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Thursday, 6 March 2014




If you are an Aries person you are born between  Mar 21 - Apr 19.

 Hello Aries!

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Well look at me, I just made the lst of May with your Tarotscope. Yes I did have a bad month in April and it held up everything so it has been quite a rush to try to get things done and get your scope out but Im so glad I made it. I will make sure June scopes are up well in advance and bat off the things that get in the way this time around!

Your reading was first last month and this month I have written it last!  But, its here anyway so alls good!

Well you like your Queens dont you? last month you had the lovely Queen of Cups and this month of May you are given the Queen of Swords. Queen of Swords is a truth teller! In some respects there is always something good about the truth, unless somebody is reading it off to you!  So the very first thing to say to you is that you might have to face some unpleasant truths this month. Or indeed hear some or give some out.  This card is standing up for your rights, beliefs and protecting yourself but also it is about your intuition and how you use it. Generally, your intuition is fairly good.  I just kind of feel that perhaps you are not using it to your best ability this month.  Even though you are an Aries person who can be a bit abrasive sometimes, you do really bite to the cherry stone and give the truth and facts out well.  People appreciate the fact that if they ask you something you wont beat about the bush. 

I keep wondering whether you need to be less like that this month or not.  Reason being is that this Queen is reversed. It might pay you to bite your tongue a bit, always tell the truth but kind of coat it with kindness perhaps?  just a thought.

Swords reversed can be tricky. You know I wouldnt lie to you, its my job to try to be as honest as you like to be so I cannot feed you sweeties then smack your wrist because you wont stand for that.  So I will tell you that there are some possible uncomfortable moments this month.  Nothing you cant handle though. There might also be a dark haired person, might even be a woman who either says something or might gossip or just might come out with the wrong thing. I cant be sure really if its you or that person but maybe you should either stay on her/his good side or try to make that person realise that their attitude is what causes them problems. Or try to think of that the other way around with yourself. 

There could be a rival in love or in a situation this month, or something that just crowds a situation. I also think that your best ideas sometimes are so good others think they are very useful but hey, they should get their own brain right?  perhaps a touch of jealousy about the place somewhere from someone?

You are also being asked not to shoot yourself in the foot this month - you know what that means. It could apply to any situation but just be careful you dont say the wrong thing oh darn, its so easy to do isnt it when the truth sits on the point of your tongue.  You are a protective person so you like your paperwork sorted but if there are any mistakes with it this month you wont be happy!

Computers and messages/communicatons are a bit mucked up this month too. I am never sure in what way but you know, who needs it? but possibly this kind of thing might come up.  You might even have someone spreading some gossip or scandal or come across it from someone else and feel very cross or want to say something out of protection for whom you feel is the injured party. How dare they talk about so and so like that..etc. Its all possible.

Being misunderstood or misinterpreted is quite common for you this month or situations you find around you.  Remember your own truths and dont jump too quick and say the wrong thing.

Also heres something else, people dont know what your talking about if you dont explain yourself properly so dont assume everyone 'gets it' if you say something, they dont always because they are not a fast tracker like you so make sure that what you want to say is clear and precise.   That goes for work and jobs /occupational situations.

Check your finances this month and make sure you also check receipts to stop any possible mistakes whether banking or handing over a note or doing your shopping. Just worth a mention because its such a nuisance when mistakes are made and trying to undo them ...agghhhh need I say more. Be vigilant be sharp and keep on the ball this month.

Try to keep the balance right this month guys alright?  This Queen can cause trouble but you can dispel it with good thinking. Remember you are in between two other people here as well and are they nice or good friends or are they pushy little tarts? are they the type to cause a problem and you cant prove it because there is no evidence or because all of a sudden POW the conversation just kind of got a bit twisted and warped, know what I mean?  

Like... if your in a love relationship or say partnership issues, you remember this and that and say so and it sort of doesnt link up with what the other person remembers or you remember something differently so just curtail any opinions.   Sometimes divorce or breaking up can come up on this card or the loss of someone or relationship. It is not ALWAYS the case, it could be that things were tough  and maybe there were disagreements but you manage to keep the peace by not getting in the middle of it all if you see my point. Just thinking of the Queen power can get taken away sometimes and othertimes we take our own power away by not thinking what we say. Ive said that more then once now so it must mean something.  

Its a musical month but is someone playing something that gets on your nerves? OR do you have to face the music a bit?

This card can tell you that you must take your medicines if you are given them dont think its ok to slip a day or so please do what the doctor ordered and dont decide yourself what you think your symptoms are if you have anything bothering you. Get it checked. That brings me to the health elements. .

Health problems that could come up kidneys, lower back, bladder and ovaries, overindulging too much sugar, so urine deficiency a maybe for some.

Friday is your key day in May!

Please join me again soon for your June Tarotscope and let me know how you get on this month!


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Queen of Cups is drawn for you in April -  If anything happened to you  in June/July last year you are being asked to be forgiving about that or face the music.  A lot of honesty is called for in this card so its time to be direct about your feelings even if you have been feeling very sensitive.   Stockbrokers for example might find this could apply to them in April in particular as the markets are very sensitive.

Quite a few of you might be going to see the Dentist - overindulging ?  looks like you have been dong some of that and more than.  Anyone who is involved in Music and Acting might find the deepest poetic side of them coming to the furore as something comes up very unexpectedly for them - perhaps someone who is really helpful will step forward and give them a cue or assist them in some way.

Theres a few unexpected pregnancies around too so look out if you have not been careful because babies are on the way where they might not have been planned!.  Some may need to see counsellors to sort out some difficult or sensitive problems too. Thats ok because keeping secrets in any form is not a great thing for Aries in April there is always a tender shoulder you can tell your problems too who has a very loving disposition and willing to help you.

Children might throw some unexpected challenges in the air too - they seem to be acting a bit out of character so keep an eye on them and keep them close to home. There might be some love affairs springing up for some in April too and you might even find you want to get engaged early then you are bored within no time at all - perhaps theres no rush eh?  doesnt mean you wont get swept off your feet but you might find this month some of you that considered you had the very best friend of the opposite sex is now actually wanting to be more then that.  Others - make sure 'they are free' for romance ok?

In general a lot of you will making new friends this April so if anyone has been lonely - who knows? perhaps life can get a bit of a kickstart.  Anyone who has had a particular dream need or want might find that April is a better month for that.  Homelife is thought to be serene with this card but if you have had any water/floods etc - be careful there are not more of the same - water water everywhere!!

A sexy slightly racy month for some - so if you have been feeling restricted or fed up in a situation it could be the time you want to break free but feel deep down that you cant break the news - so its a bit tricky for some and their emotions.

Some of you might find that your car is playing up - just thought I would throw that in and if its not that perhaps your Boss, father or spouse is a bit dictorial this month!  Smile sweetly and then nurse your sensitivities? 

Healthwise problems in the stomach and 'down' come up for April so nip that in the bud if you can.
Vitamin C is lacking in Diet apparently April for you all so get some Oranges eaten or something to replenish you.   April is the month that you might start to redecorate that room thats been left a bit while you did other things. Is it getting on your nerves now? well see if you can do something about it but look out for damp patches.  Im seeing some daring colours here like Brown OR Red but some of you are going to be dreamy and go for pastels like grey or light blue.   Some of you are going to be bold and go for Yellow because you simply want summer to hurry up and arrive (me too!)

Gardens are also still very wet for April causing boggy patches so start thinking of ways to repair them.

A TUESDAY is a key day for April.

Let me know how you got on with your Horoscope for April and if we 'did well' then I will prepare you another forecast for May.


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