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Sunday, 18 August 2013


Every now and then I write 'incidental' Tarot. It is actually quite therapeutic considering most of my Tarot is concerning Missing people. It allows me a different avenue albeit briefly to consider other questions I am asked or points that get raised or just a chance to write about other issues.  

More then anything, even Tarot on these subjects is still very much part of an experiment as of course what can one prove without anything to back it up?  so this Tarot remains a post of interest simply to see out of curiosity what Tarot might like to offer.

One subject that comes up often to do with phonomena and 'otherworldly' subjects is the Annunaki. It took me some time to even pronounce it and doubt I get it right even now.  Please look it up so that you know about the conspiracy theories.  The Annunaki were considered to have been on our planet thousands of years ago getting humans to mine for gold. 

Well, I like others always open my mind to all kinds of subjects. It is not a matter of what you believe, it is more a matter of allowing yourself to 'consider' many things. Yes its true that some stories we are fed are rumoured hoaxes, others seem to have a foot in truth and another outside of it and then there are some things that we just cant really decide. 

What I thought I would simply ask is what should we know about the Annunaki. 

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Here according to Tarot is our answer.

In a way, I wondered if Tarot was giving to us what we might already know or suspect or whether even Tarot might stop at being able to produce more information then what is already 'out there'.  Here we have the three of pentacles.   I am not going to write down statements of fact here suggesting this card is going to produce all the answers everyone wanted to know and insist they are correct.  What I am going to do is write down the possibilities and suggestions that Tarot has made.  If you are interested in this subject you will of course come up with your own conclusions . Therefore, this is not what I say is the case here with this card, it is merely what I have been given as advice or what might be offered. 

The first thing to note is the Three and we have to consider the direction North. It is quite plain the direction we are being given.  

Tarot of the Sephiroth
We also see what seems to be a structure in a kind of Arch shape but I will tell you that pyramid shapes are made up head on as we look at them of three lines.  Here we consider this structure to be a work of great renown so it is a structure and it would have taken a lot of detail and planning and meticulous architecture and work to complete it. So therefore it is something that is built with the idea of it being glorious, artistic workmanship and something that perhaps took a lot of skill and labour to craft this building of value. 

Well thats interesting isnt it?   Notice though in the picture there are two big guys and a smaller one? the smaller one has to stand on a bench, but if he stood on the floor he would be much shorter. Perhaps he is just the apprentice though a younger person perhaps, or maybe it is that he really is just shorter then the other two.  This card shows Teamwork. So it seems that all three have been putting together this building and going by instructions in order to complete it to its ultimate vision.  Its very detailed isnt it?  everything looks quite precise on it. 

So the one thing we learn to link with the Annunaki is Teamwork, building, structures and the number 3. 

Now pentacles cards are YEAR cards which could mean three years.  It could mean a 3 with more zeros on the end of that but at face value we are given that three. 

What is the main pictorial object on the pentacles cards in Tarot? - money or coin. 

When we actually look at the journey of the pentacles card the Ace of Pentacles is a single gold coin that come out of the clouds in a hand   The ace of pentacles oddly enough is known for its GOLDEN properties, so the word GOLD really can be attached to the pentacles Ace.  Pentacles are also EARTH cards too. We do mine gold from the earth. 

In a funny way this card could really begin to link to the stories of Annunuki couldnt it? 

Going back to our building are we being shown that the Annunaki built buildings of great renown? would they be the Pyramids? many people do think that, this card could if we look at it suggsest possibilities of that if we wanted it to. 

Another observation would be to look at other Tarot decks and see how they conform pictorially like the card that I printed second.  You can see on that card that there is a clear pyramid shape.
Looking at the card above of the same value,  you will note that there is water near this particular building. In fact, if we look out the window we can see that river there cant we?   That man is sitting up quite high though isnt he?  he seems to be studying so he is not sitting there doing nothing. He has a purpose in that building and he is high up away from the water and seems to be quite safe sitting there. 
Our card is also a card that sanctifys 'intelligence'.    So perhaps we are to feel that INTELLIGENCE is a word we should be linking in here. 

The man has a pen and paper in front of him, he could be writing anything, he could be an architect but he has money on the wall and this card is understanding the material world.  There is much agriculture and rural element on the pentacles card due to its earth nature but we also have Mars in Capricorn as an astrological feature.  Mars is thought of as the god of war - if we thought of Mars today as a planet we could say it is a barren planet. Theres not much on it is there? at least, from the little we have seen it is not considered to have rivers flowing as they are in this picture above.  I dont want to get into what Mars has or has not, only that theoretically we personally only know little about Mars or at least far less then scientists or all the tests they have carried out or intend to pursue. To us, Mars is a planet that would be considered to be a whole lot different to Earth.   

Is that what we are being shown? Im not really sure of that, but it is at least a fair thought. 

Let me not diversify too much. Lets go back to this three and see if you can pick up what I see. 

This card, the three of pentacles is actually considered  to be connected to the physical world. In our card it appears to be a building or construction that has taken a lot of labor and energy to build but also that this structure is a  'container' of energy. Three people have 'built' this structure.  Dont forget the material worth here, so we have to decide whether we are talking about the building or whether we are talking about money/material worth. 

The first person is dressed in grey, with a shaven head.   It is presumed that he is of a higher power even a spiritual power and the work is being done for him.    We could look at that anyway we like, we could say oooohhh sounds like a grey alien, but equally he could be monastic, it could be a church building too particularly if we took into account the arches, but we also have that pyramid element which is interesting.

Then, we have the architect who has the plans and the person on the bench is the one who is actually carrying out the labour so it is really telling us the key element to the answer is TEAMWORK just as I pointed out in the beginning.  My question was, what humans should know about Annunaki and we get Teamwork as a result?

We are supposed to consider in the first picture that the archway is a Vesica Piscis shape. Here is one below. 

Vesica piscis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


You will find all sorts of sacred geometry about that! but basically it is the formation of two overlapping circles. In turn they create a small oval in the middle.  Its very interesting I feel that we have a connection to Saturn through our Capricorn link which is a very industrious sign of labour and hard work, where by saturn gives thinking a good measure and also has quite a stern approach. Often people dont like it when Saturn is in their horoscope star sign because it really can bring the harsher elements of life to light, particularly if your finances are involved!

Connected to Capricorn which is all part of our three of pentacles on an astrological element we have the Goat. The Goat is the creature assigned to Capricorn but actually - more a Goat/Fish.  Capricorn people are often said to grow younger as they grow older, but there is a sign of maturity in Capricorn often thought of as wisdom. I would have interpreted that the construction of the buildings was likely from someone who had a specific wisdom of ages perhaps? Or perhaps its something simple in that they are buildings built to last?  Perhaps they are built with 'old knowledge'? 

It is also known however that goat deities  have a reputation of representing evil occult powers rather than simply the consideration of earthly fertility. Goats do have horns.  Aries for example links back to Mars, and Aries the Goat in the zodiac, Aries himself apparently had 'coiled horns'. Goats are known to tread quite tricky paths up mountains so they can get to elevated heights. 

Therefore elevation should somehow link into this card.  The horns were often thought of as something above the head, so crowns and royalty can sometimes come up here too. It might be worth you reading a little about 'horns'. 

In short however, Capricorn and Earth do link to our card along with the construction and all the other elements material, but also ultimately, Capricorn manifests as a very royal/kingly and noble wisdom and earth power that links to those who might be considered 'older and wiser' or perhaps with more knowledge? Are we getting to describe what is behind our question yet? I think we might be.

I also read with interest that in Babylonian mythology it is linked with Ea, 'antelope of the ocean' who brought knowledge and wisdom to mankind, there is therefore the link to the Vesicca Piscis and the feminine principle.

Capricorn is a sign for longevity and tradition. Everything has a longterm goal or purpose. Its worth reading about Capricorn to understand how the sign is made up and what it can mean in terms of people/relationships and ancient history.

The main thing I feel about Capricorn is the word 'durability' and it is actually quite a private sign.  Not particularly 'showy'. 

Lead, diamonds, sapphires, lapis lazuli and unpolished stones are linked to Capricorn. Bones and skeletal structures are also prominent with this sign too.

Grey is often a strong colour and really out of interest, if we were describing people we would be given a description that portrays possibilities of a lean kind of body again that bony element no real shape, perhaps medium height smal or long necks and narrow chest  Very thin hair either dark or perhaps very white or light coloured, no colour in the compexion particuarly making pale wan type features. Small chins , prominent bone structure (makes me think very boney) but oddly shaped knees. Considered earthy and malevolent. The indications are also of those who dig the earth who have dark eyes.

Of course the descriptions may mean nothing at all but I put them in as they are interesting to read. 

Are we forming a picture? 

Labour and work are quite clearly in this card and the monetary values. As our three of pentacles seems to indicate work, it would conclude that something had been done or that there is a link between our question and these elements. Thoth regards this card as one of Earth and the crystalisation of 'forces'.  In this card, there are gains in material matters - there are those links also to nobility and royalty or those of good standing. Elevation and dignity and power as well as rank show here. Above all workmanship. Because of the construction in this card we are also pointed to Masons and masonry.

The whole of our Journey of Pentacles would start at the initiating Ace which is our beginning and materiality and gold in great measure/ equivalent to lottery wins and jackpots,  we then get to change, then the workmanship which we have been discussing on the three, then we go to POWER, then to worry, success, failure and prudency, gain and back to wealth once more.  Thats an interesting journey of wealth and a very poignant link to our question.  Of course I cannot supply all the dots to join in a perfect picture, but I can give you the outlines to consider how you wish to put it together.

Clearly there are a lot of plans of labour in our card that we first drew - perhaps goals too.  I like that there is a Libran scale and a Geminian sign that can also come up. I always think of Gemini as air are we not famous for air with the Gemini sign and of course Libra the huge scales that weighs everything up but interesting because if you were to consider the air and put something up there, it would need to be balanced right?

What do you think might keep it balanced?  gold perhaps? I will let you think about that as you also consider that in the three of pentacles a 'bird' often can alight. 

Our three of pentacles are often thought of as Seeds. Pentacles cards bring up the farmers the rural fields the harvest on the land, therefore they would also represent seed, the birth of things, the birth of the plant.  Therefore we must consider those elements as well.  The birth of creation too or what has been created ? OR simply 'seeds of life' could be considered here. I really hope you are following this, rather cryptic but Im sure some of you will get it.

When we build, we lay down foundations.  We can weave that idea through all the information of this card.  We are not really questioning Tarot except to ask 'what we should know about the Annunaki' I wonder if its told us something? I would be very interested to hear your view.  Strangely, this is the very same card that popped up in our Aliens Tarot too. Coincidence perhaps? one particular point about this card is that man strives after 'what he cannot know'. Tells us a lot then!



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