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Tuesday, 15 May 2012


MISSING: Suzanne Gloria Lyall
DOB: 4/6/78
AGE: 20
HEIGHT: 5'3"
HAIR: Light Blonde
EYES: Blue
APPEARANCE: Was last seen wearing blue jeans black T-shirt, long black denin coat. Long, past the shoulder, hair.

LAST SEEN: March 2nd, 1998 Crossgates Mall Albany

Suzanne Lyall was last seen Monday, March 2, 1998 at 9:45PM exiting a CDTA bus at Collins Circle, on the University at Albany Uptown Campus. Ms. Lyall is 5 feet 3 inches tall, weighs approximately 175 pounds, and has long blond hair and blue eyes. She was last seen wearing a long black trench coat, blue jeans, and a black shirt. She may be carrying a black bookbag or totebag. Ms. Lyall is a sophomore at the University at Albany.

If you have any information regarding Suzanne please contact the NYS Police at 1-800-920-4150 or PO Box 38102 Albany, NY 12203-8102


Please note that tarot will pick up
TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues. All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.

Please always read the following




15 MAY 2012

I have been requested to look at the tarot for Suzanne to see if it will help in any way. Tarot is past present and future and I write down what I get for consideration or possibilities. Please remember Tarot is not considered 100 per cent accurate by law and its recommended to always refer to factual evidence. However, I do hope something Tarot gives is useful BUT know that not everything will apply exactly.


What I seem to have here is a possible love triangle, and possible stalking influences. This card can categorically show us that there are quarrels between the family or lovers or that there is some interference with her either from a lover or love triangle or family. Its pretty plain what this card tells us. Jealousy, lust, fatal attraction, dangerous liasons, all seem to be here. Might even have something to do with an ex school teacher or a 'mentor' . We also see some kind of strong opposition here in relationships so Im not sure whether she was involved with someone that was objected to or whether she came into the crossfire of a situation innocently. However, stalking qualities show that someone around her was a very unhealthy influence and there are 'controlling' influences here that could be detrimental to her health or worse still create dreadful insecurity.

This card makes me feel that there was 'suspicion' in the air but I am not sure how to direct that. Whether to be suspicious of why she went missing or whether the suspicion is directed to any of the other 'people' in the picture. I am seeing a B and J or D or R here and a feeling that something might have been going on around this girl for around a month. I feel a man is responsible for her disappearing and not a youth.

Im seeing some problems with mother and father here. Not pointing a finger at them, but just that they do come into the picture in a way that is on a negative level. It may be her feelings regarding them or something here that has created a problem. I do not say this to hurt as they may not be aware of what was going on in her life and I could be wrong but I give what the possibilities may be. This is also a card that links to the past.

To me there is a severe break in a relationship here, perhaps even a breakdown in a relationship which may be family or the love triangle that is possible here it just depends 'who' Tarot is referring to. Frustration in marriage or relationships seem strong and very unwise plans seem to be here. If it is a love relationship someone failed to follow through.

This card represents a 9 which ends the cycle of love and splits it. Being a 6 also we see that the past and any relationships in the past are completely broken as are friendships which bring slander and gossip so it really does depend if this is to do with family or someone she had around her. I do not know the backstory so I cannot make that decision right at this minute. Someone here was not prepared to forgive another and at the same time did not want someone else to move on. A lack of trust is prevalent. An M or W may come up also and a 'smell'.

Someone could mean any of the possibilities of people mentioned. I feel as though a situation arose where there was no choice left. In this card I see a garden with soft blue hills.

West comes up here and describes Hills and mountains, high places, barns and storehouses Libraries and studies, the walls of houses, the hall, places you link with money, ie, banks, purses and wallets etc. According to our cards its possible she 'lost her belongings' and possibly a wallet or purse. As it is a 'high up' card it can also describe rooms and windows that are off the ground.
There is either a highly emotional element or a water element in this card. A mountain could be here either in name or actuality.


This card can show quite a few things. Firstly, it can show 'off the beaten track' but it can still refer to campus' caravans, trailers, scout camps or places of that nature. It can also show us that she is hidden and concealed and ' in the dark'.

From this we can also see Hills which for some reason hills have come up in the previous card or the name Hill and further more can represent holes or being 'underground'. Now this can tell us also that she is seperated from everyone and that it could be self imposed isolation, however, this is a tricky card and you have to be careful about whether it is self imposed isolation or not. The main thing is not what it could imply in emotion but what it implies in location and this is telling us Under something.

This card is also a 9 reverting to a 6 when reversed, so we already have a 9 and 6 in the first card and now we see it again. Must be for a good reason. It could be a distance marker or the number for something.

This card tells us that there is naiveté involved here and a complete sense of innocence that has turned into a folly. So she may have gone to see someone feeling that everything was fine and it has turned around on her causing a lot of fear and detachment. I would have thought an older man was involved here, perhaps even someone with grey hair.

There could be sexual overtones in this card and also someone who likes young girls. The possibility is there and particularly with the linking back to the six of cups . Very possible. I think this is an ex teacher or a mentor but I could be wrong though both the first and second card can point someone like this out.

I see - under a roof - and this might be something like a bridge or near a bridge or the name of something including the word bridge?
A person (I do not know who this describes } of average height,build is slender with straight, angular features. The lips are thin and the forehead may be high, with the eyes small and piercing. The hair is typically dark. Movement is light and quick, the voice is small becoming high pitched (or shrill) when raised. Perhaps this is a past description of someone? Was it ever considered shouts were heard? I feel it is a Male but it could be a 'tomboyish' female? I have seen three people.

Direction South West. Places or connections could be somewhere low down and near to the floor. It also rules places connected with agriculture, harvest and agricultural storage, cornfields, breweries, greenhouses, places to keep hay, etc. It also covers links to Study areas so might be linked to the university? as books pens book cases reading/writing instruments come up.

Drug stores and medicine cabinets also come up which could suggest being drugged possibly or that there is a chemist in the area? Anything to do with storage or repair areas for machines or 'extra quarters' where a person would stay? Pets and small animals and vet services could come up here so might suggest names like that in the area or an actual vet in the area. It can also suggest where animals are or are kept near kennels etc.

Again I will have to ask Dee if she can supply a map so I can have a look at the area as I know she is very likely to provide something to take into account the areas in question as possibilities.
We can see that in this card one is 'cut off' and hidden.


There have possibly been many delays and setbacks to find Suzanne but these can be overcome according to this card which gives us an 8. Suzanne disappeared in 1998 we have an 8 there.

However it seems she has not been found and is still missing We have to look for a man in order to find Suzanne according to this card who may have grey hair or white hair and a beard. Perhaps even uses a 'stick'. Here I see something about the word WHITE and animals come up once again so a place that names an animal perhaps. The LION is strong in this card as it is also linked to the other two already given though perhaps not as strongly. Grey is a colour that appears to come up here. I am seeing HILL for some reason again.

There may be water around somewhere also.
This card is showing us a stream or water somewhere in the vicinity and land. Roses come up here too. It links possibly to somewhere vehicles may go and park? There is also a 'mountain' in this card therefore Hill or Mountain seem to be in these cards quite a lot either in a name or actual.

It seems to me that there can be a recovery of this girl and it is not out of the question because this card tells us that all delays and setbacks can be overcome. Its just that I only have an 8 here.
Perhaps that could stand for the 8th month?? August but this is timeless and I do not know what year, though that is not something I could guarantee. This girl could also be linked to a 'driver' or a vehicle. Somehow this might help? Sports or sporting places can come up here. Flowers come up here I think its Summer. In the distance there is a single blue moutain peek and a pair of trees. The land is hilly and green.Flowers might be a name? OR have some other significance.

Silver is attached here as a word and also a Sunday is given.
Possibly rocks or cliffs either in a name or actual. I do think she could be found. Unfortunately with the strength card, Strength does not always mean that the person is going to be found healthy, it is what I call the 50/50 card. This card has Leo the Lion in it and we have to take account of the 'fire elements' bones and dental records can come up here so that is why I cannot ever be sure that a person is healthy when finding them.

If for example there were 'Jane Does' in 1998 they should all be checked to see if records match this young girl. However auful that sounds, it would at least eliminate 1998 for being found wouldnt it?
Meanwhile, I think she will be recovered if she has not been already. Something needs to be checked here as we are told 'not to skip the fine print'. So all records held at the current time for the year 1998 must be looked at to make sure Suzanne has not been already found.

If they are checked and there is no ID for this girl then she will still be recovered but WHEN is a bit of a problem. This card appears to give us NORTH - EAST - as a direction and describes this girls hair as sandy and fair but with a glint of red, full bodied hair so I know the strength card is referring to her. We need to take all directions and see which is the starting point and which is the ending point looking at the areas around there.

Stomach or throat/respiration problems can come up here. Yellow Orange and red can suggest 'fire or even flames' and include places that speak of great heat like chimneys and fireplaces but also theatres, lavish public buildings and monuments, public halls, auditoriums, parks; places connected with royalty and principle rulers: perhaps in NAME palaces, castles, forts can also come up as well as inaccessible places, deserts, forests and areas where wild animals roam..

I hope something here will help in the recovery of Suzanne. As always I would like to see her come home healthy and well, but I can never guarantee this.


Dee has provided a map which she feels MIGHT be the area that Tarot is describing. I have not got a single clue with maps. I just post what I find, but see what you think of Dees Map. I have left the link below the Icon. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.




  1. Suzanne Lyall is the one for whom "Suzanne's Law" was named, raising the age of a missing young person from 17 to 21, so that in the event a person goes missing near a college campus, or is college aged, the police will begin to search for them in earnest, thereby saving lives. Suzanne's Law was passed the same day as the National Amber Alert on April 30, 2003 by President George Bush, as part of the Children's Protection Act of 2003. dee hitt

    1. Go to bdsm hall of fame she in there with rick savage or john savageshes in it and theres alot of them other girls women they say is missing the guy looks like the guy that had that smart girl for alot of years not saying its him just looks like him

  2. dee hitt detailed map for suzanne direct link on fb.

  3. em i forgot to add to suzannne's map this is a tarot map. dee hitt

    1. No problem Dee, will post up the Live link asap.

      Thank you for your efforts with the Map.


  4. I went to University at Albany where Suzanne disappeared. I'll try to explain this as best I can. You have the University that is directly in front of I95. A quarter mile there is a marsh/swamp area as you get onto the Northway (I85). For YEARS I have had this odd feeling that she may have been dumped in there. Reading your analysis it immediately struck me that this could be where she was laid to rest.

    1. I always get an odd feeling when I drive down 87 and pass that Five Rivers Park.Some of the things this tarot reader described sound like this area.I don't know if there are any mile markers there with those numbers in it.Its 7 mile,I go over a bridge,there is a large creek there, there is plenty of greenery possibly roses not sure, there is a parking lot.I wanted to go check it out when my German shepherd was alive but, I never did.I have a bad feeling about that place.Itis a separate feeling from the odd feeling I get overtime I pass it.Its a feeling if danger and evil.Im sure the police checked it out because its so close to the campus.Today's technology might help better though.Those are my feelings that's all.The bf or a teacher or possibly a bus driver could be involved.She did take the campus shuttle I presume.She might have had the same driver frequently.These are just thoughts that came to mind.Also the bf would seem to be the most likely.


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