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Sunday, 4 November 2012



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Kortne Stouffer -- Missing Since 7/29/12
7 posts - 1 author - 6 days ago
Police search for missing Palmyra woman By CHRIS SHOLLY Lebanon Daily News Updated: 08/01/2012 03:07:26 PM EDT ...


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues.
All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.

Please always read the following


which is a useful article in respect of all the Tarot printed for Missing people/children.





I have a request here on the blogger to look at Tarot for Kortne Stouffer. As always I ask you to read the notes here on the blogger and remember that Tarot is in past present and future trends.

I write what I see and try to give as much detail as I can but I cannot guarantee every detail only that I hope something will assist. I always recommend that you check out factual sources of information.

It seems that Kortne went missing this year on 29th July. I have a missing alert up for her here on the blogger and am assuming that Kortne is still missing.


I have to say I did not expect this card asking about Kortne. Everytime I see the Sun I think of it as a very positive card and the possibilities of a relationship or friendship with someone she might have known for a year. Theres a huge masculine energy on this card so I am not sure if it actually wants to reflect on Kortne but someone else instead. Someone who might be pretty intelligent. There is also anger and arrogance in this card too and a bit of a flashy kind of ego. Theoretically the downside of this card is disagreements and misunderstandings but on the surface of it I am being given the lighter side of things. I wonder why? Perhaps the harmony was upset? However, this is also a family card and can depict someone with fatherly or brotherly influences.

Perhaps the suggestion is a male helped to bring things to culmination? I have an 'S' here and the number on this card is 19 we can add that together to make 10 or 1. Those numbers might be useful in routes distances or have another significance. Strangely I am being given a vehicle that is driven by a female or there is a car. Colours of Red, or Silver or White can show up in this card and of course Yellow. With these card numbers however there could be endings in relationships so this has to be borne in mind.

I wont have every detail to link everything together but this is past present and future so I will just continue to write what I have in relation to that. The first thought really was a happy card suggesting some kind of reunion with someone who might have made her heart glad. Travel is in this card so I can only assume there has to be a link in that respect.
East or North East is what I appear to have here.

I seem to get some kind of illusion here though and I want to go to the next card to see if I can pick up more. Just to mention that a Wall of a garden and an enclosure can come up here as can something red, like a banner, sign or piece of material. A mentor teacher or guide can come up in the sun card so its almost like someone you might listen to in that case. Maybe the name Michael could show up? not always the case but possible.

There could be a certain amount of fear or anxiety but I cant find anything strong enough here to suggest foul play however, the Sun is a card of the heart, it is also a card that links to the head and there are links to cutting instruments such as an axe here. However, I would have been more concerned had this card been reversed and still cannot find ugly things here unless we are supposed to do that and look at what seems to be a happy bright shiny surface where really this shiny happy life is not that way at all? seems like illusions secrets and perhaps even a clandestine relationship is possible or doing things in secret?


Here we have the King of Cups reversed. As a person NOT a nice person at all. West initially is given but also number 14 which can also read as 5 or 41, again could be routes or distances but I leave them as they may have another significance. Things cannot be that great when we have this card come up. First of all in both cards I have a link to RUBY. A ring? Now what that means I dont know, if its a name, a piece of Jewelry or even a place. But its here and so is a necklace.

Im getting someone who is emotionally manipulative. I am also getting drinking possible drugs here. Someone clingy and sentimental but crafty and given to violence and smothering ways. I am seeing an older guy, someone who might even be religiously inclined? I would not have recommended any dealings with this guy. Now is that something about this guy or this guy saying this about another guy? com - pli - ca - ted!! Is there a love affair ill approved of here? is there a heavy drinker here and has some link to religious views or linked to a church. This card is a water symbol and we do have water here in the vicinity. I have the North East here but there are some kind of church links and a location near water.

There is a red ship in this picture which might stand for smuggling or something that does not seem to be above board. I see a fallout with other people or between three people and some righteous person here. Some kind of telecommunicating or home business? double dealing and scandal here.

Colour Blue

North or North east. The name Clay place or person and again the descriptions I have may refer to landscape markings in a general area and may be trying to name them. A suggestion of somewhere confined dark and restricted movements, prisons and churches or deserted places. Water elements whether in name place or actual, muddy swampy ground, bogs marshes, lakes, ruined buildings near water, sewers drains. Black mud, underground places .

Damp and decay, Cellars, places untenanted or need renovation or demolition. Anywhere near a garden with north facing wall. Places hard to get to. Puddles ponds, pools lakes.
Person description if applicable someone well built, strong, possibly hairy, hair eyes dark and penetrating, square face or broad short neck, squat appearance.

All references also to boats yachts, fishing, houseboats etc. priest bishop church names.

Other references may be smiths, shops, furnaces, slaughterhouses, places where bricks or charcoal is burnt, chimneys, forges. These may describe place names or places.
Second possible person description if applicable would be someone who has a middle stature, strong countenance , big bones, lean but could have been plump once brown ruddy complextion, red or sandy or dark bonde hair, possible curly, piercing hazel eyes, bold confident personality.

Trip to lake with untrustworthy person or to water name place. Problems with love affairs or relationships. White bridge, M or W two people disappeared? or something about two children? people arguing or some kind of slander?
May be childrens play area.

Drinking establishments/ musical names?



According to this card Kortne will be found in under a year or the beginning of a year this is number 1. North Direction given and South. May be names of roads or areas in her 'place of origin'. I feel she will be found.

I am linking her to a property. The letter G somewhere possibly near business premises. Gates Arch, Gold Gates all come up here. Valleys woods, gardens parks, rural aspects. School names ie college/university etc. Farms, farmland. Im getting circles. Water name or near water might come up. Bicycles? financial matters. A business transaction. The name of a Bird, Manor, Hood? possible link to horse names or a vehicle and/or motorbike? also dogs? or pets. A scarf or piece of material . Red or violet.

Tarot should really be read in combination of all information and bear in mind it could be in past present or future trends. This is a very brief write up for Kortne and no doubt I may have overlooked some information but what is here may help. I will just leave this for the time being and if Kortne is not found before February next year then I will come back to look again.




Dee has compiled a map which OUTLINES all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.

(Hit the Grey word that says MAPS) 

Show on  Maps

Mount Joy could be an area of interest.



  1. What about Grantville there is a place that has gates water and alot of trees .Place where they shoe horses.

  2. How about the Hershey area.

  3. how about near her father's business

  4. how about the race track where the 2 are employeed and plenty of places you can hide something

  5. Today is Kortnes 22nd Birthday ~ Happy Birthday Kortne, Please Come Home!

  6. Please do an update for Kortne Stouffer, the 1 year anniversary is coming up on the 29th of July.

  7. Can you please do another reading?? You indicated you would come back in February (2013) if She wasn't found. She has now been missing for over a year (7/29/12).

    Thank you!

    1. I am unable to do so at the current time as there are too many pending cases. I can only do my best with the time I have.

  8. I'm hoping you can soon do the update that you indicated you would do in February of 2013 on Kortne. She still has not been found. I understand your very busy with pending cases and we all appreciate the time you put into all the missing ones. Thank You So Much !

  9. Would you be able to do an update on this case? I know family and friends would like to know what the cards would have to say.

  10. I happen to know about two different groups of suspects in this case, and I'd call them two different competing theories of the crime. There may be more, these are just the two I know about.

    The first is a group of middle-aged men known for drugging and gang-raping women in the area, and then circulating those rapes on video. The main guy in that rape video ring is actually friends with one of the suspects in the Morgan Harrington case. They're all into finding locals who are willing to set up rape video rings, which are a form of organized crime. People can go to jail just for watching those videos. Yet there are so many people in the Reading/Pottsville area who are in on it, I'd suspect anyone who's a member of being capable of a crime like this. Locals are all very tight-lipped about the rape videos, yet really seem to enjoy blabbing it all over town when they don't feel that they're being monitored by law enforcement. It's a very crime-laden area. So that's group one -- a gang of at least five men who are known in the area for drugging and gang-raping the body shop owner's customers, and then circulating the rape videos among groups of local predators.

    The next theory comes from a friend of the victim's. She said that the Kortne was killed over drugs and money, and that her body was dumped in a lake near Blue Mountain. The cops claim that friend has changed her story a lot and they don't take her seriously. But then, cops in that area have trouble taking crimes against women seriously in general. The body shop gang is still on the loose, aren't they? And they're also involved in drugs. The real irony here is that Blue Mountain is near New Ringgold, where one of the body shop rape accomplices either lives or has lived in the past, so he'd still be a suspect if the body is found there. I assume that the "friends" referred to in this theory are much younger, since the descriptions I've read seem to mention them as contemporaries and well-known druggies.

    In light of those two theories, the sun could refer to Sunrise Storage, which is a business right down the road from the body shop suspect, and he's familiar with that location. The Sun card could be pointing to it as a general location, or it could mean that she's near there, whether held captive or deceased.

    The color red -- the body shop guy used to brag about having an old gallon of lead-based red paint for classic cars, although red can mean a lot of things, and I get the feeling that I'm only partially correct here.

    I'm also getting that the sun could refer to New Ringgold, since the sun is like a ring of gold.

    Well, this comment is getting pretty long, so I'll see if I have other thoughts on Empathy's reading. But it already makes more sense than you know, at least for people who are familiar with some of the suspects and the locations they use.

  11. OK, looking more at Empathy's reading:

    Drinking drugs, older guy, heavy drinker, lives next to a church, water in vicinity (located in marshy area) home business and scandal all seem to point to the body shop owner (one of the two groups of suspects I mentioned in an earlier post, but I'm not sure whether it'll be approved or shown here).

    The cellar and hard to reach place near water are places that the body shop owner has. The man with squat appearance could be one of his accomplices, but I don't know about the location she's mentioning here. It could be on a farm that the squat person works on. That whole section that begins with "trip to lake" -- I don't know the part about the water, as that's probably their secret, but MW could be the body shop owner's daughter, and she did disappear after an argument but in a good way. She left and her grandparents took care of her after ongoing abuse from her father. That family had two daughters but only one survived. Drinking establishment with music may be where her father worked as a bouncer part-time when he could. He was always getting drunk and becoming abusive, so arguments were a way of life with him. The letter G could refer to the body shop owner too, although the rest of it might be from other locations they've used and pieces of clues from accomplices' other crimes. It's sort of a mishmash and venturing beyond things that are clear to me. Ruby, necklace, birds, and some other clues could refer to their 2008 rape victim in Orwigsburg. But if we knew all of their secrets, they'd be caught by now, wouldn't they?

    Amazing reading, Empathy. I don't know enough about the 2nd group of people suspected of this crime, but just from what you've done so far, I'm guessing it's the body shop guy and/or that squat friend of his. That friend also has a son who I think was one of their accomplices, maybe he was a part of it too. And there may be others. As I said, some of your reading I don't recognize, but I'm sure it means something because the rest of your reading was so specific and relevant.

    1. You are correct about it being a group of men. Very organized and intelligent men who oversee the operations and get less intelligent locals to take the heat if LE closes in. Definitely from the Cville HBURG area. They are brothers and their older associate is posing as a religious leader in Mineral/Bumpass VA.

  12. After reading the last 2 comments maybe you could do an update , this person seems to know pretty much about this case. I would like to Thank them for posting. Since it will be 2 years this month that Kortne is missing you might see something in the cards that would help lead them to Kortne. She needs to be found !

  13. I'll take a stab at what "wall" and "garden" mean. I think they're the names of towns, and that they refer to Wall, SD and North Garden, VA.

    North Garden, VA is where Morgan Harrington's body was dumped, and one of the men accused as an accomplice in that crime was also accused just last year of stalking one of his past victims in Wall, SD. He was actually driving north out of the Badlands toward Wall, so that could be what north-facing Wall meant.

    He is friends with that Pennsylvania mechanic/body shop owner who lives near where this abduction occurred. He and his friends usually use vehicles with New Jersey tags, however. I don't know which one of them is worse, but they could be considered a predatory gang. Also one of the men arrested in the Holly Bobo murder may have a connection to that Wall, SD stalking expedition.


  15. Please do another reading.

    1. Please write to me at to discuss an update.

  16. One week from today Kortne will be missing 4 years, asking you to please do another reading for her ! Thanks

  17. It is a day past 4 years since we lost the loving kortne... I beg of u to pls do another reading on her. I can't sleep at night alot. I just don't understand how this could happen. No one just disappears off the face of the eatth!!... we need ur help

  18. At the end of this reading it says that if Kortne is not found before February of next year you would come back and look again. As of July 29,2017 it has been 5 years and she has still not been found. Could you please come back a look again. Thanks !!

  19. Hello All, I do ask you bear with me as it gets very busy on this site regardless of how it seems. A lot of cases are also done by email so its not all published but the work can be overwhelming. I do not update as a rule now without a donation so Im sorry about that. If you want an update you need to write to me via email.

  20. I would like to know in the area where covered bridge oncurve and historic plaque exists with resivoir and wooded area

    1. Check out the area around 4045 Furnace Rd Mt Wolf PA. The house there fits alot of the description in Empathy's reading, and then if you venture further up the road on google maps you will come across a white ish bridge, on a curve, over running Codorous Creek, and nearby is the Cordorus Furnace which has a sign with historical details on it. It is also in a wooded area.

  21. Hi, I am very interested in reaching out to you to see if you are able to pick up any more readings for Kortne. I had a thought about Kortne and started looking at a map, which drew me to Marietta. After looking on Google maps around Marietta and across the river into Highmount and cross referencing that with your reading, almost every insight you had is referenced in that particular area in some way or another. I would really like to communicate more with you, or hear your insights into this area. Thanking you in advance.


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