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Monday, 7 May 2012


Gavin Smith, a longtime Fox movie distribution exec, has been missing for nearly a week.

His son, USC basketball forward Evan Smith, has taken to Twitter to publicize the plight of his 57-year-old father, who played on UCLA's 1975 championship team under John Wooden.
Dad was reported missing Tuesday:

Smith was last seen at a friend's house Ventura County's Oak Park area between 9:00 and 10:00 p.m. on May 1, according to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department.

City News Service says he was actually seen driving away from the home in the 500 block of Callwood Court.
Smith was driving a black, 2000 four-door Mercedes E Class (a 420 badged as a 500), deputies say. It has tinted windows, soft racks on the roof and California plate number 6EKT044. It's also missing.
Someone at 20th Century Fox distribution called authorities, according to a sheriff's statement.
If you've seen Gavin Smith, call detectives at 323-890-5500.


Please note that tarot will pick up
TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues. All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.

Please always read the following



7TH MAY 2012

Gavin has been missing since Tuesday May 1st. I am hoping to catch up with all the requests on the blogger but I have been asked about this urgent request and to look at Tarot. Tarot looks at past present and future trends which are possibilities and not considered FACT. Please take note of all important notices on the blogger. I write down what I see and if something helps then I am glad to assist. Tarot is not considered 100 per cent accurate by Law and for that reason you should always check factual sources.

Some issues raised in Tarot may be background white noise and not relevant to his actual whereabouts but I have to write everything I get and leave it as it is.


The first card that I have for Gavin is 6 of cups which just shows me that he met with an old friend. This is a nice card as a rule and does not give out any indication of anything bad to begin with but there are other elements here. This card shows he was linked to somewhere very familiar and could be to a family or even to a lover.

The number here is 6 . The general direction is West - but there may be a North East connection. Seems to me that there is an element of pleasure here but at the same time I am sensing some kind of threatening environment? Possibilities of drink and drugs can come up here or sexual pleasure but I think I am seeing him going towards the North East and I do think this man drinks or has been drinking.

He may even be connected to eating and drinking in general somewhere but I am seeing him going towards his home town. Did he stop off somewhere on the way to eat and drink?
Again there are water elements in the cups cards, so Im feeling initially that there was an invitation to go somewhere to join friends and perhaps he might not even wanted to go or was not that keen at first, definitely feeling some offer to have or do something and a sense of refusal.

There appears to be a boredom or apathy here and I just seem to feel as though he has been drowning sorrows over something. Its a bit jumbled but seems to be something like that in the mix. I am seeing him passing or being near a river or a white bridge, or just a bridge which could be in a name and a small building near there. I feel as though there is some kind of sorrow or feeling sorry about something. Maybe he could not do something and apologised?

I see him going towards a familiar home or hometown and something unexpected happening but I feel that this is to do with water or liquids. I am seeing someone else in the picture, someone he knew either a lover or friend? see movement towards a lake or name of a lake here.

I dont know if he drinks a lot or not but was he drinking and driving? I am seeing something white here and rural countryside. He may have met up with a woman? there may be some unhealthy type of associations in his cards but generally with these upright cards I am not sure of anything negative right now except for that sting of threat that comes up earlier.

Gardens and North Facing garden walls can come up here and damp places along with basements and cellars, water elements, damp and decay. There might be deception here in love or friendship.

Did he have new employment on the way? Im also getting something about memories here? family life and children inparticular come up. Some kind of change of residence or career are presented here but seems to be in the early stages on this card and I feel as though there are links to the past. I seem to see him living in the moment but there are illusions in this . Im seeing some kind of choice being given to him. Also see music in the cards here a guitar for some reason. This man is very talented and has a lot of hidden talents.
Let me just look at the next card


In this card it can suggest getting involved in quarrels. There are sports links on this card and a group of people. It gives me the impression that perhaps being in a situation where something negative has broken out here. I might be wrong and it just might be that he is somewhere there are sports or people linked to sports. There is a hotel or some complex here. I see being near water or stream and I just feel that there has been some argument that is quite fierce.

I could be wrong but that is what this card tells me unless it just tells us that he is near some sporting complex of some kind as fields and football fields can come up in this card. Sandy gravelly roads , or dusty roads come up and there might be a car with mechanical problems too or it could have crashed. There is a hill somewhere here nearby and also possibly tarmac or some form of airstrip but not sure how close that is. Closet feelings here.

Walls and fences come up in the first and this card . How prominent they are I am not sure, but thats the indication I have maybe its in a name and not actual, either way I place it once again.

I have a 5 here and some kind of feeling of 'being delayed'' - there are some kind of legal problems here. The feeling of being 'thrown' is here.

Some kind of stressful situation and really bad arguments might even be with a woman or about a woman but I dont want to put fantasy here or consider these are facts. Its just what it is suggesting. Theres something here about financial rewards and quarrelling over that? A situation gets nasty and there seems to be a change of plan or its about a change of plan that has not been received very well by someone?

A lot of frustration here. I am not sure if its past present or future but number 5 might be useful.

There may be problems with his car. Im seeing red here and its possible someone has head/neck injury? Did someone get the boot? Im sensing 'contradictions' here by someone. South is primary but there is a link back to North and East so the North East is connected first card and this one too. It might just be starting off point or ending point I cant be sure . I am feeling that a message should have arrived and it has not and Im seeing some kind of trip postponed or halted in some way.

Someones arguing a lot here, very demanding and hostile. I feel as though he between towns.

Places could be described as lavish public buildings public halls, auditoriums, parks; places that have names or are actual palaces, castles, forts or sound 'grand'. Places that are hard to get to like Also deserts, forests, farm and pasture land and areas where wild animals roam. I associate him with rich looking places, with dramatic colours. Also there are heat references here so inside a house near fireplaces, chimneys. Names that sound like any of this may be helpful. He has been to some opulent places by the seems of it but its whether any of the connections mentioned are useful or not?

The heat reference could also be fire or flames.


Asking when Gavin will be found I have a 5 again so maybe within a 5 or a five route, either can be the case. This card gives us very good advice and tells us that two people know where he is and may very well come forward with some information. This is a spiritual, church or religious reference card but it is also good counsel so I think he will be found. His car will be found too. He may be on a fork in a road. Schools - teachers and mentors can come up here but I think we will have an explanation given . If Gavin is not found by May 20th I will come back again to review this Tarot. There may be a B or J initial here for place or person not guaranteed but possible. Also seeing something about 'Keys' or Quay.

It is usual to try to read all the Tarot together but East comes up here and South, so South East leaning. Combining all the factors might help in providing some clues to Gavin but Gardens and Walls do come up here too as do fences and enclosures . I hope something does help. Im sure I may have missed or overlooked some information but if so I will come back to write it.



Dee has provided a map which OUTLINES all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. I have left the link below the Icon. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.




  1. Gavin Smith has been missing in California for one week and in spite of the shift in classification, there have been no clues released to the ...


Body Found in Angeles National Forest Is Not Missing 20th Century Fox Executive

Gavin Smith Investigation Update: Added Resources Do Not Indicate Homicide Case

UPDATE: Gavin Smith has walked out on his family at least once before, reports E! Online.


Fox Movie Executive Gavin Smith’s Mysterious Disappearance Baffles Police

Weekend search for missing Fox executive Gavin Smith is canceled
Without a specific area to comb for missing 20th Century Fox executive Gavin Smith, volunteers have called off a search they had hoped to conduct this weekend.


Breakthrough in hunt for married Hollywood executive missing for a month as he’s spotted having dinner with woman in California

But it has now emerged that Mr Smith was seen having dinner with a woman on May 7 at Taco Temple in Morro Bay, according to a diner sitting nearby.
David Brill said that he saw the executive with a tall woman at the Mexican restaurant but didn't realise who it was until the next day.
He said: 'I noticed on the Yahoo main page that there was a news link to a missing Hollywood executive,' Brill told news station NBC LA.
'I happened to click on the link, saw the photo, and said, "Oh boy, that's the guy I saw in the restaurant the previous night".'
A waitress at the restaurant confirmed Brill's account saying she served the quiet couple who said they were from 'down south'.


The Personal Trials of Missing Fox Movie Executive Gavin Smith

His marriage was in turmoil. His son had stopped speaking to him. His house was underwater. And then he disappeared.

On April 22, the last time his buddies saw him, Smith was looking forward to a work trip to Las Vegas the next day. But weighing on him was an argument he had had with his eldest son, Evan, over problems Smith was having with his wife, Lisa. On April 14, Evan tweeted that his father had decided to leave the family.

“Evan stopped talking to his dad,” Van Tassell says. “He was pissed at him and didn’t want to talk to him, and that really hurt Gavin’s feelings. That was really painful. Now, was he heart-broken enough to drive off a cliff? No way. He was hurt; he was concerned. All of the things we feel when our kids are mad at us. But I know that Gavin really wanted to be with his family and he always had hope that it would work out.”
Smith’s friends knew his marriage had been on the rocks for four or five years. Speaking to The Daily Beast on condition of anonymity, Smith’s friends say his wife had become very religious, which caused a rift in their relationship. But while she turned to religion for comfort, his friends acknowledge he turned to other women. “A lot of couples survive that and move through that,” Van Tassell says. “We weren’t sure if it was going to happen. I know he wanted to reconcile and fix things with his wife. But understand this: Gavin was a chick magnet. They were everywhere for him. But it wasn’t like there was an ocean of them either. It was a couple and it was only out of the darkest frustration. Maybe just looking for relief or tenderness or something. It wasn’t like he was a sex machine.”

Adding to the family’s stress was the fact that they were underwater on their mortgage and had been trying to sell their house. But friends say they doubt those financial problems would lead Smith to either abandon his family or commit suicide. “He’s a pretty frugal guy,” Van Tassell says. “He always had a steady job, Lisa didn’t work, and they bought a house at the top of the market and it was upside down. I don’t think it was more than that.”


Hollywood Reporter
  1. Missing Fox executive Gavin Smith's family offers reward
    Orlando Sentinel‎ - 5 hours ago
    LOS ANGELES ( - The family of Gavin Smith, the 20th Century Fox executive who has been missing since May 1, offered a ...


Authorities Search Home in Hunt for Missing Fox Exec Gavin Smith

Homicide detectives remove boxes, a computer and an Audi SUV from a home belonging to John and Chandrika Creech in the investigation into the disappearance of Gavin Smith, who vanished May 1.

Sheriff's investigators searched a home in the San Fernando Valley on Friday in connection with the case of missing 20th Century Fox movie executive Gavin Smith, who disappeared more than a month ago.
A SWAT team and county homicide investigators descended on a cul-de-sac home in the 8600 block of Santa Susana Place in West Hills in the early morning hours June 8, using a loudspeaker to tell residents to come out, according to neighbors who spoke to the LA Times.
According to property records and neighbors, the house belongs to John and Chandrika Creech. Investigators remained at the home for more than five hours before leaving the home with boxes and a computer. They also towed away a black Audi SUV.
Authorities refused to provide details about the search, but said no arrests had been made.
A lawyer who came to the home, Daniel Teola, told the LA Times this was the second time in a month that deputies had searched the house. He refused to discuss the case or identify his clients.
Sheriff's Lt. Dave Dolson emphasized that the investigation remains a missing person case and not a homicide investigation.
  1. Gavin Smith: Was Hollywood executive murdered by jealous boyfriend of one of his paramours?
    Daily Mail‎ - 1 day ago
    Gavin Smith, the muscular, 57-year-old former basketball player for ... He was reported missing the following day when he failed to pick up his ...


Missing Fox Exec Gavin Smith Had Relationship With Woman Whose Home Was Searched. Chandrika Creech met the 57-year-old in therapy; her husband, John Creech, awaits a prison sentence on a drug charge.


Gavin's Cell Phone Ping & Wife Speaks
Family Of Missing Fox Executive Gavin Smith Canvass Sylmar Area - July 8, 2012 11:00 AM



  1. Intrigue Surrounds Felon Caught Up in Probe of Missing Gavin Smith‎ - 2 days ago
    Sentencing for John Creech, 39, caught up in the investigation of the missing Fox executive, has been delayed, according to a video report from ...


Missing Fox Exec Gavin Smith's Sister: 'Where Could He Possibly ...
12 Sep 2012 – In late Aug., the personal effects of missing 20th Century Fox executive Gavin Smith were quietly removed from his Calabasas, Calif., office and ...



Wife of Missing Gavin Smith Believes He is Dead [VIDEO] Oct 2012
The wife of Fox executive Gavin Smith, who went missing last May, recently told the reality crime show America's Most Wanted that she believes ...

Woman turns to 'America's Most Wanted' to find missing brother

Nevada Appeal-12 Oct 2012
Since May 1, Minden resident Tara Smith Addeo has been living a life ... 20th Century Fox executive Gavin Smith, 57, was reported missing in ...

Wife of Missing Fox Exec Gavin Smith Acknowledges Extramarital ...

Hollywood Reporter-11 Oct 2012
The mystery of missing 20th Century Fox executive Gavin Smith continues, with his wife finally speaking out on the gritty, “not so pretty details” ...




 Missing Hollywood Executive: Was He Murdered in a Love Triangle?

People Magazine ‎- 1 day ago
After nearly a year of speculation over the whereabouts of missing 20th Century Fox executive Gavin Smith – Did he accidentally drive into a ...

Gavin Smith murder: Wife of missing LA exec says she knew he was ...
5 hours ago – 'For the rest of the world to know that he didn't leave us is huge,' Gavin Smith's wife, Lisa Smith, told the Los Angeles Times nearly one year ...


Gavin Smith, Missing Fox Executive, Believed Murdered :,,20684716,00.html
Mar 22, 2013 – After 10 months, police find Gavin Smith's Mercedes in a storage facility outside L.A..


Unfortunately I cannot find any other news than what was posted in May. I just see another article dated May that tells us the Sheriff has declared Gavin as deceased. I really feel for his family. As Gavin has not been found in the sense of 'body' I am not going to move this case over to FOUND section as yet until there is a possibility of more news on the situation regardless of the current ruling.

Missing Fox Exec Gavin Smith Declared Dead by LA Sheriff's
1 May 2014 - Missing 20th Century Fox executive Gavin Smith has been declared dead by authorities. "A judge has ruled a death certificate for Gavin," Lt.

Gavin Smith (film studio executive) - Wikipedia, the free ...
Gavin Smith (born December 10, 1954; disappeared and declared to have died May 1, 2012) was an American film studio executive formerly in charge of ...



  1. UPDATED: Studio exec Gavin Smith missing a week dee hitt

  2. direct link on fb dee hitt

  3. UPDATED: Studio exec Gavin Smith missing a week dee hitt

  4. direct link on fb dee hitt

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  6. Son of missing Hollywood executive says few clues so far. dee hitt

  7. Missing Hollywood Exec Gavin Smith's Family Pleads for Help dee hitt direct link on fb

  8. Missing Movie Exec Had No Enemies: Family
    Missing Hollywood executive Gavin Smith drove off without a word, family says dee hitt

  9. Hollywood's Missing Studio Exec: Everything You Need to Know About the Gavin Smith Mystery

    Read more:
    5 hours ago · dee hitt

  10. Search for missing Hollywood movie executive now classified as homicide investigation after a week of no clues

    Read more: dee hitt

  11. Body Found in Angeles National Forest Is Not Missing 20th Century Fox Executive dee hitt

  12. Fox Movie Executive Gavin Smith’s Mysterious Disappearance Baffles Police DEE HITT

  13. Mr. Smith left a friend's home at night, wearing only purple jogging pants? No shirt? No shoes? Did he have a gym bag in his car with a shirt and sneakers? Not too many stores open that time of night, none of which would permit patron entry without shirt or shoes. Few options here. Smith either drove off intending upon committing suicide by driving off a steep cliff, he took a drive to clear his head and had an accident, he met with foul play or disappeared intentionally - with the type of help from others needed to make this happen. He didn't take his cell phone charger but what about his phone? What do cell phone records show? Who did he speak to last? All clues, possibly.

  14. well if that update on gavin is true,i truly feel sorry for his children as i said on fb what is between you and your wife is between you,just dont leave your children they had nothing to do with it.but i do hope he is alive somewhere,just let your family know.

  15. Family To Offer $20K Reward For Information Leading To FOX Executive’s Return

  16. According to authorities, no arrests have been made. This is reportedly the second time deputies have search what is said to be the Creech's home.

  17. Gavin Smith: Was missing Hollywood exec murdered| From
    HOLLYWOOD, CALIF: According to reports, the Los Angeles Homicide Division believes that 57-year-old missing movie exec Gavin Smith may have been murdered by a jealous boyfriend of one of his many ‘paramours’.

    ‘He had several affairs,’ a source close to the investigation told The Daily. ‘The guy was a player. He was a big flirt. He was a ladies’ man.’

    Smith, has been missing for over a month and his family continues to ask the public for help in finding him.

  18. Intrigue Surrounds Felon Caught Up in Probe of Missing Fox Executive



  21. Hi there! I'm at work surfing around your blog from my new apple iphone! Just wanted to say I love reading through your blog and look forward to all your posts! Keep up the outstanding work!

  22. Los Angeles County sheriff's investigators now believe missing Fox executive Gavin Smith was killed after finding his vehicle in a Simi Valley storage facility connected to a convicted drug dealer last month, officials said.

    After finding the Mercedes Benz on Feb. 21 in a facility linked to John Creech, who remains jailed for his drug conviction, investigators served "several search warrants" in the San Fernando Valley as part of their investigation, sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said.

    "Based on the vehicle’s condition and information developed from persons cooperating in the investigation," Smith's disappearance is now being investigated as a homicide, a sheriff's statement said. It had been publicly characterized as a missing persons case.

    No body has been recovered, Whitmore said.


  23. Gavin Smith had relationship with drug dealer's wife, police say
    March 15, 2013 | 7:14 am

    Missing Fox movie executive Gavin Smith had a relationship with the wife of a convicted drug dealer who is now a person of interest in Smith’s disappearance, Los Angeles County sheriff’s officials say.

    Smith, 57, has been missing since May 2012. At a press conference Thursday, Lt. Dave Dolson said Smith had a relationship with Chandrika Creech, the wife of John Creech, who is serving eight years in Los Angeles County’s Men’s Central Jail.

    Smith and Chandrika Creech apparently met in rehab. Sheriff’s officials would not comment on the nature of their relationship and said only that Creech’s husband is a person of interest in Smith’s disappearance. John Creech has not spoken with detectives.

    Authorities now believe Smith was murdered. Investigators found Smith’s Mercedes-Benz last month in a Simi Valley storage facility. Officials said evidence found inside the car, along with witness statements, lead them to believe Smith is dead

  24. According to Rick Baker, a man who has investigated and published a book about the McStay family who was murdered, John Creech, the man suspected of killing Gavin Smith, may also be involved in the McStay case. I find your descriptions of the area Gavin Smith may be found in interesting, sounds like the Victorville area where the McStay family’s bodies were found. It is a hot desert area past Victorville just off the Mohave Freeway. Within nine miles of the area is an airport as well as a sports complex. My thought is if John Creech is involved in both the Gavin Smith murder and the McStay murders maybe this area is his dumping grounds. Here is a link for the area I am referring to:


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