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Saturday, 16 July 2011



POLICE have found the dog belonging to missing Victorian man Jason Richards.

South Australian detectives have confirmed a dog found near an Outback town in South Australia over the weekend belonged to Mr Richards, 29.

Richards has not been seen since June 21. He was last seen near Woomera en route from Darwin home to Ballarat.

He had been travelling in his blue Toyota Hilux ute with his dog, Amy, and an aluminium boat which was found abandonded nearly three weeks ago.

South Australian police this afternoon confirmed they found his dog alive in “poor condition” southeast of Glendambo, west of Woomera, on Sunday July 10.

Police spent the weekend scouring bushland near Woomera from the air and the ground.

Their air search near Glendambo continues.The Herald Sun at the weekend revealed police were working on the theory that father of two Richards may be alive and hiding in central Australia.


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the TAROT understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.




« Thread 16 JULY 2011 at 23:01 »

I have had a request on the blogger missing people/children request page to look at tarot for Jason Richards. Tarot is not 100 per cent accurate and therefore you would be advised to always seek factual sources of information.
Tarot generally gives me a glimpse of past present and future events. It can often provide information that might be of use therefore I have left what tarot has given to me.


This first card is generally an East direction or that East is prominent in some way. It also would describe somebody who might be darker skinned. The King of Swords can be a doctor or healer or someone you would need around you if you got into any particular problems. There may even have been a need for this person. I am asking what happened and Tarot might be overshooting issues here because I asked about the 21st of June and not the 20th. So it might transpire that someone who could help Jason might have been on the scene around that time.

It would indicate that he might have been injured. This King is not a friend, therefore I think its a stranger who happened to be around somehow. This card is doctor/lawyer/professional man and somebody older. It seems to indicate more to me as medical assistance though I could be wrong. There is a foreign element there but I would have thought it might just be describing a darker skin?
We do have to look back at the 10 of Swords which is describing some kind of health element to the back/ the head or neurological nerve problems.

This card can show having problems to the back. It normally shows riverbanks but I don't have any idea yet of the Map involved as to where this young man was and would need to look at it. Tarot is not 100 per cent accurate and does,nt gives names of places so I have to just do what I can describing landscape and/or directions. It is possible that Jason was injured. There might be a water area or a place with water name nearby. It is possible he gave someone a lift in his vehicle. Tarot might be telling us if that occurred it was a hasty decision but it was made. The changes that have occurred to Jason may not have been his choosing. Alternatively , Was he going through a divorce?? I seem to see something that is in the background here - as preceding cards could indicate that there might have been a question on his current relationship. Im seeing some kind of 'bottoming out here' and victim mentality. The King could represent a Lawyer. So maybe TWO things were going on here, something in actuality and something mentally? I am seeing a 'divorced woman' here or a widow.

This King is connected to the Star card which shows that he was inspired towards divorce. I am really sorry if I have read this wrong. It also shows a pond, or a lake or pool of water. I think this somehow seems to link with the information above. I also have some kind of situation that has been around him for 14 months it might even have been something on his mind. Swords are often things that bother someone in the mind. Was Jason airlifted from the ground? The Page of swords can show that is possible.


I am not given directions on this card as to where Jason is. He may be near Water but I don't see him in it. I seem to have 'all sorts of things' going on with these cards for Jason - almost like two things were happening concurrently, perhaps Plans he made and then things that happened. This card to me sees him suspended. I keep seeing him airlifted from an area near water or place name with water.

Im also seeing metal, rubbish and debris and somewhere along the line I seem to see the name Michael but I don't know if its someone familiar to him or not or whether it is a name place and not a person. Again Im getting the land and water type of terrain.


Page of swords is an East direction and that is where I would expect Jason to be found. I also note that this card is connected to airports or flying craft, rail travel, hills and open landscape. It can also be connected to someone who is an investigator or spy, so someone is going to spot him. There is an 11 on the Page which could suggest either a distance or a timing or a route.

However Pages are normally MONTHS and I would have thought he would be found within 11 months and that could mean ANYTIME in that time.
Tarot gives a lot of information on very few cards, and I try to give as much as I can as POSSIBILITIES of what might have occurred. What we do have to understand is that not EVERYTHING will apply. Tarot IS past present and future so please bear this in mind.

There appears to have been two deaths in these cards and I dont know if its to do with the area or not, or what its connected to I cant be sure but I have to mention it because if it came up then I know I would have seen it and not said anything. (It might even be two divorces). The Page is a Messenger - This is telling people to keep their eyes and ears open. I also sense there is some kind of a scandal but don't know how it is connected. Tarot often thinks I know exactly what it means ALL the time, and overloads me with information thinking I can put it all together!! Well I cant. Everything is just as a much a mystery to me as it is to others. Therefore I will leave this information and hope that at least some of it will help or make some kind of impression on the truth of the matter. Time will tell of course. I will look again very shortly once I have reviewed this reading in case I have misinterpreted or overlooked something.

I seem to think that Jason might have been at a 'party' on 20th June (or at some point? which could have affected his 'choices' in life:) though I cannot be sure with 3 others. This could be wrong and picking up on the past but I will leave it just in case. Though Jason was on his way home, I question his 'emotional mentality' and ask if everything was alright with him in his love life? Was there something about last October/Halloween that made an impression on him? I cannot be entirely clear about events and when they occurred EXACTLY but I give what tarot tells me and hope it makes sense to somebody reading.



Flashing forward to 22nd June I am given the Queen of Cups reversed.


This card suggests a West direction and reversed MIGHT mean South West. This card can claim an association with the King of Cups reversed and might suggest drugs or alcohol. It also shows water lake and boats near the Knight and reversed would indicate problems with that. I think this information is already known or at least part of it. There may be a blonde or fair person here in these cards - sometimes it could represent an unfaithful lover or someone who is not to be trusted. This could be a companion or it could be representing some kind of insensitivity and premature or immature actions. I also seem to get a link that this is something to do with previous happenings.


Asking precisely where Jason might be on 15 July, what I am receiving now is a North South link. This card may indicate that he is not inside a vehicle but is possibly separated from it. The knight of pentacles clearly shows that the vehicle is stationary and isn't going anywhere. This terrain does appear to be landscape/agricultural type of land. I would have thought this card was a good description in coloring of Jason, dark haired and dark eyed, but of course it could represent someone else. I feel there is some kind of insecurity here as I feel he has 'lost' his possessions or that they are scattered .

He is being described as dependable and reliable and dutiful on this card, but for some reason when this is reversed it tends to tell us that it is unreliable to pinpoint him to a spot. This is a card about traveling over land on foot, hiking or cycling AND it can suggest muddy trials and even getting lost. I hope he is not lost as that is big country out there I also see some 'bad business' here with money and I'm seeing a guy that is probably a lot older? He is considered to be an accountant or financially inclined in the tarot as a rule but to me he is just a businessman and when he is reversed, he gambles his money away. I don't know if this just means taking a gamble in the big wild country or whether it really is suggesting a man who is older has been a devious businessman.

I think there will be scandal attached to this case if any of this is true.
Im also wondering if there is any problem with a 'boss' here as there might be a short changing of money or something to do with doing a 'job' for someone out of the norm?? It may also suggest Jason had dealings with rogues and he could have been robbed or there is some kind of thief in the picture?? It gives me reason to believe his security was or is compromised.

I do see risks taken in these cards and I'm hoping that Jason is just lost and hoping to find his way home still, I am not sure he with his vehicle though as I see this card for 15 July. Pentacles are usually ALWAYS North but when its reversed I have to mention South too because I cant be absolutely certain about this. These are the only directions I have on this card. I feel like some of the terrain could have been rocks/stones/mountainous at some point.

I also did mention a doctor initially and its possible that Jason did hurt himself as Pentacles reversed can sometimes show ill health or problems with health.

I dont know if any of this will help or not and I do hope that if I have misinterpreted some of it that my apologies are accepted.



With great regret, Jason is found. My heart goes to his family and his friends in this time of shock and hurt. Tarot seems to have some of the details correct for Jason, but I just feel so very sad that I saw this 'separation' Im so so sorry for everyone.


Jason Richards

Jason Richards car found at south of East Well on Coondambo Station. Picture: Andrea Laube Source: The Advertiser

A BODY believed to be that of missing Ballarat man Jason Richards was found last night in a remote part of South Australia.

Police sources said they now believed he might have died from exposure.

A fox shooter discovered a car belonging to Mr Richards, who went missing after setting out from Darwin to South Australia, in remote bushland south of Glendambo.

Mr Richards' dog and burnt-out boat had been recovered by police.

Acting Supt Denise Gray said Mr Richards' car had been found partially hidden by vegetation with damage to its front and one front tyre shredded.

No keys were in the vehicle and it was believed Mr Richards continued on foot after the car could not be driven.

But he left food and water in the car and progressed into harsh temperatures.

"It's hard to know what's happened," Supt Gray said. "There appears to be no signs of violence at the vehicle. From what I understand of the terrain, it's not easy to walk through."

South Australia map

South Australia map
Source: Supplied

Mr Richards, 28, went missing after leaving Darwin on June 20 in his navy blue 1991 Toyota Hilux ute.

His dog Amy, who had accompanied him on the trip, was found wandering in wilderness this month.

Mr Richards' towed aluminium boat was found four days after his disappearance.

A large-scale search was launched for the former glazier as fears grew that he had been murdered.

A truck driver claimed to have seen Mr Richards acting erratically on the road soon after he was reported missing.



Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the TAROT understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.



« 28 JULY 2011 at 5:28 »

[image] -1226092501883


THE aerial search for missing Victorian man Jason Richards will recommence today.

The search was suspended yesterday when police considered the results of an earlier manhunt across 4500sq km of the South Australian Outback around Woomera.

Mr Richards has not been seen since June 21 when a truck driver reported seeing his Toyota HiLux ute, number plate ODV 747, driving erratically about 15km south of Pimba.

"(After) assessing all information and a review of mapped search areas, the SAPOL aircraft will be resuming the air search of areas further north of Glendambo," a police spokesman said.

Mr Richards left Darwin with his dog, Amy, on June 20. Amy was found wandering southeast of Glendambo on Sunday, emaciated and with scratches on her legs and feet.
a litter of pubs, which have not been located, but finding Amy re-sparked the search.
An Aboriginal tracker assisted ground crews this week across the vast land, including usually restricted Government areas near Woomera.
He followed a trail to about 12km northeast of where the dog was found, inside the restricted area and south of the Dog Fence, built to stop dingoes moving south.
Mr Richards left Darwin with his dog on June 20 and his last contact with his family was a text message to his sister sent from near Coober Pedy later that day.


I have been asked on the blogger if it is possible to look at Tarot regarding Jason Richard's dog Amy who has been found whilst Jason himself is still missing. In theory there should,nt be any reason why Tarot cannot look at the situation with Amy the Dog but I cannot claim that I will get any information that would help. All I am prepared to do is treat 'Amy' as any other Tarot that I write and everything would still apply for past present and future. I cannot promise this will work but I have been asked so I think its worth trying.

I have to go to the day that Jason disappeared and I will see what comes up.


Asking what happened to Amy on 21st of June 2011 just to fast forward to the day after Jason disappeared with Amy and I am given the Devil card. This card is about bondage and domination. Therefore on this day I am imagining that Amy was in a cage but as this card can be someone living in 'fear' it might give rise to the fact that she was unsettled.
Money and Power are in this card therefore it might connect to the situation in Jason's Tarot. It does show two beings in bondage, but that may not be the case, it just might be that Amy was in the cage and that is what we have. (The devil is also a card for alcohol and drugs)There may have been another person in the picture male or female.

This card also could represent the 'horned one' so it might be showing us 'cattle' and greenery and places with pasture. The 'chained up feeling' is on this card so I just think I should mention that. I know Amy was thought to be 'dropped off at a cattle ranch' but then this card might suggest that happened on the 21st? I might be getting it crossed but thats what I have. Before the Devil is Temperance which is land with water. Sometimes the name 'Michael' comes up with this card but it does not always mean anything of significance. However, Temperence is mixing oil with water and there is a feeling of self control here and some sense of peace or even tranquility. Oil and Water sometimes leads me to think about vehicles but I think this is a temporary experience so I seem to feel that on the 21st Amy might have been near the 'cattle'?

There seems to be some kind of 'wake up call' and being 'turfed out' here rather quickly something happening like a bolt from the blue unexpected upheaval so I just feel that something changed and seeing that water/pond/lake in the Temperance card. I wonder if she was drinking water from a well or trough or pond/ water hole? I see inspiration towards seeing somewhere to 'have a drink'.
(Remember we are talking about a dog here)

I am also getting a poorly feeling like a poisoned feeling because the Moon is casting shadows here, not feeling well, and a mother card. Perhaps her puppies are born there. I don't know if they lived, the Moon card is a strange card that shows the night time and being slightly out of it or disorientated. This leads to the sun and family so I am feeling her puppies were born around this time.

Asking about where she might have been on 21st June -


I have a place about 'five' away from a Bridge at least this card shows us a bridge and a river/stream it might not be a large one because its reversed and upright its a powerful stream so I feel that its less fierce then that. It might be the name of a place however so I give that. I see with this card there is a loss of some kind. Separation might occur with a relationship. This could be puppies or Jason. I dont know which. The card does seem to project to the future and shows leaving a place thats known behind. The card is WEST or EAST facing but primarily West first of all.

I dont know if Im getting jumbled doggy thoughts or whether this makes sense at all but I will persevere with it as it just might be information is ok but a bit mixed up in order of events.
I feel as though there was 'no choice' to this separation. I wonder if its because of the puppies?
I am seeing not wanting to walk away from the water/inlet/cove. Wanting to stay nearby and reluctance to leave a spot. I think the name of this place has the name of a TREE because of the four of Cups. I keep thinking this dog was thirsty and she had nothing to drink at some point.

The Oil and Water makes me wonder if the vehicle was in or near the water at some point? because we know 'the dont mix'. The Temperence card also has a 'cooking' element on it so the food element might be here . This all seems to be before the Devil card. The sun card could also be a family meaning people which could point to the cattle ranch that we know about. I will try to go back.

Trying trace backwards will be difficult but we have a no choice situation at some point.
First the setting off in the Fool card which was NORTH WEST and having 'belongings'. Then I'm seeing tools and trying to do something. Something written down here and a B and a J as initials of people or places - some kind of secret here or something unknown, 28 days mentioned, then having babies , then a Boss (master?) authority figure here, something being said , a map is being shown , church name/charity? Convent I really am not clear on this then a feeling of love or duty some kind of decision that has to be made here - might be parting of ways, then Im seeing vehicle once more and I don't know if those pubs suffocated Im not sure the water and the land and the word LYON, or LION or even LYING I dont know.

Patting the pet and putting something around the pets neck or taking it off one or other. Then being alone with no choice. Then we have doing whats right, maybe it was what was right for Amy and having to obey . There is something about two structures, like two castles or two poles, two buildings approaching them perhaps but I am seeing the rubbish here and the debris and it might be about the boat destroyed here. I think this is when Amy was on her own. Maybe let go? The Star card can show gasoline in two cans.
I am not sure this is going very well as I am not getting very much from this but there is a direction of North West at least. Rocks cliff that type of name at some point.

Going back to where Amy was we had West so we had North West then West but East to be considered also. West is primary. That is where I get the Bridge from or the name of a place to do with a bridge. I am being given North West again for 21st of June something to do with rocks or cliffs its the name of a place perhaps. Venturing, going on a journey.

This is all I have at the moment and its very unstructured. If this helps I would be surprised but you never know.




  1. is it possible to get a tarot reading via amy - the dog ?

  2. It is not a normal practice but one could try!


  3. how do we do that? and thank you so much for doing the reading xoxo

  4. Meditate on the dogs picture I should imagine. I will try it later but if it is nonsensical I wont publish it.


  5. There is also a man that went missin in the outback inFeb 2011. He a his car have never been seen again. His name was Peter Dunn.My advise if u are travelling through our outback.. Take flares and a EBIRB. They may come in handy

  6. Another man has just disappeared from the same area as Peter Dunn & Jason Richards!

    MISSING - Peter Worthington, mid 60's, travelling alone - car (grey 2004 BA falcon sedan) & caravan were found bogged on the side of Stuart Highway over the SA/NT border 12km's south of Erldunda NT on Sunday 17/7/11..anyone traveling in that area & has seen ANYTHING could you please contact police - 1800 333 000

  7. Northern Territory police have found a body in central Australia while searching for a man who was reported missing a week ago.

    The body is yet to be formally identified, but in a statement released on Sunday a police spokeswoman said it is believed to be 71-year-old missing person, Peter Worthington.

    The man's body was found about 3.7 kilometres from Mr Worthington's abandoned car and caravan near Erldunda, about 200km south of Alice Springs, on Saturday.

    "Mr Worthington last made contact with relatives in South Australia on July 14 and he was reported missing to police on Sunday, July 17," the spokeswoman said.

    "It is believed Mr Worthington was travelling north along the Stuart Highway towing a caravan."

    Emergency service personnel, central Australian police and an Aboriginal tracker from the nearby community of Impana began conducting land and air searches for Mr Worthington last week after his car and caravan were found abandoned 10km south of Erlunda on July 17.

    The circumstances in which the body was found have not been released by police.

    A report will be prepared for the NT coroner.

  8. Thank you for posting this information. I am very sorry to hear about Peter and express my sympathy for his family and friends.


  9. Empathy how are you going with the possibility of attempting a reading from Jason Richard's dog, Amy, who was found malnourished in the outback 19 days after they both disappeared?

  10. I did not realise you wanted me to attempt this? I believed you were asking a general question. I could look but I cannot promise anything but if I get something then I will post it in Jasons Tarot section.


  11. I have posted Tarot for AMY Jason's dog. I really cannot say how useful it will be, if at all. However, I have complied with the tarot request.


  12. Thankyou for your efforts to do a reading on Amy, it was very kind of you to "give it a go" to such an unusual request!

  13. thank you very much for trying, it all helps, I've actually got the impression he is under a bridge or a structure, who knows

  14. The B and J you mention - these are the initials of Jason's children.

    1. This is partially incorrect. His children's initials are 'J' & 'M'

  15. only the 'J' is :)

  16. Thankyou very much for trying. Some of us by your directions, were going along the Old Highway on google. There are two planes up in the air, then were told of a path to Glendambo. He was found to the West of where Amy was found.

  17. Thank you for letting me know about Jason I have published a report. This is extremely sad.


  18. r.i.p, I have been following this story from the day it was published, and even though I never met him.. I felt I knew him... this is a sad out come, and definitely not an out come I wished for. Something's about this case we will probably never know, something's just don't add up. R.I.P Jason, too young to go, taken away way too early.

  19. This is really intriguing!
    I understand this man was 'found' in a place called East Well!


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