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Wednesday, 26 September 2012



Missing schoolgirl Megan Stammers 'excitable' before leaving for France with ... - ‎54 minutes ago‎
Megan, 15, had been "jumping around" with excitement before leaving on Friday, her mother Danielle Wilson said today. Describing her as "childlike" and her "princess", tearful Ms Wilson made an emotional plea for her daughter to come home,


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues. All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.

Please always read the following


which is a useful article in respect of all the Tarot printed for Missing people/children.




I have been asked to look at the situation via Tarot for Megan Stammers. I have to say that this is a case where it is hard not to have opinions and views and I know it is important to read the Tarot without any preconceptions. There have however been many news reports about Megans Disappearance and quite a bit discussed on facebook so I am privvy to knowing a fair bit of the background in this case. However, as always I will write Tarot as I find it .

Tarot as you know works with past present and future trends because of this, we do get some events come to light or references to information already known however, there are other factors that come up that expand on issues and may be helpful. Anyway I will just write down what I have and really one has to wait and see what occurs.

Writing Tarot for Megan one has to remember that she is a 15 year old girl therefore this is a sensitive issue. Megan is a really beautiful girl and at the moment her parents are very upset and bearing everything in mind I will simply trace some outlines and hope they help.

I do not see the need to post a card for 'what happened' because that is not the issue. What is important is to try to trace location information and find information.


This card is generally a South card . Overall it is a card of harmony and I cant see anything negative on this card as this person is realising their dreams and ambitions in a respect or as Tarot would put it realising their hopes and desires. This card does show a male at the beginning of the journey and 'hitching a ride' with him and we know that Megan has eloped with her teacher. The emphasis is on a very virile male however and making decisions to cross the water.

This is to go to a new home or a motel as either can show up here. There appears to be 'teamwork' in this card so perhaps as a couple they both form that team or others have collaborated. there is a connection to the direction North East and we seem to have places indicated or 'sound a like names' described as royal names, such as prince, princess, king, queen, also forts castles palaces etc. Theatres, auditoriums public buildings, monuments all come up here along with places difficult to get to namely deserts, forests areas where wild animals roam . Leo comes up here so maybe Lyons to show us France?
Heat and fire seem to come in the wands cards which could signify a fire whether outside or in houses because we can get fires/chimneys and heat sources connecting here.

There is something hidden in the six of wands however, and it is often considered that the six of wands is travel so having to hide while travelling would be completely in sync with this card. There is a Hill feature and a pyramid so Paris might also have been an intended place. Romantic Paree...?

The pyramid shape in the wands card could very well signify the Parisian Eiffel Tower. I am seeing very rural elements however, landscape with a stream running through and 'a house on a hill'. The feeling of hiding is very much prevalent and I am looking 'between two towns' as I see this card so on the outskirts of a town as I do not see arriving into the town. Airports can figure in the equation too and this must not be ruled out. Trickery and disguise can be part of the wands cards and its possible to pass someone off as someone else. Would Megan be passed off as a wife for example? I am seeing Red tape and broadcasting and I think it is possible that both will lay low.

I am also seeing sporty or sports elements and I can guarantee that whoever knows where this couple are will betray them because there will be a lot of gossip coming forward!! there is a failure to realise desires and hopes here because of the circumstances so I feel much will thwart the 'running away'.

I am seeing 'entertainment places' and I have an inkling that the male counterpart might consider busking or may have had some thought about working in a musical field. I already know that there is a musical streak in the male. There is a place called 'ANGERS' as the six of wands is linked to 'the angry man' so I will point that out. It might not be useful but you never know. Taking into account the 'heat' elements one wonders if Spain might come up on the Agenda?
The word Alsace can be connected to this card.
Also to be considered are places where you would get 'parades' like the Champs Elysees.

However, Im plumping for Country village scenes more then towns and whatever town I suggest believe me when I say it is very difficult to even try to do that. This card does not offer a great deal to me when looking at a french map. However, we do have the majestic names and castles forts etc so may be that might jog someones thoughts. However with Leo strong I feel sunshine is where they are headed or something relating to sunshine? Place name anyone.

The downside of this card and not to dwell on it is the lust and desire factor that accompanies this travelling. The wands cards are very lusty and virile and they have a determination about them to make things work. Im sure that both Megan and her travelling companion have hoped that would be the case for their journey. I do not think they 'have no money' I think they have a sufficient amount to get by at least at the time of writing this that is what I see.

The word 'Victory'.

However, despite the intial harmonious feeling to this card I do feel this journey could lead to undesirable developments. I think marriage may have been discussed.

They will be aware about the 'news and broadcasts'.
Any of these areas may be of interest. Countryside, Field, Plain, Agriculture, Cultivation, Plowing, Landed Property, Real Estate, Solid, Farm, Garden, Orchard, Meadow, Woods, Grove, Foliage, Country Living. Forest, Small Valley, Mountain, War Camp.

The male may be an impetuous character and the situation may get out of control but I see such action and plots involved here I am not sure that it is within the mind of the male counterpart to want to bring this girl home. I think it will be diverted as much as possible.


I have a four for when Megan will be found. This is often a 'days card' so could be within 4 days time however, I have to just give the four as it may need to just 'stand' on its own. I do not get the impression that Megan would want to come home because one can get lost in adventure and dreams and everything else could seem boring in comparison.
This card sits so close to the three of cups and there may be three friends who may have information or come forward so that might help in this search and find question. This card does signify West but we have to be so careful about direction because its difficult to know what are starting and ending points hence why a map is offered as a consideration. There will be a map posted on this post when it is available or when Dee can see if there are any pointers from tarot.

In this card we also have a pointer North - descriptions of landscape or place names are the sea, rivers and places near ponds or waters - brooks, springs, wells, wash-houses, sea shores, marshy land, If in houses it represents cellars, cisterns, bathrooms and places near water. I do think that Megan can be found but I think there is a tricky element to all of this because I do not think the male wishes to let go of the situation therefore that would be my worry. Sitting next to the five of cups is a card of sorrow it is wanting to leave the past behind but that is not possible as one way or the other this girl is going to be found and hopefully not before long. But .. I see problems.

I had it in my mind before reading Tarot that there could have been a link to Amsterdam. Perhaps that is a bit foolish of me but I could not shake that place out of my mind. It does seem to be North East and I do wonder if it figures in any way.

I do feel that there will be regret and disappointment and a lot of forgiveness is going to have to be metered out regarding this disappearance and one has to hope there is no pregnancy here also as with Cancer linked in to the card we can get stomach problems and upsets. So do I think Megan will be found? yes I do but its the consequences that bother me.

I did have one or two other cards that gave me the three of swords and the five of cups. I feel those cards more or less put this situation into prospective. The male wishes to have a divorce but of course with the Swords it is not the only court that might come up to face him. Court trials are indeed on the wands cards and this is something he will know is unavoidable when eloping with a girl who is underage.

There could be unpleasant situations in store and the swords already point out that there have been arguments and tussles in a relationship which I understand are linked to the male and his own marriage but I do not think one should speculate. This three of swords would already agree that there was a plan at foot as Aces are always beginnings and it would have been thought out in advance. However, swords are never good cards and though I feel Megan could adjust in the long term if returned safely I do not feel the same for the male. I feel he is the one with the stronger emotion here and will be greatly affected. When ones emotions are that strong they can lead to problems and I would hope that those problems do not bring out the worst in the five of cups. That card is one that can bring both good and bad news.

It would be good news if the family will be reunited with Megan but I still see problems here that will need to be overcome. I think the resistance to be found exceptionally strong it just depends to what lengths that will go to.

I do see a 'tree name' an M or W a bell and a white bridge. I think the Bell is linking in to the school . I do not think there is any intention for either to wish to return to the school and I also think its possible there will be a lot of trouble for the school over this issue. It may have highlighted problems that were best left lying quietly in the background and if this turns out to be the case I actually feel sorry for everyone involved.

Anyway, Im sure things will turn out as they are meant to, but courts of laws and justice issues are going to come up.
If there is anything else that I feel I have missed I will come back and post Im not sure if anything here will help particularly with an overseas map but one can only hope something does help however small.  This is a very brief overview of Tarot for Megan but if I think of anything further I will come back to post.



I felt I had to come back to Megan's case.  Dee and I were discussing the map and how difficult it is to look at names of places when they were not written in our mothertongue.  It is hard for Dee to get pointers or pick anything out without understanding language.  Obviously this is a big problem that we have to think about because the maps at the current stage are only experimental and Dee has the ability to use the computer to write things up whereby though I have reasonably good computer knowledge my brain sticks in a cog when it comes to getting driving instructions on google maps and then creating a link. I honestly just have to leave the fiddly stuff to someone who is more patient with that, and thats where Dee comes in. 

Now that we have thought about the situation about other countries on maps I know Im going to have to write something up about that in my Maps/post.

Meanwhile, I wanted to come back about Megan's case because I know full well that I had not originally been asked to look at this case ( until Dee made a request) and in between I posted up a missing alert and Dee and I had discussed it on facebook along with the news reports that were coming out.  That is the reason that I did not write up a card for 'what happened' and stuck to just looking at possible locations and find/search so there are only two cards for this case. However, as always I go away thinking about things and I want to come back to the 4 of cups and mention further information.

As usual I can only write what I get and how it fits in past present and future remains to be seen but I do have the Emperor in connecting factors here and I am considering whether the Car that these two people went away in will be spotted or found first.  It did occur to me that it might be a possiblity considering that it comes up in the find search card as a connection.  

Also I have something about a father figure. Whether that is Megan's father or turns out to be the boyfriend I cant be clear only that it can show up in connection to this last card.   If for example it relates to the boyfriend then it would tally that in the find/search card than perhaps he would not be keen to be found as there is an apathy to this card in general and does not give me the impression that the opportunity is being handed on a plate to find him.   There will be opportunities however for finding and perhaps this car can come up. 

I feel there are possibly two people who may be informed of where the couple have gone through the Heirophant card which is linked to the pope.  Really in essence this is linking back to what I have already said and I did mention the school. I have a K name on that  or Quay or Keys hence my feeling that perhaps two people had the key/map to finding the couple.

Of course I could be wrong about that but the suggestion is there also Pope/Bishop? seems to be the name of the school too.  Im not sure yet why this last card could include this reference.

Meanwhile, I do think there are messages to be found to give a bit of detail away. There is also initials B, J, D, or R which could be people or places that might be useful. Also Spring, Bird, Canal, White, Hollow and Mother are words that come up.

There is a certain 'lack of gratitude' in the four of cups and is the other reason why I feel that there are obstacles as to finding the couple, they clearly did not want that and that is becoming more obvious as time goes by.

However there is an indication that love cannot flourish in an atmosphere of pretence and untruths and I do see some sorrowful elements. Perhaps it is Megan that would be the one that might feel that she should go home. However, perhaps also there is a problem to that.  Emotional and physical health should not be neglected.

I do seem to have the North East come up in the search find card but also hostile and threatening atmospheres. Im not sure whether that is implying what the situation is like 'back home' or how it would be if the couple were found or whether that is a situation occurring. Water is very strong in the elements of this card but also that 'priestly' link or church link again linking back to the references I made about it possibly linking to Megan's school.

There may be an abandonment of a partner here. The links in to this card also seem to point to sexual attraction and even that cannot sustain a true partnership.   I sense some kind of restrictive or confined atmosphere.

I have some connection to the word Hill  and again know that I cannot find anything on a map of France that would help but directions are placed within this Tarot and a map will be posted but I will point out the difficulty being as this may include names in another language that may pose a problem with suggestions.  

Cups are cards that are full of love and romance but we are bordering on a sorrowful situation because there is nothing worse then having the world talk about you when you are only a young girl.   The other relevance about the four of cups could link to an 'island' and tree name, but the absolute truth is that apart from the information I get and directions I just cannot place a name to the location other than possible guesses.   See my post about Maps. 

Quite often when cases have been solved a lot more makes sense but there are times when Tarot can pinpoint certain elements that have been precise. I wish I could do more but I just see such a lot of embarrassment in this case for everyone involved and some sad aspects also.
For some reason we could be linked to the past and anything, whether offices/rooms or areas frequented by the male should be checked. No doubt they are.  At the moment I really feel for Megan.

Meanwhile below is a map of possibilities or areas that might be of interest.


Dee has compiled a map which OUTLINES all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.

(Hit the Grey word that says MAPS) 

 Show on  Maps

Secondary map for update:
 Show on  Maps



Jeremy Forrest's father: 'We are desperate to hear from you'

The Guardian - ‎17 minutes ago‎
The parents of Jeremy Forrest, the maths teacher who has absconded with 15-year-old Megan Stammers, struggled to hold back tears at a press conference on Thursday as police confirmed they have issued a European arrest warrant for Forrest for child ...

Megan Stammers "could be in Spain" Sep 2012
Megan Stammers "could be in Spain" ... The last confirmed sighting of 15-year-old Megan and Jeremy Forrest, 30, was when they boarded a ...


Missing Megan Stammers Found In France

Maths teacher Jeremy Forrest is arrested after 15-year-old schoolgirl Megan Stammers is tracked down to Bordeaux.

 They were found today (Friday 28 September) at 12.15pm UK time. Mr Forrest has been arrested and Megan has been taken into protection."

 French police said that the pair were found in the street in the centre of Bordeaux.  Local media reported they had travelled to the city by train after leaving their car in Paris and were picked up on on La Rue Sainte Catherine.


Missing schoolgirl Megan Stammers found 'safe and well' in France

A number of reported sightings had placed the pair in Paris. Yesterday Sussex police force received seven phone calls with information about the whereabouts of the missing pair following a section on the BBC programme CrimeWatch.

NOTE:  I will post more news if there is relevance to Tarot as Tarot covers past present AND future elements.


Latest news suggests that the Teacher had looked for a job in a bar.

Tarot wondered whether there would be busking as it saw an entertainment factor, but it is not clear what kind of work was sought. 

  Thrilled Martin Stammers says the family are 'overjoyed' that Megan is coming home and thanks everyone who helped ...

Daily Mail‎ - 4 hours ago
The police source added: 'He tried to get a job in a bar in the city centre but .... of Megan Stammers and her 30-year-old teacher Jeremy Forest
Another pointer is that VICTOIRE is just south of La Rue Sainte Catherine.


How runaway teacher Jeremy Forrest tried to start a new life with pub job CV - ‎1 hour ago‎
Jeremy Forrest used a CV to try to get a job as a singer and fund a runaway life in France with Megan Stammers. Forrest, 30, left the document, complete with a mugshot, at a string of bars in Bordeaux, south-west France.

His attempt to find work is ­believed to be the key to his arrest – the manager of a bar called HMS Victory recognised him and tipped off police who swooped.


The pair had arrived in Bordeaux nine days ago and checked into a dingy one-star hotel.
The following night they moved to the two-star Hotel Choiseul in the city centre.
 Megan had been keeping her real name secret – ­using her mother Danielle Wilson’s passport which she took from her family home in Eastbourne.

NB: I thought this link would be of interest for those who are interested in the context of Tarot locations.

Bordeaux is a flat city, built on the banks of the Garonne River. It is also the largest French city by area and geographically one of the largest in Europe. The Garonne merges a dozen kilometers below the city with another river, the Dordogne River to form the Gironde Estuary, which is biggest estuary in France.

The city center is located west and south of the Garonne. To the east are a few hills - the only ones in the vicinity. These hills mark the beginning of an industrial zone and suburbs. Because it is a flat city, bicycles make excellent modes of transport, especially as the city has more than 580 km of cycle tracks. Bordeaux is among the most economically dynamic cities in France.

Due to the weakness of the subsoil, there are no skyscrapers in Bordeaux, which explains its sprawl. The center of the town has retained its traditional stone mansions and smart terraces, hence the reason behind the city being called "Little Paris".

Bordeaux travel guide - Wikitravel
Bordeaux is among the most economically dynamic cities in France. ... It is a regional airport which serves mostly domestic flights, though there are .... enjoying a ride on a ferry boat, viewing a stunning landscape over the bridges of Bordeaux

NB : It could very well be that Tarot was trying to explain two places with the name Paris so therefore not in Paris (not in the town) but outside the town ie, in another place also known as Paris. The country and rural aspects could be seen over the bridge. Paris did come up in the Tarot but also places with the initials B. 

Location is never easy!



Jeremy Forrest tells schoolgirl "I love you" as he is found guilty of child abduction



Couple disguised their identity - dyed their hair.

Jeremy Forrest sentencing: Live updates as "paedophile" teacher learns fate ... 


Poll: Jeremy Forrest - is five and a half years the right sentence?




  1. Thanks for posting the tarot for this case, Empathy. The life of that young girl has changed forever, whatever the outcome and I hope she comes back. Makes you wonder what had been happening in her life for her to go to such lengths to actually take off with her teacher. Many girls have crushes on their teachers and may even get involved but to agree to run away....As for the teacher, he should have known better, absolutely no excuse!

    So is your sentence "It may have highlighted problems that were best left lying quietly in the background..." relating to what's been going on in her life on the lead up. Interesting that it appears that there were issues with similar "goings on" surrounding the school in the past. It is alleged on news reports that a former governor had a "past".

    From one of your biggest fans.

    Lil x

  2. Hi Lil, I did not pull a card to describe what happened (as stated at the start of the Tarot) I have only looked in respect of location/search and find. So the two cards that are on display have information hopefully relating to those issues. The reference to Bell in Search/find card made me wonder if it was a reference to the school being as it is the same name and yes it may highlight ramifications of past misconduct there. However equally there may be other reasons for this coming up in the search find card. As you know I cannot verify exact detail until we know more as the case unfolds. I just hope something will help.


  4. Runaway teacher is NOT facing arrest over Megan Stammers' disappearance

  5. Megan Stammers: school was at centre of grooming scandal three years ago



    In-depth:Schoolgirl Megan 'found safe and well' in Bordeaux and maths teacher arrested ...Daily Mail

  8. em,as usual you did a wonderful job.thank you for all you do for the missing.

  9. Jeremy Forrest, the maths teacher who eloped to France with pupil Megan Stammers cannot be charged with other offences than child abduction after agreeing to the terms of an European arrest warrant, a judge declared today.

  10. Thanks for all the nice messages of support": Runaway schoolgirl Megan Stammers speaks for first time since returning home

  11. That reading was very accurate Empathy,even the littlelist details were telling in that one.WELL DONE AGAIN. Kate x


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