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Saturday, 5 May 2012



Missing since September 30, 2008 from Amsterdam, NY
Kellisue was last seen September 30th leaving her job as a shift supervisor at an Amsterdam Rite Aid around 9:45 p.m. She was driving a 10-year-old Saturn sedan. Three hours later, police found the car engulfed in flames a few blocks from her Johnstown home, with no sign of Kellisue. The car was parked in an area neighbors call Frog Hollow, near the Rail Trail. Police said this street wasn’t the usual way Kellisue drove home. The car was completely destroyed by the fire.

According to her husband, she takes medication for depression, but stopped taking it before she disappeared.
City of Johnstown Police Department ( New York)
Agency Phone: (518) 736-4021


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues. All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.

Please always read the following article.




«5TH MAY 2012 at 5:01pm »

I have been asked via Email to provide a Tarot report for Kellisue. Tarot may be able to give some kind of idea of the situation but Tarot is not considered 100 per cent accurate by law. All I can do is give what Tarot advises past present and future and hope that something might help. Please make sure that you always seek factual sources of information.


What I receive first is the four of swords reversed. Is this a good card? well in my opinion it seems to show me that its possible there have been some arguments and upsets for this lady. Usually looking at the cards around I would imagine that there is a duplicity going on here possibly even a lover in the picture and there could have been a huge upset about that.

Cutting ties might be here and if she has tried to do that (with 'whoever') possibly even a three way relationship, it is not easy. There are too many things here that might point to a three way relationship so could indicate that somewhere in the picture is some form of deceit in dealings. These cards indicate that she is 'missing/mislaid' for a 'time'.

I feel as though its a bit of a 'helpless' situation because its possible things had been going wrong for this lady for some while. I am sensing a deal of stress in the cards and that she needed some time out because everything was getting too much for her. I dont know what was going on in her life I can only show you what I get personally. I just see a major disruption here. Three people, and the vicinity Im given is water rocks and stone, unless this applies to the emotions, it seems to suggest that there is a vicinity with a canal or waterway somewhere here or around the district.

Railways can come up here, so can hills and even a church. There is depression in the cards and the feeling that Kellisue feels to blame for some kind of break up or herself wanting to leave a situation or maybe someone was blaming her. Quite a lot of stress here as I said. I am sensing no forwarding address here so if she did leave without a word thats why she has not been found, otherwise I am not that sure that this could end well. The positive sign here would be getting out of the thick of it before it majorly blows up out of control.

I want to think that more then anything but swords - they are so tricky! reason I say this is because these cards show that she finds it hard to get on with her life. That sort of makes me trail off. These cards LOOK like she could have gone off by herself but Im not so sure because of the position of this Four of swords. The four of swords reversed 'traps' her into a situation where she cannot get out of it and this seems to be on the back of some kind of reason she blames herself.

True to say that the Ace can give us drugs/injections and its possible that she was under a lot of stress. Her heart comes up here, so its deciding if this is a mental issue that she cant take any more stress or that emotionally she is divided. Either way it looks a bit sad. I do see her isolated or sense isolation. There seems to be some kind of misunderstandings and mis-communication with work and career sectors of her life and so much doubt about herself here. Was anything going on at work that might have made her feel inferior?

I may need to look at a map but Im getting East whether name or place but also WEST which can be a starting point and direction from that point. Im seeing airports, sandy hilly, mountainous or gravelly ground. Any indoor places might make me think of windows, high places/upper rooms, ventilation ducts, ceilings etc. Also wood storage can come up here.

Perhaps this is within her vicinity? Number 4 is strong on this card, so I would wonder whether depression and any problems she were having had been going on for 4 months but this number could be here for another reason. Was everything ok with her husband? her boss or her husband could come up in this card too. I just sense some kind of conflict or stressful feelings with one the other, or both?


I get a very naturistic feel from this card which is normally North but Im veering more to South East and East does seem to link to the first card so Im wondering if thats useful. This is a seven year card and this is also a farmers card too, which could show valleys, trees, fields etc. as we have a feeling of horses/cattle here roaming so I think it could be pasture land.

I think its away from other buildings grouped together but could still show single storey buildings like barns, cottages, sheds any storage building. Maybe these are around in the area? I see her alone but I could be wrong. School/college names might come up in names of roads or be nearby? The family home or the biological home does not seem to be that far away unless its another place that might be considered as home. Cellars/basements can all come up here but not necessarily though it is given as possibilities. There is a 7 number here maybe thats a distance or route or has some kind of significance here.

This card is a 'working card' so it would give me the impression of somewhere there are working business or environments either to do with the land or that the area has business in it but rural aspects? I still seem to feel there is water somewhere either a stream, or something, though it could just be in the name of a place. Anyway its possible.


I already understand that Kellisue's car was burnt out and the wands are hot/fire cards. Notice we did not see that anywhere in the previous cards. I ask when Kellisue will be found and now we have our fire card and as you can see it is a number 10.

This could be a route unless she was found in 2010 which I would not be aware of.

Otherwise, this card is showing us being outside of a town and you can see that there is a building here and one which I have likely seen in the card before. Wands are normally weeks but I think it would be pretty ambitious to say she could be found in the next 10 weeks so I wont promise that at all, but what I will say is that there is some kind of opposition to finding her, its an oppressive situation for some reason.

I think that there is some kind of 'message' here that either should be received or given at some point so when it comes to finding her I think its down to whether this happens or not. Again I do have an airport here and there is an indication of that in the other cards whether it means its in the vicinity of not I cannot be sure. But if there is an airport or hillside/mountainous area maybe it should be checked just in case? Even if Tarot were wrong there is nothing to lose is there?

I am getting something about a 'female boss'? not sure if that is relevant or not but I will mention it here. Did Kellisue need a holiday? I think she needed some stress relief thats for sure. I am not really linking the car to Kellisue Im feeling the car has something to do with someone else maybe someone at work or home, but these cards are showing work cards so I just have to let it present itself and leave it to unravel on its own.

The main colours I have seen are Yellow and Red. I am sensing malice and bad dealings in this last card. There are buildings in the background as well as trees and rolling hills, work being the main word on this card? I think where the car was concerned tarot seems to suggest the possibility that someone did the 'dirty work' here and this card does most certainly show a vehicle. But, its whether it can still connect to Kelliesue herself?

This card is sometimes connected to either a family member or someone at work? I dont decide this and it may be wrong but that is what tarot seems to give. Im getting South for this card so if the car was found South then fair enough, but it also links to Kellisue and Im given South for her and the same landscape that I have already put out here. Water is still not out of the question as part of a landscape mark.

I am not sure if this will help or how accurate it will be but if something here is of use then I am happy to help but REMEMBER that Tarot presents POSSIBILITIES not definite situations.



  1. impressive. i rarely get such detailed readings from the cards and i've been reading for 1/3 of my life.

    my readings always tend to be very vague...not so specific. i'm fascinated by the level of depth obtained in the readings.

  2. This is wonderful and so helpful thank you for this. Means a lot.

    1. Your welcome, if it helped at all to find Kellisue it would be wonderful but as always I never know if Tarot can do this. Only time passing and information coming forward can show us. I hope this is not forever a mystery.

      Warm regards

  3. Kellisue M. Kilcullen/ Ackernecht dee hitt

  4. Can you possibly do an update reading on this case? It has been two more years with nothing else going on and was wondering if you could possibly get some other information? Thanks!!

  5. Is there any way you can do an update on this missing woman? The case seems to have gone cold. PLEASE!

    1. Hello! I knew her personally and I am friends with her Now 19 year old daughter. She has not been found. She had affairs at work before she went missing... the affairs occurred in vehicles. Her daughter still struggles daily. She is in college and living with her grandparents because she doesn’t get along with her father, Kelli sue’s husband, jayson. Jayson also always appeared creepy to me as a child

  6. Could you do an update for this woman?

  7. Please, can you do an update on this case? There has been nothing new.


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