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Saturday, 11 May 2013



Please help us find Matthew Huszar | If you know ANYTHING about ...
23 Dec 2011 – Matthew has been missing since 11:55pm on Friday December 16th, 2011· He was last seen on Water Street in Gastown, Downtown ...


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues. All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.

Please always read the following


which is a useful article in respect of all the Tarot printed for Missing people/children.



11TH MAY 2013

I was asked some time ago to look at the Tarot for Matthew Huszar who went missing December 16th 2011. I am so sorry it sometimes takes a while to get to write the Tarot for all the requests but I try my hardest to catch up.

As far as I know Matthew is still missing and I just want to make the usual reminders about Tarot and ask that you read the notes on the blog. Tarot cannot give us all the answers. It tries to show us possibilities and connections that are in past present and future trends. It can be extremely subtle on occasion and we do have to work hard to put the pieces of the puzzle together. That being said I simply write down what I have and that is all I can do. Nothing is guaranteed and again, I offer possibilities and NOT facts.


I sighed a bit when I received this card - its such a difficult card when there is 'nowhere to go' and that is what this card feels like. I feel like there is a circle here - like when you are closed in to a circle of people they might not be friendly, they might be just looking for a bit of sport or you just happened to be there. I see a crossroads here too and maybe standing near that crossroads.

This card theoretically is a TRAVEL card - and I cannot decide if it means that Matthew is linked to travel or whether or not there are travel elements in the vicinity. The circle is very strong as you can see. When this world card is reversed people can try to make a scapegoat out of us or they can just be a nuisance or just try to blame someone for something there may be four other people here or three and Matthew is one of them.

This card could be linked to arrests or court cases, but I see something from past coming up and not sure exactly what that is. Im not sure if Matthew said something or dragged attention to himself about something and it created some kind of confrontation or some type of incident.

Generally this card can be connected to the head and one can say 'have you lost your mind, or lost your head' so it could be something out of the blue really that might have blindsided him.

I just feel a sense of lost goals here and perhaps dreams too because this situation has turned his life and world upside down which is very much depicted here.

Im a bit disatisfied that Tarot gave this card to me because I feel like I wanted more then this but the numbers that go with this card are 30, or 3, 2 and 1 - they can represent distance, timing or even roads or routes. The direction is really very difficult because all I have mostly is that circle and a crossroads. I cant seem to see beyond that which is bizarre. I just feel closed in thats the sensation I am getting, being closed in, or not being able to move . Travel seems to be cancelled everythings just fallen apart. I dont know where Matthew lived or where he was staying so I cant look at a map to understand as yet but I will just put down thoughts for the current time.

One imagines Matthew as a successful young man - I see that he was doing well went to a pub and was last seen outside and that was it. This card can show us with the world on our shoulders, it can show that perhaps we need to leave the past behind and move on but I just feel that something gets in the way of that. Im seeing some insecurity here or some lack of faith or confidence in something. I feel that we lose something or lose our belongings? perhaps our wallet or something that we have on us. I see maybe him on the side of a road perhaps he needs a ride or a lift.
I am getting a map up now.

Checking this map and finding out now where Matthew disappeared from he was supposed to go East towards Main Street. Now the World card is clockwise so that does go to the East then South then West then North again.

The girl on the world card is a dancer - it might represent the Salvation Army and that is on Main Street or near there so I think we are possibly being shown that area. I have something here about the head and the next card which would bring us to the Fool can really when reversed rather does suggest people who take drugs or people off their head in some way. It an also show that there are warning signs that we dont adhere to or we dont think and have a few seconds of bad judgement, or just dont see something in time. Its a really awkward card, its so wonderful upright but reversed can really throw a spanner in the works so I feel like Matthew has run into some kind of bother here. I might be wrong I hope Im wrong but on the surface thats what it looks like

There may be a feeling here of going full circle.

Also a feeling of a lack of confidence is in this card. Did someone break our confidence about our future?

Notice on this card there is some kind of purple banner I dont know what that is but it will mean something. The fact that we are next to the judgement card shows something coming after us or catching us up. Now whether thats something in Matthews life or whether its a group of people I really honestly cannot be sure. We might actually have even travelled in a circle but I dont get a go ahead for that. Travel is somehow interfered with, its stunted in some way, we cant seem to move in this card go forward at all, not being able to move forward is the feeling.

Is this to do with Matthews life or his thoughts or actions on the evening he disappeared, thats the question. I just feel like he made a wrong decision here. You can bump into people who are not right in the head even in this set of cards and feel unprotected. There may be a church around here or church words.

A person can lose their grasp of something so its possible that someone could have tried to take something from him particularly with fool card, its generally a very good card to let you know someone has their wallet pinched or has lost something. I did mention that but say it again here or could indicate not having enough money for something.
This card can show being stuck in four walls too.

If we pushed this world card far enough we might have a look at the 1 card which might show us a criminal situation or even someone who is head of a gang or something like that or there could be a con artist type here or a scammer of some kind. Perhaps there were some people who tried to block Matthews way. I really so quite a few things that might have occurred here.
The group of cards can even show someone who is brilliant themselves that turns to unlawful activity. It really does depend but there is something here that closes in on us.


Looking at this card, we need to brainstorm and throw old ideas away they are outdated and begin again to consider location according to this card. It tells us that there are some explosive things involved here though. It tells us that once we begin to find things out and uncover matters we might be actually a bit overwhelmed with what we do find.

Now this card can be linked to drugs, the first card particularly, I wont dwell on that but I can say that there is some kind of serious argument here and confrontation its right there in front of me. I see three people and one of them is adrift. I also see something about a church or church elements whether in a name or otherwise I see something here pertaining to that. I also note that we have an EAST direction so that ties in perfectly at least to begin with - I also feel we have terminals, airports railway links all in the run of this card. Please note we have number 2 again. This could very well also produce water elements, two islands and what looks like a walkway alongside.

There is also the feeling that 'that scenery is behind us' if there is water because this person is with their back to the ocean and we do need to take note of that. Initials of people or places MIGHT tie in to B J D and R. The colour Blue is strong. I see something written down or someone with secrets might even be a woman. But, I just seem to see a lot of water either in the name of a place or as a place.

I also see what looks like a possible bridge or a couple of collums or even two towers. This card can link into others which could produce concrete, stone, water, rocks, even at a push golf course could show up but some things could be just landmarks in the vicinity. Some descriptions may be names of places. The other thing about swords cards are that they can contain weapons. So words that might indicate sharp , gun etc can come up here or actual weapons - not always the case but maybe something in the area.

When I get this card a person 'doesnt know what to do' they just sit down on a seat or some stone block and feel they have to think things through. The thing I see is what I felt in the first card, just not being able to move forward or back so its an overall feeling of being 'stuck' or locked in or enclosed whether mentally or otherwise. There can be boats and water all involved here too. There can be mishaps in travel or journeys. This card does show moonlight so it rather suggests somewhere dark, or that we are connected to the colour grey that funny kind of half light.

This card can show 'mountains' in the distance.

Cutting and seperation is here too. This person is seperated from two others. There might be a link to train travel or travel in general. I also note that our two of swords talks about balance and the word Victory.
and Tarot takes into account all the landscape which is not helpful sometimes.
I am not sure if Matthew witnessed something that also crossed my mind. I will just leave that here. I also have the word PIPE here. Possible mountains or the word mountain might come up. A circle oval or crown element comes up.
Im also seeing a green light.
There may be some kind of connection North West.

There may be a connection to animals or a dog? Possibly symbolic.


When I ask when Matthew is likely to be found I am given the 9 of swords. This card will generally talk about an East Direction. When we give directions we have to bear in mind that it can be a wind direction or it can refer to areas. The number given is number 9. This can represent a route/road or have another significance. If it is in a road route it might be considered as part of a number.

My last card will cover 'search and find'. That means that whatever has been done or is to be done may surface here as possibilities. Again I still feel there might be links North West and there is some kind of feeling of completion here but I seem to get 'before the years end' given to me but not an indication of what year. The only other thought is that a cycle is completed which makes me feel that maybe there might be a feeling of being hidden and concealed here or a need to throw the light on the dark.

I have a sense of feeling imprisoned or that there is someone who may be jailed because I just sense that 'feeling stuck' element here and a kind of bondage where we cant seem to move.

It could be that perhaps not enough clues can be provided to complete this matter however, even so it is the end of a cycle and in that it can show a completion so I am not going to say that Matthew cannot be found, it just might be a difficult and upsetting process.

I seem to see a lot of confusion and in some way fear is shown. As this is in the search card I am not sure why but that seems to come up. There may be more delays and unfortunately what seem to be deceptions too. June can come up in this card, but also the month of September as our card is a winter month.

There are many disappointments and I see so much worry and despair. I am so sorry for how much the family have suffered in this situation it is never fair and so distressing. I wish so much I could have the power to make things right for them but all I can do is write what I see and hope something clicks into place.

In this card I see some material like a blanket or something perhaps cloth or something textile.

I also see either names or actual visions of water/riverside. Matthew disappeared in Water Street.

I also see some steps and a possible basement or ' under area'.
Both of the sword cards can produce being near airports, railways, golf courses or perhaps they may surround or be in the area. I see mud too black mud and also some shallow water where the tide has gone out.
I will come back to add to this Tarot if I feel there is more that I could expand. I seem to have to mention things that are high or high up too. Bedrooms or attics in houses perhaps - not sure why that shows up, grandparents come up here and it may be that Tarot is just telling us issues regarding the search or people involved in his life.

For the time being I will ask Dee to look at the map for me and put the pointers on there but I WANT TO MAKE THIS STRONG - NEVER GIVE UP - when you love someone your energy is strong. This reading is not guaranteed nor does it represent fact, it only suggests possibilities which can give glimpses only.

There may be some communication within a 9 whether that be months or have some other significance I do not know it may just be suggesting that other information might come to light. I also have a HILL/SUMMIT or some reference to that. Tarot must be read in combination and be considered as past present and future elements.  It will not cover every detail.   I will write further information if I have left anything out.




Dee has compiled a map following Tarot instructions/directions which merely outlines POSSIBILITIES of all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.

(Hit the Grey word that says MAPS) 

 Show on Google Maps



Very sad news Im afraid. My thoughts to the family.

  1. ‎- 9 hours ago
    The discovery of a man's body near a False Creek marina on New Year's Eve has brought a two-year-long search to a sad end.
Vancouver Police have announced his body was found on Dec. 31 in a marina in False Creek. They were in False Creek Friday, collecting evidence in their investigation.

 Vancouver Police Department divers in False Creek collecting evidence Friday after the discovery of Matthew Huszar’s body.

Vancouver Police Department divers in False Creek collecting evidence Friday after the discovery of Matthew Huszar’s body.


  1. Very insightful tarot reading Empathy. There are a couple of things that seem to stand out a bit. You mentioned the world card is a dancer and that may be showing the area, perhaps the Salvation Army. However, there is an exotic dance lounge, The No. 5 Orange, where women dance, and this place is very close to where Matt went missing. Maybe that's what tarot is showing? You also saw a possible bridge with two towers. Near the lounge there is an elevated road that goes down to the port. There are two tower-like cranes behind it. I wonder if tarot is illuminating this.

    1. Yes Sally Army crossed my mind due to the world card. I did have a feeling of 'steps' but I was not sure at what point only that they can appear. All I can do is write down what I get and I have to hope the puzzle pieces might be glued together by another who would latch on to landscape and areas that might mean something to them. It could be that he was only in this area for a while. I cannot say for sure.

    2. Interesting that Sally Ann appears here... I've been apart of the salvation army my entire life and live in Vancouver. Matt is a friend of mine, I worked with him for years, and my first instinct was to walk through the area with photos, posting them in all the shelters, including the Salvation Army ones, and speaking with everyone there. I came across one guy who was likely 50-60, medium build, grey hair, who didn't 'fit in' in that area. He was clean, well dressed, etc. He saw me putting up posters and told me I was wasting my time, that nobody in the area would remember seeing anything even if they did (due to drugs, etc.)... It was a very odd encounter....

  2. thankyou so much for doing this. matthew was an acquaintance of mine from my younger days-- my heart and insides ache when i think of him and that night he went missing. my intuition and energy vibrations are very high and try to project as much love and light as i can. please, may i respectfully ask you re-visit this case sooner rather than later ? some of what you have mentioned, i have "seen" the same.. but am still developing what i find intuitive thoughts and my fear / imagination. i would love nothing more than to see him come home.. thank-you, again.

    1. I will certainly write again if anything comes to mind. Please note that I have not printed the link you sent to me as it compromises my own principles. I only write cases that families or the general public have REQUESTED and I do not approach families or Police Departments with my work. It seems the link you have sent is written under the intention of claiming rewards and sending information to either. This kind of action has brought much bad publicity to psychics in general and I do not encourage it here.

      I hope you understand.

  3. i completely understand and would absolutely NOT want to compromise your principles, as i am very open to tarot i also, wouldn't want to shed a negative light on this whatsoever. it also bothers me about the exchange of their information, why wouldn't anything helpful be common knowledge? a lot of the language and terms used on that link i didn't quite understand, but had still held out a small hope that any information could be of use. thankyou for your response, i will be checking back here often. please understand i only had the best intentions in my mind and heart when sharing that link... love and light ~

  4. I understand and please dont worry about it. I am just mindful of other psychics and what they write because sometimes they dont think of the families or their feelings and everything here is written in a very subtle fashion, the main purpose being to try to shed a little light on circumstances and possible places rather than anything else that could be upsetting. But in general anyone writing anything in respect of missing people whether right or wrong are negatised by the press and others who feel we leap on the families and I know I certainly do not do this and I never submit anything anywhere unless its asked for. Therefore I distance myself from all sites and internet output that concentrates on the wrong path.

    Thank you for writing in.

  5. The media is confirming a body retrieved from false creek in Vancouver is Matthew.

  6. Matthew Huszar’s body found in False Creek two years after his disappearance The two-year search for Matthew Huszar, a 25-year-old who went missing after leaving a Christmas party in 2011, has come to a tragic end.

    Vancouver Police have announced his body was found on Dec. 31 in a marina in False Creek. They were in False Creek Friday, collecting evidence in their investigation. Huszar was last seen December 16, 2011 outside the Lamplighter pub in downtown Vancouver. An exhaustive search was done for him, with his family putting up a $10,000 reward for information on his whereabouts. They have requested privacy at this time, but have said in the past he was a caring, kind person who loved the outdoors.Originally from Lethbridge, he moved to Vancouver to study at the University of British Columbia, graduating with an honours degree in geology.

    Police say there is no indication of anything suspicious in his death, and foul play is not suspected.


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