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Sunday, 12 May 2013


Help Find Rachel Cooke
Help us find Rachel Cooke and return her to her parents in Georgetown Texas.

Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues. All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.

Please always read the following


which is a useful article in respect of all the Tarot printed for Missing people/children.


12TH MAY 2013

I have had a  request to look at Tarot in respect of Rachel Cooke. Rachel disappeared while out for a jog on January 10, 2002. Rachel was only 19 and she was never seen again.

With any Tarot that I am asked to write for, I try to have as little information as possible and let Tarot do the talking. Whatever I receive I just write that down. There are NO guarantees with Tarot and no promises. Tarot just gives us possibilities and glimpses of past present and future and nothing can be considered FACT unless something shows up in the media at a later date to confirm anything that I have been given.

I encourage you to read the official case details and to also take note of the links here to read about Tarot and what it can and cannot do.


When we receive the fool we know that someone has set out on a journey. We also know that the journey is innocent, nothing planned just enjoying the fresh air and the agriculture. We set out without a care or a worry and do not expect anything really to happen on our way. We are just like the card tells us, we are the person that sets out and does not really think there will be any consequences for doing so. We are also the tourist in the area, so we are visiting. I already know that this girl was visiting her parents at least thats what I understand. This card makes perfect sense in that respect.

However, this card has come to us reversed. Note the zero '0' number on this card . This could indicate a route that has a 0 in it. It may have another significance such as a circle or an oval. Obviously I like it when I get a number I can pick out - and this card gives me no name no place but Im not prepared to accept that BECAUSE I know there is a place and I know there IS a name.

When our card is reversed we lose 'baggage' or a wallet or something that is on us. The colour on this card is YELLOW - the direction of this card is NORTH WEST. Now this card is reversed and when it is reversed it shows me another direction if I follow that it could take me to the direction of where this girl set out. To me the direction of North West could be possible as this is an air card.

So, we have 'AIR' on this card.

It can tell us a lot more. It can tell us that when reversed someone or something might have either tried to take something from us or that something comes from behind us. In the picture we see there is a dog but sometimes we see a wolf. This card is known for cliffs and rocks, ridge rim or a precipice. Any words of which can give us a NAME that could represent a place. The other thing that we find here are dusty roads. We also find the shin comes up, our leg or a leg - sometimes it can depict having sore feet, or a limp or something wrong with our leg. It can also show places that might link to legs/feet.

Because our Fool card has no number it can be placed at the end of the Tarot Journey or indeed the beginning therefore we can also give this another number and that will be number 21 which will give us number 3. We can also be given number 33. So roads that have these numbers or any of these numbers might be significant.

We also have a link to 'pyramids' in this card.
In this card we take risks - we might even veer off the path that we are on. In some ways this card indicates a wrong decision and taking a wrong turn or making a bad choice and it even can suggest trusting the wrong people. Because of the circle it could indicate that if this girl was outside she could have been on her way back when something occurred but there are indications that someone was not thinking correctly. The wrong choice and a path makes me feel as though somehow Rachel (if it applies to her) was mislead.

This kind of card might indicate that we fell or we stumbled but there still seems to be something coming up behind us. There is therefore a nagging element perhaps of danger or risk in this card in this position.
I would have to look at the next card and Im given roses, in fact our first card holds a rose and indicates to me that Texas (as in the song yellow rose of...) depicts squarely where Rachel was. Tarot does recognise this but I feel there is a journey here that is risky and produces the unknown. Anything to do with going outside or journeys can be halted or interupted with this card.

Looking at this card we also have to bear in mind that reverses fool cards can bring up drugs. It is not always the case but this is the card that tells you of madness and folly - it can tell us that 'we are out of our mind' - or someone is. It is also a card of youth.

But now I see a doctor or a healer or someone who has the tools to fix something. This can be music orientated and Rachel had a walkman with her. There is a man here who might offer to help but hes a conman. This person you would stay away from. I see an unprotected situation here and I also feel there are 'tools' of some sort. There is a feeling of 'water' whether real or in a name here. We feel dreamy or sleepy that fool stops us from moving on or going anywhere.

The name Will or Mill may come up as might spring, hollow, shield, ditch, vegetation, bird, orchard and roses.

There may be lies to shift the blame. How does that figure? Well it figures if there is man in the picture who is deceitful and a liar and someone who offers to help all the time hiding what they know. This is a man who could try to help authorities yet know himself more. I think there is a male in the picture but not a good one.

If you let someone help you, then you really need to know you can trust them - well unfortunately - perhaps NOT. I can go on a whole journey here and show you boggy damp places, ruined buildings by water, being restricted, being in the dark, not being able to move. Someone with sexual illusions, cellars or basements, ugly places that need redecorating or are abandoned, stagnant lakes or ponds, black mud. The word EAST. North facing walls, sunless places. Dark hair dark eyes penetrating eyes. Someone who may be abusive, controlling, cruel. Possibly linked to cars/transport or works with the hands perhaps even as a carpenter or handyman, they might use tools.

We can link to places/initials with B J D or R someone who might be pregnant might also come up here or even loses a child. Two towers or a bridge or two large high rise apartments can come up here. A secret comes out that was held by a woman.


My card seems to give North with this 6 of pentacles and number 6 may appear in a route or area or distance/timing. It may have another significance. North can also be name of place and not necessarily wind direction but I place both possibilities.

When I got this card I could see ‘family’ and I am talking about location with this card. I wondered about that or whether it was suggesting that there was a link here somewhere. I see a garden or a garden name – sometimes the word Eden comes up here and also a smell. We see rural land and a mountain and animals seem to come up. Dental and bones, flowers roses, a garland. But also a stream that runs through this rural place. North does seem to be here.

I have valleys, gates, borders fences, greenery a garden once again the colour gold all here. I see someone with difficult finances or some relationship to that. Maybe a money name? But three people are here I am not sure if Rachel is one of them but I see a business or business elements.
Something here about an insurance payment? The letter G comes up here and the word BANK. A church name or road someone with a limp and the word BELL comes up here as well as Liberty.

Farmers fields, schools and universities show here whether in names of places or whether in the vicinity. I see us trying to hold on to our possessions we grab them and hold them and we stand outside the town. We see the number 5 and we are told about the home vicinity, places that are familiar to us. We have the name POT or Pottery or just Pot. Two people here that vanish from their home town from the word GARDEN. Perhaps even two people know or could give advice?
The sense of a Key or Lock or the letter K – or quay.

A vehicle that is White or the colour White shows up here. Somewhere a Hill/Summit or peak Hidden and concealed. Around may be campus, or camping or scouting places. A bridge and a ‘castle’ show up here. The letters M or W can be seen. Three friends or three people. An island and a Tree name.

We are told to look to the future for more clues.
A property that is empty or abandoned or sold. A feeling of some financial matter. Someone weighing up responsibilities and finance and a link to bicycles or bikes.

A wheel of a bike may be broken? OR wheels or vehicles?

A man who trades. Some kind of loan?
Keywords might link to stables/horses/cattle – names that might link such as Bride or Bridle, Spur anything that may connect to horses.

We are seen walking near a school or fields – agricultural elements.
People we might know are depicted here or linked in some way.
There may also be some issue about non biological people.


This card tells us that we must trust it is a figure of authority for search and find and tells us that it is likely that Rachel will be found. I have someone here with neurological problems, spine, back or head, surgery comes up here.
I have a sense of dangerous implications as one goes back to the drawing board here. Ideas need to be thrown out and new ones initiated but do we want to know what we find?

We might come full circle here. We might have to go back to the beginning. This card is search and find and it will bring up issues that might have already occurred or are current or are to come regarding searching and finding and those connected to it.

This card will connect everything and bring it forward to show links and whatever helps or assists or ties in to this situation.
Here we have Doctors/healers/lawmen/computer people/grandmas/bedrooms/attics/high places/hills/uneven ground/ blankets/airports/railways/gold courses/water/rock/stone/cement/tunnels/con or bluff and pipe or weapon.
Word Sharp or Point.
Seperations, cutting, weapons or weapon names. Divorces – a spy/investigator East and West.

This card is number 14. This is a route, distance or timing or may have some other significance. These numbers can also be seperated into number 1 and number 4. All must be taken into account.It may represent 2014 but who knows for certain – it may talk about a period of 14 months and it may talk about MAYTIME or October Time. It will link to the number 1or 10 and the word WILL. This card is thought to have the word EAST on it. The number 5 must also be considered.

There is a mountain/hill or some reference here to that. There are three people here who may have passed on. Perhaps someone is trying to link a connection to them. There is a car here.

This card gives me the night time or the sunrise. That is to be taken as something to ponder.

This girl will be found.

There is an argument between two people, a link to the heart or the word HART. Two people may be found one to be found. Someone wishes to say something here maybe they take their time to do it.
I see mud and being stuck or being bound or tied up. I see someone who is moved or who came back.

I see jail/prison for somebody or there is a feeling of imprisonment here. The colour Yellow strong. An Eagle. Xmastime. Two pools or two ponds. A teacher.

Something North East.

Boss, Father Figure, Doctor, Lawyer, Judge, Government Official – police matters are very strong here.
Something about a ‘foreign man’ here. Also the army might come up or links to Military.

Protection someone protects someone else. It is not any good because the King of Swords has the sword of truth. They will be found out, it will all be found out and this girl will be found.

I will leave this for the time being and come back to post a map and further information if I have left something out I may need to put up more directions. Please check back for that.

Tarot gives glimpses and possibilities of everything that might connect to the situation. Tarot is not guaranteed it is NOT to be considered as fact and cannot be considered as such unless something validates anything that can be seen here. Please read and combine all the information and I will come back to add further thoughts if necessary once I have digested what is already here.



 There are various other updates and information I must try to provide here but at the moment Dee and I are working on a map.

Our first card the fool may also have these references There is a red sign or a red roof on the Fool card will connect to a female with two pools that are drained. North or linked.

One thing I did forget to mention is that with our King of Swords not only is this a 14 card it links with Temperance which is an oil and water card and also STEEL.

This card gives us the Angel MICHAEL but people often say it is in fact the ANGEL GABRIEL. Water is on this card as is a mountain or the foot of a mountain which may be symbolic and golden flowers or some golden triangle of light. From this card we can pick up South and South East in particular. Our Runes connection links directly to the word NEED and FIRE.

The initial N and the colour Black seems to appear here. One 'tries to obtain a lover' in this card.
It links to the Fates or FATE.
Depicts 'the youngest sister'.
Someone who is a mentor or a teacher - schools and organisations.
A signpost. An Arrow.

We should pay off old debts - this is something we should do. Paying a debt.
A couple are chained together. They may be bonded by debt or for another reason.
Someone needs healing to the arms.
We need to reach joy.
A female related to the word FIRE.
Risky paths.

This card is a card that is often used for cooking or restaurants as it mixes ingredients together. It sits next to car parks, vehicles, quarries, METAL can be seen here and perhaps a bridge or two columns we go from the dark to the light in this card but it all links up to travel of some description. On the other side of the fence we have the Devil which is going to show us sexual situations or drugs or some unpleasant company or people we should not get involved with. In this card we have chains and it is often a card of bondage. It is also considered that clandestine relationships can come up here.

NB added 14th May - possibly chain is chain linked fence. 


It has been pointed out to me that Nameless Road, Leander may fit with Tarot's Instructions as it is not far from Liberty Hill.


Dee has compiled a map following Tarot instructions/directions which merely outlines POSSIBILITIES of all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.

(Hit the Grey word that says MAPS) 

Show on Google Maps  

 This area below is interesting. It is from a Sticho reading I have done giving me Gregoriana, Winterbourne and also 'third floor crimson room'. Whether that means anything or not I cannot tell you. It is a very complex reading method. Dee has put those areas on the map below. They are outside of the 212 area of Manor. Nothing is guaranteed of course.

 Show on Google Maps


224 Navajo Trail, Georgetown, TX 78622.


The last news article.

Father of missing Georgetown teen Rachel Cooke dies
Austin American-Statesman-5 Nov 2014


  1. i hope her family is able to find her alive or at least her remains; they're living in hell.

  2. I am the woman with the secret and Williamson county sherrif botched the investigation In 2005 when I told them w a friend what happened.follow my public posts on facebook.madfedupdone@Yahoo. This reading is so accurate it gives me goosebumps to read it.there is a lot of corruption going on.the law says I'm a crazy liar.I may be crazy but I'm the good kind and the law is lying.not me.



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