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Sunday, 15 January 2012



Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.



« Thread Started on Nov 4, 2010, 5:06am »

I have been asked whether I have done a reading for this little girl. I have to say I have not come across this case before. There are so many missing children that I dont get to hear about all of them hence the reason why I have a request link for people to alert their case.

Here is a brief synopsis of Cedrika from the tarot. Tarot is not 100 per cent accurate so please always consult a second opinion.


I asked what happened to Cedrika on 31 July 2007 when she went missing and I have been given the card above.

Yes, it does look a nasty card and I am sorry that this one was the first out, but what it tells us is that on that day Cedrikas life was completely and utterly transformed without any mercy. Therefore she would have had absolutely no choice in what happened to her that day as it would have been highly traumatic and unexpected.

This card really can be an 'elimination' of someone but it can also represent a swift and shocking change of life almost in the blink of an eye. The card previous to is is The hanged man which has a lot of spiritual elements on it is often linked to Neptune so there is water in this card and can suggest that this little girl came into contact with water and the card seems to suggest that this child accepts her destiny and the complete and sudden change that happened in her life. The following card is Temperence we also have land and water with that card also and again the watery element is present.

I note that Justice is leading up to these events and it seems to me that someone was 'righting a wrong' in respect to this girl. When we get a sudden change of life - someone can pluck us out of where we are and put us in a new life that is as good an explaination for the death card - it has that transformation process on it that we cannot argue with. Justice seems to me that someone is balancing some Karma here - though what right they have to do that I am not sure but they took it on themselves to balance Karma by the disappearance of this child.

I definately cannot promise at this stage of Tarot what the health is of this child now. At first glance it did,nt look wonderful but you never know.

The Death card also has water connected to it so we have three cards with that element in them. We also have some kind of transport or metal yard or some kind of area maybe like a quarry or unused ground/tip. This may not be a particular point but it does and can show with this card. We also have to bear in mind that 'new beginnings' can be here but only once the person had been through a state of trauma.


The location of this child is outside of a town or city. This is a very earthy card. I see her NORTH at the current time possibly North of her own city/town. Theres also possibility of a Cathedral in this card either actual or in place name. This card also has elemental directions suggesting 'JUPITER' in the South. So North and South may be directions rather than East or West?

I also seem to have 'working for the family' so that may not suggest she has died and the water elements might be the emotional elements that have occurred for her. Bear in mind that the Death card has scorpio on it so the mystery of this child could be full of emotional secrets. Scorpio is not a great planet and even as an insect they do hide away and will sting you quite quickly and that is how I see the disappearance of this girl.

In the Death card you can see a priest or a bishop - and next to the four of Pentacles you will see the next card is the five of pentacles which shows people who are 'locked out of the church' therefore they are wandering around with no where to go and seem cold hungry and injured. I dont know if there was religious problem or whether this girl found herself out on the streets or put in a situation where she was bedraggled it certainly shows a great deal of hardship. The card previous to four of pentacles shows two people and a child who are teaching her how to make money.

Pentacles are earth cards as well as finance cards and they are usually about PHYSICALITY - so I would chance to say its possible that the little girl is alive and 'working' with a couple of other people.

Bear in mind tarot is past present and future so it is not predicting what will happen here but the events are over the time pods I have given.

As the four of pentacles shows someone 'standing on the money' I can only feel that she is linked to a place there is finance or a name that sounds like that - I always think of the word BANK when I get this card. Earth and Bank go together too so one has to be very careful to understand that.

Generally FOURS in tarot are 'rest and peace' so this tarot is not overly optimistic but there is always hope in every case until a child is found.


I have asked when this girl will be found - and this card actually suggests that she will be 'returned'. She is the stolen Item that is being brought back and there seems to be an apology in this card? Thats very strange but thats what it gives.

7 months or under is on this card I never hang onto the timings of tarot as sometimes they are absolutely perfectly accurate and other times they are not. Therefore I cant promise anything here. The optimistic side to this card is that it would only make sense that she was alive if she was to be 'returned'??

It would also make sense that the person in the six of swords previously would be afraid they were in trouble maybe thats why she has never been found so far?

I hope she has,nt been returned already and nobody has said anything. My apologies for suggesting that but Im covering tarots information here and its all possible but the six of swords is danger in water or through water which we have already seen. Perhaps someone is not telling the truth that actually does know and is afraid to say what happened. Theres a little bit of cowardice on that card to suggest she was found - whatever condition she was in and its been kept quiet. I think this girl was in danger of drowning. The seven of swords talks about a plan that failed too - there might have been some gossip in this case that has been ignored .

Thats all I have for the current time but will have another look after some time has elapsed.




This is the only news I could find to update Cedrika's case. Its from March. I am aware that I have many cases here that need extra input/map info etc and I just have to try to get around to doing them all as new cases and requests are continually pouring in. I will do my best to get to all the cases that have not been given a map but please bear with me.


Just click where it says 'translate page' to read.
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 A little reminder to keep Cedrikas information circulated while we wait for news. 



 Very Sad news regarding Cedrika. I have not yet examined the detail but I am so sorry to learn of this outcome. Unfortunately, Tarot did not feel very optimistic from the outset even though I wondered if perhaps there were a few glimmers of hope. I did not get a map done for this particular case as I had not fully incoporated them at the time on the blog.  I think Tarot might have a few particulars here though. Often on the timing it can be hit and miss. It is 8 years since Cedrika was known as missing and any of the card could describe a distance or a timng. Only time will tell when it comes to 'details' of what actually occurred, the only consolation is that she has been found. Other than that, its a total loss of a child and absolutely unnecessary for this to happen.  Curious that a man was flagged in 2007.



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  1. Hi!

    i was to my clairvoyant today , yo ask information about my brother who was shot and disappear , as we were talking she told me ,how the spiritual world work , and then when she hear about cedrika provencher ,a and the money she start thinking about it and went doing spiritual work and meditated on it ,so was she found and told me, was similar to you ,that at first the hold her in a house ,therE was rape ,and she was move around and now they prostitute her on a pornographic website that has children on it if the find the website they will find her , and when she went to talk to cedrika ,she ask for help ,that she been hold and can escape ,she is now part of a pedopile ring, she is in canada ,but not in montreal ,not toronto, not otawa but a place far in canada ,to do child ponography on internet ,she is screaming for help , but no one can help her ,my claivoyant said she was too scared cause the is police involve in this traffic its a big network

    its corespond with what you said about teaching her how to make money but she not in a big city , so i was wondering if you can see the website ,i will try to ask my clairvoyante again as i need to return for my bother i didnt ask more ause i thought the that story was old and she was in her 20,s but as i reach home i see that she was only 15 which explain why m clarvaiyante said the spirit stop he and the computer turn to a mirror to symbolisez she can,t go is forbidden ,as she was trying to help cedrika..CAUSE SHE ASK FOR HELP

  2. Hi.
    It's been 8 years since Cedrika disappear. Although I am not a psychic, I live in the same province, and I'm good at research. If given any information, I'd like to help find her, and bring her back home.

  3. Sadly her remains have been found.

  4. Her body was found this weekend in the woods in mauricie Quebec :(

  5. Her skull has just been found by hunters in a heavily wooded area north of the Trois Rivieres.

  6. bookmarked!!, I like your blog!


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