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Wednesday, 24 August 2011



22 year old Katelyn Markham has been missing since last Saturday, August 13, 2011 in Fairfield, Ohio when she didn’t show up for work. Markham is 5’3″ and 130 pounds with green eyes and brown hair with blond highlights. Katelyn Markham’s fiance, John Carter, called the police on 8/14/11 to report her missing. Carter also said in his 911 call, “A Sacred Heart Festival is going on right up the street, and there are a lot of questionable people there.” Katelyn’s fiancé stated that he last saw her around 11:30 Saturday night, after he left her town home on Dorshire Drive.

Markham’s fiancee, John Carter, called police on Sunday, Aug. 14 to report her missing.

“I know you’re not suppose to report a missing person before 24 hours, but my fiancee is missing and I can’t find her anywhere,” he said in the call.

Carter last saw Markham on Saturday night. He says they were discussing a possible move to Colorado.

Police suspect foul play in the disappearance of Katelyn Markham.Police released the 911 call of Katelyn’s disappearance. Police search the home of missing Katelyn Markham for clues.

“Basically, it’s just going over the apartment more thoroughly and just looking for anything that might give us an indication of what happened to Ms. Markham and possibly where she might be – just anything we could find,” Haddix said.

Fairfield police secured Markham’s house Wednesday and canvassed the neighborhood again to see if witnesses may have seen or heard anything early Sunday when Markham vanished. They also checked a nearby ri
ver, finding nothing.

Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the TAROT understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.



« Thread Started 24 AUGUST 2011 at 0:45 »

I have been asked here on the blogger if I could look at tarot for Katelyn Markham. Tarot produces glimpses of past present and future however, I cannot guarantee 100 per cent accuracy and suggest you look at other factual information/sources.


The first card I have for Katelyn is the King of Wands and this card is quite chaotic showing that there is very hasty movement possibly involving a male. The Wands show a direction of SOUTH. South can be a 'wind' direction or it can be the name of a place , street name. I feel that we need to look between the wands here because it seems to me that on the Knight of Wands there is travel indicated and a great sense of adventure with a friendly amiable and sporty person. Therefore it would indicate being in the company or at least being in a situation that was 'fine'.

However it is possible to expand this and look at the whole run and possible see that there are opportunities here for adventure whereby two people are considering plans perhaps for the future and I see a motel here or some place where a person might 'stay'. I am most certainly appearing to pick up a 'sporty' element here, gyms, sport fields, anything that represents the name of sport .

I also see movement towards the town at some point and possibly this could have involved a vehicle. There is some kind of hidden element about this though so Im wondering if it was something that was getting involved in a situation that might have not been known by many. Its the hidden element that I am looking at possibly even to do with a vehicle. I am thinking that something has gone awry here and perhaps a slight sense of fear or trepidation. I am either seeing a shoe or someone standing between two borders or on a dividing line, possibly even near or on a hill which could be the name of an area. Again South is standing out at this point. I see possible journey over land here and a building on a hill in the background stream perhaps across the landscape.

We do see this scene often in tarot but if its there I will print it. I do think someone either has a headache here or they have hurt their head or from the neck up there might be some kind of injury unless of course they had an auful lot of their mind. It is an action card so I would have thought that someone was looking over their shoulder as such therefore it would kind of make me think that the person might have wanted to hide from someone else.

When I see this King as the primary card, I am looking automatically at the 10 of wands and not liking that much. Reason is because there appears to be excess worry and anxiety which makes me believe that all was possibly not well. However, it could be that there was a lot happening and a person was just over stressed. Quarrels do show in these cards though and that must be taken into account. It could indicate that there was worry about getting involved in an adventure. I seem to see some form of entertainment and do not know whether that is bringing me back to play/sport or some kind of situation there but I do see some kind of message being given to someone . It might be a relative or someone known to this girl as it shows a message being received.

I am seeing a building on the edge of town. Wood/woods or cabins can come up on the 10 of wands but also can lodges and even possibly places to stay. However, one does lay down their burdens and it makes me feel whether Katelyn was near buildings at the time. The 10 of wands is a difficult card and can affect a person very much indeed and not always in the best way.

Going back to the King, oh this is someone who loves the idea of a great adventure and holiday and wants to do everything yesterday. Very charming man, age group is difficult because they can appear mature yet be younger with a big mind. However, general rule of thumb is normally over 35 however, must consider the maturity level. This person is supposed to have a fair hair complexion.

I feel that the word HOLIDAY is very strong in that King of wands but I just seem to see big problems quarrels and arguments even regarding it and oppression so it seems that someone might not have agreed to this 'venture' or there is some obstacle here. I feel also with this King that this is prince charming type who can make everything seem really fantastic and wonderful but that's just a coating for the proposed plans .

There could be two men here one under 35 and one over but I cant be positive about that. What I do think is that this situation has gone wrong I really feel the situation is driven by the passion of a man as he is really very strong in this situation. Fire and sex and weapons do come up with wands cards but it is not always the case. Aries Leo and Sagittarius appear with this card so we have a go getter situation that is connected to travel and laced with a lot of fantasies and promised luxuries.


Here we have a card which always normally points NORTH. When it reverses itself it might suggest a line between North and South but North would have been prominent at some point. Attempting to get some information as to where this girl might be, I am getting a number 8 here. I see some financial problems and complete insecurity in the cards. It does not make me feel that this girl is in a safe position, I could be wrong but I see security stripped away. This might have occurred financially in a situation such as theft or robbery but also it could be compromised health which could really translate to an 'unhealthy situation'. I see her roughly 10 away from the biological home this could be distance or a route 10 perhaps. There may be a school or name of school in a road perhaps even 'college' could come up. Muddy Trials and landscape figures here also Im sensing a loss of property. Im wondering if there is an empty building here somewhere?

There may be 'working buildings' in the circumference of where Katelyn might be. There might been a need to make quick cash or a concern of cash running out.

Im not sure if any of these descriptions help but this is a very brief overview in order to put out some awareness for Katelyn. I keep thinking that someone has worried about lack of finance or getting a job or perhaps this is to do with an area near business premises? possibly near a crossroads or something of that nature?


Still receiving some kind of reference to School here though Im not sure why. Perhaps in a name? I am being told that a five might be instrumental as to when Katelyn will be found, I have this feeling that there is something wrong with information that has been given which is sending people 'off the map' therefore getting this Heirophant is telling me that advice is NOT good counsel. So any information offered from others needs to be checked, double checked and checked again.

A B and a J may possibly figure in this situation but there is a dominant partner here. I hope there are no sexual elements because if there are they are very overpowering. I am seeing no real strong indication of timing except for the FIVE as a marker - route road, distance and possibly South. There may be a church element here or it could be that someone is against a certain mode of behaviour and therefore does not wish to be helpful. I am feeling that there really might be three people, possibly as previously mentioned two males.

I think one might have a stalker element about them. I certainly feel there is some difficulties/troubles within family elements perhaps and if not that problems between lovers. I keep feeling drawn near town but not in it so on the outskirts. I cannot guarantee this but if there is no news in say a month I will look again. I think really we have to allow up to 10 /14 weeks at least for this girl to be found . There might be a KEY or keys to be found. I wonder if the Key or Keys might be important. I will try to look at a map as soon as I am able.
Buildings near town is the strongest thing I have .

I hope Katelyn is found but I will try to look again in a little while. This is a simple brief on the situation and not full blown Tarot. None of the cards specifically point to Water I see more agricultural situations but there could be some water references . Fences and Barriers come up in the cards and I thought I would mention this in case they are landmarks. I seem to think that when it comes to finding Katelyn 'good advice' is being ignored and that is not going to help matters. All leads should be followed.


I would like to add that when it comes to places or locations it is really difficult for Tarot to give precise names and therefore I realise this can be frustrating.
The Heirophant is a 'Mentor' and there is a place called Mentor South of Fairfield. However, I cannot say that this would be a correct place to find Katelyn and do not wish to recommend at this point, but mention it just in case it comes up as some other clue?
pondering on my HEIROPHANT card. I would mention that this card is most certainly linked to religious events/spiritual organisations and teachers and mentors.

Unfortunately that is reversed so would throw a negative vibe on these attributions. It is the 'find' card in the tarot but we have to take account of all three of the cards and its so difficult to actually 'name a place' with the tarot it can be very frustrating with just circumstances and directions to guide.

It may be a long shot but I am getting something about DOGS in the where card which makes me wonder if dogs will be used or whether there are dogs in the vicinity?



October 19, 2011 11:04 am

This UPDATE should be read in conjunction with the Tarot previously posted. I just want to mention that on the 'where' card for Katelyn in Tarot that the 8 of pentacles is going to show that she might have sought to improve her work ect likely her art and design being pentacles but at the risk of losing health and money as you do lose security in that position in the Tarot. Its next to the 9 of Pentacles and this evicts a person straight out of their home and leaves them insecure. So whilst asking where we have NORTH on the Pentacles and then tipped we might be looking at SOUTH. North/South.

The fact that we have an Heirophant at number 5 and see there is an Emperor next to him, it may suggest a Male mentor. Both of these cards are reversed along with the Lovers card. It could be that she went to mentor THAT person and not the other way around - ie, do a job for them but the consequences seem to be around the eight of pentacles already described.

The Emperor is linked to DOOR 4 and that is reversed - so this could be a boss or someone who employs her but with that reversed its someone who abuses their position. Its difficult because the Emperor can be a father figure as well as Authority/boss figure or even partner, but reversed there is either a stepfather as Emperor's reversed can be a non biological father or it can be someone who could be older and wants to help her on the surface and underneath is abusive and manipulative.

I have to read all the details of Katelyn because I often forget all the bits and pieces or I dont return to the case to read any further detail. One way or the other I know I would not have all the information to hand to link with the Tarot. However, school/college type venues appear in this original spread and if she went to college or school or was linked then obviously that would likely need to be followed up or checked out. The Heirophant is no better then the Emperor, he will totally abuse them and the Lovers shows family contrarities and a possible stalker. This was seen before it was known that Katelyn had a stalker, I was pretty taken aback reading that. So these things may all tie in to get an idea of what may have happened or occurred.

A four door could be a four door car if so it would be red. Red is very strong in the Emperor card that can also mean someone with a horrible temper.

She could be somewhere that there is no 'solid foundation' that could represent a building with a basement though Im not sure I have linked this card that way before . It seems to me that she just wanted to 'get on' with her work but I think somebody here has challenged her about that. Clearly they are not on the same wavelength she is and might have thrown their weight around.

Im not sure what exactly was going on with the home life and her 'father' but these cards can give the impression that someone did,nt want to take responsibility of 'something' and wanted to run away from it. You see in this Emperor card there is an over attachment or over dependency on parent figures because in order to get on there appears to be co dependency here.

That is on the find card though and sounds a bit like its landing in the lap of the father, but this could only be part of a situation that was going on. I have thought that every property that is linked to Katelyn whether family or otherwise should be checked out. There is a woman in the picture too and she is hardly a smiler - if she had her way she would stamp out a few things and I am not sure who that is but she is not going to support a situation she would rather be rid of it as it affects her own relationships. Im not feeling that is Katelyn but a different woman.

So a lot of family contrarities here that I seem to see and its the cards that are putting this up and not myself. The Heirophant reversed can be church linked and I am sure I have brought this up I will have see what notes I have made. The Heirophant can be clubs groups societies spiritual organisations teachers/schools. So that links us right back to that eight of pentacles.

This Heirophant is supposed to be a 'mentor' as previously discussed in first tarot. Reversed it is giving us a hideous situation as it is going to make Katelyn susceptible in this 'mentor' character whoever that might be. As far as I can see the Heirophant reversed is someone with a chip on their shoulder. They go against conformity in most ways for example if they were a priest they would be an ex-priest or if it is someone to do with mentoring the fact that it is reversed means that somehow the situation was false (ex - teacher)? and its possible that Katelyn could have got into some scenario where she was presented with a lot of untruths. She could been reeled in because of her work.

The Lovers card tells us about a possible Stalker - so if thats known I guess it will be checked out? but the outcome of this could be very tricky because we are then looking at a possible CAR - involved somewhere and some kind of landscape near a stream and possible respiration problems.

If we fly on to the Hermit we are looking at places with Hills or landscape rural surroundings maybe campus type places/mobiles/caravans off the beaten track type of land so isolated is my first thought, but in that hermit card we might have someone who shaved off a beard and though I cant be sure of a sexual element as he would be reversed - he is someone who does not like to live alone. The Fortune card reversed is bad karma - its a trip thats halted so that gives us a vehicle and a 10 number turn that upside down and we have a ONE which is a Magician and the magician points NORTH and SOUTH so they have to be primary directions for this situation.

The Magician knows how to buck the system and so hes full of rubbish when it comes to telling truths as he knows it was INTENTIONAL what happened to Katelyn.

A B and J can be reversed into a possible D and an R. I would take all those into account as initials of people and/or places. I would be interested if KATELYNS bedroom curtains were open as when the Emperor comes a person looks out of the window and says HI (hey window 5 hebrew) I am not sure you say HI to strangers but there you go. This might be conjecture.

Moving on to the Lovers family contrarities and possible stalkers, the Lovers is linked to the Six of Cups which is a card of the past. Making choices in the past throw them in the future. Therefore cause and effect can come into play.

Im not that sure she went far - I think I stopped at the 'church of the Sacred Heart' which is linked to East (I cant remember how the East links in whether it was a road) but just to say that something around that area should have held a clue or two.

There is some concern about work money and possible debt or even accruing it and this floats around the situation somewhere along the line. Its almost like when money gets out of hand you have to borrow to keep the debtors away but that just leads to more debt so Im feeling that Katelyn or someone did not want responsibility of paying out for a property or something of that nature as it could result in eviction or losing ones home ultimately.

There is a very strong businessman in the picture further down the tarot and he would need to be avoided at all costs as he is the collector of it?

Lastly to say that none of the reversed Major Arcana are going to the best of cards as for every positive in this situation there is a negative for someone . There is something about a film here with the Chariot and the the Death card reversed and I think the picture that was sent was to MOCK or as a form of Mockery.

Seems to me that someone lost their self control with Temperence reversed like that and was not prepared to accept a situation perhaps - I would be very tempted to look in basements or near walls for Katelyn and at this point I dont know if I am looking at strangers as yet or at a place that is completely strange to her. Sometimes we have to free ourselves from negative situations but the thing is, I dont know who it was that managed to free themselves but someones judgement is pretty bad in all this because what goes around comes around.

Its quite possible I have the wrong end of the stick or I have misunderstood some events but it is some kind of indication that there have been a combination of events that has occurred and all I can do is leave all the possibilities.

An 8 or 5 might help in respect of finding Katelyn. I do hope some news of her can be had that is positive. Quite honestly there are probably other aspects to consider and it will take time to look through everything and if necessary ask more questions of Tarot but I have tried to leave some of the 'vibrations' that might have surrounded the situation in some way.

Tarot is not 100 per cent accurate so I am prepared to be wrong.




Lavish buildings such as theatres, grand public buildings and monuments, public halls, auditoriums, parks; palaces, castles, forts. Inaccessible places, deserts, forests and areas where wild animals roam. If inside houses places near to heat and fire chimneys, or areas where furnishings are plush.
Places that are low down and near to the floor. Places of agriculture, harvest and agricultural storage, such as dairies, granaries, malt-houses ,breweries or public houses, cornfields, hay,greenhouses, places connected to barley, wheat eve places to be considered are where peas or where cheese and butter is churned or stored. Storage places strongest.

If inside the house it signifies areas and objects used for study, accountancy, or where they are stored. Libraries, book cases, or places where books, pens and reading/writing instruments are kept, inclusive of typewriters, word processors and computers, study halls, office areas and items used for book-keeping. Cupboards, pantries, closets, cabinets, drawers, medicine cupboards, drug stores, or areas connected or associated to health. Places or things that are used to store, restore, or repair, such as sewing/knitting instruments and machines or tools, and places where there are live in quarters. Places connected to small animals, or small pets, vets included.

Stables/horses/ cattle or where tack/hay is stored. Farm land or pasture land likely away from housing estates. Single storey buildings, bungalows/cottages/barns or if inside houses, low rooms or cellars places low down near the floor.
To take into account - Gardens, fountains, bridal-chambers, fair lodgings, beds, hangings, anything to do with dancing, perhaps dancing schools, wardrobes Important day is Friday.

North tending East and South tending West then South by East zig zag


MAP BELOW COMPILED FROM THE TAROT POSTED FOR KATELYN.Dee has provided a map which OUTLINES all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.

View Larger Map



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Bones found along creek in southeast Indiana

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  1. Are you talking about Mentor Ohio?

  2. Mentor comes up with the 'find' card. It may be referencing place/people or some circumstance. I mentioned Mentor as a place because there is such a place on the Map. However, it does not mean I am naming a location as a guarantee. Tarot cannot name places and I would simply go by all the tarot aspects and directions it gives. I hope this helps.


  3. I stumbled upon this page while searching for information about the Katelyn case. My heart jumped a little when I read the previous anonymous quote about Mentor Ohio, as I live there, and I ended up on this page. Could be total coincidence with words, but gave me a strange feeling. Many thoughts, prayers, and hope for her and friends & family.

  4. I did a reading myself yesterday. This is VERY interesting to me. These are the same cards I pulled. I did a Celtic Cross reading .. King of Wands was in crowning position . 7 pent was in obstacle position but I considered it a reversal because out of 10 cards I had 6 reversals..The Hierophant was reversed in the recent past position.. I took the King of WANDS as a person ..The 7 swords was surrounding the person in the self position (card 7) .. This is someone who has put something over on others.. he has a guilty conscience as the 9 pent reversed was in the near future position and the 3 swords reversed was in the environment position. (card 8) Card 9..the advice card or for me the present goes with card 5.. it was the 9 swords.. This person is stressed out and worried..Death reversed was the outcome.. I took it as being forced to give up what you wouldn't voluntarily..Situation was 3 wands reversed.. I saw this as someone you care for and admire letting you down.. I believe who ever this is..she knows or knew them and it was someone she thought would never harm her. I just thought it was interesting these cards were same cards as mine.. every one.. so this validates your reading. Also.. the foundation was the emperor reversed .. There was a lot of anger here. That is my hmm.. Screw You card so to speak. Had to post..I really hope they find her soon.. very sad for her family and friends..

  5. Thank you for posting your reading for Katelyn and I am pleased to hear that Tarot give you a similar situation.


  6. it's been almost a month, could you pls do a full reading? Thanks,

  7. I have other readings for Katelyn that I have stated I will upload before long. I will try to do this as soon as I am able.


  8. Hi, are you going to upload the other readings soon?

  9. We really need a new reading for Katelyn. PLEASE

  10. The Debt is interesting as Katelyns dad and step mom were getting sued by collectors and also in the middle of a divorce. Are you going to go do another tarot soon?

  11. Who is this Forrest Edward Bailey that you think should be looked into and can you share why you think that?

  12. I know Katelyn and spoke with her often. She was a very lovely person and her typical nature was to say hello to everyone.

    There are some things that maybe you should realize in this scenario. Fairfield is near Hamilton and many people there are from Kentucky. The town is not far from the Ohio River, probably about 20 miles. Interstate 75 runs beside it. It would not be unreasonable that someone could have taken her into Kentucky or southern Indiana.

    She did have debt, she was a college student. In her job at the college, she interacted with almost every student and instructor. She was a very hard worker that had respect of all those who knew her. I do know she had several mentors at the college, those were two of the greatest instructors. Not only was she a mentor, she also mentored other new students.

    Her job in the college was in the bookstore. She was responsible for selling things to all the courses, from Culinary to Cinematography. Your reading seems to pick that up, but not applied to that.

    I think you are picking up vibrations about her life as the student that I knew her as. The last conversation I had with her was about selling T-Shirts to my film crew as we were preparing to do a documentary on the Ohio Bigfoot Research Conference in Salt Lick Fork State Park.

    The reading was interesting, but it seems to have spoken to me more about what she was like to me. Katelyn was such a nice person, she was friendly to every person she interacted with and was well-respected for her work. She definitely would have found the tarot reading amusing. I am still heart-broken, as many others are who knew her.

  13. By the way, the film you are picking up was mine. As a class project, we did a film about a woman that is kidnapped outside of a pharmacy by a fake security guard.

    I had just posted a response about Katelyn then went back to reread what you had posted. One of Katelyn's friends had agreed to be the victim in our film.

    For me, as the writer, and the actress who portrayed the victim, we were overwhelmingly shocked that this happened to Katelyn. Yes, I think you picked up on this. At the end of the film, the kidnapper got away in the car that I owned, that we used. It was a gold Cavalier.

    This film was the first of its kind produced at the college and the elements I had written into the script hit too close to home when we learned Katelyn had disappeared.

    I really think somehow you picked up on that vibration, and Katelyn had conversed with me about the film. She sold me the digital film for this project.

    The actress in the film remarked to me that when she learned of Katelyn's disappearance, her first thought and fear was this film.

    I would not have normally commented on this, but after reading the part about the film, it hit me again. Perhaps the film was telling us what would happen.

    1. Both of your comments are absolutely fascinating and I had no idea that anyone would come forward and tell me this.

      Tarot does pick up vibrations of peoples lives - it tends to grab everything and throw it on the table and it has my head swimming sometimes. But if you recognise aspects here then you will know that Tarot has the ability to pick up unknown information that might not ever be brought out unless someone like yourself spots it and seizes the meaning. So I do truly thank you for coming her eand writing out these comments.

      I do feel Katelyn was a wonderful and gifted girl. I should try to have another look at her tarot and as with many cases here I do try my best to get back to each but more come along and it becomes a difficult cycle for me to write for every new case and updates.

      However, I have much to think about with what you have told me and I am also sure others that read here will find it equally as interesting as I have. You made me smile when you said Katelyn would have been amused at the Tarot, Im finding that nice as you clearly knew her very well and I am SO SO sorry that your friend is lost. Its a frustrating thing for me because I would wish to hit some more markers to help bring her home. I will always continue to try, I have not given up on her and many others are still right behind her case.

      Once again I shall ponder on your comments as I want to think about it all.

      Please feel welcome to come back and tell us more about Katelyn anytime you wish.


  14. I pray for updates.....

  15. Any updates? We are so desperate for her to be found. Please help if you can.


  17. The father does not believe that Gurpreet Kang had anything to do with Katelyn's disappearance. He did an interview saying so on WKRC News 12.

    Katelyn was making plans to go to Colorado with her BF and some friends after she graduated. The fair complected man could be one of her friends that does a lot of traveling with friends and his GF. They had made promises to set them up in a house that they would all live in.

    Katelyn's father had moved out with his GF and Katelyn was having to move in with her BF's mom and step dad. She may have felt some insecurity about that move. She was still living at the condo the night she disappeared. The evening of her disappearance, we know she came home from work and her BF was there and that a male friend dropped by. Katelyn was not in a good mood and was quiet. The friend stayed for a little while, got high with the BF but felt uncomfortable and left. There are rumors that Katelyn and the BF were arguing that evening.

    Even though the BF says they were there all evening, there is some doubts of the accuracy of his statements. There was no sign of a break in and the BF doesn't remember if the door was locked when he went in the condo the next day.

    There is some curiosity as to why the dog was shut up in the bedroom when he would normally be put in the bathroom when she left. It has been said that Katelyn allowed the dog to sleep in her room at night. The big questions are did Katelyn answer the door to a friend and why was her dog shut up in the bedroom. I am not sure if you could ask the Tarot those specific questions but it may be of help.

  18. Gurpreet Kang has been cleared of any involvement in the disappearance of Katelyn Markham.

  19. I've been thinking for the last few months that it was odd there was an update for Katelyn linking an old news story about bones that were found a few months after she disappeared. However, I wondered if there was some unknown reason for that story being posted as an "update." Maybe this is the answer?

  20. Hi love Kaitelynn Markham's remains were found on Sunday 4/7/2013 in Big Cedar Creek ,in Franklin County Indiana
    Rest in Peace Kaitlynn <3

    1. Hello Roxie, thank you for letting me know. Terrible and just so unwarranted to hear the news.

  21. The dividing line was the Ohio-Indiana State Line. It runs north and south. She had been decapitated, which means that all the knowledge gained in her life was now separated from her, hence the mentor in opposite. Her skull was in a grocery bag, the area she was found in was an "unofficial" trash dump. That could explain the no solid foundation. It was indeed off the beaten path.

    She was found by a man and his wife.

    1. Thank you for commenting and helping to describe the area. Its just very sad indeed.

  22. I have to correct the previous Anonymous poster. Law enforcement has NOT said she was decapitated. That is completely false. Testing has not come back yet. News reports do say her head was in a grocery bag but that does not mean she was decapitated. The bag could have been put on her head after she was murdered or before.


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There are a selection of Personal Tarot and Astrological Readings to choose from.


Below are 'resolved' Missing Persons cases detailing news events after the person was found. Sadly some did not survive. On many, Tarot has described accurately either events, landscape or named Locations or suggested when the person would be found. The details of the validations differ on each case. This section will help assess Tarot's ability to assist in its ongoing experiment.






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