. its not right to dig and I wont be doing that.

Quick cash is on these cards so there is obviously some problem as thought over the finances but again I am leaving that right here as I feel its nothing to do with anyone if that had any foundation.

I think to be honest one should just accept that Peaches has left everyone and the situation should be less picked over. I think its auful when Celebrities pass on then theres a constant dig for stories that start out as nice and then they start to turn to whatever trash people can throw up. I hope that does not occur and if it does then of course it is never a surprise but its very bad of the press to do that. I hope that they dont do that with Peaches because she has little children and people around her that love her. Lets just wish Peaches a 'good sleep' because she was harbouring a lot of things and likely not teling people how she really felt.

God Bless beautiful girl.



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  1. I feel Michael Paula & Peaches were taken by the Same person & Made to look Like they did it to themselves !!! It will all come out in the end ç


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