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Monday, 6 January 2014


FBI — KIMBERLY SUE JONES › Most WantedViCAPViCAP Missing Persons
3 Feb 2009 - Kimberly Sue Jones was last seen by neighbors at 11:00 a.m. on the morning of 02/03/09. Jones was seen leaving her apartment with her ...

Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues. All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.

Please always read the following


which is a useful article in respect of all the Tarot printed for Missing people/children.


 I have been asked to look at Tarot via a family member for Kimberley Sue Jones. As always I can only write what I see. There are no guarantees with Tarot only possibilities so do please make sure you read the notes to understand my reading. Tarot is in past present and future trends. Please remember there are no validations with Tarot unless reports arrive after it is written to support anything Tarot 'sees'.


My first thought here was problematic. Here I have the page of wands reversed. Reversed Wands are not always the best cards. For one thing, this is a card about messages and information and they can be grossly exaggerated when this card is reversed. Not saying there are lies exactly but information that is given may not be strictly 'the entire situation'. So I would be wary of that seeing this card. A trip might have been cancelled or something wasnt said or didnt happen regardless of information to the contrary.

Here the Wands are indicating hot tempers and disagreements. Sometimes even possible court elements or legal fights or wrangles or delays can come up. Jealousy and revenge could even rear up. Being overpowered by someone who is stronger whether in word or deed - whether physical or otherwise seems to show in this set of cards. Oddly, people who keep their mouth shut or are disinclined to come forward with information. Perhaps even problems with documents or paperwork. No Im not wholly impressed with the first card. I feel as though some decisions were being somehow taken out of her hands or that she may have had some feeling of having no choice about a matter. Maybe someone couldnt keep a secret? Unwise advice or spending or investments can come up here. Health not positive as some confusion seems to reign.

I feel like theres something not right here because there is someone with a mean and negative spirit in the mix somewhere. When the first card shows us this it has to be wondered whether this is good news?

The card is a number 11 or a number 2 which can often represent distance, timing or even part numbers of roads/routes. South is the primary direction though can stand for an area with South in the name.

Guns sex weapons can come up with these cards. Its not always the case but tempers are weapons and I can certainly see an aggressive situation here. I also see being treated like trash? Or someone who wrecks something belonging to another or tries to. All the wrong signs in this card. I hope Im wrong about it. Certainly feeling some kind of gossip of some kind. Perhaps also someone we are not feeling that committed to. Some feeling that someone wants to dominate or perhaps someone wants to manipulate a situation?

Because Judgement is linked to this situation it seems to me that there is some concern about losing out, or losing a lawsuit or something important and I can see some kind of worry here or perhaps even bitterness might come up.

Did this girl like to share or did someone think she should? Seems a situation from the past throws light on this and brings up the problem of those people who were in her life. But I do see some kind of stalking element there or maybe its just something that casts a shadow on things. The answers do seem to lie in the past and could connect to family or those linked on the outside of it as a possibility. Certainly there is the possibility of either a young man and/or female who have a lot to say or who are a bit hostile. Whats their problem?? they need to shut up as someone has issues.

I sometimes see 'attics' with this card but I will look at the next card to talk about possible location and hope I have not overlooked anything.


Here is the 10 of swords reversed. Personally I know that Swords always bring in seperation, cutting of ties or physical cutting. They also can show weapons but this girl has a rival of some sort. Immediately I would be seeing Water, cement, Stone, Rocks, Railways, Airports, Golf courses, canyons, tunnels. Maybe all in the vicinity of where she might be or names of roads or places. The number you can see is number 10 and that breaks down to number 1 so routes and roads or distance and timing can all come up with respect to this card.

A postponed or ill fated journey could be showing here its possible particularly with the Knight of Wands which already seems to throw light on some tricky aspects or some kind of diversion if she went somewhere because that trip I see has not worked out whether she was in a car or not. Car journeys are not well aspected.

This card is East again please note that it could be wind direction or simply that it comes up in the name of an area. Something is written down or there is a document or paper or something as we see a book in this card which tells us something is written. In this card on health affairs it normally shows neurological problems either to feet back or neck. Sometimes even shows someone who has fallen down. It very much depends but we are trying to look at location.

I just feel like something was said or some kind of information came out that was not helpful for this girl. Its almost like she was begrudged or felt that way. There are two other people involved here. An aftermath of an argument as well. There might have been some plans suggested that either Kimberley was advised not to do or warned about or someone was a bit of a rogue here taking matters into their own hand. Water is quite strong in the area or might be area name.
I will need to look at the map.

Theres also a feeling of Bankruptcy for someone or perhaps someone had some money worries OR a sense of betrayal. This girl does have a survival instinct so if anything happened to her she is a fighter if she needs to be and would fight back whatever the situation under pressure.

Grandparents can come up as can bedrooms and computers. Sometimes its just something that is overheard but there can be a general confusion here either physically such as amnesia or just muddled thinking. It can also show some person with a mental defect or kept in the dark either by reason or actual. But two people are aware of more or we should be aware of some situation with two other people. Im seeing some kind of relationship breakup too and the loss of two people perhaps relations or connected in some way. Not sure of the timeline.

Generally this card shows a muddy bank and a still lake or water place. But it can also show a weapon or someone with one like a pipe or gun or something like a stick or even a knife (cutting) - A lot of deception in these cards and lies and roguery whatever the situation. Perhaps theres a few more truths to come out? Drugs and drink can come up in these cards its not always the case but I will mention it.

Im feeling like we should be careful with the map and remember about the directions which could be FROM where she was last seen or the direction she can be found. But, the description of location which could be in name form here or in the vicinity would possibly be WEST. There is a 'twin' situation here too. Oddly this does come up very strongly here regarding location so I am not sure why.

Those descriptions for places (high places can mean a road that has a name relating to it or a place) but we have hills and mountains, high places, barns/ storehouses for corn and grain. Libraries/ studies, walls of houses, hall, playrooms, chests, drawers, places where money is stored or kept, ie, treasuries, purses, wallet OR THE WORD BANK. Anywhere bright and airy. Airports could come under this as somewhere in the vicinity or as a name. Bedrooms too and high windows. The emphasis is on Air and up. Also getting shops, markets, fairs, schools, common halls, bowling-alleys, tennis courts. Some reference to sports/sporty or even in the first card a motel or a new home or even boxes? was she considering leaving but something happened.

I see perjury. Tricks and possibly even false identity.

The colours red and yellow.

Two characters attached to this card and described as someone shifty or who acts like that thin straight , high forehead, narrow longish face, long nose darkish eyes but not deep dark, lots of hair in a dirty brown colour olive or chestnut complexion. The other description was someone who is Tall straight thin long arms, dark hair, might sometimes wear glasses. Also Hazel eyes.

Sometimes these descriptions are of the same person but simply confirm it and othertimes they can act as place names - Hazel as a word for example. Anyway I give them for what its worth.
Church elements or cemetaries and water/island can come up in these cards. Because Judgement is attached we also have to look at the number 20 or 2 all of which can form routes roads or even part of a route number. Because the South card is reversed North might come up. Yes I realise there is each direction here but there are other subtle hints of location possibility.

Water seems to be strong so names with water or near rivers/running water possibly boats but cannot be sure on that one but could come up but to take into account the other elements which will be on a map. We are going to get surrounding areas. I also get DAY or DAYTIME. (I did wonder about airway rd dayton area OR some link or connection there as there is a Yellow Springs there but dont take anything I say literally its best to look at the map and see what it brings up - again could be surrounding areas )


The moon is going to give us a number 18 - this can also be two seperate numbers 1 and 8 . Again this could be route numbers but is given as an indication of when this girl can be found. Added together? number 9 and reversed is a number 6 so these numbers could play a part as to where she is or indicate some kind of distance or timing.

Because the Moon is reversed we can expect some water elements here. (I did wonder if it meant near water or a place name of water) BUT it shows many problems in finding Kimberley.

I do see dogs or the fact that dogs are here. Not sure if they are canine sniffers or whether the reference is for something else. This card is to do with the search and find so it could be what has been done so far or have elements of the future. Unfortunately the one thing I do see is that there have been lies/deceptions so it wont help matters much. This card can show problems with someones head. One thing this card is going to say is that deceptions are going to be unmasked. Therefore if there have been any 'porky pies' they will out.

I feel as though Im just getting water. I might be wrong but thats what I have. The North West is strong in this card (interesting) and I see something about 'feet'.

The colour white might come up.

Names of places or descriptions MIGHT be fishponds, rivers, springs, watermills, water pumps, wells, marshy ground, moats the ocean any place connected to water whether in name or place in or around a house. Church elements come up also. Also getting something with University/college. Sweet smells.

A Thursday seems to come up for some reason.

Also seeing someone (not sure if this is a real person ) but someone who is tall brown, ruddy complexion high forehead; large grey eyes hair auburn brown; beard; a large, deep belly or might be fat or plump.

I have no idea if anything will help. Tarot only gives possibilities and then its up to the reader to look at the map and work out what is possible. Tarot is simply an experiment with location though it has had some very good results on some cases. It really does depend and until we have verifications theres no promises or guarantees. I hope this girl will be found. I hope nothing has happened to her but there are some very volatile elements here to take into account and maybe she could have had people around her that did not have her best interests at heart. It really does depend. The water elements could be for locational help as the strongest point but really Tarot cannot name places but just give some kind of description which just might be in an area rather than anything to the spot. We have to see.

Please read all the information combined. Do I think this girl will be found? Well I feel she is hidden so how easy is that to see or spot her? at some point there may have been disguise of some kind as we do have some sense of illusion in the cards or it could be that someone is a point blank liar. Again all I can do is write what I get and its not every detail so we have to make do with what I have and I will try to add to this report when I have had time to re consider.

Keep searching is my only advice but remember that sometimes things are not what they appear to be and in this case ending with the moon card I get a female figure here that somehow shows me some blurred picture. A family member has told me that Kimberley has an identical twin and I do see the cards have brought up Twin. Im not sure if this will relate to this fact or not or whether Tarot is confused because it sees two people who are identical. Again I can only post what I have for now and I will ponder on it.

This card is often thought of 'the crow who brings hidden souls to light' so though it seems as though the case is never ending perhaps there might be a chink of hope here but when is just not something I can see. There is some kind of link to 'mother' for whatever I have to give. All the information relates to past present and future or connections/links to other people who might be interlinked in some way.




Dee has compiled a map following Tarot instructions/directions which merely outlines POSSIBILITIES of all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.


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