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Monday, 25 November 2013



Missing girl'
21 Jan 2011 - When six-year-old Tania Murrell went missing on her way home from school Jan. 20, 1983, her mother Vivian spent the rest of her life waiting 


Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues. All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.

Please always read the following 


which is a useful article in respect of all the Tarot printed for Missing people/children.



( Detailed Tarot)

 I have had a public request to look at Tarot for a missing child. Tania Marie Murrell. Tania Marie Murrell Missing since January 20, 1983 from Edmonton, Alberta Canada Three decades have passed in the search for an Edmonton girl who vanished on her way home from school one day in 1983. Please read the notes on this page with respect to what Tarot can and cannot do. All insights are past present and future and I simply write them down. Hopefully there is something 


The first card I have for this little girl is the Fool card. Assuming that all information is correct and she simply left school then disappeared this could be a reasonable card to offer from Tarot. We see here that this little girl might have made a risky choice, quick decision and you can see she has no real sense here of any danger either, even if her choice was probably not a good idea.

This card shows her walking North West. In this card we are at a crossroads so perhaps we have to make a choice . The one thing about the Fool is the 'big fat zero' that is attached to it. Its a bit of nothingness and I apply that zero as a 0 to suggest any roads and routes that link to that. Rocks and cliffs are linked to this card and sometimes a dog. This card seems to suggest that Tania was heading off into the unknown. Well, that kind of suggests she did not know where she was going, or perhaps she did not look where she was going.

One can fall down or fall off a height with this card. The travel card that I see next to it suggest the name WILL - not sure if that is a street name or not, but also even if I look back on the Tarot I still have that big zero, circle, roundabout and the Number 21 or 3. Maybe these numbers could help as part of a route road or direction or even distance?

I feel as though there is someone else in the picture of either sex and possibly even a teacher or handyman. Could also be someone who is linked to cars or a mechanic. I feel there are possible connections to the letters B, J, D or R which could be people or places. The word Spring comes up here and vegetation.Two houses, or two apartment blocks.A woman and a link to three people who pass away.

I keep thinking I have a father figure or a male, certainly someone who would be considered 'in authority'so it seems someone who this little girl would actually trust and/or obey so Im not sure yet if Im seeing a stranger as such. It just depends if this little girl would trust a stranger or not. Theres an adventure here in her eyes and a lot of innocence and spontanaeity.

This card can link to nakedness. Also a rose tree. That might be symbolic of the name of somewhere or someone. I think this girl was tricked and that is why she disappeared. She would have been told something and believed it. Two people might actually know more or could even be the key to this or perhaps there are two people to link in.
I keep feeling that I might be seeing a circle so I wonder if this girl was going to go home as the circle could mean going full circle in a travel route or it might just be travel.

This card can in some cases even represent being drugged. I am getting North West and also West - also South.It is possible of course that they are starting and ending points or names of routes. I see the school and shops in this card but I also see some feelings of not being very well too.

Lets look at the location card suggestions.


Not a great card. On this card I can see a lot of lies and deception.The number 8 could be distance, route, or roads or timing. Generally I think of water,cement, rock tunnels, the word bluff or canyon, railways, airports, golf courses, stone, prison. They could be place names. This card seems to show someone who was locked in, or shut in, tied up or restricted in someway and with a blindfold on and at the same time it seems that we are told there is a release from that. So being stuck and then coming unstuck if that makes sense.

There is deceit over shops or shopping. This girl could very well have been abducted but I also seem to see quarrels and the aftermath of arguments and 'doing something wrong'. This is also a big seperation card which can also show cutting ties and indeed can also show cutting physically too. Either or are both here. Being withheld somewhere near a church comes up. Also two people standing by a river and they know what they are doing. This girl could have had an accident, it could be a lot worse, but whatever the situation it has been covered up. No evidence can be found here at all. Something 'swept up or under the carpet' so to speak.

The girl in this card is wearing a red dress which matches the red clothing in the photo of this child so I know that this is the girl Tarot is talking about. It may be symbolic but there is a mountain in the distance on the left side on the card. In the background on the right is a tall hill with a castle on it. The hill is gray and the roofs are red. This may describe an area. But lets have a deeper look.

This card is East but it is reversed so we could get the West come up. It may be starting and ending points on a map so we have to consider the directions and I will give the information to Dee to see if she can put it together on a map for me.

There is an unlucky travel sign here. So either she did not travel anywhere and fate is not good or there was a journey that was not destined to be a good one perhaps unexpected.

Keys to words that might help regarding location might be hills and mountains, high places or roads/places with the word AIR in them even airports or places that are called HIGH. There are links to barns and storehouses for corn and grain. Libraries and studies which makes me think of school, house walls, playrooms and also chests, names like money names, such as Banks, Coin, Penny etc.

If this girl was in a house the suggestion is bedrooms or near windows at some point or perhaps that is in a name.
Our card represents perjury so I do think there are some lies and deceit with this childs disappearance but I am not sure how that is being manifested right now. I feel as though someone told her a lie too or that she was tricked in some way. Im seeing shops, markets, fairs, schools, common halls, bowling-alleys, tennis courts.

I have a description of a shifty kind of person and they would be described as reasonably tall, straight thin a high forehead narrow long face, long nose; eyes between black /grey, thin lips and nose, no facial hair to speak of but good head of hair which is a tired brown colour. Complexion of this person might be olive or chestnut sheen. Any description here could also be place name..

We might have to take into account the number 7.
Something might have been going on for 7 months which takes me back to Maytime.

This card can show Water but it can also being weighed down either via a difficult means or by burden. Accidents at home or on the road can happen with this card. Its very possible. Not necessarily the whole truth but it is there. This means that things could fare badly for little Tania or it could be that a lot of truths have been hidden either way - it has created much distress with her disappearance. The colour White may appear in these cards and it could be a vehicle.


When it comes to the search and find of this young girl we have been given the 4 of pentacles reversed. Generally in this card we are asked to 'let go' when we ask about the possibility of finding Tania. Whether it is because Tania is alive and fears trusting people hence finding her might be down to herself opening up, or whether its because it is a difficult task to find her are the questions I would consider. It could be that there is a ransom or might have been a ransom - because my cards would tell me that there is some financial element here.

Perhaps it could be telling us that we need to raise money to search for her. I cannot be completely clear on that. But you can know that this card is not helping when its reversed when it comes to finding Tania unless it is 3/4 years being shown here which means that the number 3 or 4 could be useful and that also could be in routes/distances etc. Again we have the letter G here and a Bank. This card is North but I feel that instead of a winter time card it could refer to the spring or that Spring is a word we should take note of.

This card is giving South. Of course as it is a search and find card it may show places to search and places that have been searched and for that we are given these key clues which are farms, farming and agricultural places, wood stores and places connected to farm animals roam. The woods, fallow or bare land, barren fields, land bushy and thorny, names of places that have words connected to boats perhaps (I also feel this is symbolic of -'the ship has long sailed or you have missed the boat' when it comes to finding her) however that is just one thought that comes up here.

Boundaries, walls, garden fences, gateposts and international borders can all come up on this card and it is a mid winter type of card so between mid-winter and say Spring are times to find her perhaps or perhaps after the thaw. Church yards, and churches can come up but so can ruins or buildings that are abandoned and also waste disposal. Colour Green. Some kind of revenge is seen in the cards and some jealousy too. Im not sure how or why that comes up. Theft is quite strong in the cards. The word Diamond. Im seeing a shop keeper or businessman, but not somebody I would trust unless of course there is a businessman who came into the picture and was ruled out?

I am seeing an authority figure who just like a parent figure is very controlling. Not sure how this is significant. There is also a link to grandparents here and non biological homes. A saturday comes up here and so does deserts, woods, obscure valleys, caves, dens, holes, mountains, coal-mines, sinks, muddy places, wells and houses or offices. These could produce place names also.

I am not sure at the moment whether this little girl can be found - my card is not giving me a physical manifestation sign, but that being said I feel as though this girl is like treasure, you need a map and you follow the map to the treasure.

I hope it will be possible and I hope something will help. Not everything will apply of course and I understand that, but all we can do is to accept that Tarot can only give possibilities and they are not FACTS unless something comes along to validate anything that has been seen. Sometimes not all the information comes to light - sometimes its a little off course or I have forgotten to mention something. I try to return and correct that wherever possible. I do hope that there is a chance she can be found for the sake of the family.



Looking for my ruling elements I still have water here. But I have some other descriptions. Firstly North West and this direction is compounded in my elemental ruling of this card. So when I look North West, (and it may be North West for another reason) from Edmunton I see on the Map I see MISSION above St. Albert. Now this would not stand out EXCEPT when I look at my last card it is the 4 of pentacles and sits next to the 5 of Pentacles which is also linked to a 'mission'. So I was surprised to find this on the map. Coincidental it might be. I have just spent the last Hour or more thinking of all kinds of places and Dee now has a map for me, but I noticed this fact about Mission.

It might be that we are simply looking North West from the Wild Rose area as on Dees Map which 'Rose' was picked up in the Tarot in South East Edmunton. So you see this location work is extremely difficult.  We sit next to the Magician but Our Fool card does have a link to arts and music and tourist type elements but true to say also campus.  Arts around Mission could be the Pygmalion Arts Center. But is it all too coincidental, yes there is a river there, but but but. Thats how I feel about things.  The area on Mission Avenue also has some landmarks that could be picked up in Tarot also. Areas and spots around Mission Park and across the river by the bridge.

Again is it enough?  Then from their to the South West we have Lions Park which is completely perfect for our 8 card linking in to Strength and the Lion. But who Knows?  further down from Lions Park, Wildrose Elementary, Gateswood Avenue, GreenBrier Crescent and Greystone Place and I think to myself are you off track here?  Well the Truth is...I dont know.  But all around there we the Yellowhead Trail and we have Twin Willows Golf.  A bit further down to the West of Dees designated spots on the Map we have Youngstown and Stoney Plain and Thorncliff. Its so easy to pick out areas but its finding THE RIGHT AREA.

Earlier on as I was travelling over the Map I even considered Nancy Green Provincial Park and the Geocaching there.  Mainly because there were fairgrounds there and not far from Castlegar and the Border between America and Canada, so you see its quite easy to get lost in a map!!!
The other place I picked up in my tarot was Hazeldene south of 76 Ave and the Automotive center Sandy Lane but with directions it may just be showing these places 'in the vicinity' after all, when we ask Tarot where a person is we ask for location AND SURROUNDING AREAS including Roper Road  and Tarot does give them. 

Little Robert Boucher also from Canada disappeared at the Athabasca River area and I even considered whether there might be a link there because there is a strong water link somehow.
When I look at the elementals and information on my cards I see deceptive and secretive traits which makes me feel I need to consider many things.  

The sexual lust element on innocence could be present - not necessarily but it could be intimated - and of course there are elements in the Fool card that can make it an airy and aloof sign so this might not be welcomed.  Here we would have for example a person who could be described as  someone with a long face and prominent bone structure, fair and clear complexion hazel eyes hair sandy or dark dirty blonde.   Out of that we can take our Sandy area and Hazedene area too, so person or place?  BUT I am seeing bones, teeth, dental matters, skeletal structures. Perhaps lameness or even breath or air difficulties. Here other clues/keys for our first card directions would be deep wells, quarries, mines land that has recently been dug. The word High or off the ground or words like Air as before mentioned, at some point perhaps attics, bedrooms, eaves of a house perhaps.

Here we have our word Spring or even Fountain, Vineyard or places near water, or water supplies, even plumbing could come up here or a plumber its that vast to describe water areas but taps and showers too. If Im going to be thorough about this we have a STRONG colour blue coming up here.
Links to Stone and Marble. That seems to take me in my mind back down to Castlegar and Golden as I believe there is a Marble Mountain there.  So we are all over this map!! Someone with a beard and a shovel and there is a lot more information but its just far too complicated to find a place with it.  However, this is where we hit the quarrys, mines etc that we have in the Tarot. So it is a very complex matter because it is involving many aspects.  We have words such as Ash and Black here too.  I think sometimes TMI can be overloading and overwhelming but I will pick out some other bits and pieces and post them so do check back as we need to truly dig deep with all we have to try to find this girl.

One thing that comes to mind are the cutting element on swords cards.  Yes it is true that it can be a physical thing but its not always the case though we have to mention it.  It can merely mean seperation from others.   There is some feeling here of an extra marital affair - at least the possibility could be there when you have swords reversed in this way. Of course this will not be the little girl but could pertain to someone around her, so it is quite easy to throw up all kinds of information it is just whether or not it evaluates itself as factual and Tarot is NOT FACTUAL unless something is proven.      It is very clear to me that there is a malevolent male presence in the connections to this child.  Our sword cards can reveal drugs, or drink, or an altered state of mind and even perhaps a mental condition that could create dissolution.  There truly are many factors in these cards and much more than anyone would believe. Each card can take us on quite a journey in a persons life taking in what has been suggested against what is real.  We have to seperate that somehow to get to the truth.

However, the Truth may not be told - the reason for this is our reversed Swords where we have someone who does not protect the child - and there appears to be a rival lover and  though the cards are not upright they could even suggest guns. So we have weaponry and sharp things in the swords cards. Then we have a situation of no proof, no legal proof, no judgement proof nothing.

There is also some kind of link POSSIBLY to uniform or ex uniform could be any type of uniform but Im feeling that areas need researching because fingerprints are still available. I do not know if cameras were around at the time but they show up too.  I see bikes and bicycles in the 2 of Pentacles but I do see Water even in that card and some kind of difficulties there then we get to our three and our teamwork breaksdown in the search and find card. We dont have an original team but it is teamwork that is going to find this child.  I get the word Pyramids come up and with that I tend to think of Mountains or Summits which we already have mentioned here.  Im feeling that there is a lack of skill in the teamwork to find Tania. Thats not detrimental incidentally, it just means that for some reason there is not the best team right now to find her and that needs to be sorted out.  

Other stray words that can come up in my pentacles, is Falcon, Hood and Manor and abandoned properties or business's and it is a certainty that with reversed pentacles there is revenge and matters of debt and money owing, hence my thought regarding ransom.   When Samantha Koenig disappeared she had the 5 of pentacles reversed, and she was found in the middle of lake beneath drilled ice.  So as a winter card along with the coldness of the swords we could have ice elements. Its possible.  We also have snow in the 5 of pentacles but it is reversed and I felt there had to be a 'thaw'.  Therefore it seems to me that this girl must be in an area where it is cold.  That seems to be my thought unless there are places that have words that link to Ice or cold which might make sense.
Financial elements come up on this Pentacle card which is our search and find.  It seems that there is a problem there regardless past present or future and it seems also that we should think of the word GAMBLE.    

Now money is lost here when our six of pentacles is reversed, we are meant to give to the poor in that card but give to the better off and when its reversed it drains away completely.  So this has to be mentioned also.  Quick cash has to be made. How does that figure? I dont know but that comes under our search and find card and all elements to do with it. We should also note that the word GOLD, PARKS, GATE, INTERNATIONAL BORDERS, VALLEYS, GARDENS AND ARCHES all come under the intial Tarot for Pentacles. So all these things too must come into the picture in some way. It might be a Bridge when we look at the Arch or it might be a name so that is the dilemma that faces me and faces Dee when we go into a case in this finer detail. Tarot can produce finer detail to the point of exhaustion but guaranteed it will make sense if you understand and we dont always get the facts to a case until it is resolved so we are left with a handful of something that is nothing until we can do something to pin it on the board.

So we have covered quite a few things here and we should - later in our pentacles cards we are being shown pets and vets - animals, schools, farms, rented properties, abandoned businesses or places that are closed down. Again they all come up in the hunt card search and find which is our 4 of pentacles.   Sometimes in that 4 we take a key to a new place - a new place would be a home if it were the 4 of wands and with that, we get boxes.  Containers.  Does this figure? well, thats difficult because our 4 can also cover our Emperor card which is a father figure already seen, but as it is also going to be in reversed mode, we are assuming it is a non biological father figure, spouse or boss and can even be a CAR that is not our own.  If its a car we could be looking at a wrecked vehicle off road, or we could be looking at scrapyards or quarrys.  If it is a male, he will be a very nasty person who demands and commands respect to the point that it can be rather harsh.

One of our other Tarot cases showed a reversed Emperor and a young man put exhaust fumes in a car and he was found in his car deceased.   Now that does not mean Tania is involved with that, but all these things must be taken into account hence WHY I only write  a brief synopsis or I would be here a long time pouring over the detail and likely confusing people in the process.  When people go missing, we have to take into account everybody that is involved with that person and it can truly be a very long sesssion!!   Sometimes our swords card can refer to imposters or even birthright  problems or illegitimate children with smoke and mirrors around them and this could also be suggested whether true or not.  

So I do think that it has to be considered that there might be a few things here that went on behind the scenes. I do not have a wands card so I am not being asked to provide tests or challenges ie DNA so I am not sure how to describe the relationships except for what I have already given.
One thing is that we cannot guarantee anything Tarot tells us unless it can be verified.  I will leave all these extra thoughts because they really are part of these three cards and as I did say, there is rather a bit more, but there is only so much a person can digest. I think the numbers of the cards always have great importance for areas or distances.  If I were going to say a distance I would take it to 3/4 mile radius of where this girl went missing, thats a complete circle or I would take it as far as 21 to 30 miles radius which could be rather daunting if ultimately this young girl was found very local.   It certainly seems to me that areas beginning with '0' could also be interesting so bear that in mind too as we do have that 'circle' to consider.   Our fool card is known as the no name no number card so 'no mans land' can come up.  Another thought that might be simple is whether someone was bitten in the leg by a dog. Pictorially it could very well be.

I hope something somewhere is going to be useful. Please remember Tarot shows possibilities but they are NOT FACTS and must not be treated as such unless they can be verified.
I have left below Dees map and I have voiced certain thoughts and ideas but I must stress that Location is absolutely the most difficult thing at times and sometimes we are very close and other times we are as far as an hour away. That is not bad, but in terms of finding somebody its better when we hit the nail on the head and we have had some very close calls.
Thank you for reading.


One other thing that crossed my mind (though I do not have construction as word in my Tarot) is that there was Phase 11 building happening in 1983. Probably not worth mentioning but we do have shops and there is a casino on 104 in Alberta thinking of the word Gamble though it probably means something else entirely.  I just leave a bit of history for general reading just in case.

West Edmonton Mall - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
West Edmonton Mall (WEM), located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is the ... However, the mall was allowed to retain the name Fantasyland Hotel for its on-site hotel. ... Canadian Tire and IKEA in the mid-1990s left vacancies that sat unfilled until .... 1990s there was a Famous Players theatre located near the Palace Casino...

Grovenor, Edmonton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,_Edmonton
Grovenor is a residential neighbourhood in west Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. ... Grovenor Elementary School, operated by the Edmonton Public School System.

Other 'since' thoughts that have come to mind reading over the Tarot is Fountain Tyre Stores nr 21 Avenut North West - there is a drug store and dental clinic there.  Possible 'flat tyre' on a vehicle - other ideas came to mind as Mayfield Common.  These are thoughts only but looking at the Map I am picking them out in case they are useful.   Also I have a symbol with my cards and that is an ARROW so not sure what that means but will leave it here too. 


Dee has compiled a map following Tarot instructions/directions which merely outlines POSSIBILITIES of all the areas that Tarot may be touching on or may be describing. Please bear in mind that this is not guaranteed and Tarot can mean somewhere else entirely.


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