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Friday, 7 March 2014



If you are a Scorpio person you are born between Oct 23 - Nov 21

Hello Scorpions!

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Good to bring you a May Tarotscope. You will see if you read other scopes that I have been late getting this up for May. I like to get it done earlier in the month so that you know I have written exclusively for you particularly when the net is drowned with readings for May by now!  I will make sure they are up for June well in advance.

First thing? did you read last months?  have you learnt anything? I still think you might be facing a few financial elements this month.  This is a card of money coming in and money going out and could even have repercussions on other elements of your life too. Some of you might be finding the cost of living really tight.  I worry a bit because I dont want you getting into any debt and Im not sure if I am seeing improvements this month or not!!

Its simple really, dont buy what you cant afford because you need to keep those finances straightened right out.  That includes your bills rent etc you need to be able to pay them and do that first before any thoughts of luxury or personal desires for material articles. Sorry that I cant be more upbeat but this is down to you. Budget or the year is going to be really tight and you dont want that. Motto this month - MONEY DONT GROW ON TREES!

Some of you will have to think about getting either a new job or an extra job to get sorted out! OR you will need to be making some extra money this month or are planning to do either of the mentioned. If you have hobbies or an expensive taste you really need to put everyday living first!  This month brothers sisters mums dads etc, friends I can see around you and some are willing to help well they all want to support you but really, you need to do something yourself as well. Also if you are being overkind to others loaning them things, remember Charity begins at home. I dont like that saying much but really you do have to think about yourself and survival so dont fall for any poverty claims because you might feel you want to help but really can you do that?   let people like you for you and dont buy your way into favours ok?

Its not a good idea to move out of mum and dads either if you are not earning enough. Its not a good idea to do anything you know will not be supportive or bleed you of finances. I want to put all this here because its a money month.

If you are the stubborn type and think you can 'manage' admit it when you cant and get help. Im sure I can hear a bit of an echo from last month so its still here and you need to sort it out.  Some of you think you work too hard for rubbish pay - well thats never fair having to do overtime and feel that its all work in your life and no play - but maybe you should approach bosses and say how much you think you are worth? 

Regarding Love, if you are busy all the time you can deplete relationships as there caint be lurve if the person isnt there!!  So take the time to even your life out so that you spend equal measures between the object of your affection and matters that keep you busy.  You get out what you put in (Im not sure that sentence worked well!!)    Dont buy expensive gifts for people or loved ones thinking that its a good way to show them you loved them?  you know it doesnt work like that. People want your presence and though the new necklace or the great new gym set was nice, where are you????? so take a bit of a hint here.

Be humble this month!!

Might be some jealousy from others to deal with too and with close friends or family. They admire you really its likely things are not going to good for themselves or that they get a bit insecure about their own future and goals. You can do well for yourself you know that, but dont take things for granted get yourself grounded and work things out in a sensible way or you will be all brains and nothin to show for it.

No get rich quick schemes, if its sounds dodgy - dont do it!

Possible health problem this month - throat neck shoulders, colds, coughs, sinus, catarrhal elements, tonsilitis get the drift?  . Got a problem? see the Doc!

Friday is a key day for you in May!

Let me know how you get on and see you back here for June Tarotscope!




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Hello Scorpios!

Well first of all I can see that if you want to make the most of April you need to work hard!  You might already be working as hard as you can but this card tells me that you need to put that extra mile in to walk off with the prize in April. If you have been out of work, or studying at school you have to keep your shoulder to the wheel and give it that extra push so that your efforts are rewarded.  If you dont then you could just get all your good work on a backslide and Im sure thats not what you want to hear!

Effort comes from you though so points make prizes!

Some of you might want to give up long held ambitions and that is also shown here - you might find that in your work you feel you would like to do a bit better for yourself and you are ambitious people who like to 'get things right' so perhaps you could be working towards a new opening but you do have to really work hard for it as I have pointed out.

Teachers in April might have a bit of a tough time - wassamatter with the kids these days! AGGHH are you the only one that feels that nothing you do or say goes in one ear and stays there?  It could be a bit challenging for you and you might prefer to teach crocodiles feeling they are more friendlier!

Now we all know in truth there is no such thing as a 'get rich quick scheme' - but you will be looking for high profits - this goes back once again to how much effort you put in. No free lunches here!!  You like your money Scorpio because you like fine things just like Leo - my goodness they really dont have to be so extravagant but they are luxurious people and so are Taurus so you share that in common but in your case there is a bit of modesty about it  insomuch that you would rather have that ONE item that is really sumptous. Well if you want 'things' and you want to produce some good results its down to you in April. Opportunities are all there and so are work contracts as again you could be one of the signs that are seeking new employment or at least giving it some thoughtful consideration.

You are a psychic sign and you 'know' that you can be happy and successful so just work towards those goals. If you work extra hard it will pay off.

Because you can be such a diligent worker other people can take advantage of that - each to their workload does not always apply to you because people seem to believe you can handle anything - well just dont take on more then you know you can handle you should not lose face if you are picking your words carefully and you do that very well.   You are a very logical sign and you can see whether or not the balance of anything is fair or not.   So do your best but know your limits too.  If you were thinking of a new employment opportunity you can really impress employers this month.  On the other hand if you dont feel like putting your all in - people are going to notice it.  Its all or nothing with you isnt it?

One little problem with you Scorpio is 'intensity'. When it comes to love in April try to relax more - not every relationship is going to lead to marriage and you cant assume that everything is for keeps just because someone smiled at you. Relationships take time and you need to remember that and keep your feet on the ground.  You need to get to know the other person really well so please make sure that if you are in a fresh relationship take your time.  If you are in a relationship its what you put in - is what you get out. Work on that ratio and everything will be fine.  If you would like to just be around others how about going out and mixing?  friends dont just drop in your lap.

Keep your eye on your purse or wallet in case you lose it this month or lose money itself - excess spending or taking risks not a good idea and dont get into debt.  You DONT HAVE ANY MONEY if you are using a credit card so your not rich that way - please stick to your means and save yourself any problems in the future.

In all areas pay attention to the small details - as you dont want to spoil good things by a silly mistake.

Health matters that could come up for some are stomach problems and 'wind' so might be feeling a touch gassy or have constipation.  Any problems you are concerned about go and visit the doc.

Wednesday is a Key day in April.

 Let me know how you got on with your Horoscope for April and if we 'did well' then I will prepare you another forecast for May.


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