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Saturday, 20 October 2012


Ben Needham before he disappeared

Ben Needham disappeared on the Greek Island of Koss in 1991. He was playing outside of his Grandparents home and was never seen again.


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues. All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.

Please always read the following


which is a useful article in respect of all the Tarot printed for Missing people/children.


20 OCTOBER 2012

I have been asked about Ben Needham and wrote Tarot for him a few years ago. I was also contacted by a PI about this situation and gave him my thoughts. I cannot find my original Tarot but I do remember some of what I had written. I seemed to think that Ben had some kind of illness or was ill. I thought it was possibly a 'skin' thing but I really cannot recall all I found..

I was not sure about his recovery either at the time. I would say this was at least four years ago I wrote something for him. On being contacted I actually had some impression of 'charity' or seeing some kind of organisation like that. Again my memory is dreadful and at the time I was only just putting information on the blogger so it was more the 'early days' of uploading all my work from my forum.

I did get the impression however at the time I wrote that Ben might be alive. I will say this because that is what I felt could be possible at the time of writing my report, however, I do not discuss whether a person is alive or dead as a rule as I know this gives hope to families and if Tarot is wrong it is NOT FAIR. I think other psychics should be very mindful of this and not sensationalise 'what they think'. So I am very cautious about tracking health on missing cases. I could very well be wrong but it was just the impression I had at the time.

Regarding Ben, I am aware that at the current time there are excavations occurring in Kos where he was last seen and I will put those news reports below.

All I can do is try to see if I can write unbiased to my original findings and look again at the situation.


Tarot tells us things whether we ask other questions and will outline a situation that can be overall circumstances or pertaining to the missing person. I do not control that. What I get is what YOU get and that is all I can give. However, over the years I have worked harder to try to bring forward more descriptions and directions and therefore it might shed other information that could be useful. This reading is also past present and future, it WILL reflect some information already known and that applies to every reading on this site. Tarot has to find the track and follow it.

This first card is a 2 and seems to show some kind of imbalance between work and financial matters. Now this can apply to ANYONE linked and I am just going to give what Tarot shows.

This card shows a change and upheaval in location and regarding health matters also seems to indicate some form of illhealth or a need to heal. However there is an accent on finance here and it can show someone who is 'not making enough money' or even some problem with a job or loss.

This journey of cards can ultimately show someone who wants to make quick cash and a bad businessman. The illhealth would certainly seem to tally with the card I remember from years ago.
It can talk about contracts and contractors and it is a rural card, it can also show a bike and these are all things that have come up in the current story.

But my ultimate feeling is that there was something wrong with Ben and someone tried to help him or could even have 'called' to him. These cards can also show foreigners and vehicles that come to a stop.

Outside influences seem to show possible arguments or hostility between people and this is a business card also (Work matters) and seems to show some kind of shifting priority there so was there a problem or some kind of issue about work in around the property? One ther thing that I am not sure about is a letter or contract here that has bad news attached to it ? as messages seem to be on this card. I get the feeling someone was unhappy with a project and this seems to be around Ben though I cannot put my finger exactly on it. I am seeing a young child here without a doubt but perhaps two others as well. One might be older then the other. There is a 'boss' figure here?

This card is normally known as a North Card but we have South coming up very strongly. Im also getting an extreme 'ignorance' feature here and/or bad attitude and a sense of injustice from someone connected to 'trade'. Is someone having to work too hard for the pay? Or is there a get rich quick scheme involved here? I also have a severe problem with this card because it seems to say 'no vacation' which puts Ben in two different places. The place he was supposed to be and where he actually was.

Bones joints and skelatal structures come up in this card. There is 'something' about knees or legs or someone with a limp.
The places that come up (remember past present and future on ALL cards) seem to either describe or are sound a like to places are farms, farming equipment, wood stores and places where farm animals roam. Fallow or bare land, barren fields, land that is bushy / thorny, or where there are dunghills, compost heaps or soil / manure. Low down or low dark places. It can also show an area that might sound like 'boats' or have boats on the horizon or boatyards or names similar.

Also, thresholds, walls, garden fences, gateposts and international borders can come up as well as church yards, ruins closed in places or confined spaces and also waste disposal so maybe pipes, drainage?

Other descriptions for vicinity or area or attempt at naming places, may be deserts, woods, obscure valleys, caves, dens, holes, mountains, or where men have been buried, church-yards, ruinous buildings, coal-mines, sinks, dirty or muddy places, wells and houses of offices.

Person description could come up who might be middle stature; pale complexion muddy, eyes small and dark, looking downward; a broad forehead, black or untidy hair, and it hard or rugged; thick lips and nose, stubble or traces of thin beard, a lumpish, unpleasant type of personality and someone not to be trusted or suspicous.


We have still not moved away from pentacles in this card and again I am seeing the make quick cash sign coming up once again. There is a person here who is lazy, they dont want to make money if they can get it easily so its a no brainer to them, let someone else do all the work and cash in at the same time. A bad businessman or person, in this card we have a female linked with Dark hair but Im not completely sure so I will just pop the thought and leave it. This card always reminds me of someone who left school or dropped out of school because they wanted to work? but wants to make fast money.

This card is a number 8 card also a North direction . Some kind of cunning and intrigue is on this card so it looks to me like someone 'played a fast one' somewhere. Perhaps this is a not so innocent female or younger male with dark hair? the word I would use is 'shifty'. Not one but two people who are trying to make money.
However this is a locations card so its all about Profit. There is an area on the map called Profitis maybe that would be useful? as this is a card that compromises money lending, so might be showing an area instead that links at some point?

Work is 'not commissioned' in this card therefore I am wondering whether there is a link to the area mentioned though I am not sure how that applies right now or to whom. The colour Green is strong which indicates rural land.

A person could be described here as average height, slender / angular, thin lips, possible high forehead, eyes small and piercing and dark hair. I also have a South West direction. The number 8 could be distance or route as a possibility.

Again we have descriptions of places or sound-a-like names that might assist or descriptions of vicinity which appears to be agriculture, harvest and agricultural storage, dairies, granaries, malt-houses breweries, cornfields, hay-ricks, greenhouses, places that might link to barley, wheat or peas or where cheese and butter is churned or stored.

Again some links to finances so money names perhaps or people connected or places to study, accountancy, or storage; libraries, book cases, or places where books, pens and reading/writing instruments are kept, typewriters, word processors and computers, study halls, office areas and items used for book-keeping, pantries, closets, cabinets, drawers, medicine cupboards and drug stores generally through its association with health. Places that also might store material or have things that sew or repair or linked to tools to do this . Some connection to pets, small animals and vet services. These may all be in the vicinity or link to other people connected.

There is a sense of perjury in these cards and lies.

I am seeing schools (re the books and pens) Tradesmen's shops, markets, fairs, common halls, bowling-alleys, tennis courts. They may reflect names of places or environment?
A liar or someone who does not speak the truth or a busy body.
A person in this card can also described as straight thin , high forehead narrow long face, long nose; fair eyes, neither black or grey, thin lips and nose, possible stubble but no beard, lots of hair on the head, dark hair, olive/chestnut complexion.
A cheat and a thief.


The last card I have is a 14 card. This can be EAST and also link to number 5 or 41.

In terms of time it would not be THAT difficult to find Ben if there were not so many problems with witness statements as clearly this card is telling us that evidence has been covered up or someone or even more then one have lied. The police here in this card are reversed so therefore it might suggest that someone somewhere has failed to give them the correct facts. I dont see any truth going on with this card like this. As this is the search and find card it is imperative that people tell the truth as the family are left standing otherwise and finding Ben has been difficult. Now normally the King of Swords is a MONTHS card and it does suggest here something going on within 14 months or a link to 'five'  but from 'what time' I cannot say.

I am seeing a divorce and a seperation in these cards I do not know who it applies to, but these cards suggest that Ben was 'mislaid for a time' again 'a time' is not indicated exactly.

These cards show us a mountain water rocks and stone and concrete. I also have indications of somewhere that might have an airport here or that is mentioned along with possible railways.Again it could be names of places but thats what can come up here.
A researcher, a lawyer, teacher, someone in the communications field, or a military officer, doctor or judge can come up here on this card regarding search and find. I get the impression of one thing being played off against the other here. Or perhaps people who do that which is not useful.

As far as I can see 'someone here needs to heal' as someone has been ill and even lost memory? OR perhaps recalling the facts there is something wrong with that?

Looks to me like there could be a lawsuit here or someone going to court? this wont end well for someone because of the possibility of malicious plans to cover things up.

I also have North West here. All descriptions as explained before for this card will give areas that might have been searched or to be searched and find areas either description of landscape or attempts at naming somewhere.

The descriptions are deep wells, quarries, mines and land that has recently been dug. Hills uneven, airports, also roof, attic rooms bedrooms come up (not sure why - blanket)? Water linked, fountains, springs any water connection like Bath, baths, taps showers, power supplies.

Church monastary or names such as those? OR a connection? or Christian?

A person described the same as in the first card and also this description strong, sturdy body. Short in height, prominent bone structure, fair complexion hazel eyes sandy or dark blonde hair.
All I can suggest is what I have on these cards and they must be read in combination to each other. Locations are in very early stages of working out but a map can be supplied if you check back.
Tarot only gives WHAT IT HAS it does NOT give every single detail and it tries to explain as best as it sees. There are no guarantees whatsoever only the hope that something might be useful. Regarding 'alive or deceased'. 

 I have to be honest and say I THOUGHT that Ben was alive when I looked at the tarot a few years ago but I did see illhealth on him . Unfortunately Tarot can be misleading at times on health matters and is the reason I never discuss what condition a person is in anymore. Below are news reports that are current.




Grandfather of Ben Needham makes "difficult" return to Kos to join search for toddler missing for 21 years‎ - by Natalie Evans‎ - 1 hour ago
Eddie Needham was assisting Greek and British police officers searching land close to the farmhouse on Kos where Ben went missing in 1991.

Ben Needham's mother flies to Greece as police prepare to dig up ... › NewsWorld NewsEuropeGreece
1 day ago – The mother of Ben Needham, who disappeared as a toddler 21 years ago, has flown out to Greece as British police prepare to dig up a mound ...


 Ben Needham: Police Believe He Can Be Found
Sky News‎ - 30 minutes ago
Detectives looking for missing Ben Needham on Kos insist their search is a realistic line of inquiry.


Exclusive: Ben Needham's mum speaks to Calendar

ITV News-10 hours ago
Kerry Needham has spoken exclusively to Calendar as police step up their search to find her son Ben, on the Greek holiday island of Kos.

Ben Needham: Mum's agony as police carry out new search

BBC News-3 hours ago
The mother of missing Ben Needham has said visiting the Greek island where police are searching for the remains of her son was "heart ...

These two reports below were earlier in the year but I saw them on one of the links above and have posted for some background news.


 Hunt for Ben Needham: Police dig up bits of children's toys in mound ... hour ago
Bits of old toys that toddler Ben Needham may have been playing with when he disappeared have been uncovered by detectives searching for ...


 Ben Needham's mum in emotional return to Kos farmhouse where son vanished
Scottish Daily Record‎ - 1 day ago
KERRY visited the site on the Greek island where British police are conducting a search for Ben, who went missing in 1991.


'My heart is at peace': Mum has renewed hope Ben Needham is alive as dig finds no sign of missing son‎ - 3 hours ago
Police digging where he could have been accidentally buried by rubble 21 years ago have so far found no trace of him.

Ben Needham: Police search team set to return home
BBC News-5 hours ago
Specialist police officers searching for the missing Sheffield youngster Ben Needham are expected to call off their search on the Greek island of ...
Ben Needham's mum tells of fresh hope after digging search Scottish Daily Record


Ben Needham: Police finish Kos search

BBC News-26 Oct 2012
Specialist police officers searching for the missing Sheffield youngster Ben Needham have called off their search on the Greek island of Kos.


  Ben Needham: Futile police search gives mother new hope
BBC News‎ - 3 days ago
The mother of missing Sheffield boy Ben Needham vows to continue looking for him after a police search on a Greek island finds no trace of ...


I am sure I had a map here but clearly not. I will try to do something about that. Meanwhile the latest news is below.

s this Ben Needham? Heartache for mum Kerry as TV appeal ... Lucy Thornton-18 hours ago
Kerry Needham says her worldwide search for missing son Ben has been given a “haunting” lead by a photo of a mystery boy. She was making ...


Father of missing Ben Needham says he could forgive his son's ...
Jan 4, 2013 – The father of Ben Needham, the boy who disappeared from the Greek holiday island of Kos as a toddler, has told his local newspaper that he ...

Photo is not of missing Ben Needham | Calendar - ITV News
Jan 9, 2013 – Read the latest Calendar stories, Photo is not of missing Ben Needham on ITV News, videos, stories and all the latest Calendar news.


Ben Needham
21 February 2013 .... The mother of toddler Ben Needham, who went missing 21 years ago on a Greek holiday ... Tom Cruise Joins Hunt To Find Ben Needham ...


Ben Needham: Sister Leighanna explains the impact the ... - Daily Mail
Apr 20, 2013 – In an exclusive interview with, Leighanna Needham, now 20, explains that brother Ben's loss on the island of Kos in 1991 has cast a long ..


Ben Needham's mum fights for DNA test to see if gypsy in Greece is her son ‎- by Lucy Thornton ‎- 3 days ago
The fair-haired man was identified by two sources after Ben's mum made an emotional appeal on Greek TV last December.



Is this Ben Needham? Picture of Roma man suspected of being British tot who disappeared in Greece 22 years ago


Ben Needham: DNA Test On Man Proves Negative

Sky News-44 minutes ago
The search for Ben Needham goes on after a DNA test on a young man in Cyprus proved he was not the missing Briton. Ben's family, including ...


Ben Needham's mum Kerry accuses David Cameron of not giving ... Dec 2013
... and financial backing offered to the Metropolitan force in the hunt for missing Madeleine. ... "I'm not being critical of the McCann family at all.



Maps are compiled following Tarot suggestions/directions which merely outlines POSSIBILITIES of all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. They may touch upon areas connected to other people linked to the case. Please bear in mind that maps cannot be guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.


 [image] UPDATED 5TH AUGUST 2014

Missing Ben Needham sister welcomes baby girl who looks ...
17 Apr 2014 - Ben Needham has now been missing over 20 years and his mother Kerry now feels the bittersweet of once again holding a baby - her daughter ...



An interesting bit of news regarding Ben just come up in recent times. I note the 'Soldier' (Military aspect mentioned in Tarots search/find card), also the Number 5 (Month of May) this news has appeared.

Could 'witness' soldier hold key to disappearance of Ben Needham ... May 2015


Curiously a new report just showing up is about another theory (there are around 8 at the moment being investigated), that Ben was taken by speedboat. He was apparently taken North to a coastal town called Katerini. I had a look on the map and noticed that is approximately over an hour south west of Profitis a place I seemed to have mentioned. Of course it is just all speculation but I do notice I have also mentioned boats. Often Tarot can make a reference to what might be suggested rather than 'what is' and this report certainly links in boats. I guess we have to wait and see what transpires.


Ben Needham 'snatched and taken away on black speedboat ... - Mirrn


Widow of digger driver suspected of crushing Ben Needham to death insisted: “My husband did not kill the boy”


Ben Needham police find 60 items 'of interest' in Kos

Daily Mail-7 hours ago
A spokesman revealed: 'The reason we're trucking it up to the farmhouse along with excavated deposits to come is simply because we have a ..


Ben Needham's toy car' found in Kos searches

BBC News-18 Oct 2016
A toy car thought to belong to missing toddler Ben Needham was found during police searches on Kos, according to the Find Ben Needham ...


  1. The mum of missing toddler Ben Needham is fighting to get a DNA test to determine if a gypsy in Greece is her son or not.

    The fair-haired man, who lives in northern Greece, was identified by two sources after Ben’s mum made an emotional appeal on Greek TV last December.

    Kerry Needham, 41, said she has kept silent for five months after the man’s details were passed to Greek detectives by her South Yorkshire police force.

    But now the mum has decided to speak out because she is still waiting for them to carry out the DNA test.

    She is backed by her MP, Labour’s Angela Smith, who said she is going to raise the issue with the Foreign Office.

    The mum has been searching for her son since he disappeared from the Greek island of Kos in 1991, aged just 21 months. He has not been seen since.

    She made her appeal to the Greek public on the popular ‘Light In The Tunnel’ show, a three-hour live programme which is watched by millions and specialises in finding missing people.

    A woman who rang in told one of the journalists manning the phones the name of a man.

    She claimed she was told this man was Ben Needham and gave his address in northern Greece.

    A month later Kerry made a follow-up trip to this area and was given the same name by another source.

    She asked local police for their help and was shown a photo of the man, but initially she was unconvinced.

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  2. The mother of missing Ben Needham said she is 'delighted' at the news that an abducted blonde girl was recovered from a gypsy camp in Greece, the country where her own son was last seen.

    Police are now probing claims that missing Briton Ben was spotted at the same Greek gypsy camp where the four-year-old child was found this week.

    As the international appeal to identify the child, known as 'Maria', continues, officials have been quizzing the two people charged with her abduction over links to the disappearance of Ben in 1991.

    Read more:
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  3. Hi Epathy
    toay they start to dig for Ben.
    Well I am mythed on the latest news of a witness coming forward after 25yrs to say his freid who has now died killed the little boy by accident & buried him. First of all how someone can keep a secret for so long from a desperate mother, why was nothing said when this man knew his own life was at its end.
    I note a eu12,500 reward was recently offered & I must say I am suspicious of this witness & now I come to read what you have turned up & WoW you have seen someone wanting to make a quick buck.
    If something of Ben does turn up & I was a DI, then I would be highly suspicious of this witness & I am not the only one saying its to easy to blame a dead man.
    Love & Light xx

  4. Talk about self serving and money hungry, this reading is spot on. Can't get more obvious than that..


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