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Friday, 17 February 2012



DOB: 11/01/1979
Missing: 12/13/2009
Age at disappearance: 30
Sex: Male
Race: Caucasian
Missing From: Henderson, NV
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 180 lbs

Steven has a series of birthmarks on his abdomen in the shape of a Nike swoosh. He was last seen wearing Dockers pants and a white shirt with tennis shoes.

Steven was last seen leaving his home in St. George,
Utah. The next day, he told two friends he was in Las Vegas.

His car, a white 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier, UT, was reported abandoned in Henderson NV.

A surveillance camera recorded his car arriving in the area and someone matching Steven's description walking past the home. His cell phone, wallet, and passport are missing.
The last time Steven Koecher was seen was two years ago, on Dec. 13, 2009.

"It's been a long two years, but with all of you, with all you've done these last two years, you've made it bearable," Steven Koecher's mother, Deanne Koecher, told family and friends who had gathered this week for the tree-lighting ceremony.

The last-known image of Steven Koecher was captured on a home security camera as he walked through a neighborhood in Henderson, Nev.

"The worst thing is that there are no answers," said Dallin Koecher, Steven's brother. "If we could find one little clue, if it just gives a little bit of closure, that would be great; or at least explain why he was there, what he was doing."


Please note that tarot will pick up
TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.





There has been no news regarding Steven Koecher since he disappeared and very few answers. Tarot generally shows trends of past present and future but also does not supply all those answers so badly needed but, it might provide something that could assist. I write down exactly what I get on any given situation for a missing person and hope something might help. Tarot is not considered to be 100 per cent accurate by Law and for that reason you should always refer to factual sources.


According to Tarot Steven did go to seek a job. This card tells us that he was likely on his way towards a new job or a promotion. It is unlikely to be a promotion if he was having problems with work which I understand he was. So, looks right away that he had a message and a meeting scheduled for work. This card is North but could be North East.

The number 11 may be significant in this card. This card also shows that he was walking which all seems to fall in with events and it seems to me that this job could have been in the neighbourhood OR a meetup. I am seeing a business here and there might be a dark haired female connected to it also a businessman. There are finances attached here so it might have been a position with better money prospects to provide more security and benefit. This is what it seems on the surface of the matter.

There is nothing negative about this card that has been presented by Tarot about this day or the intentions here as this card is about hard work and goals of achievement. I am also seeing a 'school' here or college and if Steven did not go to get a job on that day this card tells us that he was going to study or go as an apprentice or trial run? It might just be an interview?

There seems to be a very diligent and determined element here. This card is also showing me 'travel' - and it is linked also to the Judgement card which can show health matters but also spiritual or church connotations. Number 21 could be significant and also some reference to 30 years or 3?

There seemed to be a bit of good luck here regarding messages and work? as I most certainly seem to see negotiations with work and financial matters and possibly even learning new skills so it does all seem to point to a goal he had in mind here and that he was likely meeting up with someone with travel in mind? that is what I think was happening and when caught on camera which would also be shown by this card, it shows him with a purpose to go to a meeting with another. Soldiers could come up with this card so can military? officers etc. Did he want to join the army?

I have the word 'Green' and see him at a 'crossroads' whether that is symbolic of 'crossroads of life'or whether its a name or an actual crossroads I am not sure. What I do see is moving towards shelter food and a safe port in a storm, meaning, somewhere to go where he is provided for and it seems may have met up with an older man or older person and some link to the word HILL.

Sometimes caravans/mobile homes can come up in this card so I will just mention that. I feel as though it was a 'spur of the moment' decision and change of address/location with intent and there appears to be companionship here so he would not have gone somewhere to be alone and had a destination and someone he was going to meet.

Big decisions, living arrangements, business meetings all figure here as does being responsible and finding financial security. So that is what I seem to feel at first hand. I see rural land and 'flowers' come up here.

Its possible that with the female element there may be a link to 'unhealthy associations' - with the Devil card linked. It is only on this card that I see a possible problem. This would be between December 13 and January 9th. This can be connected to drug or drinks or indeed it could actually be a very exciting racy relationship or connection to a female and this could have created a huge change to Steven's life.

I feel that if a female appeared here to do with work/business that he could have got tied up in this situation with her? The queen of pentacles is a good attraction card connected to capricorn and work matters so lacing in the Devil seems to imply that he might be linked to such a person as I am seeing hope and inspiration following this? Again a connection to the word HILL.

It might be that a new job had elements that he was 'kept in the dark over'. Not everything is clear here but I feel that there may be something to do with a female. I also see animals around possibly two dogs? The devil card can bring us into contact with either steamy relationships where we are really attracted to someone or it can be unhealthy in some elements but either way it does suggest we are 'tied' to the situation or have bonded ourselves in some way.

It can also mean a person is tied up but that is just giving all views of the situation. The main crux that I see is that Steven had a meeting and message to meet up with somebody male or female or even both, perhaps female tied to another older boss? I do seem to see a 'rich man' in these cards but at first glance

I dont see anything negative about that regardless of how it may turn out, the onward feeling of December 13 seemed to be positive and somewhere to go and somewhere to stay. There may have been an element of shock or a wake up call to Steven. I am seeing either a sign of a business or writing on a wall. The word Pan and/or Horn is shown on the Devil card.

I also see either two towers or a Bridge and possibly some toxication of drugs/drink or what I would call 'poisonous water'. There is also something about a 'mother' here. I am wondering if he was involved or got involved with another female?

I could be wrong as there are many elements to the cards but I do see Travel very strongly and connected to the East or to the Sun. I cannot make a 'story' of events and everything must be considered to be messages past present and future and therefore information is in 'any order'. I am seeing a few illusions as though something might be known but not said.


This card shows me a man in an office - someone who does not always want to be there. It also shows me a WEST direction but it is reversed and might mean South West though I cannot be certain. Here we have an emotional environment around Steven but we might also take into account the watery elements too. This card is number 14 so all I have here is 1 and 4 to give us 5 or 41 as route numbers or distance markers from 'home'.

I seem to see the home is completely upside down its almost as thought one cannot live there anymore? The sepAration is very strong and I wonder if Im being given suicidal tendencies here because of situations that are too great to deal with . I am seeing an 'insensitive' female who was not in tune or did not truly understand the situation or how great the situation is/was.

I am also seeing being cut off and cutting off contact in the page here and distresses in family life and feeling drained. There may be spiritual elements to this card because the 5 would link to the Heirophant and for some reason I am seeing Steven with someone else. There are Church values here both in the King of Cups and in the Heirophant which make me feel either a church connection is here or that he might be connected to the word church in a road name or even area.

However, I can also see schools/spiritual organisations/ mentors/teachers /priests in this card. I am not sure why this has come up for location but perhaps he is connected to this in some way. Perhaps there is an 'ex clergyman' in this picture but I see something not exactly negative but Im seeing someone who goes against the grain here.

Perhaps Steven just decided to stop being the good guy and go for what he wanted? the area to me seems like a water location or name of water and there is a red ship in this card which could have significance in some way so I would have expected water/fishermen type names? or religious connections. Stone altars can figure in this card and a strong connection to 'drink'.

There might be some kind of deception here from a man - who hides his true nature but I dont know who that is whether it is someone Steven met or felt would be helpful to him or whether it is Steven himself? The word 'teacher' or 'mentor' seems to be negatively aspected here. Im not sure if this helps or not.


It is already two years passed and this card has a 2 year mention on it so I do feel there is a delay in finding Steven but I also feel he will be found by accident. I see him connected to a building - and for some reason the word 'rubble'. Perhaps he is discovered accidently?

He could even have had an accident. However, I see the word Hill once again and this may be significant. It feels to me as though he is somewhere he has been looked for already but not spotted perhaps? because its somewhere that is/was overlooked. I see a Wall and flowers and possibly even a basement -

The Tower card gives us 1 and 6 which is a 7 or could be 91 or 16 all numbers that might be useful in routes or distances. Again the colour RED come up here. The 7 does relate once again to Travel or some kind of property with wheels such as a mobile home. Not guaranteed as it may just signify travel on its own but frankly it is indicative that where he is has been overlooked as a possibility.
The possibiiity of being linked abroad could also come up. As could hospitals, the Red Cross an inability to 'heal' over something and some connection to the past.

This is a very brief reading for Steven and I will look again in the next couple of months to see if anything else comes to me but will also come back and expand if I feel I have left anything out that I have not seen right away. I am quite sure that Tarot tries to provide some help and insight but not all details will apply though some may very well be useful.



Dee has provided a map which she feels MIGHT be the area that Tarot is describing. I have not got a single clue with maps. I just post what I find, but see what you think of Dees Map. I have left the link below the Icon. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.







Stichomancy offers this extract in respect of Steven's disappearance

House of Mirth by Edith Wharton:
such occasions, and which was like a large steady light thrown across the tortuous darkness of the situation. In its inconvenient brightness Rosedale seemed to waver a moment, as though conscious that every avenue of escape was unpleasantly illuminated.
Then he gave a short laugh, and drew out a gold cigarette-case, in which, with plump jewelled fingers, he groped for a gold-tipped cigarette. Selecting one, he paused to contemplate it a moment before saying: "My dear Miss Lily, I'm sorry if there's been any little misapprehension between us-but you made me feel my suit was so hopeless that I had really no intention of

Stichomancy offers this extract in respect of finding Steven.

Myths and Myth-Makers by John Fiske:
storm-clouds driven across the sky should resemble a freed human soul, is a natural inference, since uncultured man has not attained to the conception of physical force acting in accordance with uniform methods, and hence all events are to his mind the manifestations of capricious volition. If the fire burns down his hut, it is because the fire is a person with a soul, and is angry with him, and needs to be coaxed into a kindlier mood by means of prayer or sacrifice. Thus the savage has a priori no alternative but to regard fire-soul as something akin to human-soul; and in point of fact we find that savage philosophy makes no distinction between the human 




Two Year Anniversary In Disappearance of Steven Koecher | Cheri's ...
Tomorrow marks the two year anniversary of Steven Koecher's disappearance. Koecher, who lived in St. George, UT at the time, was last seen in a surveillance ...


  1. Hi, what a great web blog. I usually spend hours on the net reading blogs on various subjects. And, I really would like to praise you for writing such a fabulous article.Thanks for sharing.I really like your blog.

  2. Thank you for your very welcome comment.


  3. i'm kenyan and for some reason this blog, what you have written here, resonates

  4. WOW WONDERFUL READING.. but im very intriged with this case im wondering if you could say if hes still alive? or might be found alive ...I see that the word HILL come alot maybe he can be found at any hill??

  5. hello well its a wonderful reading.. im very intrigued with this case. im wondering if you could say if hes still alive or found alive.. i also see that the word HILL comes alot maybe he could be found or realated with a HILL>

    1. Hello Scamelo, I just write what Im given and I have to leave it as it is until something comes up to verify what I have had. I dont ask about dead or alive as a principle I write towards recovering the person. I hope this helps.


    2. usually when em says hill it has another word with it its just not hill or hillside as we know them,like steven koecher what i found for hill was seven hills,close to henderson nv,i hope this explains the word hill. dee hitt

    3. HILL could also be attached to where his car was found. Sun City Anthem/Summerlin (the upscale builders of the communities where Stevens car was found) frequently utilize the word "hill" for streets, parks, etc. For example, I live off of Hillpointe and Hillcenter across from the Hills Park. Granted, I live in a different community across town from the one Steven is connected too, but built by the same upscale builders as Anthem.

  6. I saw a programme on the TV today in the UK about this young Man it is very strange that he would leave his car and then just disappear I am certain one day his family and friends will eventually find out what happened to Him and the wrath of God will bear down on all who have been responsible for any harm that may have come to him.

  7. What a great blog',, so so sorry about what happened to Steven,, I just watched the show DISAPPEARED here in Dubai and was left very sad about what has happened to this wonderful bright caring yong man,,I so hope the family does receive closure soon about this, they deserve it,, and so does Steven!

  8. Empathy, Any chance you've looked more into this case lately? You mentioned you would look again in case something else came to you. I see you're beyond busy helping so many people so understandably you may not have time. -absolutely facinating blog by the way. You seem genuine and gifted. Thank you!

    1. Yes, I really understand that some cases do need a little more updating but it has been very busy and many cases are still pending which need attention. I feel I should do my best to deal with those beforehand but I will try to look again for Stephen.

      Wishing you a happy and peaceful New Year.

    2. No need to explain. Thank you so much for the time and efforts put in helping so many people! I read your blog frequently

  9. Hello, just wanted to add a correction. His passport is not missing, his family found it :)

  10. when steve koecher was 1st missing we went out of out way to help his family, then we started getting wierd text messages so we just stopped. one time before we went on a search, i fasted and prayed, it has been awhile but i believe i had five dreams. they dont really make sense but this is what they were. one was just the word MUM, a big golden word. the next was a street sign named twin falls, i believe, if i remember right. then there was a group of llamas and one looked like it had fallen or tipped over. then there was a dream with some geometric shapes, two circles, with a house shaped polygon around one of them. i also had a dream that i was flying over sandy vally nevada, with someone and they was telling me something but i cant remember what. these dreams might not mean anything. just a bunch of wierd dreams i had one night. but just in case here ya go.

    1. Was the family sending you weird text messages? What did they say?
      Why wouldn't they want your help?

  11. also when we 1st heard about this Me and my husband went driving around that nieghborhood, off dirt roads just any and everywhere. on one occassion we drove down bicentiannail pkwy.,Henderson,+NV&gl=us&ei=97FEUcu0KJLkqAHcj4DQBA&ved=0CMcBELYD

    where the road turn north to via inspirada, we decided to drive south to the dirt rd. not to far south was what appeared to be a house vacant house, we not sure we didnt get out and look in the windows or anything. we were not sure of what we we looking for as far a steven went. we didnt know if we were in danger looking for him. we just drove by slowly as followed the the road north around the house, for a little bit and to the left of us was some dirt hills. i noticed that you mention HILL. again we didnt get out of our vehicle. we were afraid. we just keep driving slowly then we noticed this truck coming at us really fast, we wasnt sure what was going on so we started driving really fast and we managed to elude the truck. and we went home. later the koecher family's detective called for a search by an airport not to far from that area. I told the detective about the vacant house and asked if we could go take a look at it. he said we couldnt't. then we started getting wierd text, making accusations towards us. it was offensive and it hurt at the same time. we felt so bad for this family. but, we gradually quit communicating with them. i did however, keep driving around and hanging up flyers for them, for awhile before totally giving up. but we have always wondered about that house and those hills.

  12. Using practicle reasoning, some of my own investigative skills, I concluded that in all liklihood that this man met with foul play. I have no doubt that someone in that neighborhood knows what happened to him, otherwise they would have come forward already to confirm that there was an appointment that he either kept or didn't. I don't think suicide is likely, nor an accident of any kind. I gave up due to the fact that one of the family members was not only very rude but seems to discourage help.

  13. i think the sister is very weird, she was very demeaning in the investigation on disappeared, i also feel that man is in those hills by the abandoned house.

  14. Beware, the Koecher family can be very hostile when it comes to Steven’s disappearance. Most people who try to help have been run off them. I think they have been very offended by people’s suggestions that Steven was gay and ran away from his Mormon upbringing and no longer trust others offering help.

    1. Yes, whatever you do don't suggest remote viewing or Ed Dames. I was given an online lecture by some "friend of the family" so I won't approach them again. I wonder if his case could be related to the Patrick Carnes case, missing near Wendover, NV and covered on Coast to Coast AM Radio several times. Many people have gone missing around there in the past few years.

  15. Please remember that comments are your own responsibility. I allow some comments but I would ask everyone to refrain from making suggestions that are detrimental and to consider the family at ALL times. They are the ones that are suffering the absence of a family member.

  16. esteven desaparecio estando pluton en su signo solar de nacimiento este astro tiene que ver con los secuestros en manos de personas de los bajos mundos personas q realizan actos ilegales tambien con actos de pervertidos sexuales tiene q ver con sotanos revisando su dia mes y año de nac tenia 2 estrellas q indican muerte violenta otra estrella q tenia tiene q ver con narcotico adicciones o vicios node el propiamente dicho sino d la persona involucrada en su desaparicion si esta vivo eta secuestrado en sotano la persona tiene q ver con el vecindario donde aparece el video deben revisar e investigar todas esas casas si es q tienen esperanzas de q este vivo x mi el no esta ya en este plano soy astrologo tarotista y terapeuta y tambien m ha llamado mucho la atencion este caso

  17. I don't believe in Tarot cards or psychic readings at all. But I came on here to see if there were any updates. I've dealt with the Koecher family and they are exceedingly rude and hostile. I have a very strong background in finding missing people as it use to be my job. I even did work for the FBI at one time and offered my help and was basically told off by a member of the Koecher family and was all but told that I was a nut. So whatever. They ask for help and then go off on anyone who actually offers to help.

    1. RexKramer,
      As an expert in finding missing people, you would have experience in the
      psychology of the family of the missing person. The Koecher family's behavior as you have described it seems odd. Why do you think they behaved that way. As you mentioned, if they didn't want help and just wanted to put this behind them, I could understand them not wanting to deal with you but with their apparent hope of finding Steven based on certain medial outlets, it's odd that they didn't want your help?
      What do you think this was based on?

    2. There are many families who do not want psychic help because it goes against their religious beliefs. I myself have had to remove cases off the blog for this very reason. It is important that families are the ones to ask for this help. When they ask for all the help they can get in media, they do not always mean psychic assistance. It may not apply to this family but it is always worth considering that if anyone wants to HELP a family to be sure they are requesting the kind of services on offer. They do have a right to decide. Point worth considering perhaps?

  18. I am interested in this story because it aired on Unsolved Mysteries today. I feel a connection to this man. I think that his body is in the neighborhood and the investigators have not looked into this area well enough because it is affluent and someone living there may have seen something and isn't talking. In the story they never did mention checking Steven's phone records for a number traceable to that neighborhood or investigating those residents.

  19. Taking the word "HILL" that seemed to pop up alot, and finding a company with many locations, one of them being in Nevada, called HILL International.

    Las Vegas, NV
    Hill International, Inc.
    10801 W. Charleston Blvd.
    Suite 650
    Las Vegas, NV 89135
    Tel: 702 515 7490

  20. The last pings off his phone came from the Webb Hill tower in St. George.

    1. No, the last pings were in Las Vegas.


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