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Sunday, 26 December 2010


BETH BENTLEY...Missing from Woodstock, Ill.
Benedetta 'Beth' Bentley
Age: 41
Height: 5 ft 6 inches - 180
Resident of Woodstock, Ill.

Last seen Sunday, May 23rd, 2010. Beth may have been near the Amtrak Train Station in Centralia, Ill. about 6:00PM. May or may not have been there to catch a train. Search areas include Mt. Vernon and Centralia.

On May 23rd Beth and a woman friend are believed to have driven from Mt. Vernon to Centralia in a 2009 White Nissan Ultima. Beth may have been carrying her pink & orange Vera Bradley bag and a big white purse. She has long blonde hair. She is very kind and will do anything to help anyone .

Beth may have been seen in the Frosty Mug, Mt. Vernon, on May 21 with the woman friend, that woman's boyfriend and a male under age 21.

Beth's iPhone and credit cards are being monitored by the police. No record of use after May 23 has been reported.

Beth's husband is Scott Bentley, an attorney with an office in McHenry, Ill.
Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.


 26 DECEMBER 2010

I have some preliminary insights for Beth Bentley which I will post below. Beth has been missing for quite a few months now and no reports have come in to say she has been found.

Please note the Important tarot notices and remember that Tarot is not 100 per cent accurate and any detail may refer to past present or future tenses. Please look elsewhere for concrete facts and advice about this case.


I dont know if Beth was not very well because this first card that talks about May 23 actually shows me that she might have had some apprehension and concern going on. It does suggest that she overcame this illness or oppression. The Strength card links to the number 8 and the Lion on the card can sometimes represent places but it is not the question that I asked. My question was what happened to Beth on 23rd May. What I seem to gather on this card is that she just seemed to have a lot on her plate and wanted to take some time to herself. The way to get rid of everyday concerns is to do this and it is reflected in the next card that this was her intention on that day. It was a 'me' day from what I can see. If there were any health problems or concerns or physical problems it just seems to say that she felt much better about them after 6pm.

The Card previous to Strength is the Chariot which does show going out of the town 'towards the country' which just means another area so it does seem to confirm some kind of travel here. The Hermit card is the taking time alone card. There are other connections to the Hermit card which can show being 'up high' on hills etc or in flats or apartments, but we have to stay with the question which asks what happened. Therefore I feel we have to stay with the thought that she was taking some time out after some problems which might have made her feel oppressed. The Lovers card puts into position a couple and a younger person as per the report so that seems to tie up fairly well, so she would have taken the journey AFTER that and then come to the Strength/Hermit Card. The Hermit can also bring up an older male and very rural or rustic conditions, its a completion card and it is sometimes thought of a sexuality card. I will look further to see if this comes up in that vain or whether it is simply time out that Beth has taken.


When I ask tarot why Beth has not been in contact with anybody since 23 May I am being given the 9 of pentacles reversed. Usually this card shows a woman is pretty self made and is responsible for earning all her own money and buys her home, but when you reverse this card it seems to show that a person has lost their home, may have been evicted, or their home is sold out under them. So it seems to me that we are looking at Beth in a situation where finances have hit fairly rock bottom. I am seeing a very 'uncomfortable' place here regarding 'living conditions' because she does,nt own it, she does,nt own any of it but it could suggest she linked up with someone who has money but none of it is hers?? The 9 of pentacles always shows security with finance or someone to who money is important but reversed can show that they either dont have any or will have to rely on someone else to pay for everything for them. Considering I have seen an older male I wonder of course if there is any connection here . The card previous to the 9 of pentacles is the 8 of pentacles and that shows someone who either does,nt want to work or is too lazy to work. The 10 of pentacles after the nine can show a family home but reversed the home is no longer theres.

I am not aware of all the circumstances of this lady and/or whether the descriptions given are all part of the past as I can only assume things were well with her husband. If there is any problem there then maybe these cards reflect it. If not then its possible that she could have linked up with an older Male or that she is in the country somewhere. I hope that this is a good omen and not a bad one because 'scammers' and people that are untrustworthy can come up with a reversed financial card such as this. 9/10 of pentacles can show many things as well as boredom in work and love relationships but going on new adventures is sometimes not the best idea unless it is thought through carefully with the people one meets. I hope she is not a 'prisoner' in someones home .


Asking where is Beth I am receiving a very wealthy man here. I dont know whether he is an attourney or financial accountant or someone of that measure, what I do think is that she is connected with him or he would know where she was.

When I look at this card I see a man who drives a very expensive car. He may even live up high in a penthouse or some very nice place that has a roof garden or something of that nature. Its not always applicable but it should show that the man does have means.


He is a very proud man and his hand is on the money as you can see in this other pictorial evidence of him. He wears the crown and also he is once more connected to a LION which makes me wonder whether LION has anything to do with where this lady is. Usually this man would be attractive to women and a good and respected businessman.

The Number 14 might be noted though Im not sure in which way. This man is linked under 'Taurus' the bull so there may be a musical or vocal association with the place where Beth can be found. I feel it is to do with him. I also see the number 5 and the Heirophant linked into this card so this is a person who generally gives good advice all once again connected to this man and perhaps even his profession. Building a new house /architect/accountant and construction perhaps could figure here.
If Beth has a father, or children that live away from her she could be in their direction.

Though I cannot offer a direction with the King of Pentacles tarot assures me that it speaks for itself? It is possible she is somewhere rural whereby there is a caravan to live in because the house is not built. I could be wrong on this but I offer it with the knowledge that tarot is not 100 per cent accurate in all details and I apologise if there are some details that do not materialise. The description of the King of Pentacles is a very masculine fellow with hair and eyes on the darker end of the spectrum.

If Beth is out there then this man is who she is connected to. He is very quick to pass judgement however so she would have to adhere to him. I think he is the reason she has not been heard of or why she has not needed any money and I would consider thinking about this as a reason why Beth has not been seen or heard from.

Just to recap NORTH and WEST do link with the Nine of Pentacles and they may assist as directions but Im not sure if those were the directions on May 23rd or not, but I would at least consider them as a point of consideration.

There is a possibility of THEFT in the cards and very unpleasant financial circumstances so I will mention this as well. Perhaps someone thought that Beth was a good financial proposition because of her husband, this may all be part of what tarot is trying to tell to us. There is a lot of roguery and deception in the cards and it serves it all up on a plate so we have to try to weave through all the information given in terms of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE in order to come to a conclusion about Beth.

I think someone stole her bag .

I see Beth connected at some point to the garden of a very large home there is a BIRD in the picture a FALCON so I give this name up in case it has any meaning in terms of places or names.

I do not think Beth is in control of her own possessions I think someone else is. If she has not met someone wealthy then someone has considered that she might be in their eyes and relieved her of her possessions. The King of Pentacles knows where she is, he is a dark skinned man.


Asking when Beth will be found I cannot promise at the time of finding her that her health will be good. What I might suggest is that this card is linked to HOME and on it Twin Towers. This could suggest apartments (or at an extreme suggestion New York. ) There may be a river nearby.

The Moon card is the number 18 this number may be of assistance as to when she will be found. There are also dogs and wolves in this card and a nightime experience. That may all be rather symbolic.

If Beth has been hurt then her injury will be to the back of the head the dates I have are February 19 to March 20 - after Xmas theoretically I dont know if its this Xmas or not.

I have a definate link to a family here and someones Mother.




This blog has kept updates. They are not the only support for Beth as her situation has been here on the blog for well over two years. I will come back and look and see if I can get a map put up.


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