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Saturday, 7 January 2012



On September 27, 2011, at about 8:00am, officers of the Kokomo Police Department were contacted by family members of Kelly J. Armstrong

. It was reported that Kelly J. Armstrong, of 2501 N. Apperson, lot # 52, has not been seen or heard from in approximately ten weeks.

Kelly J. Armstrong is still missing and is described as a white female, 27 years of age, with red hair, hazel eyes, approximately 5'3" and weighing approximately 115 lbs.,3636872.column

Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the TAROT understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.



« Thread Started on Dec 12, 2011, 8:32pm »
Its a little bit difficult to ascertain exactly when Kelly Armstrong disappeared as from the calculations of the first report I imagined it was July, however the second report tells us that she went missing sometime in August. Basically,it means I dont have a date. I have to generalise and hope that Tarot can pinpoint what happened to make Kelly disappear instead of asking what occurred on the day in question.

Tarot is past present AND future and its one of those things that you can never tell which way the information is going to come out. I would advise you that Tarot is not 100 per cent accurate and that you should always look at solid information and evidence from other sources.


I looked at this card thinking - oh no - this is going to be pretty vague but it does actually show that Kelly was really bothered about a lot of things for some while. It confirms her depression but also a sense of not knowing what to do . She is a computer user by the seems of it too and I wonder if she had been in contact with someone on the internet.

Well regardless of that we have been given a direct Queen here and this is a very sharp shooting to the point card - you cant mess around with the Queen of Wands, so what Im seeing her on first glance is a 'woman' but gender is tricky sometimes if the personality fits a male. However, we have got a woman here who is either very threatening or she is warning someone off. She is sitting on a child too.

When you see a Queen sitting on a child in this situation it makes me feel that someone or something is standing in the way of a child or children, possibly a baby or toddler so Im thinking very young here.

This is a Queen who, if you argue with her you are going to get as good as you give out, so look out if your going to cross swords with this Queen. Who could this person be? well it depends if we are looking at a personality of the actual colouring and age of someone. Usually Queen of Swords is darker haired, sometimes even Foreign but it would help more if she spoke or communicated without seeming threatening.

On this card we can have an unfortunate situation. We could be looking at a divorce or even a second relationship that just has not worked out. We might even be seeing a possible rival in the background who is keeping their head down but it seems that it is known that they are a bit of a threat.

The Queen and King might be related to each other both very stern about 'moral rights and wrongs' and Im not sure if these are people actually around Kelly that make her feel a little bit dwarfed and unable to fight back. Perhaps this is just all verbal morals either way I think Kelly or someone is on the defensive here.

I see the direction as being East on this card. Swords are never the best card for health and wellbeing so we might get the idea that Kelly was feeling underpowered in a strong situation that maybe she could not fully deal with. It seems to me that there is a vehicle in these cards or just a guy who breezes in and breezes out and the question is did he take Kelly with him?
She has been 'stuck in a rut'.

Its whether she would have been forcefully taken by someone she knew was not good for her and just fell back into or not which might suggest she could have known this person. Also I can see stammering or stuttering or someone who has a foreign feel or even look about them. I might be wrong about the genders because its hard to tell in this case.

here is not a feeling of permanence in these cards - and I seem to see flittering around. She could have planned to take a break or holiday but not sure whether thats the case only that it might have crossed her mind some while back.

There are elements of deceit as someone tries to sneak off in these cards its just whether the swords are going to deal a brutal blow or whether they are just going to be argumentative and heated arguments. Maybe its sometimes good not to face the music?

Could go either way. It should form at least a few thoughts about why Kelly disappeared. If she was pregnant by any chance she might not have wanted any more children. King of Swords could actually represent a doctor but also legal problems and matters and actually someone involved in 'police matters'. Its very close to the Queen.


This Queen is to give us some kind of Hint as to where Kelly might be. The map is wide so me trying to pinpoint it when I have never heard of her home town is going to be slightly impossible. BUT the one thing that this card normally gives is NORTH. Note it is not upright which presents a problem as we have to think about North and South.

Depending on where she lives she could be North from the home or South from the home but I am feeling near a school road or college road. She is roughly about 'ten TO thirteen' from home. That I presume is distance or route marking. What I am not sure about here is seeing her getting 'chucked out'.??

Im not sure whether this is a work card maybe losing a job or a home or both? There is a lot of insecurity in these cards I cant see a permanent home for her in this card at all. I am seeing someone also who is either with someone quite lazy and a bit of a money lover or it could be pointing at her or someone around her so money must mean something.

I feel like she does not have enough money to pay rent? - I dont know how I feel about this card for location because she does not have a home in it.

The only true feeling is what I have said already about direction and possibly what might be nearby. She could come close if she has not already to getting in trouble with uniformed men so Im not quite sure to be exact whether this is giving me a location I can name.

I am feeling as though her home was swept from under her like a rug. No security and needing money or someone does. Its a classic card of losing a home.

Then again it could mean near property that is being sold? very rurual conditions from what I can gather but I see walking here for some reason so I leave these thoughts for a moment and move to the next card.

She could be some distance from a bank or by a bank. That could be actual or it could really mean near the financial kind. Somebody needs to make some money quick and this could be by subversive means.


The find card suggests South East/or going South West but its a 12 card and a weeks card so to me that would suggest 12 weeks and she is found I dont know when she disappeared to the day, and whether Tarot means from the day she disappeared or whether she would be found 12 weeks from when tarot is cast - maybe its showing her turn up around Xmas.

The only problem about this card is its urgency and someone wanting to 'escape' . Who that is I dont rightly know but it might tie in when the time comes for Kelly to be found. She might have gone on a very adventurous trip and wonder what the fuss is all about - that would be good as at least we would know she was ok - but at the same time we have had a lot of swords and either they really went 'the mean way' or it was just mental anguish and the desire to have a break.

When a horse or car comes towards you like the Knight of Swords you need to really get out of the way, its a very ardent card and shows very quick movement - Im feeling that if Kelly is ok she might be avoiding being found so if she were spotted she would move on quite quickly.

I just see her homeless right now with quite a lot of anxiety and burden on her but I see her dragging 'her stuff around' - anyway I have given an idea or dates and directions but I feel that things are at a crossroads right now which means she will either show up or could be found but at the same time if she was ok I just still see her wanting to 'move on'.

This is a very brief outline and of course Tarot does not get every detail right but hopefully there are parts of the tarot that might help. I hope they do.



« Reply #2 on Dec 18, 2011, 2:34am »


There was a problem for me about the date on which Kelly disappeared as it did seem she was not reported missing for some weeks afterwards.

I have sent my first report direct to a family member on 12th December and I was given a date - 28th July. This is a bonus for me as I know that it will bring me close or nearer to the original tarot.

Based on that date note the Page of Pentacles and in the original reading we had the Queen of pentacles which I recall saying that next to the Page it seemed that perhaps there was a problem with home or job or losing them?

Looking at the Page of Pentacles it is now giving us that the Page was prominent on that day she went missing. It seems to me that she has been in contact with someone who wears uniform.
When I say, 'been in contact with' it means that there is a uniform here. Uniforms can be worn by many people in their jobs.

Page of Pentacles might represent a job but in this card it looked like there was a PROSPECT of a new job or some kind of promotion within a job. I still do not know many of the details regarding Kelly so Im just writing what I have here.

Perhaps it provided benefits and security certainly a chance to be independent, earn money and just stand on her own two feet.

This is a job perhaps which might have an apprenticeship period attached to it, I am just seeing good prospects and perhaps news from a man regarding this who on the surface appears to be very pleasant and responsible. Also a person who could be foreign as seen before with an accent perhaps maybe up to the age of 32.

Here we do seem to be going North - still see possibly a school or college or those names might come up or perhaps its the 'newness and learning' of a situation. I feel she just needed to make some quick cash.

This card just seems to show her 'strolling along' maybe near fields or just that the district is rural. There seems to be dreams and desires of earning money. It really does seem to be a new situation, job, business venture .

I do see a home here which normally is a home she would recognise so might be a family home but this might be behind her indicating its possible that she was moving forward to build things up for herself. I just feel she wanted to 'make it' by herself, perhaps not have to rely on someone. Strange how she is connected to either a home she recognises or perhaps a 'business'. Perhaps she is/was alone in this place of business at some point but then I would be seeing a man who is a good businessman here too. Much of this could simply be Kelly's feelings about being responsible and dutiful and setting out on this new idea to set herself up better financially.


This card is showing some domination or being dominated by this man. I cant see his face in this card but it shows me he is the 'king of the castle' and that might have a strong meaning.

Her opportunities are down - she is near some place of business/work which is near or by water by name of place but not that close to it. So inland from water. I also see her either near hotel/motel or place of business/trade where it appears she has been attacked in some way - very difficult to pick a direction here with reversed cards but its possible it could be North East or South East. There is violence on the cards but it can take many forms and we must always be circumspect about what we say when reading for those who are missing. It certainly matters to me to walk the middle road for the sake of everyone.

Grabbed by a male much stronger and ventures and new thoughts of everything seem to be coming to an end on this.

It is a 2 card and there indecision about where she is. Tarot is finding this hard itself and tells me this. Perhaps because there are two places? I am feeling a lot of heat in these cards, and the two places could be because it is 'borderline' or on a border of two places, ledge, edge or hill or down a hill. There is just a feeling that something happened weeks before this woman was reported missing and the cards are trying to tell me this that there was something not right with people around her. I keep hearing either NO WORK or YOUR NOT WORKING. I see a small stream river, rurality and Im not sure if she is quite a distance from an airport/fences or some barrier/wall but feel her off the beaten track in rural conditions. Entertainment /sport are cards that can show up here. Trying to get the name of a place is extremely difficult. I really will have to look at the map.

Its possible with the Knight of wands in the first card that we saw the positive side of some things and now we are seeing the closer truth because the Knight of Wands reversed shows either a 'crash course in work' studies or a car crash itself. Tricky dilemma here.
The kind of work that she might have got involved with might not necessarily be suitable for a young woman. Seems to me that someone is not talking at all and the oddest thing is the 'red tape' that I keep seeing. Is that red tape to do with uniforms or someone who is ex uniform now?

or place? Red is very strong in the wands cards and so is heat and fire. I heard that saying in my head, 'if you cant stand the heat - get out of the kitchen' -

I am not wonderful with maps. It could be that all these things are 'part of the journey' of the situation - clearly there is some connection to either her HOME or her WORK as to where she might be or linked in some way.

Did someone object to her work or going or doing what it was she had planned?

Whatever the situation she was caught off guard. and this two shows us that.

We must take note of the 2 and the duality of this which can indicate someone else being around or just someone else somehow that is the 'hidden element' they must be because we can see THEM but not their face. They bury their head in the sand well and it seems perhaps they are not going to say anything. Probably pretend Kelly does not exist, but then she was not approved of in some ways. I might have it wrong but I know tarot is circling the situation if not completely accurately.

Basically there was a no choice about where she is or perhaps it was not her decision?

I still see that Kelly just as I felt in the first reading was on her own for a while - and seeing her out of job home etc. It still does figure in these cards but we have seen the portion of events beforehand where this new chance had come up.


She might have been walking in fields at some point, again that rurality but some place not far from 'crossroads'?

This card - 9 of wands reversed brings in all the sixs to me - some kind of link to the past and the home comes up here as does a feeling that someone tells her 'its not a charity' so work is very much on her mind to get on her own too feet and her hoping to get ahead to better times. But I see some kind of thief and loss of her 'things' here like being robbed of possessions or even money.

Finding her I might be wrong but see an airport - I also see a fence I am not sure of the distance of it but this card is a 9 and shows that many weeks of delay in this situation she is in. Therefore we dont have the 'full thought' that she will be found at the time of writing the tarot its just that feeling that she is 'down and out' - maybe 'she went flying' at some point and I dont know exactly what that means. I know I felt it was all odd when I wrote out the find card previously with the Knight of Wands and here we are with 9.

Tarot always has a habit of 'dumping information' and not really explaning which bit goes where so though Im given all the glimpses there is no glue to stick the bits together in the order they should be.

I would take everything into account. Eventually it might make sense but I would read both of these tarot readings together because they interlock.

Have they found an abandoned car? She could be 6 away from that. Generally wands are South for me but North could still come in for some reason and eventually East. South or North East.

Im not going to dwell on health matters because it is obvious there have been some problems but I hope there will not be too much delay on her being found. I think she tried to escape a situation .

Things have been very oppressive. I see her near buildings.


Note; Kelly might have just been dumped somewhere as I did seem to see her wandering around. I might be wrong but its best to read both tarots to decide.


Read more at link.

Authorities in north-central Indiana have charged Travis Funke in the death of Kelly Armstrong, a mother of one who was reported missing in September. The latest development, however, is less than ideal, according to family members with whom The Huffington Post spoke.

"He was charged with voluntary manslaughter. They said her death occurred 'under a sudden heat.' He faces 45 years, with 10 suspended, but could be out in 17. No, that's not justice. That's not justice at all. We still don't even have my sister to bury her," said Armstrong's sister, Shelly Rush.

Armstrong's father, David Armstrong, is equally upset by the manslaughter charge -- something he feels is a slap in the face.

"I just don't think [the authorities] handled this case correctly and properly from the beginning," Armstrong said. "This is not a case of manslaughter. It was premeditated murder."

Armstrong, mother of a 2-year-old son, has been missing since August 2011. She and Funke lived together with their baby. Rush said family members became concerned after not hearing from Armstrong and not getting clear answers from Funke.

Rush said she called the Kokomo Police Department to check on her sister's welfare. After officers were unable to make contact with Armstrong, Rush filed a missing person report on Sept. 26.

"The next day they went to the trailer with a search warrant," David Armstrong said. "They went in the trailer. Kelly was not there but they found blood in the trailer -- supposedly from Funke cutting his wrist. Attorneys I have spoken to since then said that the trailer should have been sealed and considered a crime scene, but [police] did not do that."

Funke, 27, was arrested on an unrelated warrant on Sept. 28. He had been on house arrest for an unrelated case, but allegedly cut off his ankle monitor and had cut one of his wrists several times, causing it to bleed.

"Three days after [Funke's] arrest, some teenagers broke in the back door of their trailer and had a party," Armstrong said. "We don't know what they took. The following week I went to the trailer. There were three policemen there. I asked what they were doing and they said Funke's mom was in the trailer getting some of his stuff. I saw three suitcases sitting in the middle of the floor [and noticed] the washing machine was running."

In a probable cause affidavit filed Tuesday by Howard County Prosecutor Mark McCann, it is stated that investigators interviewed Funke's cellmate on Oct. 7. The man is identified in court documents as Daniel Wagner. The inmate allegedly told police that "Funke told him that he killed Kelly Armstrong and he was concerned about evidence that could still be in their trailer," the affidavit states.

The affidavit makes no mention of an application for a search warrant following Wagner's alleged statements.

On Nov. 2, investigators interviewed a friend of Funke's who said Funke told him he had killed Armstrong with a hammer. The friend said he saw bloodstains in the couple's trailer and said that Funke had asked him to help dispose of evidence. The friend said he refused, according to the affidavit.

After investigators spoke with Funke's friend, they secured a search warrant for the trailer. According to the affidavit, detectives found a green-handled hammer that Funke's friend had described as the alleged murder weapon. Investigators also located "two large dark stains on the carpet in the south bedroom and two large dark stains on the carpet in the living room." The stains were collected and sent off for evidence. It was later revealed the stains were blood that was a 99.9 percent match for Armstrong.

"Why did they wait until November to get a warrant to go in that trailer? Why did they not do anything after his cellmate told them he had confessed? The [blood stains] on the carpet, walls and everything -- those should have been found immediately," David Armstrong said.

Kokomo police declined to discuss details of the case Wednesday and referred calls to McCann, the Howard County Prosecutor. Contacted by The Huffington Post, McCann declined to comment.

According to the affidavit, police interviewed Funke on Jan. 6 with his attorney present. During that interview, he allegedly told investigators he killed Armstrong around the first of July.

"[Funke] stated that he and Kelly had been fighting for three days ... Funke stated that he fell asleep on the couch and he awoke to Kelly hitting the couch with a hammer. Funke stated that he believes that Kelly hit him on the head with the hammer and knocked him out. Funke stated that, when he came to, Kelly was dead on the floor and bleeding from the head. Funke said that he has memories of hitting her in the head with a hammer but thought that it was a dream," the affidavit reads.

Funke allegedly said he placed a plastic bag on Armstrong's head, wrapped her in a tarp and put her in a trash tote. The garbage container was supposedly picked up later that same day.

Looking through records from the trash pickup company, authorities determined Armstrong's body had likely been placed in the trash can on July 8. Investigators checked logs at the Wabash Valley Landfill in Wabash -- the waste facility where the garbage was dumped that day -- and spent six days sifting through 6,000 tons of trash. They were unable to locate Armstrong's remains.

David Armstrong said he doubts Funke's version of events and said he believes police spent nearly a week searching the wrong spot in the landfill. According to Armstrong, his daughter was alive well after July 8. The distraught father said he has proof to back that up.

"We have phone records that show on July 20 [and] 22 and [on] Aug. 2, Kelly called my daughter Shelly," Armstrong said. Because of that information, the dump logs police used to define the search area would have pointed them toward the wrong location, Armstrong explained.

"Police have officially stopped looking for her," Rush added. "My problem is they have not found any part of my sister. They have not found one [human] bone, but they found chicken bones and steak bones."

Rush said she is dismayed by what she perceives as a lack of sensitivity on behalf of members of the police department. She said she experienced insensitivity recently when talking to Kokomo Police Capt. Teresa Galloway.

"Galloway told me I have to accept the fact that I may never find my sister. I told her that was unacceptable and she said I was being unreasonable -- that I cannot expect them to find all of my sister's remains. I said 'I'm not asking you to find all of my sister, I'm asking you to find some of my sister so I can bury her.' She said, 'Well this is the way things are going to be and you're just going to have to accept the facts.'"

Galloway did not deny making the statement to Rush.

"Well, that's always a possibility ... that you might not find somebody," Galloway told HuffPost.


Docs: Boyfriend killed missing woman Kelly Armstrong with hammer

Travis Funke faces voluntary manslaughter charge

Updated: Tuesday, 21 Feb 2012, 8:13 PM EST
Published : Tuesday, 21 Feb 2012, 2:30 PM EST
KOKOMO, Ind. (WISH) - A Kokomo man is facing a charge of voluntary manslaughter after police say he killed missing woman Kelly Armstrong with a hammer.
Travis Funke, 34, will appear in court next week to face his new charge.
Armstrong was reported missing in late September after family members became concerned about her whereabouts.
Funke told investigators on Jan. 6 that he killed Armstrong after a three-day argument over prescription pills, according to the probable cause affidavit. He said he fell asleep on the couch and awoke to Armstrong hitting the couch with a hammer. Funke went on to say he thought Armstrong hit him with the hammer, knocking him unconscious, and he had blurry memories of hitting her in the head with a hammer. At the time, he said he thought it was a dream.
Armstrong’s body was put in a trash container by the road and picked up a short time later, Funke told police in the same interview. Police searched a Wabash County landfill earlier this month. In court documents released Tuesday, investigators say the search was unsuccessful.
Based on the interview with police, investigators believe Armstrong died around July 8.

Kelly has still not been found as of August 2012

Kelly Armstrong Case: Victim's Family Claims Victory With Murder ...
10 Aug 2012 – The family of homicide victim Kelly Armstrong said media attention ... Kelly Armstrong was reported missing in Kokomo, Indiana on Sept.


Plea filed in Kelly Armstrong case » Breaking news » Pharos-Tribune
4 days ago – ... told police he killed 27-year-old Kelly Armstrong in the trailer they shared at 2501 Apperson Way North, police have never found her body.

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  1. There were a lot of confusions over the date with Kelly. I note now that Police are saying that Kelly may have died around July 8th? I will have to try to recast a location Tarot around that date to see if it gives us better information. Some information has come to light but without a more definable date the reading will go astray and pick up other things.


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