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Monday, 24 June 2013


The person missing is Jamie a resident of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. In 1993, he took time off university to take a backpacking trip through Southeast Asia. He mysteriously disappeared sometime in 1994 from Thailand.

January 12, 1994, Jamie Marr is writing home from Thailand. He's on a backpacking trip, partly to blow off steam after university, partly to find himself. Jamie is half-Asian. He writes home to his family, the letter is calm and confident: "Don't worry. I'm safe and not taking too many risks, although you have to take some to experience the full effect of Asian culture. But you know me--I'm smart and careful. Sometimes too careful. Your loving son, Jamie". This was Jamie's last letter from Thailand. He was supposed to call home later with flight details. Then nothing, he'd vanished.

The most unbearable part for his family is living without answers. What could have happened to Jamie? The good student, his mother's pride. He's the one they never worried about. Careful and mature. Trusting and kind. His disappearance is baffling. If you were traveling in Thailand, especially Bangkok or the surrounding nations of Malaysia, Indonesia, India and China, perhaps you saw him. His physical description is age: 29, height: 6'1", weight: approximately 135 lbs., hair: dark-brown, other identifying characteristics: hair could be long or shaven and he could possibly be wearing a goatee.

The search has been extensively covered by news services and the family is now broke after numerous trips to find the missing man. They can now only wait, hoping their efforts will someday bear fruit and that Jamie will turn up. If you have information please contact to share any information with them.


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues. All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.

Please always read the following


which is a useful article in respect of all the Tarot printed for Missing people/children.




24TH JUNE 2013

I have been asked via a search unit if I could look at the Tarot for Jamie Marr. Above is the story that has been given to me. Please read it and if you have seen Jamie I urge you to contact the email address and give your information quickly and promptly so that this young mans family can act on it.
Meanwhile, I note that Jamie has disappeared in Thailand and this is very difficult when it comes to a map for location. If you read the notes here on the blog you will know that Tarot cannot 'name' a locatation but often gives ideas/clues regarding vicinity. When this is in a foreign country it is harder to pick out the clues because the names of places/streets are in a different language.

All I can do in this situation is simply write down what I get and I have to ask Dee to put the directions on a map and in honesty...hope for the best or that if someone knows the area they recognise what has been seen.
Tarot can only give possibilities and NOT facts. It also delivers information past present and future in sketchy detail therefore I will write down what I have been given and that is the most I can do to fulfill the request sent to me.


My first card is a difficult one, the fool reversed. It talks about a time before the Spring months and I am asking Tarot about the time after Jamie wrote a letter in January 1994. This is really a card of folly. Its the type of card where you might be adventurous, yet restless and could even be foolhardy. Perhaps trusting the wrong people, or making the wrong decisions. There is a kind of naievity about this card in its own way. Its a classic card for doing something impulsively, making that wrong choice and also could even show a recklessness with money that might bring on hardships.
I have often seen drugs with this card where someone loses their head or they are just not thinking. It doesnt mean Jamie is involved with them but the idea of Tarot is to produce all the possibilities.

This card sometimes shows people that head off into the unknown and do not take heed of certain warnings but they go with the flow yet do not see the problems ahead. It certainly does show him losing his belongings. It can show cliffs and rocks which sometimes can give names of places or vicinity and its the card of 'heading for a fall'. It can even suggest someone falling physically or it can represent some form of insecurity.

The number of this card does not exist in terms of a road or route as it is a ZERO often indicating no place no name. but it can sit either next to a number 1 or it can sit next to a 21. So we could use numbers 1 or 21 or even 12 or add them together to make a 3.

Our fool card is generally showing a direction of North West. A person description can come up here but it could be also subtly giving names of places but all the same the description shows a strong, sturdy well composed body. Not particularly tall, long face prominent bone structure. Hazel eyes with sandy or dark blonde hair. Legs and shins come up with this card and suggest some problems to them.

We are given keywords to landscape or vicinity which would be described as deep wells, quarries, mines and places land that has recently been dug.
Places that are high off the ground, hills or uneven land. Should buildings be involved it would signify the roof, attic rooms, eaves,or upper part of buildings.

Water also shows up here either in name or actuality, therefore one would consider that there may be water, fountains or springs. Vineyards could come up here or if inside a building might relate to taps showers, plumbing or where power supplies are. Deserts, woods, obscure valleys, caves, dens, holes, mountains, church-yards, ruined buildings, coal-mines, sinks, muddy places, wells and houses or offices.

We have to bear in mind that Tarot gives descriptions in its own way of elements that are past present and future.

Mental illness, drugs or signs of madness, or ie, someone mad to make a certain decision can show up here in this card. It shows upheaval and either being unaware or very naive in an important situation or an experience.
In this card I can often see tools.

It is also to be noted that elements of this card can show a person who has followed the crowd but in some ways there seems to be an irresponsibility to this or perhaps some lack of judgement. I would not put it out of mind that perhaps there are some rather suspicious type of 'friends' here.
It would seem to me that the initials B J D or R could be initials of people or places to note. I also see a general need to 'get away'.

As this card can suggest 'coming down to earth with a bang' it could very well subtly suggest Bangkok. Perhaps North West direction will show that ? I will look at a map. I will say to you that this man is 29 years old from the account given above but the world card gives us 30 years and under which in that time something has occurred to send him on the wrong path.

Our card can suggest him even being infatuated with someone or something perhaps obsessed and losing all sense of proportion and abandoning all that he knows and he can become the butt of jokes over that or people think he is crazy to 'go that route'. It is the card of the fool after all and in this card we can listen to people and not take into account good advice that we are aware of and it can send us off the rails. It is easy to get mixed up in the wrong set of people with this card.

On the surface of it these are the things that come to mind but it also warns of heights/cliffs and rocks and crevices and those who might wish to rob us of our belongings. It tells us that we should be careful who we talk to and to always watch our back.

The reality of this card shows that we may have taken a step as a tourist but whilst being one we might have made a wrong decision. All the cards in this journey are reversed therefore we are going to experience various negativities that make life very difficult or people we meet to have hidden facets about them unless of course the hidden factors relate to Jamie himself.

On an even note, it is also worth remembering that a fool card reversed can show simple things like embarrassment and feeling a fool for not listening to warnings about things. Obviously if we dont heed warnings then we are going to feel bad if we then walk into problems. One thing for sure is that Jamie's circumstances changed. There may be a non biological parent? Im getting a strictness here unless this is a 'boss' that I am seeing.
Possible music connection.


I am given June when I ask the location/surroundings of Jamie so I do feel that Tarot is tuning in to the mont we are in, June is after all the six month and the Lovers card is a 6 card.

I am feeling that I am being given a garden - this card is typical of EDEN and you can see here that there is a mountain in the picture. Beforehand, we are given two keys and some good advice to be had that might link to the letter K or quay or keys or even the word Lock. There are some kind of spiritual elements or church elements perhaps in some form.

The 6 could also represent a road/route or distance. This card can show a path that splits into to or a fork in the road, even a crossroads can show up here. It is also a card that talks about love over duty or having to make some choice about two matters of equal importance. This is a family card also and could be a split choice between family and other elements.
In my first card I could see an Arrow. In this card also there is an Arrow.

This card often brings up 'Paris' because its a card of love and harmony it tells us that there is somehow some decision between something the person loves. This card is predominantly NORTH.
The colour orange and smell come up here.

However so does the direction of West and therefore we are still being given North West both in the first card and indeed in this one.
This is a card of twins, duality, two persons, split personality, options. It also shows twin peaks here.

Again we are given a person description which would be someone who is tall straight and thin with dark hair good eyesight ( his glasses come into this ) BUT we are given Hazel eyes. I wonder if we should be taking the word HAZEL into account? This card can give psychological afflictions, disturbed imagination and mental illnesses. It will give us keywords for vicinities and they are Hills and mountains, high places, barns/ storehouses corn and grain. Libraries/ studies, walls of houses, the hall, playrooms, chests, drawers, and places where money is stored or kept, ie, treasuries, purses banks and any name that links to money This card also can show being up high too where there aer windows or rooms that are llight, bright and 'airy'.

I am getting the colour yellow or pale lemon or yellow/green.
We are in/near rural land that gives a 'brown mountain' the ground or area has a river or a flow of water going through and there are animals.
I see wolf and dog and Lion (Lyon for France? - a french connection with someone?) also roses.

Something white.(maybe white car?) Dental/bone elements here or something oral like dentist or perhaps its a name that is trying to 'come out here'.
There may be some perjury or something that is linked to tricks or perhaps trickery.

Concerns about exchanging of money, perhaps there are thieves?
A dove. A snake. Fox. The letter G. (sometimes religious cults can come up both in this card and the first) a marriage or committment can show up here too.

Letter G. Colour blue.

We should also consider some connections to tradesmen's shops, markets, fairs, schools, common halls, bowling-alleys, tennis courts perhaps they are in the vicinity.

Perhaps a shiftiness here. A traveller in foreign parts.


This card does not help with regard to searching and finding Jamie because it is a card that suggests wasted speculation. It shows that whatever information is gathered there are indecisions over that harvest of ideas.
This is the 7 of pentacles and this is going to tell us a few things.
Firstly let me tell you that this is a search and find card. What that means is that it will cover the tip of possible searches current searches and those to come.

The number we have here is 7 and the pentacles are years, clearly if there has been a seven year search period that was intense perhaps it might suggest that nothing was gained from that. Looking at when this young man disappeared we are now in the 19 year? That is quite some time to be missing but there are many who have been missing longer. One should never give up hope of course.

However, getting back to this 7 that could be a road a distance, a timing but it could also link back to the 6 and so I would like to bring that 6 up again for whatever reason it sits so strongly in these cards. We are catapaulted into a few things here, firstly we are shown the future and a White bridge perhaps the colour Silver, the word Bell, 5 ponds of water or some water element and an initial W or a M. We hae some kind of link to home and schools or being not that much of a distane perhaps from somewhere familiar. We are given valleys, gardens, schools school names colleges universities. We are shown fields, land, farmers land agricultural or landscape themes or rural elements the colour Green is strong.

We are warned about debts and mounting debts and being careful of financial speculation in this card but also being outside or near a school? I am not sure how that relates. There is a sense of slavery and trade in this card but a musical element comes up. I am seeing a stream and rural land as before. I actually see two people coming up here at the same time? not quite sure why that is.

I am seeing a possible market.
A need to make ' quick cash'.

The South East can come up here - also names that link to stables/ horses and cattle or buildings relating to them. Farm land or pasture land away from housing estates. Low single buildings such as outhouses/sheds, cottages, barns, storehouses, cellars, bungalows basements but also there are links to gardens, fountains, bridges, bridle bed and breakfast, beds, hangings, dancing schools, wardrobes. These being keywords for search and find. The day Im given is a Friday.

This card does not jump up and say YES Jamie will be found soon but suggests that there is a lot of time wasted on speculation. It could be that the number 6 or 7 may play a part in his search/finding. I feel that this card is not being specific about WHEN Jamie will be found but more saying that there are a lot of things that need to be considered. Finances for one. Debt avoidance for another and ultimately suggesting that some areas need to be searched again. Something might have been missed in the process of the search.

I do notice one interesting factor and that is the ZERO in the first card and the link to the world card possibility in the second card. A CIRCLE - comes to mind. A roundabout? a Wheel? or just a full circle. I want us to bear this in mind for whatever reason it raises itself here.

Ultimately when a family member goes missing all one can do is search because that is all we are compelled to do but there are missions in these cards and one might go to missions or places of sanctuary, or charity to enquire also as someone could be of help perhaps.

I ask that all cards are read in combination and bear in mind past present and future events can tie themselves up in these cards. Nothing can be guaranteed when we only have glimpses here from Tarot and location is a very young experiment. Tarot produces possibilities and not fact but maybe there is something here that might assist. I always hope so. The main ingredient of searching for anyone is positive energy. Staying positive is all one can do and that is all Tarot can offer me to give at this stage with no real definite answer as to whether Jamie can be found.


Links to music made me wonder about Songkhia?? Singhanakhon or Na Mom District/Na Thawi District?
Singapore?However, North West can be a starting or ending point as can South East.   I will take time to consider the map.  There are '1' districts around Phnom Penh there are also 0L districts such as Can Tho and Vinh Long which have number routes that could make sense so I will speak to Dee and see if we can come up with anything. Please disregard these 'loud' thoughts as I could be way off the beaten track here and it takes some consideration to pinpoint possible areas. Continuing to talk out loud however Jamies belongings it appears after further investigation were found on Ko Pha-ngan Surat . I note that North West of there is STONE HILL and South East of there is COCO GARDEN. Also Golden Light Resort to the North. Now that to me is interesting.   Will keep following through to see what can be turned up.

From this wiki link I note there is just one school in Ko Pha ngan it is in the Baan Tai district and it seems that is right around Coco Garden. Im considering the tarot elements and possibilities. This could be just telling us about Jamie's belongings being found at Ko Pha ngan but interesting to note a school reference on the link below under Facilities.

Ko Pha Ngan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ko Pha Ngan is an island in the Gulf of Thailand in South East Thailand, and located in Surat Thani Province. It is famous for its full moon party at Haad Rin ...

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