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Thursday, 15 December 2011



Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance
Missing Since: July 9, 1999 from Beaumont, Texas
Classification: Endangered Missing
Date Of Birth: February 24, 1965
Age at time of disappearance: 34 years old
Height and Weight: 5'3 - 5'4, 130 - 135 pounds

Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian female. Blonde hair, blue eyes. Langwell has a scar under her chin. She has a reddish-purple birthmark on her the middle to lower portion of her back. Her ears are pierced. Langwell's nickname is Kim. She may use the last name Clark.

Clothing/Jewelry Description: A white t-shirt with "Cozumel" imprinted on the front and the image of a diver on the back, blue jeans, white tennis shoes, a silver-tone Seiko watch with glowing numbers, a silver necklace with an angel pendant, silver hoop earrings and a gold wedding band on her left hand.


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the TAROT understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.



« Thread Started on Dec 13, 2011, 20:48 »

I have been asked to look at Tarot for Kimberley and I am happy to do this and see if Tarot can give us some advice about what has happened. I only EVER really like minimal information and a photograph I can connect with. I looked to see if I could get brief details and there is TMI out there so I have just posted this brief info and got this picture of her.
I want to remind you that Tarot is past present and future and generally whatever is known and gone by is likely to come up but I have not read or digested any details of any great importance at this stage.

Keep it fresh and the mind benefits is my motto.
Dont forget to never rely solely on Tarot, it is not 100 per cent accurate and sometimes I end up talking double dutch but that seems to unravel into English when the case is solved. Some things make good sense in other words. So meanwhile, please make sure you go to some official information and the right sources .

The very first thing is I am looking right into Kimberleys eyes. I feel a pull there and that perhaps she might work with me or vibrations might - and Im not being esoteric here I just 'feel' sometimes that the connect could be good. We shall see but her eyes are very psychic and the photo is 'alive'.
(Photo I have used for meditation could not be uploaded)


The first thing I want to do is look at date Kimberly disappeared which appears to be 9th of July 1999 and it seems from Texas.
The Magician has come to us reversed and if this is to represent what has happened to Kimberly we are looking at a very strange situation - the first thing is that the Magician makes things disappear hes very good at it does it RIGHT IN FRONT of people - and they are amazed, how did he do that - wow - but look at that card again, supposing we re-think this, supposing this is not a good magician at all? supposing she did not disappear because I dont think she did.

Why do I think that? because this card is full of lies. Big fat lies, deceptions - pulling a fast one - and all commmunications through Mercury on this card show us that there is something wrong in what has been said or told. Mercury splits apart - just like the Magician making things depart - but she did not depart because this card contradicts that.
So if she did not disappear have we any foundation to that - ? And I would say, yes, look at the Fool where is the fool going and I will tell you, hes going nowhere.

The fool sets out with his hanky and his bits and pieces and does so very much nonchantly and often heading to the North West but we have him reversed and in some ways might affect him going anywhere, his journey is delayed, and we also have the High Priestess reversed. Firstly lets deal with some initials.

Possible initials, D and R and B and J - and we have two properties/pillars or buildings (could be high rise) here and we are also given the colour Yellow.

I often think of a coward when it comes to yellow though most would prefer to think of custard. I think coward - This is not a good run of cards.

This set of cards could indicate very bad things for Kimberly- three people in a relationship, or possibly being stalked. So what I would suggest is that she was followed or someone caught up with her.

When I went to type I went on the wrong keys and wrote - NIT - at first I thought it was funny because I wondered if it was directed at me - I am working late tonight and devoid of sleep even my visions are strange as I have tired eyes but when I look at Kimberly she looks very vital as though she wants to tell me something.

The Magician is often associated with Will and Intent and when that is reversed theres no Will here and No intent at all and it makes me feel she did not voluntarily disappear. I see there are contrarities and problems within the family this can show interference strongly from this situation from sombody.
I dont know if its a surface thing or just something that was bubbling underneath, I wonder if there is a three way relationship here or whether she was followed or stalked. Im just seeing some good advice being turned aside .

Im seeing a male and female that are probably disagreeing about something, and the Emperor reversed thats a pretty tyranical card. If it was a man he would be pretty abusive and utterly demand to be respected. If he wasn't or his will is challenged he could be a very vindictive person. Abusive even. Is this looking like someone close? or is it a stranger stalker.

No Im feeling this family linked somehow because of the indication of three people and maybe moreso with the High Priestess reversed and secret matters? Perhaps someone got found out in a secret and that has sparked up a big problem. I dont want to go too far along here because this is not feeling like its positive.

Im getting words like fraud, cheat, deceiver, LIAR - someones not happy! High Priestess reversed seems to indicate a secret that 'comes out' so did somebody find out about somebody else?

The Heirophant reversed is someone giving very bad advice and directions and the Emperor could be a four door car as well as a person (sometimes also considered to be a Boss so knowledgeable about an object)- so Im not judging or accusing but were the reports that came out initially completely correct?
Someone perhaps does not have her best interests at heart?

Somethings amiss - this woman talks with her eyes - you know what they say about the eyes, they are the windows to your soul. I feel this woman is in bad health. She has bad health either before or was put in that situation. I feel that the name Will or Mill? is giving me somewhere with two pillars/apartment blocks and the intial M possibly. I am not going to get every detail here.

The fool card if he is reversed could be going South East or North East he seems to have turned away from the West . There might be a problem with keys or she might have lost them.
She might have lost a few things because The fool shows her bag is not there anymore.

Its symbolic but suggests losing money/wallet/purse - 'things' in general. She could have been conned out of them - thats possible but I just see them gone. I see some respiration problem in the throat or chest and I feel she was overpowered. It does not really feel like self inflicted personally.

Regardless the whole accent around this first card is fraudulent disappearance, or whatever was communicated is not the 'right direction nor is it good advice'. So, whatever the truth was thought to be is under a question mark.

Unless her car broke down and she couldnt fix it therefore it being a natural entrance for a sneaky snakey oil type 'know it all with salesman technique ' to come up to her then theres a lot of lies around the intial story. I have seen Magicians before for Car Mechanics but I dont know about this person, they appear to be on the surface something they are not. Its like being sold a rolex watch and the next morning the colours peeling off. so this is very dubious stuff we are talking here.

I wonder if she was accused of being a bad mother because the Empress is reversed and standing next to what might be a really angry guy. Was the car red? If so maybe the car is important but personally I see a lot of aggression with a male here. Hes like the spouse but not married - other thoughts be a boss or father figure but I just feel Im getting a dominant character who is a person who does not like to be disrespected in any way. Maybe this woman felt smothered?

The Empress gives us a three and a hollow enclosure which sometimes can be a canal or linked nearby.
Not to forget we do have a stalking element or problems in the family. Are there inlaws or other members of the family who interfere or was it a member of the family who has 'interfered'. Maybe someone wasn't 'number one' anymore?


Moving on to a very self explanatory kind of scene, showing a lot of quarrelling, anger spilt some kind of 'competition' gone seriously wrong here - or caused a problem from I can see. But we have to remember this is a card trying to give a view of location and Im wavering as I look at the town disappearing behind me I would have thought South West but not moving because the eight of wands is delayed. Im feeling a sense of attack and I dont know if its an element of surprise or not I dont feel she had a lot of opportunity to defend herself.

I am seeing her being overcome here but you know, Im a little bit bothered because theres five people there in the wands and even though we cant seem them in the 7 you can still see sticks jabbing away at someone and the 9 with tarmac could be airport with lots of concrete and then getting rid of burdens.

Below a link of Kimberly and shopping center detail location.

I find myself talking to her in first person and saying where will she be found and she gave me the two of cups. This could be a place or an indication of a love affair.


This is West and Union so I have looked at the Map and there is Western Union, Phelan Boulevard, Beaumont, TX, United States which seems to fit this card. Laurel Avenue would fit the Six of Wands and she is directly giving me this . I find Im looking slight East of behind the Shopping center to the area of water near Pine Street and Magazine Street. There is a Bridge there. and Pearl and Rose comes up so Im feeling this is the area Im being shown. Theres also a Miller Street -

Maybe its just her description of the area but two of cups is water and West and Union and that is identified here along with Laurel which is on the six of wands. But I dont know if she is on foot. The six wands is stationary - five of cups takes us to the Bridge and that might be Pine Street as the Four of cups is a Tree and Pine is a tree. The cups change direction .

Kimberly is going away from the water towards the East and goes towards 'home' in the 10 of cups even though its West the Eight of cups shows her walking East or slight North East and then there is a lift or an invitation or proposal over the 'land and water' and this is EAST even though its a West Card.

So now that has been broken down - something must have happened some kind of 'altercation and it seems to me that there is a 'love interest here' - and that she was South West but went towards the East and I have a 'horsey name'. I may be too far ahead and going back to the Two I see on the Map Twin s park and there is a Bridge there and the 'end of the road' RV park. Again making suggestions on a big Map is 'error' as the Two of cups shows a union of two people and the initials W and M apply all seem to be applications to the location areas that this card is suggesting.


I ask when Kimberly wil be found and I get SWIFTLY - the arrows are pointing South East and you can see the landscape of water and greenery and though its not evident there is often a house on a Hill and I do have a Hill - and the number 8 - often the wands are Weeks cards - and they are aggressive card so it shows a lot of action can work.

Maybe she still could be found. I might have let imagination take over - I really do shy away from talking location in places I have no idea about but - maybe some of these things might be just the scenery.

The 9 of wands is the 9 Road 90 I feel that it could be the areas I have pointed out have some significance because the two of cups is leading to a Bridge and the direction of Magazine Street seems to feel right too towards another Bridge there by Pine Street.

The 9 of wands could be the 90 road for some reason, but I never put a lot of faith in location with TAROT though description can sometimes be quite marvelous on occasion and have been quite stunned myself a few times. But a few times is not accurate enough. The 9 is also showing us barriers or fences and this stands next to buildings on the outskirts of the town or EDGE of the town.

At some stage, I seem to see South East of the Laurel Road towards the water by Pine Street. I have not read reports so am not aware of anything found there. . I might just be truly picking up on the area that things went wrong . I could quite easily ramble on but be stuck in the location of the shops. I do think its South East towards the Water but you know those wands could be aeroplanes . I also notice on the Map Alexandria and this comes up in the Two of wands and again there is looking across the water in this card.

I just get the feeling there is an East West thing going on. So perhaps a 13 mile Radius circle around the shopping center could turn up something or when it comes to finding Kimberly 13 has another significance? perhaps even a ONE and a THREE - splitting the number.

The 9 of wands shows injury in the same manner that I have seen in the early cards particularly the Strength card and that is a respiration problem. Note the the find card is also an 8 next to head/respiraton neck problem which mirrors the reversed 8.

I have indications of some kind of whirlwind journey of events.
After all this time one wonders if it is possible to find this woman yet this last card indicates that it is possible . There is a house on a HILL water and Greenery that might include .

I need to come back to this Tarot when I can clear my head. Theres some kind of letter or communication here but I dont know what it means and what it has to do with asking when she would be found.
Hopefully I have been given something of worth but you know, the Airport is in the district that she is. I know that, because I feel it. I may be seeing all these locations and yet the Airport/West is strong.


I was looking towards 'Baton Rouge' as that is East and the Knight of Wands charges from the East but it is a South Card so South East comes up again here going towards the WEST.

I hope this brief overview and outline is of some help. Dont forget Tarot is not 100 per cent accurate and must be considered carefully. All location thoughts and mentions cannot be guaranteed in any way whatsoever. I may also need to come back to this case to consider further details I have missed.



I have posted a map which Dee has worked on from the Tarot instructions as they stand. Please let me specify that this map may only be approximate. I will need to look at some cases again to update and there has been so little time to do so with many pending cases for Tarot.  Therefore bear in mind that there may be more detail to add to this map.


Dee has compiled a map which OUTLINES all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.

(Hit the Grey word that says MAPS) 

 Show on Google Maps


  1. There is an airport called Beaumont Airport located off of Hwy 90 and that is within a 13 mile radius of the shopping center her car was found. Neches river is by Pine street and where I-10 runs east twrds Louisiana & West runs towrds houston there's a bridge overpass there which we call Neches River . It runs alongside Pine Street. Hwy 90 also known as college street dead ends into that river. There are big buildings including the civic center, courthouse and police station in that area.

  2. Thank you for this information.


  3. Perhaps Kimberly was having a argument with her ex husband over the raising of her child. Her boyfreind at the time was a owner of a Automobile wrecker service, but he has passed two lie dectector test on her dissapearence, and still lives in the house where he and kimberly lived before her dissappearence. There is a a freas water canal that runs north and south in front of the Beaumont Municipal Airport with a set a flumes that have a reputation for drwoning victims who get caught in them. The Union Pacific RailRoad tracks boarder the north side of the Beaumont Municipal Airport too

  4. This case has touched my life in many ways and in ways that I wouldn't even know how to start describing them to anyone else. Not just because I know that it doesn't make any sence, but because I'm tired and feel "released" now finally of whatever it is that I'm capable of doing. My part is done. I didn't know Kimberly in person personally but I care about her and can relate to her personally as I've learned more about her life. I have taken any "sensitive brought about info" away from my personal opinion of what happened to Kim and searched for facts to support my findings. I feel that there are in indeed many of them. I have posted them on various websites that are for the local police & of missing support groups that look to aid in the search for her. I do feel that on this website "here" , I can leave out the many facts supporting my "sensitive brought feelings"... For a change, and just say respectively that I believe that Kimberly was abducted and killed by the serial killer Brandon Scott Lavergne from Louisiana. I think that He has buried or hid her remains somewhere off of Hwy 13 around Mamou Louisiana. Hwy 13 off of I-10. I think he kept her drivers license, purse, jewelry of some sort as a memento. I think that he strangled or suffocated her and most likely sexually assaulted her unfortunately too. I don't know if her remains will ever be located or that BSL will be brought to trial specifically in regards to what I believe he did to her. But I think that she doesn't care about that, it's just to have "something" brought to the light and made known that directly ties him to her in 1999 when she "vanished" that what needed to be known will finally be made understood. So, her family n loved ones and the many who've searched for her over these 13 yrs will begin to live again with a sence of peace provided to them. They can atleast stop looking or driving themselves mad with suspicions against each other. I think that the magician card is right on, concerning the false leads and misconceptions that tricked everyone from this case being solved in the beginning. That hindered the truth, but it wasn't necessarily avoidable. It made sence for others to speculate against a potentially abusive bf and at the same time Kim did just before warn others of the concern. However, she very well may have intuitively picked up on this before it happened. It's a series of unfortunate events indeed.

    A serial killer not being from the town or immediate area where Kimberly was abducted would be a trick pulled on everyone. No one would see/hear from him around there again. Also, the biggest trick of all in my opinion that misled so many , even the detectives would be that because her cell phone and make-up was left behind in the car that it Falsely Implied that she left with someone whom she trusted and believed she was returning to her car shortly. When it was the exact opposite!

    The looking in the wrong direction regarding of suspects hindered the investigation. Even if it became apparent to some that the suspects weren't adding up to be the suspects, the advice could have fell on deaf ears being no other leads... But with a mystery man from out of town as the true potential culprit.. It was , what it was. In closing , I think that I'm the cards Empathy read in her reading of tarot clearly show Kimberly's message of that she was "Not In Texas" and had been taken across the water towards the East and Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Mamou off of I-10. There is Hwy 190 , even An "East Laurel Ave" as Was noted by Empathy. There's also on Hwy 13 an airport located to the west side of 13. This area is miles away from not only Church point area where Brandon lives but also just miles away from where Brandon's victim Mickey Shultz was found. I hope that I have not offended anyone, I just really feel that this may have been what happened. Thank You, God Bless.

    1. Your thoughts and feelings are very welcome here. Thank you for taking the time to post and explain them.

  5. I am also haunted by this case as the poster of OcT 2012. I lived about 50 miles from Beaumont when Kimberly disappeared.
    I know the area where she disappeared from. I think probably someone saw something, but, did not realize it was a kidnapping. The area is full of restauants, stores, etc. This area always seemed like a safe area. I have been shopping there alone many times.
    I will pray extra for someone to find her. Maybe someone will pass this reading on to Law Enforcement. The police dept is a great dept. They are like a family.

  6. I live less than a half of a mile from the Colonnade where Kimberly was abducted. I have lived here for more than 20 years and used to walk to Eckerd, McDonnald's..ect. She was also a close friend of my sister's mom. My prayers will continue to go out to the family in hopes that some sort of clue will be brought to light to put this family at peace.


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