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Sunday, 11 October 2009


I dont always put cases on my forum but am sometimes asked about cases from a searcher of the missing and investigator who is known as 'LOSTSOULS'. I wont put his real name here until he gives me permission. We do look at cases on occasion and work towards solving them if possible.

When asked about a missing case or any situation using tarot I cannot claim I am 100% accurate and tarot works in the time pockets of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE.

I was asked about this lady above and wrote out my thoughts on this which it appears that many of the insights were accurate. I am very very happy Amy was found. I feel very sorry for the dilemma this woman was in and could truly feel her panic at the beginning of the tarot. She will no doubt have further problems now that she is found but clearly she loves her children and is a victim of relationship circumstances. These things are happening all the time. However, I hope things turn out for the best for her. The main thing is that she is found and tarot has given some good insights for her. Tarot told us that she was safe in a house and so were her two boys. I leave all the scripts for you to read yourself which are live email readings from our session.

Mother and Two Young Sons Missing, Possibly in Danger|NewsChannel 8



This woman has come out in the two of pentacles reversed, she is not mentally stable the two of pentacles the right way up shows BALANCE I have drawn the reversed card - UNBALANCED.

I see a car it might be grey guessing a bit at the colour but grey in this card and green.. this car is stopped - stationary - its come to a halt. - She’s hostile she’s weighing alternatives this is not good.

She’s thinking of being on her own. Something about a decision she has to make which is forcing her to act on it. Emotional instability. Not sure which way to turn struggling with the children and possibly money. She’s writing a letter, writing a note....

This card is a bad omen for injustice.... this is not a particularly good sign she’s not far from water - water again car is stopped stationary.

I think need to act quick as this person has two bags - might equate to two children? She has weakness and debaseness and loss on her, might do something to the kids.

Got an 8 - 8 of swords reversed - this is the censure card of RELEASE - away from house - run away from a relationship? Says hope and inspiration is returned to her - running away from confined situation. - Trying to get something on where she is...

Is there a prison near her
? we could consider if there is a prison nearby ...its a long shot though. Somewhere with a red roof? I don’t like this card suggesting accident; disquiet difficulty opposition and possibly a fatality.

Someone spread rumors about This woman. There’s water there possibly in front of her

There’s a small hill might be in front of her.

I’m not sure that Amy and the children are dead because the magician card said that she doesn’t have the confidence to kill them....

I don’t think they are dead . There’s some kind of delay with that. I think the police are going to find her before her and the children get damaged, but it’s a near miss this one...I have had the devil and the chains on two children, they might get to her in time. Fingers crossed can’t be sure but its possible they are not dead as I speak. But I did get a high priestess reversed and she is in a very highly-strung state. When you turn a high priestess upside down you got to know what your dealing with INITIALS B and J are significant but she has moved slightly away from them don’t know what the initials are for.

This woman is wrathful - this is a dangerous card - but when I asked if she had come to harm the card denied this.
At the moment she is classified as WILD and very unruly and she WILL protect herself make no mistake.

· Hieroglyphic: The Mouth of Man
· Kabbalah: Chocmah
· Astronomy: The Moon
· Day of the Week: Monday
· Hebrew letter: Beth (Double

If she is alive she will go there TWICE on Monday. But in the evening or a man will tell someone he saw her there.
Also the High Priestess just happens to be the number TWO house near the supermarket? BETH on the high priestess is a ROOF OVER YOUR HEAD - HOUSE.

I am looking at her picture trying to ask her a question she’s telling me its a catastrophe broken marriage, divorce - but I have a tower with two people falling out of it and I asked about two boys.

This tower means a major shake up, it’s to do with all aspects of her life and the card does not promise complete safety but sometimes the tower represents a house move where the boys would have their own rooms? So I’m wondering at the moment whether she has moved in somewhere else she does not want the boys taken from her, this woman is ill and having a nervous breakdown I don’t know but I don’t see the tower as death, I see it more as a kind of bolt from the blue, feeling deceived and really shocked about something and running off -

I think she is in another place that’s independent from the house she was in because there’s something about that house at the time where she had to leave quickly - hence all her possessions left behind. Relatives are very very worried about her and I don’t know if there is someone she knows who may be asked to keep quiet so I’m fingers crossed on this that the boys are ok. The tower is an uncomfortable card but the most it does on its own is reveal truths and kick people out of their houses.

YES she gave me the sun card. The boys are with me she said.

Yes she is still in Virginia there is something about the return of a LOVED ONE?

She’s not answering about being afraid of someone she said change of address, travel business place - is she living on a business premises? She has shelter food and things she needs there when asked about where she is, she said don’t worry nothing terrible will happen, it all started angrily but she said it will have a happy ending. No need to worry is what she said.

I have five fingers with flames on the tip of them. Its a work/energy card and can represent land/estates - does that make any sense?

Near a sports field
where kids play is what she said.

THOSE TWO BAGS I SAW? She’s has something in them. She left the house quickly maybe because of a message and left.

She doesn’t need to be found.I think she has been found. Star reversed false hopes no need for inspiration. I think she is found. She is not well.


Updated 8:45 PM EDT, Fri, Apr 17, 2009

FAIRFAX, Va. -- A woman who disappeared with her two sons was found in Fluvanna County Friday afternoon, according to the Fluvanna County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies located Amy West and her two children in the Lake Monticello area at about 4 p.m. after receiving a tip that she might be staying with friends. Those friends did not know she was wanted by authorities in Fairfax County, according to the Fluvanna County Sheriff's Office.

West and her sons, ages 6 and 1, had last been seen on April 8. On Monday, police charged West with felony parental abduction.

Police described West as having a mental disorder, and said she may have been carrying a weapon. That weapon was not on her person when she was taken into custody, but it was found with her personal belongings.

West was an IT specialist in the Pentagon on the morning of September 11, 2001. Her sister Lisa Hall told News4 that mild anti-depressants were prescribed to West after she lost co-workers in the attack on the Pentagon.

Hall and West's ex-husband, Steve Blalock, who remained friends with West and did not have children with West, said West became distraught recently when she lost custody of her 1-year-old.

West will appear before a Fluvanna County judge Monday and then be transferred to Fairfax County.


I received the following confirmations of the tarot findings from Lostsouls. Im pleased to say both Amy and her children are alive and well. Tarot confirmed her as found and therefore gave that insight for the future as Amy was not found until a few days later -but its good to see tarot does give confirmation future events.

AMY was found off Jefferson Drive - the "J" and within 500 feet of the recreation area - sports fields and marina, there are a number of small hills in the area - not far away is is National Institute of Corrections - Family and Corrections Network and the Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women‎

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  1. Empathy provided key details regarding the circumstances surrounding Amy and her children and the location where Amy was found. The authorities were able to make the connection based on these details provided. Although charged with abduction, I do not believe that Amy had any intentions of harming her children and was reacting to a situation she felt so helpless in. Once again, Empathy amazes me with her insights and I value greatly her contributions in the search for the missing.


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