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Wednesday, 10 July 2013


August Reiger missing: Valedictorian, 18, who vanished on hike in ...
Jun 25, 2013 - Warnings have been issued in provinces spanning the entire country of Ecuador after local police announced that August Reiger, 18, has been ...

Please note that tarot will pick up TRENDS /VIBRATIONS of PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - it will pick up anything that is 'out there' true news or false news - either way it can throw light on what is 'in the air' - please bear this in mind when you are reading the insights.

It is very important that 'readers' of the blog understand this, therefore one has to be very discerning when reading. Media news can put out stories that are not factual or are pre -mediated but Tarot can pick that up. It does,nt mean that tarot is wrong, it shows tarot can see what might be suggested. However when writing the tarot it may be taken as fact.

Tarot does not have all the answers or claim to solve issues. All it can do is show what it feels may be of USE or point out possibilities.

Please always read the following


which is a useful article in respect of all the Tarot printed for Missing people/children.



10TH JULY 2013
August has come to my attention but I did need to wait until I was requested to read for him.

August has been missing since June 16th 2013. As far as I know he has not yet been found.

As always, I ask that you read the notes on this page regarding Tarot as it will outline what it can and equally, cannot do. All advice is given in Past Present and Future Modes and simply offers POSSIBILITIES and not FACTS. Please go to other sources to read information that reflects known circumstances.


The first card that I have for August is the Queen of Swords reversed. I want to point out that what Tarot advises me may be different from other beliefs and then it is up to the reader to see how the information spins out.

All I can do is take the card and present that advice. Here we see that there is something wrong with the clarity of the situation. For one thing, our King of swords would be reversed and is indicating that perhaps there is something 'not seen'. This could be in the way of information not being quite accurate or truthful or that some evidence should be reconsidered as perhaps there is 'something wrong with that'.

Water Rocks and Stone come up on this card as do the words Bluff and Canyon however they want to present themselves. There is a suggestion of also of the colour silver and black.

Looking at this card I would be seeing possible links to railways airports and golf courses. Meaning, that either they are in the area or that they form the name of a place. I have not looked on a map where this boy went missing as yet. I am seeing a book or some written words?

This card is also going to show us 'clouds' whether that is symbolic or not I give it. This is a very dominating card and it seems to me that there is something ruthless going on here and Im not sure but Im seeing a lot of lies and deception too. How that figures long term I am not sure but we have to be sure that what we are told is truth, in this card, it is not fully the truth or that there are smokescreens perhaps. Reversed swords are going to bring about certain deceptions or misrepresentations. That does not make me right because I produced a Tarot card but as that is what I do here on this blog I have to say what I am given whether right or wrong.

Truth always comes out as it will with these sword cards when this Queen gets into action. This is a very severe and blunt card and it is not going to mess about. So if someone is not telling the truth - or if something is being hidden or concealed or if information is not correct it will come out. It always does.
There is some kind of feeling that there is someone here who might not be kosher.

For one thing there has or may have been some kind of argument going on. I see the aftermath of that. I see a splitting away from two other people here and the being 'mislaid for a time' which seems to be the situation with this boy. But it suggests that there might have been some row or altercation at some point I just do not know when or with whom right now.

This card can show many things on its journey its just settling on the right issue. However, Im not sure how easy that is to do when there is some lack of clarity going on which is being pulled out unceremoniously by this card. Revenge, rogues deceit, cutting and negative associations are shown here.
Might involve more then one person.

Maybe something from the past has caused a problem? drugs/alcohol could also form part of this scenario. Not guaranteed but possible.
Windswept trees and a river show here.

Number 13 clearly defined and split into a 1 and a 3 which could be roads routes distance or timing.

Also we have a number 4 here which could represent someone non biological or someone who is cruel sly and does things to demand respect. Often a very negative woman can show up with this card but we have to be careful it is not male as its a formidable character we are dealing with here.
A bigot attitude.

This card rules EAST but I would also look to the West.
Person description here might LINK to someone who is tall with round face, possible pimples or dimpled skin. Fair hair long or short. This might be picking out August himself bearing in mind that main characters on the Swords have a foreign element and are often Dark complexioned.

Vicinity links are given which must be read carefully as they can picking out names of places or show what is in the AREA and suggestions are mountains and hillsides, windmills, windpower, hunting hawking. Air force bases, airports, high communication towers. (Bear in mind when Tarot says HIGH it could be in the name of a road or AIR can also apply). Also given, sandy gravely ground, saw pits, wood or where you cut it or store it, ie sawmills, barns outhouses places away from other buildings.

Other links could be gardens, fountains, bride or bridal or bridle, bed and breakfast, fair lodgings, beds, dancing schools, wardrobes.
Some kind of link to bedrooms, blankets, carpets, floorboards, upper rooms, ventilation ducts computers, grandmothers. This would apply if August had been inside a building. We would be looking at upper rooms or linked to someone around him.

Being near 'church features' can figure or name of church or perhaps churchyards in name of a place. Feeling of prison coming up or release from prison. Whether this is symbolic or otherwise.
Links to music and dancing?

Im picking up a very negative type of character here who is not lawful. Adulterer? not sure how strong the significance of this would be or whether it links somewhere to someone?
Dealings with an insincere person here.
Ice Cream?

Is there a step mother or father?

Seeing some kind of manipulation. Im seeing a bully attitude.
Criminal unlawfulness, car accidents or problems with vehicles if a young person is involved within a car here we can be talking about boy racer or fast cars or someone who can be thrown from a moving vehicle. Weapons sharp or otherwise can come up in these cards.
Two people may be affected.

Kidnapping can be seen in swords but I would really need to think about the 'abduction' element. A post?


Location is not the strongest point in Tarot and it is particularly difficult when in certain countries to look at maps and try to work out how to connect with Tarot's instructions so this would need to be thought about before a Map is offered.

However, we have been given the King of Wands which is thought to be a South direction whether in area part of road name or wind direction. Here we have a number 14 note this can be split to a 1 and 4 but also can add up to 5. These can be routes/roads or distance/timing.

Ive always generally considered various keywords with the King of Wands.

The first thing its going to show is a holiday/trip and we know that this boy was doing exactly that when he disappeared. We are going to see that the King of wands shows a very swift departure and again we know that August disappeared. True to say we could take our journey from the king and rejoin the beginning of the suit to show hitch hiking with the famous thumbs up of the the Ace of wands. If that was the case we would be inland somewhere from a bay or somewhere there is a big expanse of water or beach or cove.

However we connect initially to the 10 of wands. So the number 1 is going to be important. The Ace also being a 1. However, the Ace of Wands is not an abduction card it might be a 'grasp card' if it was reversed but I can only report the upright value which would suggest a thumb up hitch hiking sign.

Going back to the true connection we have the 10 of wands the 1 as specified could be a route etc as described above but we also see that the person in the 10 of wands is carrying heavy burdens.

Are they distressed anxious, worried, or have things on their mind, do they have a headache or information overload, is there something going on that is just too much for them? this could all theoretically show up but also can be the fact that they have to defend themselves and I have HILL here and a BORDER area. My guess would have been that he is between TWO places near a border perhaps. If it were not a border perhaps a fence, wall or some kind of division. Possibly hurt ones head if not a headache but shoulders up create a problem perhaps.

A fast car can approach in this set of cards but it is thought to be driven by someone who is sport and friendly rather than someone who is not. I can only leave that and cannot say how that would transmit. I am seeing some form of sport or entertainment here.

There is something 'impulsive or reckless here' fast cars do come up. Speed in particular.

The sky is blue and there is a brown mountain in the background on the left. Agricultural elements can come up. The word Hunter.
I feel I would be seeing rural ground with a stream running through and the mountain coming up whether actual or symbolic. We are going to get some references to the letter K here.

We may also be seeing something white and there may be bone or dental elements.

Vicinity descriptions or keywords which may relay information to a place would be possibly North East despite being a South card. Remember some are not wind directions and there are starting and ending points to consider with all directions so a map will be needed.

Problems with head or back or some kind of neuralgic problems could arise but thought most with stomach and throat or just nerves or nervous palpitations.

Person description or may indicate some keywords for a vicinity - dusty roads, possibly even industrial elements/construction even attics etc possible or decking but linked to construction in some way may not pertain to August but someone around him hard to say but someone who might have large round head prominent eyes. Strong tall, fiar or sandy hair possible red bits in it or a curl.

Hair can be grown long so might be cut or altered to look shorter. Someone who might be bald? redness in the skin. Sunburn?
The feeling of possible deceit or some kind of tampering with paperwork passport or some kind of paper/documentation perhaps some kind of treachery or trickery and I feel being disguised. Passed off as someone else even? or just not noticeable for some reason.

Vicinity is being described with keywords that are showing Royal names such as king princess prince etc. We are also seeing theatres, lavish public buildings monuments, public halls, auditoriums, dining halls, parks. Any place that might be connected to castle, palace or fort. Deserts, forests and areas where wild animals roam freely.

Heat and Fire come up here (sometimes firemen - even a spokesman might turn up with news but there is red tape attached somehow) but chimneys bricks and heat or places linked to heat.
I am seeing a woman or person with some 'hidden secret' or the word cat.
Possibly between buildings or near buildings or between two places? Rolling hills and trees.

Seeing a father figure too who wants to resolve disputes.
We also have some link back to schools clubs organisations - a mentor type, a teacher perhaps, the letter K or key or quay or lock all come up here. Two people who know where this boy is or two people that may directly connect. Possible church elements or links spiritually.


Asking about search and find elements this card tries to produce advice on that which will be past present and future. ALL CARDS should be read in conjunction to each OTHER because they will link up and try to produce something that hopes to assist.

This card is generally an a rural card, suggesting vegetation trees, possibly farm land or open field areas. It also can suggest grandmothers, ancestral homes, rented properties, schools, pets/vets or animals, foundations, abandoned buildings, or estates or working business areas that are closed, abandoned or for some reason not open. This card can show being 'thrown out of a home/house' or a sense of prodigality or 'leaving school' or job.

There are music elements here. It seems to me that there may be fingerprints and or something that has been overlooked. It suggests researching somewhere that might have been considered before.
There are physical and financial problems here. Some kind of disapation and wasting of money or gambling or risks being taken here. Possible theft and roguery comes up but also burglary.
Gold or red or orange.

This card is North as a general rule. It is loss of money or inheritance which could suggest a ransom or that something financial comes up that doesnt come to fruition.
Painting and art?
Gates parks?

Feeling estranged but burdoned by family responsibility seems to show here. No idea why that is.
As to when this boy can be found, note the 10 on this card I would have thought that under a year or a ONE could be useful whether in timing route/road distance.

Im seeing a building with an ARCH or that an ARCH comes up and there are dogs here.

Rural land could include forests or that the word forest may come up in search/find.

South West shows once again.

Physical security is not promised but it depends in which way this presents itself -however can show difficulties with health and lack of welfare and security. Someone is using manipulation with this boy at some time trying to stop him doing what he wants to do.

He could have been apprehended whilst walking initially.

I am seeing a bit of a setback to finding him so a temporary postponement but as our card is a 10 or 1 card might suggest under a year to be found.

There is some family discord over financial issues or may imply this could appear at some point. The search needs motivation and areas already searched be researched.

I hope something might assist. Tarot offers POSSIBILITIES AND NOT FACTS please bear that in mind. I am sure there are other elements I might have missed and I will try to look again and see if that is the case and add if necessary.


Only 'musical link' I can see on the map is Sangay National Park. I will have a look at the directions and see what I can turn up.



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  1. Big fan of your readings -- they truly are empathetic too -- so I sometimes consult them in strange cases like this where the trail runs cold...

    I'm wondering about the possibility that August is in water. This area in Ecuador is famous for its waterfalls and whitewater rapids. It also has numerous deadly species including reptiles like the aquatic Anaconda, the world's largest nonvenomous constrictor. All combined, that might discourage officials from searching any watery venues for missing persons.

    Any thoughts on this?


    P.S. I too sense treachery in this disappearance, but can't figure out (yet) the source.

    1. Thank you for commenting here. You have a great site too and a lot of work has been put into it. Its difficult for Tarot to pinpoint an exact location for August because of the map being in a completely foreign area, its hard to break down but Im hoping something will make sense! You could be right about your thoughts but of course as with everything time is the only thing that can help here. I do hope August will be found.



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