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Sunday, 9 September 2012



Tracey Marie Kroh was last seen on August 5th, 1989, in the Millersburg town square after she dropped off some items at her older sister's home. Police say she used a public telephone shortly before disappearing that night.
Four years later, a Washington Township farmer found some of Kroh's personal belongings in a creek.
Anyone with information on Kroh's whereabouts should call state police at (717) 362-9544.


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues. All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.

Please always read the following


which is a useful article in respect of all the Tarot printed for Missing people/children.




I have a request here on the blogger to look at Tarot for Tracey Marie Kroh. At the time of writing I am assuming that Tracey is still missing.

Please remember Tarot gives glimpses of past present and future trends but does not claim to solve every detail or issue. I write down what I have been given and hope that perhaps something may assist. Always go to factual sources of information.


I do not know the background of Tracey but the first card I have here is suggesting that there may have been some unhealthy influences around her. The devil card seems to suggest that there is some kind of relationship that perhaps was not in her best interest or a situation that she might have wanted to get away from. Here we actually see that unhealthy relationships could be sex or drugs or just being bonded to someone that we dont want to be with. If it is not a someone then it is just the overall situation and we look for some kind of release from that or we are released from it.

If it is a personal relationship to Tracey then we have faced some kind of indecision at some point and felt too weak to get out of it. So perhaps her disappearance could be due to this negative relationship/friendship or situation that seems to have been around her. The cards could actually also produce a stalker, it may also be outside family interference but those are the kind of thoughts that come to mind when looking at this card briefly. Number 15 comes up on this card as does the number 51. They have their own reasons for being produced but could be routes or roads or relating to age or timing.

When we have this card sitting next to Temperence, we can feel the same vibration, that perhaps we either cannot get on with someone in our personal relationships or that we have that unhealthy vibe there to do with drugs or sex or that someone around us may be like that. It is much the same. Sometimes the name Michael could come up here but also there may be references to restaurants or cooking. That may sound odd but perhaps its names of places or people.

This card also can show us that there might have been some kind of connection to money or some kind of obsession about something maybe someone obsessed about her or again the personality of someone else and the Tower seems to make me feel that something affected two people very badly. Something was making this girl very miserable and even though I look at the Devil card it seems to me that there were a lot feelings in this card that relate possibly to Tracey herself. I sense a feeling that she was trapped in a situation and might have wanted to get out of it.

The devil bonds us with chains but reversed perhaps we do something to get away or escape the vibrations or situations that are making us feel bad.

Again this could be personal relationships that are attached here. I get a South direction/connection here and see bones joints and skeletal structures but that is another way of showing decay of the situation. Knees and legs possible injuries to those for someone. There might be someone described as average height and thin hair which though dark is appearing somehow as white or pale?

Prominent bone structure but the knees seem to come up.
I do have some kind of connection to the underside of a building but I have landscape or vicinity descriptions here such as Farms or things to do with farming equipment, perhaps wood stores and roaming animals. Fallow or bare land, fields, land that is bushy and thorny, being low down, dark places, and perhaps storage places for boats? or this could describe names of places. Perhaps even waste disposal could show up.

Walls, garden fences, gateposts and international borders church yards and ruins. If inside a property the feeling is being confined or closed in. Im seeing someone who might be jealous of women and who might lie a lot. I see this girl in dominating situations at some point and perhaps someone who might have been violent or manipulating. An unhappy situation.


I would associate Tracey with a vehicle or with a father, boss, partner, spouse or some very strong male. The number 4 is here and would suggest that this kind of person might be able to offer the answers as to where Tracey is or could be. Next to the Heirophant I would have thought that two people hold the key to where she is or could offer advice as to that. There is a feeling of schools, religion, or a mentor here? Church names might come up. A mountain name? or actual?

The Heirophant would show us the letter K or keys or perhaps Quay? not to forget a possible vehicle may show up.
I would be looking at East in the name of a road place or direction. Someone who protects her whereabouts whether for good reasons or bad but descriptions would be someone who is quite red in complexion whether that means they get angry or not might be a possibility but perhaps a bit of red in the hair, well tanned, quite slim, not that tall but strong perhaps bald or thinning in the hair.

Possible connections to construction but landscape or vicinity described as sandy and hilly ground, newly built land or where construction work is taking place.Perhaps this is land where there might be small cattle like sheep etc or a barn. Some kind of criminal activity as this shows places that people dont go to unless they are criminals or where they might hide out. Bricks and mortar, ceiling and things you build a house withcome up. Fire and heat and possible burns and scars might show up here.


This is a pure card of deception from all levels, the first indication that is given is a sense of abduction but also there is a running away escapism attached to it, it is difficult to know which.
As this is the find card it is indicating that some things may have been found and I believe that is the case according to the top report. Water rocks stone and concrete can show in this card, and items were found in a creek. This card is a 7 and it is giving us initially an East direction.

I would have thought that items were PLACED and therefore that is why they were found as this card is linked to deception it could be a ploy to look in the other direction? or it could suggest things being moved so I think the finding of objects might have been a possible ruse. I might not be right but thats what could be the situation. However, it does show two people by the water and the coastline or a waterline in a search too. Im feeling the word stuck in the mud or stuck somewhere and a building that might be near the water.

There is a sense of futility in trying to find Tracey and that comes up quite clearly on this card. Someone might have been very cunning and managed to outwit others. There might be three people to consider when it comes to finding Tracey are there other girls disappeared at the same period of time? I ask because of that sense of the three.

This card does say something will be found - stolen property is what I have but would have suggested an apology but if not at least some things will be found. So on search matters would indicate something found. However so far it does not seem to be Tracey herself. If there have been sightings of Tracey or witnesses then either they have not told the truth or there is someone who has something they have said and might not have been believed. Its just a feeling that the truth has been 'there' but not seen somehow because advice has been offered but it has been neglected? Did someone claim to know where she was?

I would have thought even at this late stage it is possible to find Tracey. I do not concentrate on health matters therefore I cannot say whether Tracey will be found healthy or not eventually.

Im being told that it is quite scientific? Im seeing the description of someone who is average height height, possible long face and bone structure prominent fair complexion hazel eyes, sandy or dark blonde hair. Leaning to the West but North West comes up here and number 7. Possibilities of problems to neck here but shins and legs. Im looking at similar kind of places with water connected somehow deep wells, quarries, mines over land that has recently been dug.

Again Hills , land uneven, airports or anything to do with wind power, roof, attic rooms, eaves or upper parts of a house. Bedrooms can come up as can blankets and carpets and sometimes grandparents might figure. Computers can come up too.

Fountains and Springs, vineyards or places near water, anything linked to water in a house, taps showers or where there are these kind of power supplies. It seems to me the name WHITE might come up and that any of these descriptions could be 'naming a place'.

Remember to think about abandoned buildings also as they might figure. I would take into account all the information and combine it so that it might be giving a better picture. Some of the information appears to merge so I will try to look at a map to see if anything stands out. I just feel a sense of trickery really, or some kind of deception something covered up perhaps or someone who might have been able to throw light on the situation. I see this girl hidden and concealed.

Hopefully something here will help. When there is a map available I will post it up so please check back. This is a very brief view of the situation and its possible I have not covered every aspect but hopefully this outline might be useful.



I will be asking Dee if she can compile a map from Tarot findings and directions but I am looking at a map right now and just speculating as to areas that might be of interest. Firstly, Tarot will show indications of past present and future and the problem is though the cards are specific with what is asked from them the 'jouney' or vicinity of the person can be jumbled. For example the third card might show more where she is rather then the second. That is why I ask people to read and combine what is given.

Tarot will show 'something' or someplace connected but we have to figure out actual location and we are in experimental stages with this. Right away I note that Millersberg is next to water. A big river. Items were found at Wiconisco Creek which when looking at the map would be East of where her car was found. I have no idea about what areas are/have been searched and I have to STRESS that Tarot might ONLY be showing areas that are surrounding vicinity of places attached to this girl. On the other hand, Tarot might pick out places linked to 'other people' that could be connected in some way.

But the word HEART can be seen in the swords cards and there is a Hart Resovoir that appears to be South East. We have had South and East in the Tarot also the Fort Indian Gap Township there might show up with the 'red' factor in the Emperor or the Arian factor which shows red and one might think of 'red indian'. Also is is close to a '4 route'. So thats possible in some ways and can tie in to an airport there also.

Number 15 is just North of Millersberg on the map. Mountain Road and Independence are in that area and going down South follows the river through to Halifax and as far as I can see stops around that area. The 15 areas are clearly linking to Marie. I do note Bald Eagle State park also simply because a Bird is seen in the cards and we have 'balding' here also and White Mountain wild area. There are a lot of State Game lands and a place called State Game College and there is a possible school name. Obviously we have different directions here but maybe they all play a part of enclose a vicinity. At the moment is very hard to pinpoint locations but I have noticed many times that Tarot has picked out connecting areas linking to the person or something/someone connected to them whether its just where they disappeared or not. Its all worth considering isnt it? We do get Fort and Camp names with the Swords cards also and church names.

With the Keys signal we might even have Lock names and there is a place called Lock Haven. Certainly all these places can be seen in the Tarot. Also the area of Beaver Springs may come up there is a Center Road there and a lake so all those areas might be useful. That having been said it very much depends on which card is giving location and sometimes all three try to tell us. Hills/Mountains are places to stress too.

Now that I have begun to look at a map if we trace around the Emperor we might pick up RED and Window. We should note that Mountains, Adam and Eve, Gardens, Spring, Twin peaks, Flowers, Lion, and White show up. As do the initials B J D and R which could be places or people initials. I am wondering about MECHANICS and there is an area called Mechanicsberg there on the map. That appears to be in a '7' area. Further down we have Red Lion area. I am trying to show you how Tarot can pick up areas on a map randomly but it may cover many issues and not just location. Places with the word Mill or Will come up and we know that Millersberg is named. One might even wonder if we are to go as far East as Brick?

Places with Will might be Wilmington which is South East and thats quite a way down.
I really just leave the thoughts that could or may help but there are NO GUARANTEES regarding location. I will try to get a map posted and see what Dee thinks too as she generally draws up the maps and she might see something that I have not. Please check back as Im sure we can get a map up in a while.

It is curious that the 4 on the Emperor comes up and it is thought that 4 years after Marie's disappearance a Farmer found items in a creek.




Dee has compiled a map which OUTLINES all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.

(Hit the Grey word that says MAPS)

Show on Google Maps


  1. I think tracy is alive but under a different pretty sure and alot of what the cards made sense

  2. I believe she is alive too,under different names and jumps from location to location. I met Dominique which told me she was working on tracy missing case as a psychic. When I looked it up the photo resembles her.i don't think she wants to be found. Topix has over 4000 posts arguing about the case. I believe she is on there under different names. Plus other things mentioned never made sense but they do with the cards. If I am right last time I saw her was NJ

  3. I posted my thought and wasn't posted. Why? I really feel it might be helpful


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