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Sunday, 26 September 2010


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there'true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.


PLEASE NOTE - Tarot picks up past present and future 'vibrations'. Referring to a person is simply their vibration through intuition and not alluding to mediumistic qualities.


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Its really strange how 'cases' can present themselves. I saw Martins face leap out at me from a blog I clicked on by accident. Martin has been missing for a few years now. I really know that when anyone gets a bit of information from esoteric sources they do want it all to be 'gospel' and truth. Thats what I want as well, but I am not a psychic medium I am a tarologist and I truly do have to trust the tarot to tell me things. It can never be 100 per cent accurate but gives me quite a bit of information as a rule which has to be placed in the past present and the future. Because of that, I cant get a good timeline of when things might have occurred. I always ask people to seek a second opinion because the information I have even though it does seem to touch certain areas of the case does not always hit that 100 per cent mark. I write below my 'impressions'.

The first card I had for Martin was the card of the Three of Pentacles but this was Reversed - I realised that this man was not happy entirely with his work. He really had a lot of good ideas and thoughts and wanted to talk about them and show what he felt but it was as though it was,nt really interesting to anyone. I think he was very disatisfied with the chosen work that he had at the time. I dont think somehow that his heart was in it. I think he tried to show enthusiasm but sometimes if a type of work does not really suit your inner impulses you can really lose interest in it. I think somehow that is what was within Martin.

I dont know where he worked whether he worked in buildings, this building is upside down and whenever I see that Im afraid I typically say that perhaps this man was connected to a basement or the foundation of a building. This is a money card and work card and we cant always look at it and say YES thats his location but at the same time we just have to take everything into account. I do somehow link him to the underneath of a building that he might have been working on or in because when the three of pentacles is reversed it shows that someone needs 'more exercise' in health matters. When you need more exercise it rather implies someone is not working or they are static does,nt it? So looking at this card I seem to get those kind of notions, one that he was not that keen on the work he was doing and secondly that if he said something about a job perhaps even said something that he did,nt think was right, he might not have been listened to and obviously whatever it was he was trying to say could have happened.

There perhaps should have been two other people with him and there is a younger person there so perhaps he was in a group of three and though I cant be certain perhaps two of the people left the situation??? leaving himself. We can also consider it that he might have been working with a couple of other people who were more skilled then himself but that he did,nt feel that it was his kind of work.

That is the impression I get when first looking at the three of pentacles reversed. Im not sure actually whether he was earning that much money either so there is just another thought that he just could,nt be bothered because it was,nt really catching his interest or really giving him much impetus so could have been a case of boredom with his work .

Normally the Three of Pentacles pictorially is thought of as a cathedral when it comes to buildings so I suppose we are looking at large structures here. In the picture is a defined arch so that could be a pictorial reference. In this card it suggests someone wants to work in a team environment but as it is reversed you can see that the team are not there which is why I have made all the previous suggestions. He would not have been the most skilled worker at the time. I dont think he had the skill for some jobs and at the moment I need to look at other cards to find out if he is actually on a job work site or whether the cards are just telling me about his attitude towards his work.

I seem to see that there is unfinnished work, has anyone asked about his work and what happened on his last day of work whether there was a job he had to do which was left uncompleted? For example was there a job that was all but finnished except from a last bit of input from Martin but he did not have the skill to finnish it?

Maybe Im off the beaten track with that but these are all the kind of signs Im getting from tarot. It might just be about his general feelings about work and wanting to meet up with people who shared his enthusiams about what he really enjoyed to do but I think whatever job he was doing at the time of 'disappearance' really was not something that was fulfilling him for some reason.

If we expanded this, it could also still be a place of work - where that is I am not sure but this card gives us a few descriptions. Firstly that 'underground' feeling and the fact that the card is a 3 - not sure if that number is useful or not but I have to mention it. The timing seems correct on this card though as its Dates & Timing: December 31 to January 9 and also its Mars in Capricorn so I wonder if he had an accident or problem at work? This card does,nt show an accident but Mars in Capricorn? Capricorn is a work card and Mars can be a bit of an angry sign. The questions I would ask is would Martin suppress anger if workmates took a 'kidding view' of the way he was a workaholic, because he seems to be someone who wanted to work hard and learn and be the best at what he does, but at the same time there is an oppression here and three and other people on this card could suggest other males perhaps who might have been competative or took the mickey perhaps. I dont really see Martin as a violent type but I would imagine he was a very proud type because this card shows people who really want to work hard and do their best. So these are all the things I can get from the three of pentacles now I am looking at all the astrological connections.

I have Saturn Black Year End and also on this card we have North Winter and Midnight. Now somehow these elements do fit. The only difference that I make to this is that when the card is reversed these trends may reverse also so we have the beginning of the year which is January and the time Martin went missing, Black well again that can seem ominous I know but it can suggest the night time or somewhere dark and Saturn is the Thinking card but also not the best planet to have around because Saturn is a taskmaster and delivers really hard lessons, it comes in from nowhere and really changes things and challenges. North Winter and Midnight , well we can look South here the Summer and Midday which might somehow fit into the equation as the beginnings perhaps of the problems.

Going back to the building in the card it can show that not enough detail was applied and something was 'falling apart' - I dont want to play any guessing games here but all these things could possibly be taken into account either about a building he was working in, or ribbing from friends/mates which he might not have taken kindly to. Did he go back to a building that he was working on, OR perhaps he just felt that it was all just something he wanted to walk away from and were these 'workmates' or friends or people who were around him apprehending in any way or not? We mus,nt point fingers in that way, but only produce all the information possible here for those who might know a bit more and be able to see through the puzzles tarot is giving us as some answers could be within the script of this card intially.

If there was situation where Martin was provoked at all it seems that it would not have been in public that this would have occurred because Mars in Capricorn shows that anything to do with Anger is not in the public domain so thats what makes me feel that if anything it would be in a building?

If we were to actually look at this card (and it all depends on the question) but I was to speak about a building that was reversed here I think of a job where people cut corners and therefore the building is not left safe but thats just another way of looking at the card. People who get this card sometimes ( and Im not referring exactly to Martin) but there is always that feeling that there are people who dont believe in 'political bullcrap' and instead of following the guidelines they do things their own way because its either quicker and easier, or companies that put up buildings dont put in the proper safety because it costs too much money to do that.

Hopefully I have covered the ideas that come through here with this card that comes up for Martin immediately as I see it.

The most annoying thing is knowing there is a building here and not being able to precisely say what that building is, but I think of the basement and I repeat that as this building is on its head. North Winter Midnight was given, and I have also mentioned South, I know that is so paltry for direction but I really dont have more to give for location on this card. If Martin was working in a building particularly a large building with a basement or cellars it is always worth checking out as foundations are very very strong in this card as are the foundations of ANY building that he may have been in. There are definately other people attached to that building at least another two and I get the impression that they were working on it. There would have been the main architect meaning the team leader and another one and likely Martin but when thats reversed it might make it appear that the others were not there or that none of them were yet the building still seems important. I hope that does,nt sound too vague.

This card can also mean paid employment and when it is reversed it can simply mean the opposite. That means Martin could also have been volunterring for work too as there does,nt seem to be any money attached when its reversed and it would be a non commercial transaction.

So it makes you wonder whether Martin volunteered to do something in a building - please remember that these are all the impressions I am given and all I can do is write them down to hope that they might strike a chord somewhere.


This card above seems to tell us about someone dropping out of work its the card of the apprentice as is the three of pentacles when reversed. The three of pentacles reversed is unskilled as beforementioned in work, and this card the eight of pentacles shows someone who works really really hard to get to the end of an apprenticeship and be master of their work, but as you can see this is reversed. So despite it all, it seems to me that Martin somehow has walked away from his work - did he want to earn money or more money but felt he could,nt or that it was too much of a long haul ? maybe money did,nt matter to him perhaps it was just doing something that he wanted rather than something that had too many rules and regulations attached to it...there is definately something not right about his working relationships and his emotions about this but perhaps he was not a conformer in that respect. The eight of pentacles is actually also a music card, you can easily see someones musical interest when you see this card, but its reversed and it makes me feel its someone who is not interested in something to do with work but does,nt want to face the music so to speak.

So we are getting a bit of a picture here but not all these details are going to be correct that might just 'resonate' more than anything else with certain aspects of Martin.

The problem is that my location for him is in a building or there was a problem connected to buildings/work because the next card is the four of pentacles and the four of pentacles is someone who likes their money and material possessions and when you reverse that they let go of them, either that or they could get fleeced. The four of pentacles also seems to make me think someone has lost their keys or lost their way. The upright of this card could show a BANK which could be an area or street where there is the name BANK or figuratively a BANK which would be on the edge of town, but if you reverse it they are either closer to it or not sure of 'the way'. Reading back the information and the building which is often described as a cathedral with an arch ( take a look a look at the three of pentacles again) it is a structure made of concrete hence 'building' it could be a bridge, but I can only show you what tarot gives to me.

Here is another view of this card when it is upright


Here is the card again showing a man in the building ( which we have to reverse making him at the foundation of the building and note he is working in this building and therefore is seemingly tipped upside down when reversed)


If we run through the minor arcana the main two cards already are pentacles which is money/material matters. The three has given us information relating to a building - the four gives us a possible name - BANK - and reversed money is released - the five would show a church and poverty, and even a possible injury maybe to the leg and the six would show money being given to someone who does,nt really need it, or someone wanting money from someone who does,nt have it - the seven would show not being able to reap it and the eight which came up for us reversed shows someone inside the town not being able to earn money then the nine if reversed aspects shows thievery.

I would imagine this man was robbed or apprehended for money whether he had it or not, the five of pentacles shows he might have not been heard as this appears to be in a building out of sight of the public as aforementioned. The fact that the church comes up makes me wonder whether this in an area of a church/cathedral which is the first card that appeared for us. The three of Pentacles does show water in the second version of the card but that water is not near our man - the water is some distance from the window and therefore it makes me feel that Martin is in the foundation of a building not far from water but not next to it.

Again please take this all figuratively and seek second opinions as I am not 100 per cent accurate here and cannot guarantee this.


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  1. I have read through the tarot suggestions and from what I can make of what you got is that due to the reverse of the 3 of pentacles that he's in founds of a ruin church he possibly worked in.. Near or on the banks of water which I read a physic had picked up on one with green covered moss and that he was with a party of 3. He at the time was unhappy with work and felt like he was in the wrong work


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