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Thursday, 6 March 2014



If you are a Taurus person you are born between  Apr 20 - May 20.

Hi Taurus!

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How are you doing! Here I am again and with your May Taroscope. I did take a while to put them up this month but have just made the grade before 1st May. I will be putting June Taroscopes up a lot earlier as I prefer to do that, but if I made you wait, I am sorry. I hope this months Taroscope is going to tell you a few things though and looking at that card - it certainly does!

This is the death card. Most people run a mile and have their head under the blanket when they see this but you know what? There is a positive element to this card that people often overlook or do not understand. This card is telling people once and for all YOUR MOVING ON.  Yes you dont care, your not bothered you are not putting up with ANYTHING you dont want to - you are going to get on that horse get out of the doldrums, hard times, difficulties, dark times and you are riding to the light baby! And to hell with the rest of them!  OMG you are really kicking your heels up here.  Oh yah!

Well who can blame you! You have had your share of 'everything' in April - you could have have ploughed right into everyone with those horns of yours and chucked them right over the nearest wooden fence to 'gettoutayourfield'  - the hell......and I would have been right there with you. How many red flags have been waved at you in April? How much patience have you had to have with people and things and whatever?  well you got that tried well and truly and NOW IS YOUR TIME and whether you stand or fall I will be dammed if you will turn around and walk right back to where you just bin! Its a 'show no mercy' card. So whatever element of your life that makes you feel like this then you know that you are totally over it! Never to return!

Of course, this card can also represent unexpected traumatic experiences too - so whether you were facing this or putting up with it, its all change this month.  You will be looking for balance in your life where you can cope and you can control situations instead of them crashing down on you one after the other. So thats the upshot here.

Whether there are broken relationships, bankruptcy or any losses -whatever it is you will feel that your life has changed for good. In a way this too is an onwards and upwards card there is nowhere else to go is there? There is a whole new beginning here and a sense of freedom. Let go of worry and perception and just accept that perhaps situations or people you thought you could count on were either not there or are not there. No big deal because there is nothing you can do. You have to resolutely accept change and go forward with your life and not look back. That is how it is. For some of you, you will see and understand this because it makes sense. Being an upright card it will have a positive influence not a bad influence. It sets you free from misconception and reliance upon things that were never going to support you.

So all change in a very transformative way even if its hard for some of you, its the right thing to do.
Doors close, others open. Dont stick with anything that is no good for you and that goes romantically too. Face the truth. Whatever the challenge or wherever this card is falling into your life you can get help if its financial even if you take a loss, same with job or relationship. It is a transformation to end things that are not working for you and to bring in things that will.  Sometimes we hold on to things believing that they will work out in the end no matter what. Taurus is a stubborn sign so something big has to happen or something that shakes them into seeing/realising things have to change must occur. If it did not they would be ploughing away at something immovable. Just like getting blood out of a stone is what comes to mind.

Whatever changes are made be sure that this is in your best interest.

Let go of anything that doesnt work, even a car!!  Its not a card to be blown out of proportion its simply a card to tell you that changes are beneficial for you and you should stop holding on to things for the sake of it . Ok?  now breathe deep and if you have no choice in this matter again accept that its all good in the end.

Perhaps its yourselves that has the most monumental change in May.  But you will likely lead the way for others and you are a courageous person thats for sure with a strong backbone and can face anything life throws at you.  That is because you are a determined person and you will see things through if life deals you lemons you make lemonade. Way to go!

Whatever you struggle with you will win in the end. Wait and see.

Whatever losses there are it will make you even more of an evolved person. So go with it and dont be afraid to accept help. You might find that some of the changes are actually links in your journey to success. Its very karmic.

Its out with the old and in with the new and you will need to leave your ego behind because it got a nasty chip in it and you know that it does not serve you well anyway.

Looking at this card the future looks bright. So May will also turn out that way as it trundles along. Have faith Taurus. Everything is for a reason.

Health matters if applicable might affect everything 'downstairs' also the womb, ruptures, inflammation, ulcers , piles etc and a lack of Vitamin C.

Tuesday is a key day for you in May.

Please join me for June Tarotscope but until then be well and happy.


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If you were thinking of travelling or going overseas in April Taurus I think you might find that some trips might be cancelled, postponed or delayed. Oh nuts eh?  Well, if none of those options there will possibly be some frustrations and anxieties in the Month of April so at least be prepared huh?

It just seems to me that any plans you have made might have to be thrown out and re-thought as thats the impression Im getting here - of course only time will tell, but try to avoid arguments and showdowns and then things could blow over much more quickly.

Some of you might lose some things this month which is real pain and if anything has also caused a problem and they could be mislaid for a while. So please make sure you put things away where you can find them?   Relationships also might have been going through a bit of a tough patch too  (isnt there any good news for you this month?)  but you are being told to pipe down a bit and let anything unpleasant drop away or else you might find that you start feeling you want to get out of the relationship - some of you need to think that through dont you!  Sometimes its okay to be upright about what you want to say but there is upright and then there is being nasty or really picking those killer lines that knock people off their feet, so perhaps we will then be feeling a bit guilty - but its a watch your tongue month.

Also its one of those months where people around you can act a little jealous or scathing and you wonder whats got into them - just dont take any notice - sticks and stones and all that eh?  But I bet you want to lash out when its not really advisable. Take it in your stride if possible we all know that Taurus is really stubborn so its not a good idea to wind you up anyway you might start stroking your bulls foot on the floor ready to charge. Yikes!

Also some of you are going to have a problem with your computer/pc or networks - (why doesnt the darn thing work!!) I can hear you shouting this but calm down - it will come back soon enough and sort itself out - not funny at the time though - sorry about that.

People are going to be thinking about throwing out the old carpets - so looks like some of you are getting ready for Spring the old homemaker might be stirring so I would expect some of that going on.

Theres a bit of vulnerability where some of you feel 'unprotected' - you dont feel so secure this month so maybe you have a few wobbles as you feel like your destiny is out of your control. It will straighten up but you will have a few patches of this kind of insecurity.  Some people just waste your time or you find you cannot get the help you want.    Perhaps messages wont arrive or those that do annoy you - were you expecting a proposal on Valentines day that didnt come or feel like your worries are doubling this month?  I think some of you might react a little more then usual.  All communications this month seem to have a bit of 'nary wary' about them so at least you know in advance to button your lip or not take it too badly but its not all smooth sailing. Sorry about that.

All forms of travel might pose problems for some of you so just keep your cool.

Watch out for any aiments to do with bones, teeth this month and fractures or problems with legs.
Sometimes its just cramp or poor blood circulation and others heart conditions. So just make sure you always take care of your health and dont take any risk. ANYONE thinking of going up ladders at least make sure it is secure and someone is standing at the bottom.  Neurological problems can always turn up later or a doctors visit.  If there are any unexplained problems or niggles with your health in April - dont self diagnose at least have a check with the doctor to make sure as that is the way to nip things in the bud. Always worth it as too many people believe they know 'wassap' and actually they dont and paracetamol does not cure EVERYTHING.  See the doc!

Bathrooms taps and showers come up in April - how do I know whats wrong with them? I dont, Im just telling you they are part of Aprils forecast.  Maybe you need the plumber??

Fathers and Grandfathers and Husbands come up in April - if its their Birthday DO SOMETHING NICE for them because if you dont they might be hurt and it might take a bit of grovelling to put things right. So remember your elders because they spent their whole life looking after you.  Always remember them for all they do OR DID.

Try and have a good month and even though you feel like complaining try to deal with those frustration. Those of you that have tears - tears dont last forever - please remember that - sometimes we have to dust ourself down wipe our eyes and decide to rejoin life again.  Thats what you have to do in April and you will return to your 'former selves' in time.  Disharmony in April?  wait it out things will return to normal and that goes for most things its just 'one of those months' in some regards and you might feel a bit stuck in places but eventually it works out but not without that anxiety.  Chin up!

A Saturday is a Key day for April.

Let me know how you got on with your Horoscope for April and if we 'did well' then I will prepare you another forecast for May.


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