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Saturday, 21 January 2012



Prayer vigil held for Sam Houston State student who vanished
October 30, 2011

CONROE, Texas —The family of a missing Spring man held a prayer vigil at Oak Ridge High School on Saturday night.
TJ Murray disappeared ten days ago.

On October 19, his son was out with friends and was last seen leaving a sports bar on Sawdust Road. The truck he was driving was left in the parking lot and his cell phone was found in a nearby ditch.

“He’s somewhere or someone has him but this isn’t like him,” says the man’s mom Janelle Murray.

She says her son beat Leukemia after being diagnosed when he was only 5 years old. He survived a bad car accident and he’s a fighter.

“I’m just staying positive until we hear something,” says Janelle Murray.

The Murrays plan to organize their own search early next week.


Please note that tarot will pick up
TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.



« Thread Started 21 JANUARY 2012 at 2:44am »

I have an alert out on the blogger and forum for Thomas Murray Jnr who disappeared on October 19th 2011 and there have been searches for him. I am not quite sure what the current state of play is but I have not yet seen a report saying that he is found. If he is, I will take down Tarot from the blogger.

Tarot can give glimpses of past present and future and though it is not 100 per cent accurate sometimes what it tells has often proved useful. I will just write exactly what I have but please go to other factual sources of information.


The card that came to me first was the 8 of cups reversed. This is a boy with quite a lot of emotions though Im not sure if he shows them on the surface of his personality. It seems he has been through quite a lot but at the same time he has weathered it all. However, I do feel that underneath there are quite a lot of things that emotionally get to him.

The feeling I have here with this card is that he has not been able to commit to something. It seems that on this card he is going South West at least that is what I have but West most certainly.
Orange is on this card and also that definitive feeling of splitting apart. It seems to me that he might have had a plan to meet somebody but this might not have occurred. Had he been drinking? 9 of cups can suggest someone who has over indulged in some alchoholic beverages and I seem to see him outside of his hometown?

I am not sure if it is relevant but the 10 of cups could suggest not being able to commit to family/friends just a feeling of not being able to get on with a situation. Was everything ok at home? perhaps he was having trouble letting go of an unsatisfactory relation ship or wanted to go off on his own..

This card can presage that he was contemplating some kind of move but I feel there is some kind of emotional attachment that he could not move away from.

It is possible that there was a female in his life and that came to nothing I just sense some kind of disappointment here and just not wanting to get involved in something its like he was offered to do something but he said no but ended up going along? I see three people here maybe three friends or three people that are thought to be friends but I am looking instead at some kind of disunion and unco operation to do something.

As these are cups on this card it seems to reflect all around emotional thoughts/feelings. I seem to sense some kind of aimless drifting and that is why I wondered if he had a drink or not or had something? This card is just telling me he walked away and that he also could not make his mind up whether to do this or not, so its whether this was by invitation to go with others or if it was just him by himself deciding to do this. I really feel a lot of confusion in his mind.

I dont see the Moon at night so was this during the daytime?. I feel as though something was spoilt for him but cant quite put my finger on what. I did ask about homelife not because I think there is something terrible there its just because this card is showing some kind of indecision that was running around Thomas mind. Who knows, I might be wrong but that is what it appears to be to me.
If anyone knew he had a drink or something was on his mind, I really hope they said so. This is a water card and he could have headed straight for water or somewhere there is water.

Whether he was a popular boy or not I am not sure, but I dont think he ever felt that he truly fitted in. There must have been something that triggered that feeling. Was he suffering from any emotional crisis? I just have a feeling that he was not always the type to tell what he felt but thats just what I get and I cannot talk for those who know him.

Its as though he was tempted a few times to just walk off -? I also am considering whether there was a female involved in his thoughts here because there could be a one night stand and perhaps to him it was more then that? 9 of cups can be excessive eating drinking or even drugs/alchohol so I will mention that again as it could be a possibility or taking too much medicine?It can also show us 'drains' or being drained'
He could be within 10 miles of home or number 10 might figure.
However, I think I should look at a location card in case it gives us more feedback.


This card is telling me he is West. He may be by a bridge and there is a powerful river/estuary running there. There may be a 'tree'name or a PINE name in the location or nearby and I get an island with this card. Of course it could mean he feels that way, but an island is what I have.

Did he always want to go to a particular place and could not make his mind up whether to do it or not? Perhaps he gave in to temptation. I seem to see someone else in the picture and I automatically feel its a female but that is not always the case.

He is showing me something about a celebration, birthday or some kind of get together? with three friends in particular. So this card is somehow bouncing off the first. I think he is somewhere that he is very familiar with though and to me that does not make sense. Does he have a brother or sister or is there family that he is linked to ?

I get the feeling of some family connection but cant put my finger on it, an aunty maybe? I see WEST and whether these are all emotional thoughts and fantasies that Im being thrown I just feel somehow that its connected to where he is. Perhaps within 10 miles of home?

This card is a five so that might bring us closer. I see pots/pottery and a garden of flowers. Three people and one walks off. Is there somewhere the past that he lived or is this where he lives, I cant make up my mind. I just feel like he turned up somewhere unexpectedly or found he was somewhere unexpectedly its not like it was a plan of action but something emotional.

Water again is here so there must be a water name or water around. Waterfalls/bell M or an M . I feel like he 'made the wrong choice' and because it, it has ended up in a kind of tragedy thats a very extreme word though because it might just be that he is very dissapointed or has some kind of regret here. There might be a building nearby the water. A place with a big river? I wish I could name a place it would make this so much easier. Number 5 comes up here so could be route 5 or an area linked to a 5.

If it is a bridge in reality he stands on the left of it.
There is some kind of feeling of containment and North comes up on this card so I think the direction must be NORTH WEST. I also have the colour red and mars is quite a furious energy and the planet of war. I am sensing extremely big secrets about location due to Mars being in Scorpio.

There are some home issues here but not sure exactly what but scorpio is water and also it is linked to home and something to do with rocks. Scorpions hide under rocks. I see a loss of friendship so I think somebody has let him down. I see red and I also see Green and there is that bridge to think about in locality so he might be across a bridge on the other side?

I am wondering also if there was fight with a female? I think there is some kind of regret here about a situation but I will leave it there for a moment.


This card, the queen has number 13 on her and so I would have thought numbers 1 and 3, or 13 or 31 any combination might help for when Thomas could be found. I am seeing a woman here who is a good host and gives shelter and comfort. I dont know if it means this woman will find him or whether that is where he could be but Im just going to give it for now.

This looks pretty rural here and it is most certainly NORTH in direction and that line of thought/direction seems to have been here in the Tarot so I would say North. There is something about ' unhealthy relationships' in this card because it is linked to the devil so we have further numbers to consider which is 1 and 5 - 51 or a combination of those for roads routes or perhaps just timing also perhaps the number 6.

Again though we have an earth card with the Queen it is still a water card too so Water comes up again and Water must be part of this - somewhere near water. I also have the colour Green if that is of help and Im seeing some kind of 'working environment' in this card and a property that seems to be 'secure' so that is something else to consider. Often this can come up near schools/colleges/farms or working buildings. The word Manor could be attached or nearby. There might also be a military attachment or soldier but that feels vague to me and I have not looked at a map yet so nothing to add there until I do get a chance to scan one.

Dates December 13 to January 9 come up here though I think we have gone past those? I am looking at the 13 and thinking perhaps 2013? or a division of that.

There might be someone called Michael or that can figure in another way. The devil card can allude to drink food and drugs - maybe a FOOD name is where he can be found?
I will have a look at the map but hope these few details might assist in some way but Tarot is not 100 per cent accurate and all I can do is leave what I have.

I shall try to get time to look at that Map but I will do a Stichomancy report for Thomas as well and publish that soon.

I will just say that the strongest element of the Tarot combined is STRENGTH . Roses/Lion a feeling of being able to overcome everything with our own strength is here and sometimes maybe we have to go off on our own to see somebody - maybe that is just what he did. I have a Hill here so I will mention that and being 'out of the way'.



UPDATED Fri Feb 24, 2012.

Father of missing student doubles reward money

After the disappearance of his son Oct. 19, Tom Murray has doubled the reward for information on his missing son T.J. Murray from $10,000 to $20,000.

The first reward amount Tom Murray offered was for $5,000, which he then raised to $10,000. He just increased the reward again to $20,000, he said Wednesday.

T.J. Murray, an Oak Ridge High School graduate and Sam Houston State University student, had been out drinking with friends at several bars on Sawdust Road the night of Oct. 19. T.J. Murray told his father he would not drive after drinking, and his truck was found the next day still parked in the parking lot of one of the bars he visited.
His cell phone was found in a nearby ditch.

Vigil held for Thomas 'TJ' Murray Jr., missing college student who ...
Oct 19, 2012 – Detectives don't know what happened to TJ Murray but think foul play is involved. And the mystery is weighing on his family.

This is all I could find at the moment or Thomas.

SHSU student Thomas Murray Jr. missing - Your Houston News: News
The parents of Thomas Murray Jr., also known as TJ, said their son has been missing ... Thursday April 4, 2013 ... SHSU student Thomas Murray Jr. missing ...


  1. I am a friend of the Murray's and just saw your posting. I was trying to Doha little research on some of the names you mentioned...pine...manor you still get the same readings as this one or have your thoughts changed at all. Thanks jenn :)

  2. Hey, I'm a close friend of tj I've been trying to look up updates?! Wondering if u get the same readings I live in the area! Thanks


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