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Thursday, 16 February 2012



Jessie disappeared from North Las Vegas, Nevada between March 28th and April 3rd, 2006.
She was last seen at 1009 Cornerstone Place with her “boyfriend” Peter Todd.

Peter, a pimp, has a prior conviction for spousal assault.
Prior to her disappearance Jessie traveled to Nevada, New York and Florida with Donald Vaz.She was recruited in Calgary by Yvonne Hubrechtsen to work in Las Vegas.Jessie may have fallen victim to an international human trafficking ring.
If you have any information please contact:


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.



« Thread Started 16 FEBRUARY 2012 at 3:07pm »

I have had a request on the blogger from Jesse's mom to have a look at Tarot to see if it could shed any clues on Jesse's disappearance. Tarot can give glimpses of past present and future events and therefore some facts known can appear in the Tarot as past events..

Tarot cannot give us all the answers but it might reveal something that could help and all I can do is write down what I get from my session. Tarot is not guaranteed as 100 per cent accurate by law and therefore you are advised to go to other sources for factual information.

(If Jesse's mum would like me to 'censor' (part post only) this Tarot on the blogger - please let me know and I will snip it so that it is only read in full on the forum.)

Once again, it is sad to see yet another beautiful girl disappear and nothing is worse for the families and particularly to Jesse's mom who has been left with this void of heartache. I do feel for her.
To begin this reading I appreciate that I do not have a precise date of disappearance only a time cell so I think I will look at Tarot from 29th March 2006 the day after last contact to see what it might be able to suggest.


Taking information from 29th March, this card presents itself which appears to suggest unfavourable news regarding business and finances and here it may even suggest a job that has somehow gone sour. This is the type of card you would receive if you lost your job or if you were not careful about being responsible at all times. It seems to suggest a lack of security around Jesse and being 'evicted' from somewhere, or 'thrown out'. Money and trade appear here and looking at the cards can even show someone who is bribed or robbed. The home 'comes away' from the person and there is a distinct feeling that there is a financial problem here of some proportion.

A young man/woman could appear here with dark hair and on the surface may seem affable and someone who is ok but they are far from that. I am seeing abuse of finances and taking advantage here. So it seems to me that she could have had problems with a working matter? Health elements in this card are affected because there is a lack of personal security for the person who it appears could be Jesse.

Attached to the world and that being reversed could suggest that there may have been problems with or in a car? This card is a North situated direction but it is reversed and often I am inclined to say North but South can appear even in Street names or routes. The number we have here is number 11, and it would suggest therefore that either before year 11 or 2011 these could be some of the events that occurred. It could also relate to 11 years. This card makes me feel that there should be something on camera but Im not sure if that has come to light?

Im not sure if the travel is related to Jesse's car or someone elses. I just see her seperated from her property whether a home or other possessions. I feel that someone who holds the purse strings has taken advantage of her and appears to be a 'bad buisnessman' . So the first card seems to be some kind of loss to Jesse revolving around possessions and being in an unhealthy situation regarding finance and possibly work.

It feels as though she has been short changed financially and often that does mean robbed or portends some kind of loss but it also seems to suggest prodigality also therefore I would have thought her disappearance stemmed from 29th March 2006 where some of these issues could have occurred. Im feeling she may have received news that was unsatisfactory from someone?

Disappointing news perhaps and some kind of 'waste' of resources here? where health matters are concerned, one has to be careful with the Page reversed and not to have a drink or get involved with anything stronger or drugs because this card can portend accidental mishaps and 'bribes' can come up here also. It would not have been a time to gamble or take risks.

Because red tape and documents/paperwork can also come up here and miscommunications I am wondering if there were problems that prevented Jesse from being able to use her car for the trip she was going to take with her sister? It seems to me that travel is put off for reasons of difficulty and it could be any of the incidences mentioned above as there were definite delays and setbacks and it could have been down to finances and insecurities that are pointed out above. Certainly finance issues are a problem here.

Needing to make quick cash seems to be important too but was that a wise move? and does it put insecurities on our health and welfare? its possibly the case. I seem to feel Jesse is 'abandoned' or all alone in this card in an agricultural surrounding possibly near a workplace, business or farm type environment as I do see farmers fields somewhere in the picture.

It could be suggested that a vehicle came to a stop or one having to walk on foot at some point with perhaps fields fences along the route. Perhaps she was at a crossroads either symbolically or actually because I do not seem to see her with her belongings or possessions on her or with her? So I keep feeling that perhaps she had been robbed and I keep returning in my mind to a vehicle.


This is not the greatest card for me when receiving it for location. I have had it before and found that it shows a 'bad temperament' and many hidden elements. This card makes me feel that Jesse is outside of a town. The numbers I have here are 1 and 3 or 31 or number 4 which gives me the 'vehicle' feeling again. I am seeing fences/walls just like I did in the first card and there might be an airport somewhere in the vicinity.

I have not looked at a map nor am I familiar with the area that Jesse vanished from but I will try to have a look at one. I am seeing possible sports elements and a nasty guy who might be boyfriend or in close proximity to her a car crash or someone who crashes or even trashes a car if you like. This is a couple of people who fight like cat and dog at least the Knight shows us that there are quarrels arguments and even physical hitting here and violent eruptions of temper. So something seems to be a problem.

I dont know if Im seeing Jesses car or whether there is another Im just giving the possibilities of the cards that I am upturning. There is a river/water place or even coastal and maybe even a scrapyard or someone puts rubbish and unwanted or outworn goods. I seem to see a motel here and sports fields.
This card is South but it is reversed which can still show a possible 'north' element to it. Wands reversed are not considered to be the best cards.

There is some kind of entertainment 'place' here also but Im feeling that where she is business seems to be 'shut down'? or not opened all the time. There is a cat on this card and it might have some significance but basically this card shows someone being shunned and cut off from everyone so to me that is a kind of isolation or being somewhere that cuts her off from others or is a barren type of place?

Agricultural surroundings still seem to come up here and sometimes the wands can be linked to 'hunting' but I also have the words RED TAPE once more and I wonder if this means something overall? Wands can incorporate both sex and weapons but they are very hot cards and generally full of action. Seeing as this is reversed Im feeling that where she is appears to be isolated?

It may be that there is a place with the name HILL somewhere in the vicinity it could be an area where there is 'trouble' often? There is that 'hiding' factor that I can sense in this card - so not being seen? I also feel a possible male temperament who would make others consider actions that they would never normally do, so a very fierce kind of personality but again that vehicle coming back in here


There does seem to be police and legalities/law involved when Jesse is found. Though its difficult to know when this is to be. This card for example gives us nine months, but also shows us a zodiac of one year. Could she have been found in 2009? That sounds ridiculous because of course its now 2012 and no family has heard from her.

However, this card can show many worries and anxieties about finding Jesse. Railways hills and airports/travel may have something to do with her. This card suggests EAST or EAST in a name and the number 9 which is a completion so it does seem to say that she will be found but its a peculiar card for timing as you can see.

This card is not always good news because the person on this card shows a lot of upset and the following card shows us that a person can be found near a riverbank or near a big river. That means that they are in that vicinity that holds that kind of scenery. Music and dancing also come up here so does the word Black and Jewelry and Roses and possible something silver or the colour silver.

Concrete/stone rocks can be names of a place or parts of surroundings. It is best to always think positively of descriptions because that is the descriptions of landscape. The Queen of swords can show divorced people and in this case someone who might fall foul of someone. Often when you find one person you find the other in this card. It can sometimes show a demanding and difficult personality who is avoiding the law?

There are buildings but they are not directly where Jesse is they seem to be in the background because the terrain is puddled with water. The sense I get is that she is 'stuck'. That could be stuck in a situation that she feels terrible about or it could be actual nothing seems to move backwards or forwards and one wonders if it means more delay in finding her.

However, there is a completion here and therefore it gives me the impression that the law/police will find her at least this is what I hope to be the case. I cannot promise the best of outcomes because we are looking at swords which are often very pessimistic cards when it comes to finding someone. It seems like it is filled with anxiety and wondering whether this nightmare will ever be over and that is an ongoing question but we have a NINE here and either that is a route or 9 as in a year or months.

I have given a very brief reading here for Jesse, of course, I have hoped to interpret tarots advice as best as I can but Im quite sure that not every single detail will apply but maybe might help in some way. I get some kind of impression of 'imprisonment' or capture on this card so being contained in something. Just like you would be shut in a room or bedroom or somewhere one cannot get out or escape.

There seems to be a lot of illusions and deceit also attached to someone here who is less then reliable where evidence is concerned so it may be that some information has not surfaced because there is an insecurity about it or that details were not known?

I hope some of this helps for the time being and to Jesse's mom, keep the faith because we have to try to do that and stay strong. You have to keep believing that even in a fog of darkness there is light at the end of a tunnel. There is, but you have to keep digging for it.

I will leave this here for now and will come back after a few weeks if I am able to expand more on the issue.





Dee is looking at a map for Jessie and I just want to make sure that I have extracted as much info as possible to help her with that.
Therefore, returning here to look at the cards that were given. We first have the page of pentacles. Each card may give location factors or connecting factors to people or landscape and I will just give those thoughts over to combine with what is already here.

There may be a negative male energy that links us into the wands. This would be someone who might be aggressive and might even force us into a car or give us a lift or that we might have been left with no choice. The working elements may appear here also. College and school names/university might come up whether linked or perhaps even to a place. There is someone who is prodigal here wastes their talents. Someone who may be lazy and disinterested in work/working so it could also represent places that are shut or places that are abandoned. Money matters come up here and suggest not getting what you have earned or receiving what you should. These reversed pentacles can show robbery, burglary or thieving or trying to make some quick cash. They can also show rented property or somewhere not lived in personally. Even connections near home.

Someone was disappointed about money or financial matters. If travelling even hitchhiking can come up here and refusing a lift. With the no choice angle it seems to be contradictory? so was she forced to go somewhere? Sporty elements can come up but they may be connected to a person.
Perhaps she was not earning money she should have earned? The Ace of Pentacles would show a contract of work not being carried out?

We do have an initial direction of North here and the number 11 that could add up to the number 2 but also a sense of injustice seems to come up perhaps even a B and a J might come up here?
I just feel that some kind of timing was off and makes me wonder if she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. South does come up but so does South West and South East. The male virility seems to be strong in these cards but I feel it is a negative vibe rather than positive.

Links to names or places to do with stables / horses / cattle might come up as might land or pastures that would be away from main houses or buildings. Sheds, barns, storage places, bungalows or cottages namely single storey type buildings and perhaps low rooms or cellars can come up as we have to look to the floor. Possible problems with throat and neck and severe male aggression. Walls, garden fences, gateposts and international borders. , church yards and ruins, closed or confined spaces. Valleys parks, the word Gold might come up. Possible links to water or boats or near the water or names pertaining. Money names ie BANK and possibly the letter G could come up. Rural agricultural elements and outbuildings possibly .

Descriptions of a person who may or may not be attached prominent eyes mouth or lips, strong person short stature, broad forehead, dark complexion, dark rugged type hair and gross hands.

The Queen is giving me a fight . Either with female or male. Quarrels and arguments. South is coming up but East also which links to the next card. There may be a hotel room or motel room perhaps not wanting to go there or not turning up. Sex and weapons comes up here or may suggest rape or sexual matters that were not wanted. A bedroom scene is in our next card so that has to be taken into consideration. Pimples or scars are here. Someone angry or red in appearance with tanned complexion, lean body, long neck, large bones, not that tall but strong limbs and if linked to a male may have thin hair or balding. Someone who is being bitter or judgemental possibly domineering and aggressive or some big argument or fight/quarrels and possible concerns about legal matters. Perhaps someone who is already in trouble?

Places that could be linked to heat or fire - or even objects or names. Also places that might be linked actually or in name to sandy and hilly ground, newly built land or where construction work is taking place. Construction worker perhaps? Land where sheep and small cattle feed or stables for small animals. A place where criminals find refuge. Brickwork or any type of covering thats used in a house. Also attics and ceilings etc. possibly even fire related - fireman? or near those sources.

One has to be careful to make sure that all aspects are taken into consideration and not look for a particular person but consider the aspects as part of an area. I would link in water sources such as fishponds, rivers, springs, watermills, water pumps, wells, marshy or watery ground, moats, springs, the ocean, and even anywhere in a house where there is water like a bathroom etc. There are church elements, holy places and this could also be reflected in the card above. One is secluded or on their own. The initial link to the North comes up here and gives us North West.

Here I see a link to water retention and lack of vitality. May suggest someone near water who may have been drowned. This might not link to Jessie herself but these things have to be mentioned. They may just be showing water retention in so much as ponds and oceans have a lot of water in them where it cannot escape and therefore suggest that containment. Indeed also water tanks might show. However, these are the elements for consideration. There may be a bridge connection somewhere in the vicinity or an arch.

The number 13 or 31 does seem to come up linking to a 4 which could be transport but also linked to a very abusive boss or spouse or some partner that one has associated with but also a car of some description. I cannot guarantee I am completely right about this. The colour or word White may come up and dental matters may show or bones.

Lastly we still have that mountain aspect (Hills) rock water and stone or concrete which could all represent area names. There may be a prison here or a railway, airport connection. Neurological problems or depression, perhaps a BANK even a riverbank. This would have suggested in this card 9 months of searching and digging? but a 9 seems to be the number here. Computers can come up here. Guns or weapons which might suggest that one or the other might be found or that they are linked to an area? Im getting the sensation of being stuck. Water and land and a building in the background. A concern that Jessie might never be found and long and painful searches via computer or internet or through news papers. Or even a connection to them in some way.

Church elements coming up again and drugs that might be linked in some way. East but West coming up. Again much the same descriptions of places such as hills and mountains, high places, barns and storehouses for corn and grain. Libraries and studies, the walls of houses, the hall, playrooms, chests, drawers, coffers and places where money is stored or kept, ie, treasuries, purses. This might suggest finding a purse or some link to money? gold? up high or links to being high up even in buildings.

If linked to a person someone tall with a straight body, perhaps thin, long arms dark hair, good eyesight (no glasses?) so perhaps suggestion of not looking in the right place, but good piercing hazel eyes - perhaps contact lenses?

These cards show a blanket and the 'year end' . However what year end I cannot say except the card is a 9. Maybe 9 years from when Jessie went missing or a route 9 or perhaps something was found that could have helped? This is all I can think of for the current time but I will try to re-read and put anything else I can think of. I cannot guarantee that I have everything perfected all I can do is give the influences and hope that somehow they might help or trigger some thoughts. Possible kidnap or abduction with two people knowing might come up here or that there are two other people connected?

Sometimes grandparents can come up too with this card but maybe someone overhears something that is useful? a private investigator may get involved if not already or there will be police and legal concerns or some connection to the doctors. Someone who has had some kind of mental health problems could come up here but there may be someone who can offer some help or support in the search for Jessie that could be wise and helpful. A mother will be determined to cut through to the truth. She will not stop searching.
I hope something might help.




Dee has compiled a map which OUTLINES all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.

(Hit the Grey word that says MAPS)

Show on Google Maps


  1. My thoughts and prayers go out to Jesse and her loved ones!

  2. I would love to have an update on a reading for Jessie, its been too long

  3. I would never normally comment on something like this, but Jesse's disappearance has haunted me for years. This reading has spoken to me more than once about the black hills of South Dakota.

    1. What about the black hills of South Dakota? do you think Jessie is there?


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