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Friday, 1 March 2013




Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues. All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.

Please always read the following 


which is a useful article in respect of all the Tarot printed for Missing people/children.



I have been asked to look at the Tarot for Charles to see if there is anything that might be useful in respect of his disappearance in May 1989. Tarot generally attempts to give glimpses past present and future but they are possibilities and not facts unless the insights are validated at a later date. Please therefore always go to factual sources of information

There is a bit of background regarding Charles on the internet as there is with most missing people and in Charles case, he has been missing for some time therefore there will be quite a bit of speculation. I cannot guarantee that I am going to get hard and fast answers but the point of Tarot is to hope that it triggers something else that might assist. It certainly will pick up things but its whether they are going to give that little thread of light. We can but try.


The first card that I have been given is the Queen of Wands which is reversed. When I see this card I do think about entertainment and big bold personalities and often a very strong woman but there are other links and characteristics to this card.

Firstly we have to look at the direction of this card which is normally South, the card is reversed and we will look further at that shortly though might intimate a North element. It is essentially also a work card and action orientated and the steam goes out of that in its current position. Number 13, 4 and 31 are attached to this card and may indicate routes, distances, timing or have another significance.

But, we have to think about the fact that we have a Queen here and she is reversed. Most people would feel instantly that this is a woman. Yes in most cases that could be so, but males can also have the same characteristics as this and therefore Gender sometimes can be difficult. I like to sometimes say 'someone'. Therefore I have to say that there is a 'someone' here that is pretty overpowering in their personality, strong, forward, particular and likes to be the organiser of everything who is being deposed. It can suggest that there is a very aggressive, forward, bad tempered person who wants to control everything on the scene who sets out to get what they want.

It also suggests arguments or quarrels and often, hidden factors, wrong messages, bad travel arrangements and possibly a very abusive boss or person who is OTT.
In this card I am seeing contempt in a relationship. Perhaps someone wants us to do things we dont want to do but feel forced to do?

I seem to have some kind of father, boss, or authority figure here who is bitter or judgemental.

I also see the possibility of a female who loses control of her emotions and can fly off the handle.

Im sensing being under pressure and lateness is here. I just seem to see some kind of opposition here. Perhaps Charles was under pressure but had someone opposing his plans? Its like arguments may have broken out somehow and someone turned against another without due cause.

Looking at this it just seems to me that Charles is or was involved in some kind of difficult situation that messed up his plans because of some arguments or problems that stood in his way. I do take note of the fact that entertainment is mentioned but at the same time there is a work element here.

This card can also link in to the Month of April picking up a few weeks before. It also is telling us that trips and journeys are halted and delayed.

I am also getting links to construction and which might be the work element as our keywords are sandy and hilly ground, newly built land or where construction work is taking place. We are also shown connections to land where there might be sheep /cattle/ stables for small animals and unfrequented places where criminals find refuge. References to brick and mortar, ceilings, plastering, fire and heat. Sometimes hunters or firestations can come up here. Smiths, shops, furnaces, slaughterhouses, places where bricks or charcoal is burnt, chimneys, forges.

These are keywords that can link to other people, names of places or have some kind of connection to the issue. Burns or scars direction East.

I will ask Dee if she can put the keywords on a map later as when the map is up we can understand more how the keywords come in.
When I go back to the Queen I see someone who is affecting our independence or that we want to be independent and there are some kind of problems here. Perhaps this Queen is a boss, perhaps its to do with time off work but whatever the situation it seems to me that there were some problems which 'laid down the law' and caused for this boy to vanish. Wands are very disruptive, argumentative and quarrelsome cards and they do interfere with life.

It could be someone who has deliberately stepped in the way of Charles path and disrupted plans. He might have been in a job that didnt pay well or something may have happened in a work situation.
Because of the strong work element that I sense here, I feel (and I could be wrong about this) that the work element might be the strongest clue but I dont want to jump on things except to say that there is an element here of 'get rich quick' and as there are poor elements for payment there might have been a problem with a work situation or somehow that taking a holiday was not a good idea.

I just feel that Charles, taking into account all that is given here by tarot needed to stand up for himself and his independence, however I also see that it has caused great problems too.

Wands reversed can be violent cards they can bring forward all sorts of problems not just with people but with work - its a difficult scenario to get a 'person' card but the lean is that there are quarrels arguments and some kind of situaton that has created an impasse.

I seem to see Charles hidden whether in a good way or a bad way. I also see some kind of possible debt and legal possibility here but I am not sure if I can emphasise on that. I do feel he was opposed by someone or others and its not beyond the pale to suggest a car crash situation whether actual or otherwise symbolic. However, I do see someone in authority or someone who is demanding over us whether boss or someone connected that might be very inflexible about issues or tyrannical. It is likely to be someone connected to Charles whether in his daily life or working life. At least, that is what it seems?


I am going to complicate this Tarot now and hopefully Dee will be able to track things ok when I send her it for a map. I notice that I have the WRONG missing date. It does not make much difference because it is a 10 day interval. I understand that Charles was last SEEN on 11 May 1989 however, I have written Tarot originally from 1st May 1989. Therefore the first card is representing (hopefully) some foundation at that time.

This card effectively moves things forward and its interesting in some way because we are being given the King of Pentacles. This is a businessman who is thought to be a man of means. I do wonder if it ties in to the character in the first card? or whether it is moving on from there.

However, in this card the suggestion is about drawing up plans for a new business, or centralising new thoughts on how to make money or craft something. Perhaps building a new house. Ultimately we did have construction work in the first card. There is nowhere to go but get involved in a new project here because if we return to the Ace we can see that a work contract seems to be offered or a new kind of chance for business so I am feeling work matters are to the fore.

We link instead to the 10 which will happily give me the 'lost time factor' and I do think that Charles might have been getting a new job. This would be a kind of job promotion if he was looking to do something else. Of course the negatives of this would be a very untrustworthy business associate or getting into schemes that might not be reliable. But, on the outset it does seem to be work orientated and seemed like a positive route or goal at least initially. A key factor here would be on financial concerns and gaining more security.

On this card we have a North Direction we are also linked in to a 5 here and the initial 'K' or Key or Quay or Lock. Perhaps there are two people here that could give some good advice. I seem to have some kind of school link too either university/college or maybe they are in the name of a road? Perhaps theres some apprenticeship here? OR learning new skills to make money?

Now this appears to tie up some of the directions as we have South East.

Meanwhile our King who is a number 14 will add together to make that 5 that we saw earlier and interestingly this will take us into the Month of May so I do see this all linking up.

Our Keywords for places would be attempts at naming places or landscape descriptions which can be 'sounds like' - Stables/ horses/ cattle or storage. Farm land or pasture land away from housing estates. Single storey buildings such as sheds/outbuildings/barns/storage places or single low buildings like bungalows or cottages but also cellars or basements. Also connections to these words gardens, fountains, bridal-chambers, fair lodgings or bed and breakfast, beds, hangings dancing schools, wardrobes.

I personally just see a job or situation on offer that was worth a gamble or a risk.

Now that I have squared up the dates lets move on to possible location and hope something comes up that might help.


This card is the number 5 so we have not exactly left that behind. Here we see people who might have had some kind of argument near water, or it could be a 'water name'. We should not be far from a Church  churchyard or tomb or some kind of spiritual element but also there might be water or two islands whether actual or symbolic.

Water rocks stone cement and concrete might appear in this card but also so do the possibilities of Golf courses, airports, railways. Not always but possibly.

Trying to ascertain where Charles might be, this card is telling us that it depends on other people really if they have said where he might be then this card tells us that is cleared up now but of course if that were the case he would not be missing would he?

This is the kind of card that you get when there has been 'rogues' in the mix or where there has been some mix up or even if there have been arguments and it also shows that the person will be mislaid for a time too. This though would be the aftermath of that and any arguments would have been dealt with as with misunderstandings.

This card is East direction. There is a sense of cutting in this card, perhaps seperation occurs here from two other people? this is the kind of card journey that shows that someone might have done something wrong or difficult and one might try to extricate themselves. Ultimately it seems to show a nightmare situation that is very fraught and leaves us feeling stuck.

Perhaps he came into contact with someone he thought he had buried the hatchet with if he had problems with them. I do seem to see some kind of dangerous bully in this card. He could have had problems at work.

Back to descriptions of places We do see North West on this card but we could be looking at South East. (all possibilities will go on a map to form a picture of areas).

Bones teeth and skeletal structures can show on this card and I am wondering whether the mention of a church or name of a road 'church' comes up or cemetary or something like that.

Keywords that could be road names, places or descriptions or connections are deep wells, quarries, mines or land that has recently been dug.

Someplace that could have the word High in it or suggest being high (Bedrooms or attics or roof those names or if in a house) hills, or mountains land that is uneven descriptions of locations near natural or manmade sources of water supply, fountains or springs, vineyards or could link in to names of water supply such as taps showers, baths or where power supplies emerge and other vicinity factors could be eserts, woods, obscure valleys, caves, dens, holes, mountains, or church-yards, ruinous buildings, coal-mines, sinks, dirty or stinking muddy places, wells and houses or offices.

(Dee will know what to look for on a map). Grandfathers and fathers can come up here.


In this card I see mental health affected in some way and perhaps some situation is or has been overlooked. This card is a 9 reversing to a 6. This is also an East card and generally this card would suggests Months though this lad has been missing for quite some time now and I know when I see reversed swords that it is telling us there is a postponement or delay in finding him however, it also indicates that its not over yet. That might seem to suggest that it is possible to find him. But Im being 'told' that there is some kind of regrettable situation here and I dont quite manage to grasp exactly 'IT'. Except to say that this card can show that evidence has not shown up correctly as to where he is.

I am getting the word BED and possibly the word BANK. Possible police matters or health matters.

I also have the word DAY here.

I also think there could be a link to drugs but Im not sure exactly 'how'.

I do wonder if something happened and Charles did not want to be implicated? Tomorrow is a new day though and I feel Charles will be released from wherever he is as there is faith and patience being asked for here and that it is possible for him to be found so I do not view this card as a 'lost forever' card. I know at this point people ALWAYS want to know if someone is deceased or alive and I point blank refuse to answer that.

Tarot is about FINDING PEOPLE it is not about asking what their health is but its clear that Charles may have had some concerns and depressions and yes it is even possible he could have got hurt at some point either psychologically or physically but Im not prepared to discuss that with anyone as it is not on my agenda to do so and my cards do not like anything outside of positive energy. Without it we have no hope. Lets just stick with hoping.

What I believe here is that he will be found ONE DAY regardless of health. I feel as though he was trapped either physically or otherwise West or East and linked to all I have expressed as well as tradesmen's shops, markets, fairs, schools, common halls, bowling-alleys, tennis courts or sports elements. I would also take into account information on the other sword card.

Possibly a Wednesday may hold some significance.

Our card can say not to get depressed because there will be news - when I cant be sure but perhaps something will turn up? - EVENTUALLY.

Meanwhile, please remember Tarot gives possibilities not fact and it is wise to read everything in as a combined reading and take into account past present and future elements. I have dated this Tarot from the TIME I began writing it.




Dee has compiled a map which outlines POSSIBILITIES all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.

(Hit the Grey word that says MAPS) 

 Show on Google Maps

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