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Saturday, 7 May 2011



Susan Cox Powell, 28, was last seen at her home in West Valley City, Utah on Sunday, Dec. 6, 2009.

Anyone with information about this case should contact the West Valley City Police at

Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the TAROT understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.



« Thread Started 7TH MAY 2011 at 21:40 »

I have been requested on the blogger to look at tarot for Susan Powell. There are rather a lot of links on the internet about Susan and I have posted the bare minimum so that I am not mislead when reading by other information.

Tarot will deal with past present and future situations and may speak of events during those time periods. Some information will be known already and hopefully there will be information that throws further light on the situation. Please note that tarot is not guaranteed as 100 per cent accurate. Please go to other sources for factual information


The first card that I draw for Susan is one that is showing upset and worry and a great deal of sadness. Its almost as though one can see her wondering what to do and she has spent many a sleepless night concerning herself over matters that have weighed very heavily on her mind she definately has had a lot of problems and they may have been going on for at least 9 months from what I can see on this card, in fact likely up to a year.

This is not a good card to begin with because it can show this woman in a situation that she does,nt know how to get out of. Somehow she has felt stuck in something she knows is very bad for her . She may have tried to adopt the blind eye attitude or mask out the problems and make a break for it but for some reason she just has not been able to make herself do this. The next card is not good. It shows her with some kind of problems to her back and to her head, it seems to me that she has suffered in general from her nerves. The riverbank scene on the 10 of swords can often turn out to be a very tricky card for health matters.

When I have seen this card before it has shown that someone was in the bedroom and perhaps a quarrel might have broken out, something may even have been overheard. It sometimes can point to a grandmother figure also or hearing something that might refer to another female. Not always the case however, so I will say that here and now.

I do see that the page can represent some kind of spying though so perhaps she was spied upon or had been spied upon by somebody. This nine of swords can show us someone who is ill or has feelings of sickness but it also can mean something very catastrophic might occur to them. I get a feeling that someone 'sneaked back' somewhere and overheard a conversation of some description and this has led this poor lady into what might be a scene by a riverbank. I am seeing something about a book here or even piece of paper or something that was written down or left open to read so Im not quite sure what that was about but I can see her in not the best of situations near a riverbank going East direction.

The Page can also show negative messages of some description. In landscape, it can show airports, golf courses, train stations, taxi ranks or anything of that nature. It can also show someone who is acting defensively too. She might have decided she was leaving and was caught in the act of doing so. I see that she felt that her life was ruined or being spoilt for some reason or another. I am getting a widow or widower here but am not quite sure why that is yet.

I also have a man who is very military and precision concious in everything he does and he tends to breeze in and breeze out and that gives me some feeling that somebody turned up possibly unexpected and attempted to overpower her. Sometimes the person that does this is someone close who is like a web or is,nt good for you, but you keep getting drawn in. (Claudia Lawrence had that same card) There is a foreign element to this also so Im getting strong feels for travel, wanting to get away, somebody spying or sneaking around and just a total nerve jangling feeling about it all. I think the Riverbed scene might be a problem for this woman.


Asking where Susan might be I am being taken to the landscape where there is a lot of flat barren type shrubbery but may also be a little stream or creek nearby. Tarot cannot always tell us names of places but here we are given a RED LION and a garland of roses. Whether that links to anywhere that might be recognisable I am not quite sure. I am getting something Oral on this card like a dentist or something to do with her mouth?? It appears to be quite hilly in the district that I see.

I also seem to be getting the impression that someone has to 'shut their mouth' about something (Im not quite sure what that means!) Perhaps someone is 'silenced' or even uses a silencer? There appears to be the name HILL here so that might come up as some form of a clue. There also appears to be a rustic environment and being 'up high' somewhere where you can look out over the landscape but at the same time it appears to be an isolated spot?? This could even mean taking some time away to yourself and concealing yourself as well as being concealed. Often caravans, trailers, houseboats, cabins and anything rustic comes to mind if a building is involved here.

I am seeing a XMAS sign on this card for completion and reaching ones fate and completing ones destiny. There is a finger here pointing at a man who will be living on his own. He may have some facial hair such as a beard, he might even be older either way I cannot be sure of this but I seem to sense the word TASTE/FOOD or matters to do with health. Also the hermit is a sexual TOUCH card. Therefore I give all I can between Strength and the Hermit as to where Susan may be or how she might be linked.

There is also some kind of reference to a mountain peek and a 'pair of trees' so I will leave this thought also as well as the Number 8.. Serpents and snakes are strange links but usually they crawl on their bellies. How they would connect I am not quite sure but all snippets that seem to come into the fold here.

Is she not wanting people to know where she is, or is someone else not wanting her to be found?


The pentacles are generally 'year cards' and it seems to suggest that Susan might be found within the year. Clearly, this does not seem to add up considering that Susan went missing in 2009. That would suggest she would be found in December 2010?? so that for me is rather odd. However, it could mean a year from when I am writing this, or indeed because the Ace is a 1 it could mean the year 2011 which would be this year.

I am seeing something about finances in the air here. Very strange. Is something being suggested about money here? will that be what finds Susan? What I have in the cards is a distinct feeling of the outdoors and you can see what looks like a pretty garden scene and a gate or gateway somewhere. That tends to make me feel that if money is involved one can go through the gate and find her, almost like an admission of some kind. I dont quite know how else to put it in truth.

It looks to me that someone has to weigh up the finances or the pros and the cons and juggle about the bits of information because clearly there are stormy relationships at the back of Susans disappearance and therefore one would have to balance up those pros and cons to be able to have her found.

Agricultural places seem to come to mind for some reason or another and I think money is going to be the way to find Susan. Is it a follow the money trail here, or is there a ransom or is there some reward that is put up? Im not sure.

But, it seems to me that in the second year this should happen and then she may be found?

The Ace may represent a place that is another word for MONEY it could also be a working/business environment, agricultural, linked to gardens or big landscape. The word GATE comes up here which may or may not be significant. Someone might like 'rabbit hunting'.

Tarot can never promise all details are accurate and no doubt there are always slight misinterpretation on some events, however, it should provide some kind of information that can help those who know the situation better in understanding what may have happened to Susan and indeed what part of tarot may fit the that.

I have to say I think of Susan as an open really nice person. I liked her photograph and thought she would make a very nice friend to people so I really think it is quite sad to find the opening card and see all that worry on her. I do hope this situation gets resolved and always I hope for all our missing people to come home unharmed. That is not always the case of course, but positive thinking is the way I like to go because recovering someone regardless of state of health is important to members of a family.

I will suggest that in this card the Ace is pointing North as a direction in which she might be found. I am also seeing some form of document or piece of paper or some papers that might be relevant to finding this lady. I may have overlooked some details but this is a very BRIEF reading for Susan and I will come back and take another look if she is not found over the next while. Tarot is not 100 per cent accurate and I remind you the reader of this.




July 14, 2011

Susan Powell: Father-in-law to post Susan's journal
Susan Cox Powell
The father-in-law of missing Susan Powell is planning to release the journals written by her when she was a teenager.

Steve Powell says the journals show that Susan was an "extremely troubled" teen and that she was "sexually open", which he feels support his theory that Susan left with another man.

"The journal shows that Susan would have definitely done what we suspect she's done. I don't think she was abducted. I obviously don't think she was murdered. I don't think she committed suicide," said Steve.

First published Jul 14 2011 04:47PM

Another report here

Updated Jul 15, 2011 07:32AM

The father-in-law of missing West Valley City woman Susan Cox Powell said Thursday he plans to post excerpts of her journals online.

Steve Powell claims the journals, which Susan began at age 8 and continued to about six months after she married Josh Powell, support his view she was capable of leaving her family to have an affair. Steve Powell has theorized Susan ran away with Utah resident Steven Koecher, who was last seen in Henderson, Nev., days after Susan’s December 2009 disappearance.

Susan’s father, Chuck Cox, criticized the plan and said Steve Powell shouldn’t even be reading the journals.

“I don’t think he has any right to do it,” Cox said. “They’re the private writings of a teenage girl.”

Steve Powell last year posted a journal entry written by one of Susan’s friends on his website,

The Cox family has criticized the Powells for their suggestions that a then 28-year-old Susan willingly left her two young sons, and for not doing more to help find her. Her husband, Josh Powell, has not spoken with West Valley City police detectives since the early days of his wife’s disappearance. The Coxes have also criticized Josh Powell as an abusive and controlling husband.

Josh and Steve Powell, meanwhile, have said the Cox family has a history of mental illness and Susan’s parents were emotionally abusive to her.

The Coxes have denied the claims about their family and called the Koecher theory another effort to take the focus away from Josh Powell as a suspect in his wife’s disappearance.

Steve Powell said he emailed the FBI and U.S. Marshals about a month ago with information he wanted them to know, but on Thursday he declined to offer details. He said Josh Powell still has no plans to speak with West Valley City police because he is unhappy with how they treated him in the early days of the investigation.

“They burnt their bridge,” Steve Powell said.

West Valley City police Sgt. Mike Powell, no relation to the Powell family, on Wednesday declined to comment on whether investigators had reviewed the journals. The case, he said, is still “an active investigation.”

Susan Powell's in-laws to launch website
July 14th, 2011 @ 11:50pm

WEST VALLEY CITY — The father-in-law of a missing West Valley mother says her journals as a teenager shows she was "sexually open" and he plans to publish those personal entries on a website.

Steve Powell said his opinion comes from reading more than 2,000 pages of journal entries written by Susan Cox-Powell, who has been missing since Dec. 6, 2009.
"People don't know there are two distinct sides to Susan." -Steve Powell, Susan's father-in-law

The diary entries were primarily written in the girl's adolescence through the age of 20.

Steve Powell told the Deseret News the journals show that Susan Cox-Powell had an "extremely troubled" adolescence and support the theory both he and his son, Josh Powell, have that the the mother of two left home with another man, specifically another missing Utahn, who disappeared around the same time as she did.

"The journal shows that Susan would have definitely done what we suspect she's done," Steve Powell said. "I don't think she was abducted. I obviously don't think she was murdered. I don't think she committed suicide."

"People don't know there are two distinct sides to Susan," Steve Powell told the "Today" show. "She was … an open person in a sexual way with the opposite sex."

"I want to make it clear that she would not leave her family," Susan Cox-Powell's father, Chuck Cox, said on the show. "She was not sexually active or promiscuous or anything. Those allegations are completely baseless."

Cox said he "cannot believe" Steve Powell would read the journals, much less make them available to the public.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

"It's unconscionable he would do it," he said. "I cannot believe he would do that type of thing and then to try and publish it and use it to attack my daughter."

Cox told the Deseret News he is certain his daughter only ever imagined the volumes would be used for her own reflections or to connect with future children.

"We’ve asked to get (the journals) back," Cox said. "They should be with her parents. There's no reason her father-in-law should have them, that's for sure."

Jennifer Graves, Josh Powell's sister, called her father's appearance on "Today" another attempt to slander the missing woman.

"Why take this approach?" Graves asked. "His daughter-in-law is missing, the mother of his grandchildren. Why does he continually try and slander her and turn her into something she's not? I don't understand."

Graves she doesn't believe making the journals public will serve any purpose other than to tarnish the missing woman's name. If there were any real value in the journals, they would be turned over to police, she said.

"What kind of a person reads a teenage girl's journals and then tries to publish them for the entire world to see?"

She also cautions those who read the writings if and when they're published to "consider the source."

"Is it really going to be believable? Is it really going to be copied accurately?" Graves asked. "I doubt it."
"I'm frankly shocked that any grown adult, especially a missing woman's father-in-law, would think that there is anything remotely right about reading a teenage girl's diary." -Kiirsi Hellewell, Susan's friend

Cox-Powell's close friend Kiirsi Hellewell also questioned Steve Powell's actions.

"I'm frankly shocked that any grown adult, especially a missing woman's father-in-law, would think that there is anything remotely right about reading a teenage girl's diary," Hellewell said. "No matter what's in there, he has no right to read them."

But Steve Powell said as soon as he read those journals, he knew he would publish them.

"We realized this would provide answers to criticism leveled at us and give Susan an indication that someone is trying to understand her," he said.

Steve Powel said his daughter-in-law was very open with the contents of her journals. "Susan let people read her journals all the time," he said. "She wanted people to understand her."

Hellewell, however, said she never saw Cox-Powell's journals.
Susan Powell case

* Dec. 6, 2009 - The last time anyone saw Susan Powell
* Dec. 7 - The day Susan Powell was reported missing
* Dec. 9 - Police call disappearance of Susan Powell suspicious
* Dec. 12 - Family of missing woman's husband speaks
* Dec. 16 - Josh Powell named person of interest
* Dec. 17 - 2nd search warrant served at Powell home
* Dec. 20 - Josh Powell attends Wash. vigil
* Jan. 3, 2010 - Friends of missing Utah mom launch Web media blitz
* Jan. 4 - Social media blitz kick off
* Jan. 9 - Josh Powell packs up West Valley City house
* Jan. 27 - Family, friends put up ribbon display at Powell WVC home
* Feb. 5 - Friends plan ‘Week of Service' in honor of Susan Powell
* Feb. 15 - Family accuses missing woman's husband of abuse
* March 1 - Susan Powell's family, former cop question new website
* March 6 - Vigils mark 3-month anniversary of Susan Powell's disappearance
* March 9 - Witnesses say they saw Josh Powell at a strip club just hours after Susan Powell was reported missing.
* March 16 - Volunteer search being organized for Susan Powell
* March 26 - Tooele County sheriff has concerns about search for Susan Powell
* April 2 - Search for Susan Powell closed to the public
* April 10 - Searchers comb West Desert for signs of Susan Powell
* June 1 - Susan Powell back in spotlight 6 months after disappearance
* June 26 - Dozens search for Susan Powell 6 months after disappearance
* Sept. 7 - Loved ones frustrated 9 months after disappearance
* Oct. 16 - Friends, family mark Susan Powell's birthday
* Dec. 2010 -Friends and family remember Susan Powell on anniversary of her disappearnce

"She never shared one page of her journal with me or any of her friends — even her parents," she said.

Dr. Liz Hale, a clinical psychologist, said she doesn't "see the connection" between what Cox-Powell may have written in her adolescent journals and her adult behavior.

"(Adolescence) is the time for identifying who you are," Hale said Thursday. "You're growing up, your brain is still developing itself and formulating all those connections. Our brains are not fully developed until we are in our mid-20s, so I think it's a terrible tactic."

Cox-Powell was last seen at her West Valley City home on Dec. 6, 2009. Josh Powell — who police say has not been cooperative in their investigation and has been named a person of interest in the case — reported last seeing his wife that evening around midnight as she headed to bed.

At that hour, he said he was taking the couple's children, then ages 2 and 4, to go winter camping in Tooele County. They slept in their minivan, Josh Powell told police. The temperature that night was well below freezing. Josh Powell and the boys returned home the next day.

West Valley Police Sgt. Mike Powell said the woman's disappearance is still classified as a missing person case. He said any new or additional information in the case would be released as it is discovered.

"It's an active investigation," he said.

Chuck Cox said he knows police are working to build a solid case and the family is trying to be patient in the meantime.

"We're confident that West Valley City police are doing everything they can and that they're on the trail and that they're gong to find out what happened," Cox said. "But it's frustrating that Steven Powell and Josh Powell continue to not cooperate with West Valley City police and choose instead to try and attack my daughter."

Steve Powell said on "Today" that his family, including Josh Powell, who relocated with the couple's two sons to their native Washington, doesn't have problems with the actions they've taken.

"We know where we stand," Steve Powell said. "We sleep well at night. We don't feel any guilt for anything that has to do with Susan's disappearance."

He said the journals will be posted within six to eight weeks on the website

. [image]

I am extremely sad to report the following news as I am sure you will be yourselves. Other interim news reports are on my forum which you can find in the links section on the right hand margin. Poor little boys. Rest their souls.

Josh Powell Posted an email to say hes 'sorry' before he kills himself and his two children.

Posted on February 5, 2012 at 1:31 PM

Updated today at 9:18 PM

Josh Powell, sons dead in explosion, fire at Graham home

GRAHAM, Wash. – Pierce County Sheriff's officials say the bodies of Josh Powell and his two young sons were found after an explosion and fire at a home in Graham.

Graham Deputy Fire Chief Gary Franz said the explosion occurred moments after a Child Protective Services worker brought the two boys to the home for a supervised visit.

He said Powell let the boys in the house, then blocked the social worker from entering. The social worker called her supervisors to report that she could smell gas, and the home exploded.

"The fire started immediately, it went very fast, very hot, burned very quick so we believe there was accelerants used - the fire department does - it was set intentionally," said Det. Ed Troyer, Pierce Co. Sheriff's Office.

"We don't believe it to be anybody other than Josh Powell and his kids, and we believe he intentionally did it," he said.

Firefighters quickly knocked down the fire and discovered the bodies. The home was completely destroyed.

The caseworker was not hurt.


supplied by Dee Hitt to PTI.
Docs show evidence piled up in Utah disappearance TACOMA, Wash. (AP) — In the quest to figure out what happened to Susan Powell in 2009, Utah authorities compiled a heap of evidence — finding blood in the family home, an eerie hand-written "will" and a young son who bluntly said that mom was dead.

Court documents: Blood of Josh Powell's wife found at Utah home ... - United States
31 Mar 2012 – Investigators found the blood of Susan Powell, the mother of two who went missing in 2009, inside the family's Utah home and a handwritten ...
 This is the last piece of news I could find dated in August.

Steven Powell's Journals Reveal Sexual Obsession With Susan ...
11 Aug 2012 – ... been involved in a sexual relationship with Washington State woman Susan Powell, who was reported missing from Utah in December 2009 ...

Susan Powell Photos Seized From Father-in-law's Home Show Voyeuristic Images



Dee has compiled a map which OUTLINES all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.

(Hit the Grey word that says MAPS)

Show on Google Maps


 I do try to come back to update the Tarot but often it is not possible due to enormous amounts of requests and queries.  I was pointed to Susans case by a colleague of mine and decided to have a quick look to see what I had written.   As some of you may know, I have tried to expand on information regarding location but even so I do not manage to do this on all cases but in the case of Susan,  I have the direction East - North - West - North East.

Now the problem with directions is that it can represent where Susan was missing from and show that as part of the direction and then show where she may be from there. Trying to work out exactly is very difficult indeed.  The key number on the cards for location is being given to us as an 8 and one would hope/suppose that this is a route.   I do see a route 80 and I notice when Dee put together the map of Tarot's instructions for me into google that she has gone South from the area that Susan disappeared.  I like the areas for interest on that route and also the area of payson.

However, there are other areas that interest me too because you will note that the 80 route goes over to the East and picks up Heritage Park and Hogle Zoo also Emigration Canyon, Summit Peak all of which I find interesting in a North East Direction. However, also to note is the route 111 to the West and I was looking at Lamplight Park area.  Of course Tarot is extremely clever at picking out 'surrounding' vicinity but it is also past present and future so one has to be careful that we are not being shown past elements rather than current or future.

Legacy, Heritage, these are names on the map and they do come up in the Ace of Pentacles. Maybe they link to other people I really cannot say.

What I feel is that there is a 'circle' - and it did occur to me Rotary Park could come up or the Area Sunnyside.  I just felt that with the circle it could mean 'about turn' which could take Susan in a full circle or could represent an area that would be a circle in some kind of abstract form.
One thing I do note which may or may not have any bearing is that our Sword card does have a water element on it.  That could refer to salt LAKE city.  But, I am seeing other things too and as this forms in part a kind of update we have to think about restriction, lack of light, basements, cellars, waste disposal, boggy ground, water places, buildings untenanted or in need or repair, places that could be damp or near water or water names.  Sunless North facing walls, the colour Black and the word Clay can also come up here.  Number 21 can be linked in and there is a lot of area lined to that number by Twin Peaks.  Unfortunately Tarot tries to help but can be giving us areas that either surround the issue or surround Susan or people connected to her. Its very difficult. However we shall just have to see what the future holds. Obviously, I continue to try to write as much information as possible but location is the hardest element of all to hold down or nail down.  The best that can be hoped for is to get closer to the target on each case.  I would certainly say that Tarot is picking out areas surrounding the region that Susan disappeared.

The colour White comes up in the Strength card.  All the money references can be a little puzzling as it makes one try to find places that might link in, Heritage and Legacy are two such names on the map however its whether they mean anything or not. Sometimes it can just mean a casino or places like L.A. but also Bakersfield being so close to Temperence. One can never be sure.  I do think I am getting a form of transport whether vehicle on road or train/railway etc.
One can only follow the numbers/routes and hope that something will make sense or connect to someone else in the mix.  Locations really are exceedingly difficult, lucky on some cases and sometimes not so much on others Im afraid.


Map has been renewed see above. 


So....the money issue has turned up!!

Families of Susan, Josh Powell fight over estate - Standard-Examiner
3 days ago - The Salt Lake Tribune reports ( ) Josh Powell's family is seeking $3.5 million in life insurance policies. Utah Judge L.A. ...



  1. I did a reading for her and got the same depression, also having to make decisions, life changing, watch money issues. She was clearly planning on leaving and was killed.

  2. Could the hermit be a reference to her father in law that was recently arrested for child pornography?

  3. The Hermit card can describe an older man with sexual tendencies. Therefore in answer to your question- very possibly.


  4. We need to find this woman's body. I have seen her body buried under two pine like trees, very tall trees, the tops start about 8 feet up. There was an orange glow in the background, it was about 5 am at the time he buried her. I saw the silver car in my visions, which made me wonder, because they kept mentioning the van, only to find out he rented a car. So sad, she was married to a sociopath. They take advantage of nice people. I know, because I also was victimized by a sociopath. I hope they find her soon, so they can give her a proper burial, and put this case to rest.

  5. The father in law was arrested and convicted on spying charges. He was video taping young neighbor girls and susan and has journals telling of his obsession with susan. I have to say your tarot readings are amazing. Some of the cases you have done readings on, I know every aspect of the case and you and your readings are right on. You are unbelievable! keep up the amazing work and God bless you for doing this.


    TACOMA, Wash. -- Thousands of images seized from the home of Susan Powell's father-in-law show the missing Utah mother as she walks in public and sits in her car – apparently unaware that someone is taking her picture.

    The photos – some of which are sexually suggestive – were obtained under public records laws Thursday by The Associated Press, three years after Powell went missing.

    Authorities uncovered the files while serving a search warrant last year at the home where her husband, Josh Powell, and father-in-law, Steve Powell, were living. Josh Powell killed himself and the couple's two young children earlier this year.

    Some of the images seized during the search, including those of bathing young girls who lived next door to Steve Powell, were used earlier this year to convict him of voyeurism charges.

    Other photos show a variety of women, apparently unaware that a camera is focused on them, as they walk along sidewalks, at the park or into the mall.

    Steve Powell was not charged with any crimes related to images of Susan Powell, but the files show she was often the focus of his lens. In a folder labeled with her initials, SMP, there are images of her walking through parking lots or sitting in her car. It appears the photographer is taking the pictures from another vehicle.

    Some images zoom closely to Susan Powell's crotch or her backside, including a set of photos taken through blinds as she's bending over and doing laundry. None of the pictures, which were found on a disc in Steve Powell's bedroom, show her naked.

  7. well these readings were done in the year 2011, as you read the old pervert accused her of having an affair, and her family to be unstable.

    Go figure, now look whose unstable. Those who talk.
    he is a sex offender and HAD been stalking her for 3 years, that is not only AGAINST THE LAW but very unethical. If he thought he would get away with it, he was wrong ,surprise surprise, God sees all and sooner or later the sinners get what is coming to them.

    I believe from my own feelings and intuition, not to mention God leading me to this page, she is very much alive, where I am not sure, however I believe that sick old pervert knows exactly where.

  8. One of Josh Powell’s siblings apparently committed suicide Monday by jumping from a building in downtown Minneapolis.

    The Salt Lake Tribune confirmed that Michael C. Powell, 30, died after he jumped around 2:25 p.m. from the multi-story Centre Village, a complex that consists of a seven-story parking structure and additional floors dedicated to a hotel and condominiums. Powell lived on the block.

    Michael C. Powell, brother of Josh Powell. Courtesy image
    (Al Hartmann | The Salt Lake Tribune) 1/6/2010 Michael Powell, facing camera, locks a gate after becoming concerned about Michael Peterson, a former friend of Joshua and Susan Powell who showed up at the West Valley City home in 2010 to collect a playgound set he gave the Powell children to

    Four people apparently witnessed the fall, according to a police report obtained by the Tribune. Powell landed on a sidewalk next to the building and died immediately. The Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed Powell’s death.

    Michael Powell moved to Minnesota in 2010 and was a graduate student at the University of Minnesota. He was a doctoral degree candidate in cognitive science, according to a university spokesman.

    Michael Powell was an ardent defender of his brother Josh, who killed himself and his two sons in an intentionally set house fire in Graham, Wash., a year ago. Josh Powell was the only person of interest in the disappearance of his wife, Susan Powell. She was last seen Dec. 6, 2009, at the couple’s West Valley City, Utah, home.

    He also fiercely defended their father, Steve Powell, who was convicted in May 2012 of 14 counts of voyeurism for surreptitious photographs he took of two girls who lived near his home in Puyallup.

    Two counts were dismissed at sentencing. Steve Powell is serving a prison term in Monroe, Wash. He is scheduled to be released in May.

    In posts to a short-lived website, Michael Powell said he did not believe law enforcement had evidence to support the voyeurism charges then pending against his father, which he said had been fabricated to "inflict maximum damage to the Powell family’s reputation and long-term financial situation."

    He also said West Valley City Police had overlooked other credible leads in Susan Powell’s disappearance, including a possible connection to the disappearance of Utahn Steven Koecher.

    At the time of his death, Michael Powell was embroiled in a legal battle in U.S. District Court for Western Washington with Susan’s parents Chuck and Judy Cox over $1.5 million in insurance policies issued to Josh Powell and sons Charlie, 7, and Braden, 5.

  9. Hello, wonderful site. I was looking at the map and there's no "pin points" on the map so its a little confusing... can it be fixed? I pray she is found and her family can let her rest in peace.

  10. Please do a update on Susan Powell

  11. Do the admins of this page ever follow up or even read these comments? This is the same person that sent the last comment on Jan 13, 2015. Will you please do a updated reading on Susan? That would be very much appreciated. Thank you for doing what you do. The police closed the case but Susan is still missing! Please do another reading on her.

    1. Yes I do and no I wont and if I am addressed this way I would consider it a lack of respect. I am here DAILY. There are 500 or more cases on this site and 8 years of my time involved here. I do not appreciate members of the public writing and demanding I do this or do that. It is made perfectly clear that if a member of public wishes an update or a missing person case they must donate for my time and energy that I have to put in to prepare the work. Every case takes 4 hours to write and publish and another hour to produce a map. Only Families may ask for free Tarot or updates. Perhaps it would be useful if you read the notes on this blog before commenting that I am not doing what you asked me. This case does not need an update. What is written is what I have been given. Thank you.

  12. I wasn't meaning to be demanding or disrespectful to you in any way. I do apologize if it appears that I came off that way. That wasn't my intention. And I wasn't aware that you were asking for donations. I just clicked on the link that went straight to the reading. I didn't read anything else on your website, my bad. Anyways, I do appreciate you informing me of the rules. I have no problem with donating plans to you in order to receive an updated reading. Is there a minimum? I wouldn't want to under pay you for your time, energy and hard work. Money is not a problem. Thank you.

    1. Hello Debra, its fine. Please email me to discuss what you wish me to do.


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Below are 'resolved' Missing Persons cases detailing news events after the person was found. Sadly some did not survive. On many, Tarot has described accurately either events, landscape or named Locations or suggested when the person would be found. The details of the validations differ on each case. This section will help assess Tarot's ability to assist in its ongoing experiment.






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