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Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Lisa Stone

Lisa Stone

Dallas police investigating the disappearance of a 51-year-old woman today searched her home, where they questioned her partner and seized 26 cats living in filthy conditions.

Lisa Stone was last seen June 4 2010. Her friends are passing out fliers in her northeast Dallas neighborhood in the 3500 block of Truxillo Street, near Ferguson and Shiloh roads.

On Wednesday, authorities secured a search warrant for Stone's home because her girlfriend hasn't cooperated with police, Dallas police Sgt. R. Matthews said.

When police entered the home today, they found it flea-ridden and covered in feces from more than two dozen alley cats living there with Stone's partner. Animal control officers seized the cats, as well as two dogs.

Police took the woman in for questioning but said she is not considered a suspect in Stone's disappearance.

WFAA-TV (Channel Cool reported that some of Stone's personal belongings, including photographs and her birth certificate, were found in a trash bin near her home.

Nothing found so far points to her whereabouts, but her friends fear the worst.

"I'm sick to my stomach," Tina Wiley told Channel 8, “because I feel like some harm has come to her or she is hurt, in some type of danger."

Her friends have also started a Facebook page where they post updates on the case.

Anyone with information can call Dallas police at 214-671-4316.

Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the TAROT understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.




« 21 June 2011 at 1:33 »

Lisa Stone has been missing for a year and family and friends are still hoping to locate her. Tarot can sometimes help shed light on various issues and I hope the reading below can assist. Tarot is not 100 per cent and therefore it is always wise to go to other sources for factual information .


The card above tells me that this lady had an argument with someone a bit more formidable then her. It does tend to show that it is someone that she might know who can influence her thoughts and feelings and she probably was turning a blind eye to a lot of things. It may even have been a forced seperation because things were getting mighty heavy. I think Lisa shows in this Picture that she does,nt want to get involved in any unpleasant situations and does not want to argue or get involved in a nasty spat and has tried to avoid this altogether by leaving it seems.

The problem with the two and the three might be that someone does,nt want her to leave or it could be the other way around. Its definately some form of standoff and it may not end too well because Lisa might not be the winner. It almost seems too that there are three people here at least, it is not evident at the look of this card but further along it seems there might be two people and a third. It looks as though someone has got their own way over something and someone is walking away feeling that they have defeated the situation or another person. The next card sees them getting out of the high tension and basically running away from things because it seems the easiest thing to do under the circumstances.

The Ace of Swords has vegetation on it and thought sometimes to be marijuana or drugs of some kind which affect the nervous system or the crown/crown chakra. Its possible that this was in Lisas life and maybe the stand off might have even been to do with that, but I see that some things have been dismissed here so Im not sure whether that is a fact or not or whether its a major part of part of why Lisa went missing. Aces are more cutting cards and words can be very cutting too as well as physical. I feel that there is some headache going on here in these cards.

The card is an East card and may indicate that either Lisa was East at the time or that she might have moved towards the East in Direction. Swords are communication cards therefore with the Ace in the picture it shows a kind of masculine type of input rather then a female input and at first glance I would have thought there was a male in the picture somewhere even if he is not evident in the pictorial efforts of the Two. I see Lisa totally blindfolded.

This really means that she is blind to events or she is just wondering what to do about events and cant seem to make a move left right or center. This could apply also physically but swords are mentality cards as a rule rather then action so I must point that out and suggest it either way. I think there is a great deal of worry with this woman even for herself because it seems that she might have anguished over an auful ot of things.

I see a bedroom scene here and there might have been arguments over sexual matters or just that it was a place where she spent time that could even have created problems or arguments. Seeing the 10 come up near a riverbed doesnt mean to say she ended up there but what I do think is that she did feel attacked and it could have been an actual thing rather then imagined.

There is a water scene and Islands or an island at the back of the lady sitting in the two of swords - it does,nt always mean a description of location at this point but it might so I will mention it. It could just be mental turmoil and wanting an island to sit on because things get so bad. The 4 of swords s hows some kind of withdrawal from society and a need to just 'get out of there'. I am seeing 'rivalry' here witht thoughts and ideas and there might have been a plan that someone had but Im not sure who. I think this is between two or three people.


This card can present various landmarks that could be useful but not all may apply. First of all we have what appears to be the 'rival ' situation here which I knew was in the cards immediately - secondly, we have EAST so an East direction is most certainly here and we have possible airports, railways tracks, golf courses, places that are open space, so much landscape and this card can be famously known for Hills .

So HILL is also a name in this card which could be a place, avenue, lane or area and /or just part of the landscape where it would be known as a prominenent spot. Also we would bear in mind it is a Page so anything with a PAGE in a name is useful.

Woods might come up in this card as might forests, places with stone, rocks or named places with those words in them. This card is NOT a friendly card at all. So, its worth bearing htat in mind. This Page is giving messages that might be the the downfall of Lisa rather than to her good. If you note the Knight of Swords, we have a foreign element here which yes, could be a foreign country but more then likely could be a foreign person.

Sometimes Pages and Knights of Swords can be people with stammers or stutters but they are often link to foreign languages or people who speak a foreign language or are from another country . It seems to me that Lisa wanted to be left alone to do her thing, maybe Im wrong there who knows, but I see a person here who might be a widow or an older person, or it could be someone who is left widowed. It might also be that a person dies before another, either way I put up the various aspects in the hope that they may trigger somewhere.

The King of Swords will take you back to the 10 and that to me is somewhere by the River . I see some kind of back or head or neurological issues here and I seem to feel that Lisa was always an open book really so she was pretty much her own person in that she was just her and thats it. Take it or leave it. I dont think she would put up with much really if crossed but maybe Im picking up someone around her. Its not the best of cards though and I give the direction of East.

I dont know if someone was spying on her with someone else or not but I will mention that as well. She might have taken off thinking it was the only solution Im not sure if I have that completely right but time will always tell I suppose and the wait can be agonising I know.


Well we are almost 'out' of the June month now and this card is telling me that Lisa will be found under 11 years and that seems aufully excessive and not that encouraging does it? Here we have some authority, millitary/uniformed officer who is likely to bring that message. Part of me deep inside wondered if she would be found in a year but I know that I cant just slice off the other 10 that tarot seems to indicate it would be under.

I think that she might be found North but I always wonder if reversed it would be a South line also meaning NORTH/SOUTH. Perhaps a route 11 might be useful or the number 11 I would really love Lisa to be found this year but we will have to see how this page is going to pan out. I have given the information from it so we cant do anything further at the moment on timing.

What I am concerned about is that this is a work card so its working towards something and when its reversed its like a lack of promotion. Lisas case NEEDS PROMOTING MORE so Im going to make sure I put Lisas case on the blogger and hope that a good Awareness is created.. I do hope if anybody sees her that they report this to the authorities its very important as I would not like the years to float by and nothing happens for her. THINK LISA - TODAY!!

Meanwhile, in this card we also have a college or school and that might be in a vicinity that she could be found, the COLLEGE word is useful for place names but also I notice that 'cameras are off' so if she is off camera it makes me feel that she is not in a vicinity that people are likely to tread much perhaps there is an auful lot of rural elements to her current location.

I am not seeing her near to where she currently lives because the biological home seems to be reversed therefore it might indicate that she is not directly in the vicinity of where she left. That could mean a little further away then anticipated or that she ends up further away then expected.

Yes I do see that some of her belongings are 'thrown out' that comes up very clearly on the Queen of Pentacles and pets also come up on this card. I dont know whether it was herself that was interested in the cats or another person there at the property but I am seeing that which is reported. The Knight shows us that a dark eyed dark haired foreign person that she might have relied and thought to be friendly was not.

In fact they are not friendly at all and are detrimental to her. They have a vehicle but I see it stationary for some reason, they are not going anywhere. So I am thinking about a stationary vehicle here also . Muddy fields stand out and also the Knight of Pentacles can show us slow moving vehicles like bicycles and even prams anything on wheels that you could walk just as fast. Therefore we have to add bike/trials or something of that nature. This person did,nt just arrive it seems and they were not a stranger either I dont think .

I keep wondering if this is an ex boyfriend or someone that might be of that nature Im not sure but I hav,nt thought the person to be a stranger and apologise if I am wrong. The point is this woman has everything dumped out including her and it just depends whether it led to a new life or whether she will be found in adverse circumstances. It does,nt seem like there is anyone nice around her does it?? AND there is too much forestry in these cards to feel that her health is at its best.

This is just a brief reading but I will come back and look again in the future as it seems it COULD be a long wait to find her, alternatively there is a glimmer that it might be sooner, but only if someone spots her, they would have to like going in rural areas. I cannot guarantee all I have seen is 100 per cent correct, I am sure it wont be, but I do think that some things will apply and PLEASE remember to look for Lisa she needs to be promoted and brought to attention for people to take notice and keep a look out.

It may be worth checking anywhere she worked and places where she lived but Im sure that LE are onto all of that. She seems to have been in a very vulnerable position or that could be current either way, I see her 'evicted' from the home that is what the queen can tell us or that she was afraid of that happening so maybe that much was not a surprise. I feel she could have owed money or there might be a financial problem that is lurking somewhere here unless of course she was taken advantage of financially that is something I cant be really clear about. Meanwhile I will try to look again and see what I have missed.




  1. 2 Years Later: Still Searching for Lisa Stone
    33 KDAF-TV‎ - 2 days ago
    Sunday's benefit concert focused on Stone, but it was also to bring awareness to, what Stone's ... Lisa Stone has been missing for two years.




I really have had to come back into Lisa's Tarot as I have noticed a fair bit of interest about her disappearance circulating but I have just not had the time to update many of the cases. Right now I could quite easily be posting hundreds of alerts per week as we really are in that situation where people are going missing at an incredible rate, aside from that the constant flow of requested Tarot keeps my hands tied and time escapes me.

As time has been going along I have been trying more and more to define situations and landscape for locations. Its been a truly long haul to do this because Tarot cannot give names. On the odd occasion it does throw me a carrot and I grab it, but generally I get descriptions which I then give over to Dee who sees if she can define the numbers and directions and put them on a map. The maps sometimes are not always correct to the nail but often they can just run short of the area or they run through it, but on occasion we have managed to get very close. So its always a case of 'if you dont try' then you never know.  Trying is is not failing regardless of not being able to always hit the spot.

Now what I wanted to say, is that I have tried to define location a little better and over the last year or so my methods of doing this have been working fairly well - but it means that a lot of the older cases do not have that application on them nor do they have maps.

I want to just pick over the cards that are already here so Im not going to update Tarot with more cards, Im just going to pull more information from the cards already posted.  One thing I have learnt is this, when Tarot gives you something it is often those first cards that tell you what you need to know so really pulling more and more cards is just going to repeat the information and we find that it is not going to produce much more.

So going back to our cards, looking at the first card again,  the card is East, the number is two that can mean a route, distant or timing.  It might be two months. However, this two can show us water rocks stone, cement, canyons and the word 'con'.  It can possibly also show us a water area or water name and two islands.  There is also someone here with a plan. Now it might not directly be linked to Lisa herself but the implication is there that it connects to someone.

There may be drugs here but its not always the case, there is also a seperation here too, that might be  a planned thing, I cant be sure but it is showing that there are arguments between two people and somehow a breaking away. Altogether three people might be here. Two people seem to know more then they are saying or it could be possible.

Railways, airports and/or golf courses can come up in two of our three cards. (first and second).
There are suitcases here.

Difficult decisions are being made and Im not sure if a compromise can be made.

I see some strange goings on for about 28 days. First a movement to the North West bags packed Im not sure how or who but that is what might come up - then I see someone with a silvery tongue or someone that links to a male figure. Someone mentioned Lisas father had a farm in the comments after I wrote the initial Tarot, who knows maybe the idea cropped up in Lisa's mind to go there, because the Magician is a WILL card suggesting also a male figure and sometimes it is thought of as a father figure but I cannot vouch for that, because a handy man could come up here even a car mechanic. Its so difficult to be specific. However, we then get to this two and it shows that a woman (does not say who) is with holding secrets.  There might have been something written down, perhaps a note or something.

Here we have two buildings or two houses or two properties. Initials and places or people would be B J D or R. Mostly B and J.
There may be a vehicle here.

I see still water.

A blonde lady with dimples can come up on this card who is tall and slender.

West comes up here, despite showing an East element it may be that either is also a place name or area and a direction if that makes sense. Number 2 as per mentioned.

Attempts at names here or landscape would be keywords and those keywords (Dee who puts the map together with know what I mean) are, mountains and hillsides, windmills and wind power. Hunting / hawking air force bases, airports, and high communication towers, sandy and gravely ground, saw-pits, places where you cut and store wood (sawmills or names such as)   barns or out-houses that might stand alone or away from a property.  Bear in mind these could be names of places too. Other keywords gardens, fountains, bride, bridal , bed and breakfast,  lodgings, beds, hangings dancing schools, wardrobes.

If  we are inside buildings, we are looking at the ceiling, bedrooms, attics roof or up high and even ventilation ducts.  Could also be places described in area.   Wardrobes come up here. Paint and Jewellry?
Something Black, jewellery or colour silver. Roses?
Food and drink?
Colour Copper and white.
Male company?

My next card was giving the Page of Swords now that also is a 2 card adding the 11 together. This is communications and not good ones where we might fear some kind of attack.  Again railways, airports and golf courses might show up here, so could weapons.
There is some angle of divorce of seperation here and someone protecting or standing up for their beliefs.  Some kind of musical links?

North West? and the East coming up the same as the first card.
Some kind of forceful communication. Possibly upsetting messages . A spying person.

Maybe someone is ill ? or there is a link to illness. 
Seeing windswept area and two trees.  Someone who breaks a confidence perhaps.
Seeing cliffs and rocks.

A person description which could also be keywords for place/landscape or vicinity but someone who is middle stature, strong, bone structure prominent. Fair clear complexion, hazel eyes, hair sandy or dark blonde.

Keywords would be FAIR or SANDY or HAZEL re place names.
The word HART or heart.

Keyword association for place/vicinity would be deep wells, quarries, mines land that has recently been dug,  hills, or uneven land.  HIGH or up High or word High.

In houses, can relate to bedrooms so word (BED) as in place names or riverbed, roof attic or upper parts of a building. Possible connections, also blanket or cover.

Water elements.  Fountains springs, vineyards, power supplies, baths, taps showers etc.  Deserts, woods, obscure valleys, caves, dens, holes, mountains,, church-yards, ruined buildings, coal-mines, sinks, dirty or muddy places, wells and houses or offices.
Fathers, grandfathers, old men.

Lastly our page of pentacles is also going to be a number 11 which breaks down to a 2. Not too difficult to see what number is strong here.

Words such as Paint, Art, Gold, Arch, Gates, Bridge, Valleys and Parks show up.

Worries about debts and material matters. Money places or names linked to money, like BANK etc.

Someone who 'drops out of college'. Farms, schools all come up here.
Places need to be re-searched. This card is the timing of years so two years could be here on this card but so could 11 so I just need to leave the numbers. Dairies, granaries, corn and hay. Breweries?  Manor, Bird and Hood can also appear as names.

Farm elements, schools, college, university can be on this card, but water can be here too. There seems to be delay in finding Lisa. There are health insecurities here.
Someone with  dark hair or complexion prominent eyes mouth and lips.

South East, but reversed card could be looking again at the North West.

Cellars, low rooms. Names that link to stables or horses.
Same information vicinity descriptions as the first card.
Significant days, Wednesday Friday and Saturday.

I hope this extra information helps. There might be links to shops , fairs, schools, tennis courts, bowling alleys. 

Names that might link to Money.

Financial aspects, or money names I have already mentioned, accountants, attorneys could also come up. 

Please remember Tarot is not FACT it is possibility. All the information should be read combined AND also along with the ORIGINAL TAROT here  and considered to be elements of past present and future. I hope something helps.


For information I have looked at a map. I see on the map that where Lisa lived is North West, and (see comments) fathers ex farm would be South East.  Next to where her father used to live is WILLS POINT. Interesting road there called Goodnight Rd. North of 1-20
Up near Truxillo North of there is PIANO.  Just points to mention.  


Dee has compiled a map which OUTLINES all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.

(Hit the Grey word that says MAPS)

 Show on  Maps


Often I  try to look at some of the cases that have been here a while and Lisa struck a chord with me. I pulled up a map and had a look.  Location as most of you regular readers know, is very much in experimental stage so I do not try to mislead anybody with definite pointers.  Looking on the map and taking into account a couple of things in Tarot, I wondered if she might be near Fort Worth.  It did strike me that there is a White Settlement there and an airport rd, lake weatherford etc. It was just a glance and probably it could be incorrect but I do wonder about the military reference and weather this could be showing me Fort Worth.  Its just a thought and whether to pull West towards Arlington and hopefully not written to send people out on a wild goosechase.  Another thought was North West Carrollton as you do have Sandy Lake Rd there (trying to use some of Tarot pointers).Im also noticing Eagle Mountain  lots of water there and Boat Club Rd as the road number there is 1220 also Ten Mile Bridge Road. All thoughts once again.

Was Lisa involved in a home business or where was the business she had with her partner.  I will try to look up some details and see what comes to mind. I really wish we could get some of these missing people home, the years go by and its just too long for them to be 'out there' and nobody know where they are.

Thinking of you Lisa and stil trying to work to find you.

As an 'add on' if you look at Weatherford you have a 20 road going right through there almost up to Eastland. Just 'thoughts'.



  1. Her father used to own a farm off College Mound Road outside of Terrell Texas. Lisa loved to go there and fish. Lisa loved to fish.

  2. Lisa's father used to own a farm off College Mound Road off I-20 outside of Terrell Texas.
    Lisa used to love to go there and she loved to fish in the pond there. Could this be the "College" that you are seeing?

    1. The cards are all adding up to 2, its a possibility?

  3. Well it is quite true that school names are also 'college' names. Im not sure but everything is possible?


  4. any updates on Lisa?

    1. Im so sorry for the delay, I have updated today with extras hopefully something might help.

  5. 48 hours just aired Lisas story in AustraliA has there been any recent findings?

    1. I saw the 48 hours in Lampasas, TX today about Lisa Stone(Dallas). I Hope this case is solved very soon, and I feel her ex is not telling the truth, its hard to believe she ever even cared about Lisa. I just happen to google her, and found this page hoping the case was solved. I read the whole page feeling like the first reading was better than the follow up. It seems to corroborate what facts are know from the 48 Hours with the fact her ex was seem at the creek behind her house all muddy. I pray for peace for her friends, and that who ever did this to Lisa be brought to justice. Please god we need you to help out all these people involved.

  6. On March 11, 2014 a decomposed body/ of a while female age 18-59 was found in Freestone County which I believe is near Fairfield Texas. I need to research that more.
    I found this info by googling info for unidentified bodies. I believe it is called NamUs.
    This would be NorthEast. I believe there is wind energy turbines also nearby.
    The contact number is 903-389-8783.
    I'm not sure about water. There are Parks with lakes in Plano and McKinney and others I'm sure that I'm not familiar with.

  7. Lisa used to own a pontoon boat and rented a slip for it on cedar creek lake. She and her girlfriend would go out on the weekends.
    She later sold it to someone local there.

  8. Why did Lisa's partner continue to live in the house after Lisa's disappearance?


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