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Friday, 3 August 2018


Hello All!

I have been trying to move quite quickly through a few of the Major Arcana cards so that we have the Full set of 22 card Trumps in my Journey of Life Tarot Series. 

The last card I talked about was TEMPERANCE which is now posted and tweeted out to regular readers.  Today Im looking at the Devil card which is number 15 in the Majors.  If you would like to catch up on the Series so far please visit the link below and check back as other cards are posted there. 

I will list all the cards on that link once they are all completed.  Meanwhile - the Devil!  Not so feared as the Death card or even the Tower which is the next card up.   The Devil is ruled by Capricorn and Capricorn by Saturn so we should automatically know that there will always be some kind of repercussion with this card.  The Temperance card has shown us how to keep our cool and how to reach a form of balance in our life - basically that at that stage of life we should have an idea how THINGS WORK and if we cant apply patience we certainly know HOW to so it is not a question of not being able to incorporate Temperance into our lives successfully.    The Devil shows us two chained people, the Devil himself is looming in between and the couple are seemingly on a pair of chains. They are not tightly fitted despite how the card looks.  Note also that the couple despite being naked (often a symbol of innocence in most peoples eyes) actually have horns on their heads! yes it could be missed but what is it implying about them?

This card is actually sometimes thought of as a 'clandestine' romance card!  the Devil is the factor in the middle of course - but thats not the be all - just a little mention - what we are really looking at is UNHEALTHY SITUATIONS - yes TEMPTATION too.  In this card we can be STUCK in situations that are not good for us - and also sometimes WILLINGLY because after all those chains are not really binding us so tight that we cant get out of them. So it could imply that the couple there are actually 'staying' despite the situation they are in.   Great card for co dependency,  or addictions of any kind.  ADDICTIONS I will repeat that and say it loudly in capitals.  You see addictions must feel good right?  they are hard to quit - but you CAN QUIT if you have the mind power to do it.  That couple could easily be addicted whether to drugs, drink, sex, unhealthy liasons etc and just not want to quit because they could with those chains being so loose.   The Devil is that temptation factor that lures you in and you stay or you do things because YOU LIKE THEM.

It could also imply those kind of situations GOING ON and not necessarily involve you.  This card is one that can be talked about at great length but the main focus is showing how cards can pop up as featuring in the journey of life.   WE GET INTO SITUATIONS and we DONT always quit them even if we know that it is to our own good if we did.  There has to be some self sabotage here too if we know something isnt good for us yet we just do it anyway, for the 'hell' of it perhaps?   Do we just stay in those relationships, or let people use us because we dont see the point of walking away? maybe it isnt THAT EASY to walk away?   yet in some cases/circumstances this card tells us that we COULD if we tried hard enough. Its going to depend what the situation is of course and in a reading it would also depend on what the surrounding cards are as of course we could actually be trapped and it not be a voluntary experience.

Point of fact being, with the Devil card - we are lured in and we kind of get stuck.  The fact that Capricorn/saturn is attached is going to show that we should have learnt some hard lessons or even that we MIGHT.   Pan the music God is also linked in to the Devil card and the old adage 'face the music' could easily come into play here because if you are going to get involved with stuff that is likely to mess you up then you have to face the consequences/fallout from that. Saturn is NOT going to give you a graceful ride either.   Stern planets like Saturn are there to give you STARK reminders that IT AINT GONNA BE EASY - so dont get in that mess in the first place.

If you look REALLY closely at this card note that the chains are around the NECKS of the couple as well - what are their hands doing?  are they restrained? No they are not - they can just lift that chain up and walk off BUT THEY DONT.

The Devil is number 15 which breaks down to number 6 which in turn is the LOVERS card. Ha! the wonderful Lovers card and what would you know - the background of the Garden of Eden. We dont need to get over religious or biblical here but there you are - a straight connection between the two. What happened in the Garden of Eden? - TEMPTATION - I rest my case right there - you know the rest.   The Devil is not an UNPLEASANT CARD..Im sure that Apple on the  tree of life wasnt either - probably tasted fabulous (though bear in mind that the 'apple' is likely symbolic of other things' but lets not digress) - so we know the story of the Garden of Eden and we know temptation was there and we also know what happened to Adam and Eve as far as the printed/historical recollections go.

We face LURE in our lives.  TEMPTATION we face in our LIVES - ADDICTION we face in our lives.  ADDICTION is not all about drugs sex and drink - it could be that you are a pure handbag junkie or have some other vice - if you are ADDICTED to something then you know you have a problem .  Fancy being buried in a mountain of handbags?? or  ???    We know if we walk into this card unless we sort ourselves out and walk out of it again courtesy of the loose chains there, then we are going to get ourselves into some difficulties and that will spill right over from this card to the next which is that TOWER card moment.

The Devil is quite happy in this card to watch you get pulled in the fire and burn and you will unless you get a grip of yourself.  Whatever area of life this touches it is still telling you YOU CAN GET OUT OF THERE IF YOU TRY HARD ENOUGH - after all the reverse of this card is to dodge a bullet so escape is on there and has been all the time.   The Devil is a mischief card so he is going to enjoy watching the discomfort.   You got into this mess HENRY you get out of it BUDDY.

Basically you DONT DO IT in the first place - try to be sensible in your life - remember all your stern lessons - dont give in to frivolity - dont get STUCK on anything - but if you DO any of those things REMEMBER YOU CAN GET FREE - it only takes willpower - but do you have any?

I will come back to write more as time evaporates but I like to make a major point and move to the next card when I feel there is enough for you to consider.  The Devil moments WILL come into your life - you have to learn how to move out of them.


Join me next for the TOWER CARD and please check back on my link here to see all the cards as they are published and all the updates as time elapses too .


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