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Friday, 7 December 2012


                           CAROL THOMPSON

Carol Thompson was last seen at 2 a.m. Friday June 15th 2012 at a home in Lathrop, MO. She is 50 years old and suffers from heart problems and mental illness. Her family said she did not take her cell phone or purse with her.

Anyone with information about this missing woman is asked to call the Caldwell County Sheriff's Office at 816-586-2681.



Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues. All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.

Please always read the following


which is a useful article in respect of all the Tarot printed for Missing people/children.



I have been asked via family to look at Tarot in respect of Carol Thompson . Please remember to read all the notes on the blogger as Tarot only gives 'glimpses' of past present and future and does not have ALL the answers. There will be suggestions and hopefully they might be helpful however, until information comes in to validate any points nothing can be considered to be factual. Please go to other sources for factual information.


Asking about Carol I have been given this card, the Ace of Cups. Generally, this card is a number 1 card and it is going in the direction of West or that West comes up.
In my head Im getting ' the greatest love of all' the song by Whitney Houston - no idea why that is but 'learning to love yourself' is a line from the song that is coming up when I look at Carol. It was 2am when Carol left the house, so the early hours of the morning? This card seems to be a message or an opportunity so I wonder if that is what made her leave the house?

An M or W is on this card as well as the fact it is a 'water card' and it often gives 3 'bells'. It is a card that shows meeting with a friend or friends, they could be other women or a man. It is a dreamy kind of card . Im seeing pink flowers and this card has spiritual elements or church elements which might represent the name of a place or road as possible.

However it is a water card so might suggest going somewhere there is water or a water name. There is often a white bridge in this card and a flowing river or water. I have not looked at a map to see where Carol lives but will have a look to see if there is any water nearby. Sometimes there can be disorientation in the cups because of the liquid element, sometimes it takes us to drugs or drink and it seems that this lady might have been on medication if she has heart problems.

A green hill is mentioned on this card and there is some kind of 'union' whether that is the name of somewhere or whether she has met up with somebody. The negative side of the Ace can show someone who makes things up in their head and believes them but it is upright and the negative side is not that strong at the moment that I can see.

I am seeing an island which might be 'being alone' and a Tree which could be another name of a road perhaps.
There is also a 'container' in this card and/or a lake if not a river. I am seeing her 'abode' here.

She sometimes feels unloved but its just mixed feelings through anxiety but it could all be in her mind because the natural picture I have of her is generally happy or content

There are a lot of complications to this card because there are so many 'attachments' to it as Cancer Scorpio and Pisces and the hanged man all pop up at the same time which is a bit of a handful but each of those signs represents water. The hanged man is giving me a feeling of 'suspension' and is linked to the number 4 which is often a father figure or a batchelor or priest etc hence the church elements and looking for them on a map if they are there but also there could be a vehicle here. Again in my minds eye I see some kind of religious connection and two people might have a bit of advice regarding carol. There is a K, Key Or Quay or Lock here, did she get locked out? Maybe its a name? Im inclined to mention the number 5 also. Both the 1 and the 5 could be routes or distance or have some other reference.
Im getting an L.

Linked are these words, lake, sea, creek, river, stream, wave, waterfall, a means of travel or vehicle is here.
Did Carol meet anybody in the Spring? Theres some kind of new encounter here.

Theres also something here about a new home or new residence, was Carol planning to move?
I wonder if she felt a burden on people and wanted to do something about it as I have some mixed feelings going on here and taking an opportunity to fix things?

Is someone pregnant around Carol, a friend or someone in the family I only ask because of a message I feel that this lady had been given.

Im getting the direction North - I can see problems in the breast stomach and chest, a cough or weak stomach or digestion problems. All I can really see is water or water names or some really emotional elements. But places or keywords being given are the sea, rivers and places near ponds or waters - brooks, springs, wells, wash-houses, sea shores, marshy land, In houses if there is a lower floor, it can represent cellars, cisterns, bathrooms and places near water. Other keywords can be fields, fountains, baths, highways and desertplaces, port towns, rivers, fishponds, standing pools, boggy places. Drains.

They might also be names of roads nearby so I just give them and hope something can be made of them.
I have a Monday here.

Something wrong with one of her eyes?
If Carol was disorientated she might have been afraid but does she drink at all? Im seeing some kind of disorientation here and feeling like she needed to make some kind of choice?


Here is a North direction and the words Snow or Ice come in here whether place names or otherwise. There is also some kind of sanctuary, mission place or church or church run institution here in this card but it shows us being 'outside' and not going in for help. I wonder if this lady is out in the cold? The card number is 5 which is a conclusion I came up with in the first card too and wonder if two other people are aware of where she is. This is a worry card and its a card that can also represent business buildings or places 'of work'.

Theres just a feeling of rejection here and some kind of illhealth. It could be a 'charity' organisation.
The colour Green is strong. Theres a bit of an emotional and financial crisis here and a fair bit of insecurity. Again the word 'Bell' does show up.

Is Carol in any debt, sometimes debts and ransoms can come up on this card - its not always the case but I have to mention it just in case. I see an arch name or archer here. Rurality might be in the surrounds, there are possible college or school links or names of them in the area. I am also seeing a possible 'G' and a Bank. I also see two circles or bikes or bicycles and somewhere near the water or a water name.

I think Carol could be nearby a building. I do seem to see property here and are there farmers fields perhaps that she has walked past? I cant be absolutely sure but I do think I can see a building at some point. Has she been caught on any CCTV?
I hope nobody tried to rob her or ask her for money.

There are some security issues and some form of concern here. I dont know if Coral works or whether I am seeing a work building.
I am also wondering if Carol belongs to a church group or organisation, if she has links there it might be worth checking them out.
Im feeling a sense of confusion.

I link Carol to pottery, creative cooking and flower arranging as creative arts come up in this set of cards, not sure if that means anything. There may be libraries or shops in the vicinity.
If a person comes up, they might be someone with Dark hair, eyes mouth and lips quite prominent, there might be a foreign element there. not very nice hands and rugged appearance. South East comes up here also. Perhaps some connection that way or to someone.

Problems with the throat and neck. Possible landmarks or attempts at naming places or roads might be linked to spinoffs of these keywords, stables /horses or animals like horses and cattle barns/storage/sheds. Farm land or pasture land away from housing estates. Single storey buildings, ie bungalows/cottages or low rooms or cellars.

Other possible landsmarks could be gardens, fountains, bridal shops/ word Bride or Bridal,Bed and breakfast houses or lodgings, beds, hangings dancing schools, wardrobes. Colour copper and Friday.

Is she friends with a man? someone who has kept her company?
There may be railway names or a railway. The word Jewell or Jewells.

The 5 could be a distance like 5 feet, 50 feet 500 feet or 5 miles from home if its not a road reference or route number or it could be 1 mile. Theres a Mule Barn Road South East and a route 35 not sure if that would be useful or not. One has to consider all the directions and I will ask Dee if she can prepare a map so we can at least see what Tarot has picked out.
Meanwhile we need to ask Tarot when Carol might be found.


Generally, this card is DAYS, but I will give the 6 so it could be six days from writing tarot OR it could be referring to the number 6 for another reason such as part of the route or distance.
Just to let you know that I noticed a GAY road at my brief look at the map. I do not know where Carol lives only the town name but this road is there to the South East it could just be marking vicinity but I will mention it because part of HAPPY is being Gay (blithe) it might show a connection there or again just showing what is around Carol in her town. So I just give all these things just in case.

Meanwhile back to this card the 6 it could be 6 from home but it is showing pots and pottery and her vicinity, her own home town so I would have thought somehow she would not be that far away? a 33 road goes straight through the center of Lathrop (assuming I have the right place on the map) again it could be connected near a tree name and a 'white bridge' that might be symbolic but it is there in the cards. Not to the forget the water elements. This card is also deemed West but shows that she met with an old friend. On the other hand I would have thought this is quite a positive card to finding Carol in fact I am quite sure she will be found. I cant say exactly when but just that she will be. I get childrens things here or connection to children too maybe playparks or just something that links to children in some way?

I feel that a map will help hopefully, the 116 route could also be useful but we can see everything clearer with a map so do check back for that.

Im seeing a garden with flowers? somewhere from the past? This is normally a November card but Im assuming she has not been found? I do see a reunion coming up so I do feel this lady will be found and leave that six for whatever time measure it wants to give.
I also have another direction to offer which is North East. One of the directions might be where Carol lives . I hope that Carol will be found and feel sure this will be the case.

Please check back for the map. Please read all the information combined even though it is past present and future. I cannot guarantee every detail and its a brief look to get a basic idea of the situation with Carol. I do think there are health matters here so I wont gloss over it but I can say that Carol is very likely going to be found.

Please bear in mind that Tarot tries very hard to pick out places and this has been a big priority to try to break things down in order to find people. Sometimes the maps are just a little off course but they do go very close to the direction of the person. Often Tarot is close but its just transferring that information and Dee has quite a tricky job to put the details on a map. I know that it will be as good as is possible at this very early and experimental stage. Also not every detail in tarot will be 100 per cent but hopefully something here might help and if it does thats the main thing. So fingers crossed that Carol is found .


Just checked up a link for Carol and read that she was last seen  8 miles EAST of Lathrop. Looking at the map that is number 1 and number 3 - (noted on the first card )route 13 and its near POLO (horse name) and also there is a PRICE ROAD there which would be the money element. 

I have given this information to Dee and she will look at a map tomorrow and I will be back to post.  



Dee has compiled a map which OUTLINES all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.

(Hit the Grey word that says MAPS)

 Show on MAPS



Family of Carol Thompson breaks silence, talks healing after ...
17 Apr 2013
After months and miles of searching, the family of Carol Thompson is grieving. Her remains were found less ...
 Her remains were recently found less than a mile away from where she was last seen.

she was found less than a mile away from where she was last seen by someone walking along a nearby creek in early April.

On Sunday, April 7, someone found skeletal remains in the southwest portion of the county. After an autopsy on Monday, dental records matched that of Thompson.
The case is still considered an open investigation by the sheriff’s office while they determine an exact cause of death.


  1. CALDWELL COUNTY, Mo. — The Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday human remains found in a remote area of Caldwell County last weekend are that of missing woman.

    Fifty-one-year-old Carol Thompson was reported missing in that area on June 15, 2012.

    On Sunday, April 7, someone found skeletal remains in the southwest portion of the county. After an autopsy on Monday, dental records matched that of Thompson.

    The case is still considered an open investigation by the sheriff’s office while they determine an exact cause of death.

    1. I came upon this after doing a google search and was reading how much of what was can relate to the situation. Still no Answer's.

  2. Many of the things of the reading can be related. She has been found there is resolution but no answers. :(


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